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Here is a selection of top Tweets Exhibitinghas seen in the past month: MikeBellTweets: Currently visualising a temporary structure in which you could fit several jumbo jets... www. exhibitingmagazine. co. uk July/ August 2010 - EXHIBITING 58 Exhibiting's poetry corner Chocksaway! breakdown inspirationguy:" If you see my new product, but don't buy it, that's my fault not yours." - Seth Godin rpmltd: Jenson Button is the new ambassador for Head and Shoulders - what a way to tell the world you've got dandruff. Helixworkshop: Jobs flying through the workshop this week and bar bookings galore for the summer. Hope the sun stays out! cubedweller: Fantastic, Gmail's pop integration just completely freaked out and is now attempting to download 37,000 emails from my archive. Security was stepped up a notch at this year's Chelsea Flower Show as a London jeweller produced the most expensive garden to be shown in its 88- year history. More than £ 20m of jewellery and gemstones featured in the Ace of Diamonds garden, created by David Domoney. Domoney struck a deal with the Bond Street jeweller Leviev to exhibit some precious stones that highlighted the link between the plant world and jewellery design. " We have tight security here anyway but something like this required special attention, which it definitely got," said show director Bob Sweet. Here is another exhibiting haiku from the brain of Skyline Exhibits' director of lead generation, Mike Thimmesch: ?? Remain attentive, Listen to the customer, No email or phones ?? Send your exhibiting haikus to James Barrett on jbarrett@ mashmedia. net and we'll print the best ones. Temporary structure provider De Boeris to debut its new double decker ' Premier' offering at the Farnborough International Airshow this month . brand and design consultancy Silk Pearcedesigned the entire London 2010: Festival of Stamps exhibition in London . Registration provider Event Advantage Solutionshas been appointed to provide database development and registration service by the World Travel Market exhibition . Event management company Channell Events Serviceshas been appointed to handle a number of roles for the upcoming Edible Garden Show . event and live marketing body Eventiahas appointed ActiveEvents as its technology partner following an industry- wide competitive pitch. News in brief Tweet tweet Put your goggles on and visit the Farnborough International Airshow on 19 - 25 July* in Hampshire. Exhibiting recollects some famous pilots from history: Amy Johnson: first woman to fly solo from England to Australia. Ted Striker: Robert Hays from the film Airplane! Biggles: popular fictional pilot and adventurer. Muttley: the canine from Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines. The Red Baron: the infamous German pilot in World War One. * Show times correct at time of print A light- hearted look at the quirker side of the event and exhibition industry. To contribute ideas for future issues, please email James Barrett on jbarrett@ mashmedia. net Jeweller plants a gem at show