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7 Exhibitors get on the TV Experience marketing agency George P. Johnson ( GPJ) has been ranked the number one event marketing agency by Advertising Age's annual agency report. The report recognised GPJ's ' consistent approach to combining physical and digital experiences within an integrated marketing campaign for many leading brands'. This is also first time an event marketing category has been included, reinforcing the increased use of event marketing as a means in which marketers communicate messages. CEO of GPJ, Robert G. Vallee Jr., says: " We are incredibly honoured to receive this recognition and are very aware of the attention this casts on event marketing as a crucial way for brand marketers to cut through to and engage audiences." GPJ has recently created many campaigns across the globe. One, Cisco's Global Sales Experience program, was a B2B event that drew 19,000 attendees from 104 countries. Vanity earns marketer new job build up director of Licensing International Expo, Liz Crawford. " Our goal is to give people an inside look at the show and offer compelling content that is both informative and entertaining. We'll produce a Web- TV style show to audiences around the globe," says the president of digital production company Evolution Los Angeles, Mark Shockley. This serves as a reminder to all exhibitors to make sure you fully know all the marketing avenues your organisers can offer you. Marketing agency scoops top prize EXHIBITING- July/ August 2010 www. exhibitingmagazine. co. uk The Licensing International Expo in Las Vegas has showcased its exhibitors this year by streaming video content captured from its June event at the Mandalay Bay Convention Centre. Exhibitors will be showcased in live interviews taken in the Media Stream Centre during the first two days of the show. " This is a very compelling way to showcase our customers and their brands to over 100,000 media outlets from around the world," says show When US- based copywriter/ director Alec Brownstein became unemployed, he hit upon a novel way to get himself noticed by prospective employers. Instead of sending out lots of CVs, he decided to take advantage of the fact that people like to Google themselves. He bought Google keywords for a number of leading advertising figures, including co- executive creative director at advertising company Y& R, Ian Reichenthal. When vanity got the better of them and they Googled themselves, a message from Brownstein asking for a job ranked as the top search result. Costing just 10 cents a click, for the grand total of $ 6, Brownstein secured four interviews and consequently landed a job at Y& R. It just goes to show, if you know your audience, you can really make things happen. Knowing your audience saves time on reaching objectives Grab exposure where you can