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First drive: Mitsubishi i-MievYou might be forgiven for thinking we're undergoing some kind of battery-powered revolution. In a way, the use of battery technology to power the latest generation of electric vehicles has witnessed a revolution in reaching the point where lithium ion battery packs can be manufactured and packaged almost affordably.Read more....First drive: Vauxhall AmperaWe first tried the Ampera just over a year ago and, although it was a prototype, we had the feeling that Vauxhall could be on the verge of something significant regarding alternative fuels. Now we've tried pre-production cars and have a more realistic impres-sion of how these cars will deal with day-to-day life. Read more....First drive: Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4Peugeot has only a few months to cash in on a rare marketing opportunity. Officials believe competitors are well underway with development programmes for a string of products to rival the 3008 Hybrid4 - the first full diesel-electric passenger vehicle. Read more....First drive: Honda Jazz HybridJazz has been a huge success for Honda since the first generation was introduced in 2001. It's the Japanese firm's best-selling model in the UK. Highly regarded by many public sector fleets, the Jazz's reputation for reliability is very much in its favour too.Read more....First drive: Toyota Prius Plug-in HybridToyota has more experience in full hybrid technology than any other car manufacturer. The latest version of the Prius can run for up to two miles at low speeds on battery power alone, but from 2012 customers will be able to choose a plug-in version.Read more....NewsinsightFuelpricesSales figuresRemarketing analysisManufacturer RecruitmentnewsCar reviewsNews digestCar reviews