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Current accident management schemes 'are broken'Ford has launched a no-fee accident management programme after declaring the current business model used by fleets is broken.It says inflated costs are leading to increased insur­ance premiums, while its model follows the recom­mendations of the House of Commons transport committee in creating a transparent and efficient programme. Ford told Fleet News that the current fleet accident management business model works by firms taking fees from fleet customers.Read more...Concerns over MOT proposalsFleets will have the chance to comment on any changes to the MOT test once the Government launches its official review.The Department for Transport (DfT) has yet to launch its formal review or its subsequent times­cale. However, it is expected to reveal its proposals in the coming weeks after changes to the MOT test were first mooted last year."We intend to undertake a review of the MOT testing regime, but have made no decisions about any changes to the system," said road safety minister Mike Penning.However, that hasn't stopped Secretary of State for Transport Phillip Hammond suggesting a reduction in the frequency in MOT testing to four years for a new vehicle and then every two years thereafter.Read more...Alphabet widens vehicle choice with ING purchaseThe £569-million deal struck by Alphabet, the fleet News digestMobile phone policies leave fleets exposedWhile there are no official statistics linking the use of mobile phones to the 150 road deaths or serious injuries each week involving at-work drivers in the UK, a study in America has found that almost one in five road deaths caused by distracted drivers involved mobile phone use.Accident investigators are more alert to the use of mobile phones: in the event of a serious accident they will check phone records as a matter of course. If the driver was on the phone - or at some point prior to the accident - both they and their company will be held liable. Among the first questions asked will be: does the company have a policy on the use of mobile phones while driving and what does it do to enforce it?Read more...

SalesfiguresNewsinsightNews digestRemarketing analysisFleetprofileCar RecruitmentreviewsManufacturer newsmanagement division of BMW Group, to buy ING Car Lease comes as a result of its aspiration to become a multi-make contract hire operation across Europe.It follows a complete reorganisation of the manage-ment structure which left Alphabet fully in charge of its own future for the first time. Prior to 2011, the person in charge of Alphabet's strategic direction sat within BMW.Read more...Fleets urged to turn used catalytic converters into cashFleets are throwing away millions of pounds each year because they don't know the recycled value of equipment designed to cut tailpipe emissions.Instead of being regarded as scrap and consigned to the rubbish skips, used catalytic converter units could be a lucrative source of income, claims Brit-ain's largest specialist 'cat' recycler.According to the AA, a reasonable life expectancy for a catalytic converter is 50,000 miles, meaning a large proportion of company vehicles will require at least one new one during their time on the fleet. They may also need replacing after an accident or in the case of an MOT failure for emissions.Read more...Fleets give thumbs up to Mini E trialUnderstanding how electric cars are driven in the real world has taken astep forward with the release of data from the Mini E field trial in the UK.With 62 members of the public and 76 pool users running the battery-powered hatchbacks over two six-month periods, the government-supported trial is the most in-depth of its kind in the UK to publish its findings.The early findings have already informed the devel-opment of the 2011 BMW ActiveE car, a four-seat car based on the BMW 1 Series coupe, but the biggest beneficiary will be the BMW i3, the first purpose-built EV from the BMW Group, set for launch in 2013.Read more...Drink-driving on the riseThe percentage of drivers found to be over the limit in police breath tests carried out during their summer drink-drive campaign has risen compared to the same period last year.Statistics released by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) show that of 88,629 people breath tested in June, 6.1% refused or failed a breath test, compared to 5.6% the previous year. In addition, offences by young drivers increased by 15%.The number of breath tests carried out as part of the campaign was down 12% compared to June 2010, while drug-drive tests increased by 30% to 337.Read more...Ecotricity launches 'electric highway'For first time electric vehicles will be able to travel the length and breadth of Britain using the world's first national charging network at motorway service stations across the country, says Ecotricity.The company claims that its electric car infra-structure removes one of the main barriers for people wanting to buy electric cars - range anxiety.Every charging post will be powered with 100% green energy made at Ecotricity's wind and solar parks across the UK.Read more...