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News insightJust one in 20 companies is ready for the OlympicsBy Gareth RobertsFewer than 5% of companies in the logistics sector feel 'totally prepared' to deal with the potential disruption presented to the supply chain by the London Olympics, research suggests. The Freight Transport Association (FTA) survey also found that around a third of respondents claim to have 'no knowledge' of how the Olympic Route Network or Games Lanes will operate.It blames the Government for a lack of information which has left the vast majority of logistics providers in and around London feeling unprepared for the arrival of the world's largest sporting event.Natalie Chapman, FTA's head of policy for London, said: "Commercial vehicle operators need to know which roads will be affected and in what ways - for example, will left-hand turns be banned or will loading and unloading restrictions be imposed? "How else can they be expected to keep up with the additional strain on demand that the Olympics is set to bring?"She added: "The logistics sector can't rise to the challenge unless it knows the parameters within which it is supposed to operate. "We would like this information to be made avail­able well before the end of the year, the time to which the Transport for London and the Olympic Delivery Authority seem to be working towards."Hugh Basham, transport strategy and policy director at DHL, expects London 2012 to have a major impact on all businesses in the capital."The key challenges for the logistics industry are going to be working around the revised traffic network and delivering during the compressed window of midnight to 6am," he said. "The greater clarity we can have now on the proposed changes to the route network, the better we'll be able to minimise the disruption."Modelling by Games organisers predict that August 3, 2012, will see an extra three million trips made on top of the 12 million trips on public transport being made on an average London workday. This is due to it being the first day for track and field, and with events at larger venues such as the Olympic Stadium and the Horse Guards Parade, the number of spectators are likely to peak.In order to manage the increased number of people using the capital's transport network, the Govern­ment wants commuters and Londoners to travel and work differently during the Games. For example, commuters are being urged to cycle or walk. Those who live further away are being Large numbers of spectators travelling to the Olympic Stadium may cause traffic woes

NewsinsightNews digestRemarketing analysisSalesfiguresFleetprofileCar RecruitmentreviewsManufacturer newsOne in eight drivers 'nod off' at the wheelIt only takes seconds of sleep behind the wheel to cause a fatal crash, but research released by Brake and Cambridge Weight Plan reveals one in eight drivers has 'head-nodded' while driving in the past year. Head-nodding occurs when someone nods off for between two and 30 seconds, often without realising that they have been asleep. The survey of 1,000 drivers also revealed risky behaviour among many that can contribute to tiredness, with one in four admitting embarking on a journey when they already felt drowsy.Read more...Scottish council slashes fuel useBy Simon Harris, deputy editor, Fleet NewsToo early to be worrying about traffic problems as a result of hosting the Olympics? Recent events in the capital might suggest concern over transport of goods is even lower on the agenda than it was a week ago, but there are legitimate anxieties about how normal life for businesses will function alongside the Games.The FTA's research shows that very few organisations likely to be affected have begun doing their homework, but there is still time to plan as long as vital information about the organisation of the Games is available soon.Elsewhere in the industry, our remarketing analysis shows that although used car prices have been broadly stable since the beginning of 2010, it can hide some of the nuances that our unusual circumstances have created.Demand as a result of lower volume on the used car market has been tempered by the appearance of harder-worked vehicles at the end of their fleet life-cycles, leading to apparent stability. Meanwhile, at the other end of the fleet spectrum, long lead times for new cars has made ex-rental and demonstrator vehicles particularly attractive.For now, even apparent stability must be a good thing as economic signs indicate the recovery will be a long and slow one.EDITOR'S COMMENT"Long lead times for new cars has made ex-rental cars attractive"encouraged to try different routes; stagger journey times; work remotely; or use video conferencing for meetings.Sixty one firms in the banking and finance sector, which represent more than 180,000 employees, have signed up for free 'Travel Advice for Business' from dedicated London 2012 travel advisers, followed by 28 law firms (representing more than 28,000 employees) and 13 retailers (more than 20,000 employees). In total, more than 200 firms across London, which account for more than 370,000 employees, have signed up for the travel advice sessions (see panel above).???????? Olympic Route Network overview, next pageTravel adviceThe Site-Specific Advice (SSA) programme is available to firms located in an area affected by the Games and that employ more than 200 staff. The free one-to-one travel advice sessions help organisations plan for next summer, when increased demand caused by the Games will see transport networks severely affected and much busier than usual.Run by London 2012 and TfL, they cover:???????? Optimising deliveries, servicing and freight ???????? Planning staff business travel ???????? Forecasting customer and visitor movements during the Games ???????? Tips to help firms maintain service continuity ???????? Sharing best practice: assessing what firms are already doing Businesses of all sizes who wish to sign up simply need to email or visit for more advice.