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Our fleet Seat Leon EcomotiveLeon stands out from the hatchback crowdFactfileCost P11D price £18,625BIK tax band 13%Class 1A NIC £334Annual VED £0RV £4,900Running cost 28.29ppmCurrent mileage 13,582Test mpg 65.0SpecificationEngine (cc) 1,598Power (bhp/rpm) 105/4,400Torque (lb/ft) 285/1,500CO2 99g/kmOfficial mpg 74.3Max speed (mph) 1180-62 (sec) 11.5* Running cost data supplied by KeeResources (3yr/60k)By Debbie WoodThe Leon has been with me since May and I have grown attached to it. It's not until you go out and see what else is on the market that you really appreciate what the Seat has to offer. For fleets, it's one of the few cars in its class with less than 100g/km of CO2 but is perhaps the best looking and drivers have the added bonus that the car's sporty exterior turns heads and excellent handling makes it a pleasure to drive. It achieves this partly through its start-stop technology, which is something I have become completely used to now. It would be strange to drive a car without it.Another highlight of our Leon is its built-in media system - including sat-nav - which looks like it belongs in a much more expensive car.I have only a few grumbles about the Leon and one of them is that it has proved impossible to match the official combined fuel economy of 74mpg. I have achieved 68mpg, but am at a complete loss to fathom where the rest is supposed to be gained. The only other grumble I have is with the interior, which has managed to date a lot quicker than the exterior. Although some of the materials were upgraded on the 2009 facelift, newer rivals have nicer interiors.The engine has been impressive. Despite being tuned to deliver economy, the Leon's diesel torque makes it fun to drive and the engine creates is surprisingly refined. You get the impression that the people back at Seat's HQ have really thought hard about how to make the Leon stand out from its rivals, espe-cially when it comes to looks and the result is a resounding success. I will genuinely be sad when the Leon leaves me. The good news for me is that I will be swap-ping the keys for its sister car, the Ibiza.

SalesfiguresNews insightManufacturer newsFleetprofileRemarketing analysisNews digestCar RecruitmentreviewsOur fleet Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCiFactfile - 2.0 TDCi Titanium X Sport autoCost P11D price £27,395BIK tax band 22%Class 1A NIC £832Annual VED £130RV £5,925 (new model)Running cost 48.83ppmCurrent mileage 18,432Test mpg 47.1SpecificationEngine (cc) 1,997Power (bhp/rpm) 163/3,750Torque (lb/ft) 251/2,000CO2 149g/kmOfficial mpg 50.4Max speed (mph) 1340-60 (sec) 9.5* Running cost data supplied by KeeResources (4yr/80k)Mile-munching Mondeo is a car for all seasonsBy Simon HarrisMy year behind the wheel of the Mondeo seemed nowhere near as long as that, and with a total of 18,400 miles completed.I knew it would be subjected to high mileage, which was one of the reasons I chose it with Ford's Powershift automatic transmission. It's a dual-clutch six-speed gearbox which offers the smooth-ness of a conventional automatic transmission, but with a reduced CO2 and fuel consumption penalty.The CO2 emissions of 149g/km from the Mondeo's 163bhp 2.0 TDCi diesel are significantly lower than the 187g/km achieved with the conventional auto-matic transmission available with the earlier 140bhp version of the engine.Although 149g/km is only slightly higher than the standard manual gearbox's 139g/km, using the manual function to shift up through the gears about 500rpm sooner than the car would in automatic mode improved fuel economy. It was the difference between mid-40s mpg and high-40s - the highest achieved during the test was 49mpg.Long-distance comfort was excellent, and the automatic gearbox saved my left leg from repeat-edly using the clutch in the many hours I spent crawling through traffic.With its substantial 235/40 R18 tyres, last winter could have caused significant mobility problems. However, in October we switched to Michelin Pilot Alpin cold weather tyres for five months.The Mondeo instantly performed better on wet roads, with much improved grip, but when it snowed the new tyres were a revelation. The car's braking performance was perhaps the most impressive aspect of driving it on cold weather tyres.While we were running the car, the Mondeo underwent its mid lifecycle facelift. In October 2010, the Mondeo received cosmetic changes, including revised instruments and new dashboard materials, as well as a new bonnet and the availability of LED daytime running lights.