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Wholesale/retail sectorNews digestFleetprofileRemarketingCar RecruitmentreviewsManufacturer newsContinues overcustomers who responded now use outright purchase, compared to 38% in the last quarter of 2009. Conversely, it suggests that leasing is making gains. In the same period, the use of contract hire has risen from 42% to 66%.Read more...Eyesight campaign launched for company driversThe Fleet Safety Forum, a division of the road safety charity Brake, is calling on fleets to do all they can to ensure their company drivers have regular eyesight tests. Fleet managers can order for free the Fleet Safety Forum's Look Sharp poster and e-guidance campaign pack, sponsored by Boots Opticians, alerting drivers and managers to the importance of regular eyesight tests. The poster aims to help fleet managers get the message across to drivers that it's important to have a test every two years to ensure they can see hazards on the roads. Read more...Biofuel created from crisps and piesGreenergy, a privately owned company that supplies one fifth of Britain's road fuel, has announced that it has begun producing biodiesel from food waste. In a unique partnership with Brocklesby, a specialist in recycling edible oils, unsaleable food products such as crisps and pies, which would previously have gone to landfill or compost, are now being converted for biofuel and energy production. This new initiative aims to help reduce the environmental impact of the fuel that Greenergy produces while also creating a new alternative source of fuel.Read more...By Simon Harris, deputy editor, Fleet NewsAre we doing everything we can to combat rising fuel prices? Much as people complain about them and in spite of the small measures announced in the Budget to help offset some of the recent increases, it's unlikely that fuel will become cheaper.Vehicle manufacturers have been able to help with some big steps forward in engine efficiency over the last few years and when fleets have been able to take advantage of these developments replacing older cars and vans with more efficient ones it has in part addressed the increasing cost.But there is evidence of a whole range of measures to tackle the growing financial burden being used by fleets. Telematics systems can monitor driving behaviour to ensure the benefits of eco driver training are being put into practice and help identify repeat offenders.Reducing mileage, car sharing and effective use of video conferencing are all making up part of the picture as fleets try to ensure they operate in a sustainable way. In answer to the question, yes, and some fleets are becoming prominent beacons of best practice.EDITOR'S COMMENT"Telematics systems can monitor driving behaviour to ensure eco driver traing is put into practice"

Wholesale/retail sectorNews digestFleetprofileRemarketingCar RecruitmentreviewsManufacturer news???????? ContinuedZenith Provecta wins contract with Greene KingGreene King, the leading pub retailer and brewer, has awarded the management of its 300 company cars and 100 cash allowance drivers to Zenith Provecta. Zenith Provecta will provide a fully outsourced fleet management and contract hire solution. The company has worked closely with Greene King in order to integrate its systems with the brewer's flexible benefits portal. Read more...Corporate manslaughter company fined £385,000The first company convicted for corporate manslaughter will have to pay a £385,000 fine after it lost its appeal. Cotswold Geotechnical Holdings was found guilty at Winchester Crown Court in February, following the death of employee Alex-ander Wright in September 2008. Read more...Games will cause major disruption for fleetsFleet operators are being urged to prepare now for major disruption during the London Olympics in 2012. However, the impact will not only be felt by fleets operating within the capital. Traffic restric-tions will also be in place on route to other Olympic venues around the UK, such as Weymouth and Portland. Read more...Government endorses new fleet strategyThe Government has endorsed a new fleet strategy that will result in significant savings for public sector fleets. The strategy will see central government fleets moving towards centralised procurement by standardising vehicle requirements and aggre-gating spend. Read more...Fleets face June insurance deadlineFleets should ensure their vehicles are insured and listed on the Motor Insurers' Bureau database or they will receive a letter in June, according to the Government's new regime to tackle uninsured driving. Under Continuous Insurance Enforcement it will be an offence to keep an uninsured vehicle, rather than just to drive when uninsured. Read more...Economic squeeze drives rise in 'crash for cash' scamsInsurance scams staged by organised criminal gangs are driving a growth in 'crash for cash' scams, says insurance broker Bluefin. The practice of staging deliberate car crashes to make false insurance claims cost insurers about £350m in 2009, according to the latest available figures from the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB).Read more...The London Olympics will cause disruption to fleets around the country