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Wholesale/retail sectorManufacturer newsFleetRemarketingprofileNewsdigestCarRecruitmentreviewsFleet profile Antalis McNaughtonPaper specialist's fleet sets the carbon standardEfficiency initiatives see Antalis McNaughton save more than 2,050 tonnes of carbon a yearBy Tony MeredithObtaining the Carbon Trust Standard has enabled specialist paper merchant Antalis McNaughton to ensure that its fleet is helping to improve the company's environmental outlook as well as reducing its carbon footprint.With a fleet of almost 300 cars covering more than four million business miles every year, the paper giant has made some huge leaps in improving the operation of its fleet. But the work goes on.In October 2007, the Antalis Group acquired Map Merchants, which included James McNaughton. Over the past two years, it has created an integrated UK warehousing and delivery network with GM2 Logistics, and combined specialist experience in publishing, sign and display and office products.The regionally-based sales teams that operated under the separate trading identities of Antalis and James McNaughton were combined to allow closer working practices for the provision of a product range with more than 13,000 items.And last year the company achieved a milestone in its effort to ensure that its environmental impact is as low as is possible. "In 2010 as a result of improved fuel efficiency, route optimisation, better data and warehouse foot-print reduction we managed to achieve the Carbon Trust Standard for Antalis McNaughton in the UK, which was a major win for the business and saw us saving more than 2,050 tonnes of CO2 annually," says David Kirman, purchasing executive, fleet and non-trade, at Antalis McNaughton.The Carbon Trust Standard was developed by the Carbon Trust in 2007/08 to encourage good practice in carbon measurement, management and reduc-tion by businesses and public sector organisa-tions. It is designed to provide a robust, objective and consistent methodology for assessing corporate carbon performance and focuses on three main areas: carbon footprint measurement, carbon management and carbon reduction performance. Assessment is undertaken by an independent third-party assessor and managed by the Carbon Trust Standard Company.Continues over