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SalesfiguresNewsinsightNews digestRemarketing analysisFuelpricesCar RecruitmentreviewsManufacturer newsContinues overAnalysis of ongoing trials of more than 300 vehicles being carried out throughout the country found that drivers adapted quickly to the change from conven-tional to electric power.It also found that drivers taking part in the trial had to make few changes to their daily driving habits, although the limited range of electric vehicles remains their biggest concern.Read more...Fleets cash in on Government EV grantsThe vast majority of Government grants for ultra-low emission vehicles have been awarded to fleets as they lead the way in emissions reduction.Latest figures provided by the Office for Low-Emission Vehicles on its Plug-In Car Grant have revealed that of around 800 cars which have received a grant so far this year, 75% have been for business use.The grant has been available since January and provides up to £5,000 to offset the additional costs of acquiring an electric vehicle.Read more...Tax experts advise company to make further appealThe judge at the centre of a cash allowance case has been accused of misinterpreting the law and potentially denying hundreds of fleets a cash windfall.Grant Thornton was advising Total People - now Cheshire Employer and Skills Development - on what it believed was an overpayment of National Insurance.But after Total People won the original case, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) appealed. The first tier tribunal decision that business motoring allowances paid to staff were exempt from National Insurance Contributions (NIC) has now been overturned.Read more...Fleets warned of cat crimewave threatGroups of opportunistic thieves and organised crim-inals are targeting catalytic converters from cars, 4x4s and, in particular, LCVs. Thefts have been reported in Hounslow, Croydon, Forest Hill and Slough, Solihull, Reading and Cambridgeshire.Cats are mainly being stolen for their precious metal value - recycled they can be worth up to £100. Catalytic converters contain varying amounts of platinum group metals, such as palladium and rhodium, to increase the burn and split NO2 into its component molecules of nitrogen and oxygen.A new catalytic converter can cost more than £2,000 to retrofit and, even if covered by insurance, the excess on most policies makes it a heavy loss.Read more...Increase in demand for pay-on-use maintenance predictedLease accounting changes to increase financial transparency coupled with an ever-increasing corporate cost management focus is predicted to increase demand for pay-on-use maintenance.That's the view of Fleet Support Group (FSG) which is also forecasting a rise in demand for vehicles on finance lease and a switch away from contract hire/operating lease arrangements.A major catalyst for change is the long-planned introduction of standard global accounting rules for the treatment of leased assets by companies. Read more...

NewsinsightNews digestSalesfiguresRemarketing analysisFuelpricesCar RecruitmentreviewsManufacturer news???????? ContinuedTax changes drive switch towards salary sacrificeLeasing companies are reporting an increase in salary sacrifice for car schemes in the wake of April's National Insurance rise.National Insurance rose from 11% to 12% for all employees earning less than £817 per week and by an extra 2% for all those who earn more than the upper earnings limit of £42,484 per year. At the same time, the employers' rate increased from 12.8% to 13.8%.Read more...New research reveals a third of drivers in danger of MoT expiringNew research from Kwik Fit reveals that a third (34%) of drivers don't book their MoT in advance, and are in danger of being caught out when it expires. In addition, there are 1.1 million car owners who are choosing not to get their car's MoT renewed on the due date. With money tight, and motorists looking to stretch their budgets as far as possible, these drivers say that they will either wait until they are required to show their MoT certificate to renew it, or are letting time elapse to maximise the longevity of the new test.Read more...Morrison Utility Services to undertake green fleet review Morrison Utility Services has become a member of the Energy Saving Trust's Motorvate fleet carbon commitment scheme. The Government-backed scheme supports firms looking to reduce their carbon footprint from fleet vehicle emissions.Morrison Utility Services is undertaking a Green Fleet Review with an Energy Saving Trust consul-tancy team. The review will benchmark its fleet emissions and identify targets for improvement. It is part of an programme of measures targeted at reducing the company's total carbon emissions. Read more...Emissions hit all-time low at Fleet AllianceThe carbon emission levels of new vehicles currently being added to the managed fleet at Fleet Alliance have fallen to an all-time low.Almost two thirds of vehicles added to the fleet of 9,500 vehicles in August were below the 140g/km emission level, with a third of them below 120g/km and 3% with emissions below the 100g/km mark.In the first eight months of this year, of the vehicles added to the fleet, 77% were below 160g/km, with 62% of these below 140g/km as the swing to cleaner, more tax efficient new models continues.Read more...Independent parts could cut spend by up to 40% Cash-strapped police forces could achieve savieup to 40% on vehicle parts, according to the Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF).IAAF chairman Nick Wilton told the National Association of Police Fleet Managers conference and exhibition, they had nothing to fear from going down the independent aftermarket route.Read more...For all the latest news, visit