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n receiving the Sustainable Develop-ment Leadership Award in Delhi thisyear, Yukio Hatoyama, Prime Ministerof Japan, said he was honoured by this "message of encouragement", which he felt was directed not only to him but to all nationalleaders who have made tackling climate changetheir priority.I am truly honoured to receive the SustainableDevelopment Leadership Award, on thiscommemorative occasion of the 10th DelhiSustainableDevelopment Summit.Last September, I took the initiative to announceJapan's aim to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by25 per cent by the year 2020 compared to the 1990level, and consistent with what the science calls for inorder to halt global warming. At COP 15 in Copenhagen, Japan also announced thatit would provide assistance to developing countries inan amount of approximately US$15 billion by 2012,including US$11 billion in public financing. Thisstatement of intent was made upon the premise of theestablishment of a fair and effective internationalframework among all major economies and anagreement on their own ambitious targets. We must admit that we did not reach a perfect solutionon every single issue at COP15. Having said that, I alsorecognise that the Copenhagen Accord was formulatedthrough summit-level discussions, and that thedecision to take note of the Accord was adopted withindications of support from almost all countriesthroughout the world. To this extent, the meeting was meaningful. In CLIMATE EFFORTS CONTINUE AFTER COPENHAGEN018G8 MEMBER COUNTRIESOYUKIO HATOYAMA, PRIME MINISTER OF JAPAN

G8 MEMBER COUNTRIES019the course of the discussions, I myself stronglyemphasised the necessity of formulating a politicalagreement. I believe that Japan's ambitious mid-termtarget and its concrete proposal on assistance todeveloping countries gave momentum to thenegotiations at COP 15. This wonderful award is not just for me. I can say withcertainty that this award is nothing less than a messageof encouragement to all national leaders who areseriously tackling the issue of climate change. What is necessary now is to ensure association with theCopenhagen Accord by as many countries as possible.I know that a substantial number of countries have already expressed their willingness to support the Accord. Japan will continue to play an active role in convincingmore countries to associate themselves with theAccord. I also promise that Japan will spare no effort to" "Below: Japan primeminister Yukio Hatoyamachats with UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moonWHAT IS NECESSARY NOWIS TO ENSURE ASSOCIATION WITHTHE COPENHAGEN ACCORD BY ASMANY COUNTRIESAS POSSIBLEachieve the early adoption of a comprehensive legaldocument to establish a fair and effective internationalframework among all major economies. I take this opportunity to reiterate my heartfeltappreciation to the Energy and Resources Institute(TERI), and express my sincere hope that theIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC),under the leadership of Dr Pachauri, will continue itspositive contribution to the worldwide efforts toaddress climate change. In closing, I wish to reaffirm the indispensable role tobe played by India in these endeavours, as one of themajor economies. nThe above remarks are taken from a video addressdelivered by Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama at theLeadership Award Ceremony of the Delhi SustainableDevelopment Summit 2010 on 5 February 2010.For more information visit: