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FOREWORD10 Sir Crispin TickellDirector, The Policy Foresight Programme, The JamesMartin Institute for Science and Civilisation, OxfordUniversityG8 MEMBER COUNTRIES12 Rt Hon Jim PrenticeMinister of the Environment, Canada CANADA'S ACTION ON CLIMATE CHANGE16 Nicolas SarkozyPresident of the French RepublicRETHINKING WORLD GOVERNANCE18 Dr Yukio HatoyamaPrime Minister of JapanCLIMATE EFFORTS CONTINUE AFTER COPENHAGEN20 Dmitry MedvedevPresident of the Russian Federation CHANGING CLIMATE IS A THREAT TO SECURITY22 Barack ObamaPresident of the United States of AmericaMOVING TOWARDS CLEANER ENERGY ANDHEALTHIER PLANETCLEAN COAL TECHNOLOGY24 Peter BondChief Executive Officer, Linc Energy Ltd. NEW ENERGY FOR CLEANER INDUSTRYPOST- COPENHAGEN REVIEW 28 Lars L√łkke RasmussenPrime Minister of DenmarkTHE GLOBAL CHALLENGE OF CLIMATE CHANGE30 Dr Steve HowardFounder and CEO, The Climate GroupThe ACCORD AND BEYONDPROTECTING THE NATURALENVIRONMENT34 Dr James HansenDirector, NASA Goddard Institute for Space StudiesAdjunct Professor, Earth and EnvironmentalSciences, University of ColumbiaHONEST, EFFECTIVE ACTION FOR PEOPLE ANDTHE ENVIRONMENT36 Kim CarstensenLeader of the Global Climate Initiative, WWFInternationalBACK ON THE TABLE? CLIMATE CHANGE AT THEG8 AND G20 SUMMITSSUSTAINABLE BUSINESS38 Achim SteinerExecutive Director, The United Nations EnvironmentProgramme (UNEP)BUSINESSES NEED TO EMBRACE A LOW-CARBONGROWTH42 Rt Hon Lord Chris SmithChairman, Environment AgencyDELIVERING ROBUST AND TRANSPARENTREGULATION OF CARBON REDUCTION46 Professor Hanns HoelzChairman of ecosense - Forum for SustainableDevelopment of German Business CLIMATE PROTECTION AFTER COPENHAGEN:REMARKS FROM A BUSINESS PERSPECTIVE FINANCE 50 Robert TaconFormer Chairman, UNEP Finance Initiative (UNEP FI)Paul Clements-HuntHead, UNEP Finance Initiative (UNEPFI)WARINESS AND HOPE IN CANCUN?CONTENTS008THE NEW ECONOMYIn Association with 88925034

THE NEW ECONOMY009Association (ACEA) Chairman of the Board of Management, Daimler AG A NEW ERA OF "GREENER" MOBILITYAVIATION92 Giovanni BisignaniDirector General and CEO, The International AirTransport Association (IATA)AVIATION: ON COURSE FOR CARBON-NEUTRALGROWTH96 Brian HumphriesPresident and CEO, The European Business AviationAssociation (EBAA)FULLY COMMITED TO ENVIRONMENTALSTEWARDSHIPTOURISM100 Dr Taleb RifaiSecretary-General, The United Nations World TourismOrganisation (UNWTO)TOURISM: RESPONDING TO CLIMATE CHANGEHEALTH104 Dr Maria NeiraDirector, The Department of Public Health andEnvironment, The World Health Organisation (WHO)HEALTH BENEFITS OF TACKLING CLIMATECHANGESUSTAINABLE WATER106 Dr Ania GrobickiExecutive Secretary, The Global Water Partnership(GWP)WATER: THE DEVELOPMENT - ADAPTATIONNEXUSPRE- MEXICO REVIEW110 Dr Manmohan SinghPrime Minister of IndiaA CALL FOR A BALANCED AND EQUITABLEOUTCOME IN MEXICO114 Yvo de BoerExecutive Secretary, The United Nations FrameworkConvention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)THE EXPECTATIONS AND OBJECTIVES FORCANCUN116 Connie HedegaardEuropean Commissioner for Climate Action, TheEuropean Commission (EC)AFTER COPENHAGEN THE WORLD STILL NEEDS ACOMPREHENSIVE CLIMATE DEAL118 Angel GurriaSecretary-General, The Organisation for EconomicCo-Operation and Development (OECD)THE ROAD TO CANCUN: TOWARDS ASUCCESSFUL POST-2012 INTERNATIONALAGREEMENT54 Robert B. ZoellickPresident, The World Bank GroupA MOVE TOWARDS MULTIPLE POLES OF GROWTH56 Dominique Strauss-KahnManaging Director, The International Monetary FundSECURING LONG-TERM FINANCING FOR CLIMATECHANGE ADAPTATION AND MITIGATION 58 Tim FordChairman, eSolve Parnters LLPDavid BeerAssociate, eSolve Partners LLPADAPTING YOUR BUSINESS WILL NOT COST THEEARTHEMISSIONS TRADING62 Henry DerwentPresident and CEO, The International EmissionsTrading Association (IETA)CLIMATE CHANGE: THE G8, THE UNFCCC ANDTHE SUBSTANCE66 Maciej WisniewskiFounder and Chairman of the Board, The Consus GroupMANAGING EMISSIONS CAN BE EASYINNOVATION TECHNOLOGY68 HRH The Prince of WalesMAKING TECHNOLOGY WORK FOR"SUSTAINABILITY REVOLUTION"72 UN, Ban Ki-MoonSecretary General, The United Nations (UN)OUR FUTURE LIES IN GREEN TECHNOLOGIESRENEWABLE ENERGY74 Rt Hon Alex SalmondFirst Minister of Scotland GLOBAL RECESSION AND CLIMATE CRISIS - APERFECT STORM FOR RENEWABLESREVOLUTION78 Rob HastingsDirector of Marine Estates, Crown EstatesOFFSHORE WIND COULD BE KEY TO ENERGYSECURITY INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY82 Mark ThompsonManaging Director, COA SolutionsTHE SOFTWARE IMPLICATIONS OF THE CRCENERGY EFFICIENCY SCHEMEWORLD IN PERSPECTIVE86 Jose Manuel Durao BarrosoPresident of the European CommissionTHE EU AND CHINA ADDRESS COMMONCHALLENGESAUTOMOTIVE88 Dr Dieter ZetschePresident, The European Automobile Manufacturers'12In Association with