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We should abide by the purposes and principles of theUN Charter and bring into full play the central role ofthe United Nations and its Security Council in peacekeeping, peace making and peace building. We shouldseek peaceful settlement of international disputesthrough dialogue and consultation.All countries, big or small, strong or weak, rich or poor,are equal members of the international community. Weshould work for common security in a spirit ofdemocracy, inclusiveness, co-operation and win-winprogress. Internal affairs of a country should behandled independently by the country itself andinternational affairs should be managed collectivelythrough consultation by all. We should be committedto multilateralism and international co-operation, andpromote democracy in international relations.We should foster an international environment thatsupports efforts of countries to achieve peace, stabilityand prosperity in the light of their nationalcircumstances. We should respect the sovereignty ofall countries and their right to choose theirdevelopment paths and models in keeping with the principle of seeking common ground while shelving differences. And we should respect thediversity of civilisations and pursue common progress through mutual learning and drawing on eachother's strength.Second, we should endeavour to promote commondevelopment of all countries. The internationalfinancial crisis has aroused much thinking anddiscussion about world economic imbalances. In thefinal analysis, the biggest imbalance in the worldeconomy is the development imbalance between theNorth and the South and the most fundamentalproblem in the world economy is the inadequatedevelopment of developing countries. Withouteconomic development of the developing countries,there can be no sustained and stable growth in theworld economy. We need to renew our commitment tothe development of developing countries and promoteworld economic recovery and growth.We should put in place a fair and effective globaldevelopment system, enhance developmentinstitutions, increase resources for development andwork to fully attain the UN MDGs. We should upholdthe principle of "common but differentiatedresponsibilities" and work together to meet the globalclimate challenge. We should jointly uphold energysecurity in line with the principle of mutually beneficialco-operation, diversified development and co-ordinated energy supply. We should formulate a long-term international food co-operation strategy andensure food security for all.We should establish fair, just, inclusive and well-managed international monetary and financial systemsto support global economic development and increase118GLOBAL VOICESthe say and representation of emerging markets anddeveloping countries in these systems.We should set up a just and equitable international freetrade system, oppose protectionism in all its forms,strengthen the multilateral trading regime and push forearly attainment of the goals of a development round atthe Doha Round negotiations.Third, we should endeavour to bolster internationalexchanges and co-operation. We all live on the sameplanet. Countries are now interconnected andinterdependent with their interests and more closelyinterwoven than at any other time in history. The futureand destiny of one country is increasingly tied to that ofthe world. To work with each other through thick andthin serves the common interests of all countries.We should make full use of the multilateral co-Photo: UN Photo/Paulo Filgueiras