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14BOAT RODS 0871 716 1670 OPEN 7 DAYS for an Extra £30Buy the rod on its own or add a Penn Jig-Master 500L Reel (Worth £75.00)BoatBoat Rods:A compact yet comprehensive range of boat rods which cover all types of boat fishing in UK waters. The top Salt specification delivers exceptional balance, power and torque resistance.Features:. Fuji guides. Screw Winch reel seat fitting. Alloy butt on 7ft 4 models. AFTCO roller tip guide on 50lb. Travel rods supplied in tubeCodeModelClassRod PriceCodeCombo PriceSP26549ft Cod18-30lb£30.00SP2654C£50.00SP25018ft 2 2pc8lb£26.00SP2501C£46.00SP26598ft 6 2pc18-25lb£30.00SP2659C£50.00SP25028ft 6 2pc12-15lb£30.00SP2502C£50.00SP25037ft 4 2pc20lb£48.00SP2503C£68.00SP25047ft 4 2pc30lb£48.00SP2504C£68.00SP25057ft 4 2pc50lb£60.00SP2505C£80.00Combo from only £50Buy the rod and aShakespeare Zeta Multiplier worth £39.99NOW AVAILABLE IN 2 OR 3 SECTIONS"Very Highly Recommended" for only £199.99Combo with a Penn 320GT2 Levelwind Reel and Premium monoMagnus Boat Rods. Optimised HM/IM carbon fibre and HT-Cross Winding. SIC-Boatguides, saltwater resistant. Robust reel seatCodeModelRod PriceCombo CodeCombo PriceOK0051Boat 6ft 6 12-20lb£119.00OK0051C£149.00OK0048Boat 7ft 20lb£149.00OK0048C£179.00OK0049Boat 7ft 30lb£153.00OK0049C£183.00OK0050Boat 7ft 50lb£159.00OK0050C£189.00. Oversized non flip Duplon handle. Nylon butt cap with gimbal and protective cap. 2 piece construction. Quality Carbon Blank. Down-Screwing Reel Fitting. EVA HandletipsAssassin Boat RodsCodeRod ModelRod PriceCombo CodeCombo PriceLD0495Boat 6ft 6 30-50lb£49.99LD0495C£69.99LD0494Boat 7ft 2 20-30lb£49.99LD0494C£69.99LD0493Boat 8ft 12-20lb£49.99LD0493C£69.99LD0496Boat 10ft Multi Tip£59.99LD0496C£79.99. 10ft comes with 3 multi tips from only £69.99Combo with a Shakespeare Zeta Multiplier and Penn Senator MonoTipCodeModelRod PriceCombo CodeCombo PricePE1458Boat 7ft 20lb£39.99PE1458C£69.99PE1459Boat 7ft 30lb£42.99PE1459C£72.99 for an Extra £30.00Combo with a Penn Jig-Master 500L Reel Worth £75.00 for an Extra £30.00Combo with a Penn Jig-Master 500L Reel Worth £75.00CodeModelLengthRod RRPRod PriceCombo CodeCombo PricePE1429EVO 12/20lb7ft 10"£139.99£126.00PE1429C£199.99PE1430EVO 20/30lb7ft 8"£139.99£126.00PE1430C£199.99PE1431EVO 30/50lb7ft 6"£139.99£126.00PE1431C£199.99CodeModelLengthPcsRod PriceCombo CodeCombo PricePE1372Boat 12-20lb7ft 8"4pc£63.00PE1372C£113PE1373Boat 20-30lb7ft 6"4pc£63.00PE1373C£113PE1374Boat 30-50lb7ft 4"4pc£63.00PE1374C£113PE1409Braid 20-30lb8ft 2"2pc£75.99PE1409C£126Waveblaster EVO 2pc Boat RodsThe Waveblaster Evo is renowned for it's versatility. Low diameter, semi and fast tapered blanks are balanced towards lighter lines, to maximise overall performance. Whether you're ledgering or drifting over sand or working pollack and coalfish over reefs and wrecks, these 2 piece perfectionist tools will suit you! Designed for maximum sport with lines between 6 and 12lb. These rods are all fitted with quality Fuji cosmetics.Our design team employed the vast boat fishing experience of our consultant Steve Souter and created the Kenzaki range rod by rod. Designed around two or three equal sections each action has been created for braid.Kenzaki Braid Special Boat CodeModelLength & Type PcsRod RRPRod PriceCombo CodeCombo PriceDW2033SKZB06-27'8" Boat 6-12lbs2£129.99£99.99DW2033C£129.99DW2034SKZB12-27'8" Boat 12-20lbs2£129.99£99.99DW2034C£129.99DW2035SKZB20-27'6" Boat 20-30lbs2£129.99£99.99DW2035C£129.99DW2036SKZB30-27'6" Boat 30-50lbs2£129.99£99.99DW2036C£129.99DW2451SKZB12-37'8" Boat 12-20lbs3£129.99£99.99DW2451C£129.99DW2438SKZB20-3 7'6" Boat 20-30lbs3£129.99£99.99DW2438C£129.99DW2452SKZB30-37'6" Boat 30-50lbs3£129.99£99.99DW2452C£129.99Buy the rod with Penn GTO Reel + Premium Mono Powerstix Pro Boat RodsSemi-supple tip maximises bite detection and gives sport with smaller species but under pressure the power curve becomes progressively more powerful, this producing the stiffness in the lower sections to tire big fish.Overseas Boat RodsA new and fantastic looking range of rods from Penn,these are perfect for general Boat fishing,targeting all types of species,they are lightweight BUT have a 24-ton carbon blank designed to also give you the power to lift big fish when needed.. 24T/30T Carbon Blank Construction. LTS Guide Quality. High Grade EVA shaped Handle . Aluminium Gold Gimbal with Ribber cap. S upplied in a Cordura Tuff Tube. Premium carbon blanks using MM35M carbon. Sensitive tip action for improved bite detection. Zirconium ceramic guides throughout for use with braided lines. Specially designed Duplon fore grip for maximum leverage and comfort. Fuji fixed reel seat with Aluminium hoodsSALE from only £113.00 BOAT RODS15G-Series Boat RodsThe new G-Series boat rods are designed to offer serious performance at an affordable price. With plenty of power in the butt and a sensitive tip for good registration, the four rods in the range will cover all boat fishing applications. The Tidewater boat rods incorporate blanks which provide a progressive power build up action from the butt yet still retains sensitive tips delivering the ultimate action when playing fish. 15/20lb Class: Ideal for winter Cod, Bull Huss & general ray & Tope fishing. 30lb Class: Perfect for light wreck fishing & reef Conger.Lined Guides.Entry level, 7ft, 2 piece boat rod, ideal for the beginner, or angler on a tight budget.Specifically designed for fishing Butterfly Jig Methods but also ideal for fixed spool boat work can handle fish up to 30lbs with ease.Features:2-piece rods which break down at a jointed reel seat, making them easy to store. A screw down graphite reel seat and durable double leg guides mean that this rod is built to last. Greys confidence is such that they are the only sea rod company that offers a full unconditional lifetime guarantee on all their rods. for only £55.00CodeLengthRatingPcsRod PriceCombo CodeCombo PriceGR09436ft 66-12lb Boat2£39.99GR0943C£55.00GR09446ft 615-20lb Boat2£39.99GR0944C£55.00GR09456ft 620-30lb Boat2£39.99GR0945C£55.00GR09466ft 630-50lb Boat2£39.99GR0946C£55.00Combine this rod with a Shakespeare Zeta Multiplier (Worth £39.99)Boat Rods. Imax Boat Power Performance blank.. Glass tip for sensitivity. Premium quality Korean guides. Fixed quality reel seat . Ergonomic duplon handlesCodeRod ModelRod PriceCombo CodeCombo PriceSV0018Boat 7ft9 32lb£49.99SV0018C£69.99 for an Extra £20Buy the rod on its own Extraor add a Shakespeare Zeta Mulitplier REDUCED PRICE!worth £39.99CodeModelClassRod PriceCombo CodeCombo PriceSP25237ft 2pc Boat15lb£20.00SP2523C£40.00SP25247ft 2pc Boat20lb£20.00SP2524C£40.00SP25257ft 2pc Boat30lb£20.00SP2525C£40.00SP26618ft 2pc Braid Boat20-30lb£35.00SP2661C£55.00CodeModelClassRod PriceCombo CodeCombo PriceDW2306D-Boat 20-30lb20-30lb£25.00DW2306C£40.00CodeModelLengthPcsActionRod PriceCombo CodeCombo PriceLI1187Boat Butterfly Jig 9kg1.65m2150-300g£39.99LI1187C£59.99LI1188Boat Butterfly Jig 11kg1.65m2200-400g£39.99LI1188C£59.99Boat RodsCombo from only £40.00Combo for only £40.00Features:. Full carbon blanks. Lined guides . Cushion reel seat fitting. Hyperlon handle . Glazed tip. Eyed for fixed spool reels. Progressive Action. Triple Leg Ceramic Guides. Oversized Ceramic Tip Eye. Power Fore Grip & Gimbal butt. Screw Winch Reel Seat. Solid Carbon ConstructionBuy the rod and a Shakespeare Zeta Multiplier Worth £39.99Buy the rod and a Shakespeare Zeta Multiplier Worth £39.99 for an extra £20.00Combo with an Okuma Longbow 50Reel RRP:£29.99The rods are built on a high modulus carbon blank, mixed with E-glass to ensure super strength and durability, along with perfect bite detection. The handles have been made from super hard EVA and the guides are stainless steel with stainless steel inserts.Seaboss Boat RodsCodeRod ModelRod PriceCombo CodeCombo PriceSV73506ft 6 12-20lbs£25.00SV7350C£45.00SV73516ft 6 20-30lbs£25.00SV7350C£45.00SV73526ft 12-20lbs£25.00SV7350C£45.00SV73536ft 20-30lbs£25.00SV7350C£45.00SV73547ft 12-20lbs£27.00SV7354C£47.00SV73557ft 8 20-30lbs£30.00SV7355C£50.00Combo with a Penn Jig-Master 500L Reel and Penn Senator MonoIntegra Gold 3pc Boat RodsRovex Integra Gold Rods are built with integrated solid tip blanks and offer incredible value for money. The Rovex Integra Gold range is designed to meet every saltwater boat ›shing requirement from kayaking to deepwater wreck ›shing. from only £64.99Combo with a Penn Jig-Master 500L Reel and Senator MonoJig-and CodeRod ModelRod PriceCombo CodeCombo PriceMA4625Boat 7ft 6 12lb£34.99MA4625C£64.99MA4626Boat 7ft 6 20lb£37.99MA4626C£67.99MA4627Boat 7ft 6 30lb£39.99MA4627C£69.99 from only £45.00onlyD-Boat RodTraction Butterfly Jigging RodCodeLengthRatingRod RRPRod PriceCombo CodeCombo PriceDW00727ft 612lb£69.99£49.99DW2027C£79.99DW00737ft 620lb£69.99£49.99DW2028C£79.99DW00747ft 630lb£69.99£49.99DW2029C£79.99Sea Hunter X Boat RodsThe Sea Hunters offer built in sporting tips to accommodate regularly used braid mainlines. Mesh layered carbon blanks deliver a combination of lightness and power. Spigot jointed butts shorten the package length and the centred real seat position makes for easier winding when the rod is loaded. for an Extra £30.00Combo with a Penn Jig-Master 500L Reel Worth £75.00Combo 113.00