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18MAGS & CASTING MULTIPLIERS 0871 716 1670 OPEN 7 DAYSThe later you brake the faster you'll go!Millionaire® 7HT MagCodeModelRatio B/BLine CapacityRRPOur PriceDW22687HT MAG5.8:11+5CRBB300m-15lb£245.00£220.00. Magnofuge - intelligent magnetic braking. 6 bearings including 5 CRBBs . Improved power handle. Rigid one-piece duraluminium frame. High grade brass drive gear and stainless steel pinion gearOnly £220.00 6500 C3 CT Mag Pro. Three ball Bearings. Mag brake. 6 pin centrifugal breaking system. Carbon matrix drag. CT frame for spool control. Crowned durabrass gearsOnly £157.99CodeModelRatio B/BLine CapacityPricePU20226500 C3 CT Mag Pro5.3:12+1220/20lb£157.99Years and yards ahead!Millionaire® 7HT. 3 stainless steel ball bearings . Aluminium/bronze gears with centrifugal anti-backlash control. Mechanical brake system with two sizes of blocks providedOnly £125.00CodeModelRatioCapacityRRPOur PriceGR1098Six5:1330m/0.35mm£149.99£60.00GR1099Seven5:1270m/0.40mm£149.99£60.00CodeOur PriceGR1100£19.99GR1101£19.99Spare spoolsG-Mag MultipliersThree years intensive research and development have resulted in the creation of a new concept reel using Greys' own design tooling. The Greys G-Mag multiplier has been created as a reel that will not be caught short in the toughness or distance stakes. With its chrome plated aluminium cage, separate stainless steel reel foot and low profile spool it is built to perform.Only £60.00Okuma has taken the rigid, super strong body from the award winning Convector Pro range and incorporated its' complex magnetic breaking system into the reel. Delivering an awesome tool for distance casting and ultimate spool control.. Solid graphite body. Magnetic braking system. Solid frame with stainless components. Stainless power handle. High speed gear ratio 6.2:1. Aluminium Spool. 2 stainless steel Ball bearings. 1 way clutch roller bearing. Rulidium drag system. Titanium coated level wind (level wind series only). Brass gears. 5 years warrantyCodeModelB/BRatioCapacityRRPOur PriceSV5716MG20-CS2+16.2:1200m/0.45mm£99.99£79.99SV5718MG30-CS2+16.2:1250m/0.50mm£99.99£79.99SV5717MG20-LS2+16.2:1200m/0.45mm£99.99£79.99SV5719MG30-LS2+16.2:1250m/0.50mm£99.99£89.99SV6355MG45-LS2+16.2:1300m/0.45mm£99.99£89.99Magnetix Casting Multiplier ReelsOnly £79.99CodeModelRatio B/BLine CapacityRRPOur PriceDW00057HT5.2:13340m-14lbs£160.00£125.00Classic C3 CT MagAll new version of the world famous Mag Elite, with a hi-speed retrive ratio. Features 6-pin centrifugal brake, mag brake system. Crowned Durabrass gears and the Carbon Matrix Drag.. Line out Alarm. MagTrax Brake Sysytem. Open top CT frame. Dual stopperFrom Only £144.99CodeModelRatioCapacityB/BPricePU15136500C3 CT Mag High Speed6.3:1200/20lb2+1£159.99PU15146500 C3 CT Mag5.3:1200/20lb2+1£159.99PU04025500 C3 CT Mag5.3:1185/20lb2+1£144.99PU15156500C3 CT Premium Mag5.3:1200/20lb2+1£149.99PU08717000 C3 CT Mag Hi-Speed5.3:1270/25lb2+1£176.99. 2 HPCR bearings in the spool. Corrosion resistant IAR bearingSAVE £35SAVE £89.99The best just got better! The new MAG2 525/515 takes the MAG reels to new levels with greater distance,control and Power. The new index magnectic braking system is precise and give full control from zero to maximumn braking making longer smoother casts possible. The new MAG525/515's have just taken shore casting to the next level!.Graphite frame and sideplates with aluminium.Forged aluminum spool.6 stainless steel shielded bearings.Instant anti-reverse bearing.HT-100 powered drag system.Disengaging pinion with live spindle.Indexed magnetic braking systemMag 2 SeriesFrom Only £130.00CodeModelRatioB/BCapacityRRPOur PricePE1312525 Mag Xtra6:13275yds/15lb£194.00£130.00PE1433535 Mag Knobby TC6:13400yds/15lb£198.99£135.002010 ModelCodeModelRatioB/BCapacityRRPOur PricePE1461515 Mag 26:16247m/0.36mm£189.99£139.99PE1462525 Mag 26:16256m/0.38mm£199.99£149.992011 ModelMillionaire® 7HT Mag-ST. Improved Magnofuge - Intelligent Magnetic Breaking. Infinite anti-reverseOnly £349.99CodeModelRatio B/BLine CapacityRRPOur PriceDW00607HT M-ST5.8:19300m-15lbs£399.99£349.99. Ultra precision machined spool. 9 Bearings including 8 CRBBs. Rigid one-piece dura-aluminium frame. Carbon swept handle. High grade brass drive gear. Stainless steel pinion gear. Smooth and powerful star drag. Carbon Multi Disc Drag System. 2 Stainless Bearings in the Spool. Stainless Steel Power Handle. Line Out Alarm. High Torque Winding Power. Mag/Centrifugal Brake System. Open Top CT frame (On CT Models)From Only £89.99MultipliersCodeModelRatioCapacityB/BRRPPriceAK0001656 CS5.3:115lb/300yds3£109.99£89.99AK0002656 CTM5.3:115lb/300yds3£124.99£99.99AK0003656 CSM5.3:115lb/300yds3£124.99£99.99AK0004757 CS4.3:120lb/320yds3£124.99£99.99AK0005757 CT4.3:120lb/320yds3£124.99£99.99AK0006757 CTM4.3:120lb/320yds3£129.99£104.99. Brass Anti-Corrosion Chromed Side Plates. Synchronised Level-Wind (CS Model). Corrosion Resistant Instant Anti-Reverse Bearing ModelSALE CASTING MULTIPLIERS19Perfect for lure and bait work for salmon or pollack, the Proteus is a no-frills casting multiplier. Featuring centrifugal brakes it is available in left and right hand wind.. Centrifugal brake system. Worm gear level wind. Machined aluminium spool. Selectable spool clickMillionaire® ProteusOnly £74.99 Pro Rocket has been a very popular series of reels over recent years, featuring many characteristics of all the other Ambassadeur reels. Incorporating the carbon Matrix drag system which has incredible power and ability to prevent a fish from fleeing.CodeModelRatioCapacityBearingsPricePU00216500 CS5.3:1200m/0,40mm2+1£126.99PU18236500 CT Chrome5.3:1200m/0,40mm2+1£134.99PU18226500 CS Chrome5.3:1200m/0,40mm2+1£135.99Rocket SeriesFrom Only £126.99CodeModelRatioCapacityWeightPricePU20116500C3 CT5.3:1220yds/20lb320g£94.99PU18216500C3 CS5.3:1200yds/20lb340g£89.99. Designed for unrelenting power. 3-bearing system with instant anti-reverse. 6-pin centrifugal break. Coated levelwind and advanced carbon matrix drag.. Now available in CTFrom Only £89.99Power HandleCodeModelRatioCapacityBearingsPricePU0018Right4.1:1270x25lb2+1£126.99PU1505Left4.1:1270x25lb2+1£132.997000i Series. Designed for unrelenting power. 3-bearing system with instant anti-reverse. 6-pin centrifugal break. Coated levelwind and advanced carbon matrix drag.. Now available in CT. Available in left or right hand windFrom Only £126.99Syncrodrag: High tech instant tuning at your fingertips. Smooth, steadfast precision from Abu's Syncro and Only £152.99Classic 7000 SyncroCodeModelRatioB/BCapacityWeightPricePU20237000 Syncro4.1:12270m/0,45mm590g£152.99Carbon Matrix drags. Calibrated line counter and the synchronized levelwind makes the Syncro the ultimate trolling reel.CodeModelRatio B/BLine CapacityPriceDW2262Right Hand5.1:12+1290m-15lbs£74.99DW2158Left Hand5.1:12+1290m-15lbs£74.99Super high quality casting reel.. Ideal for Bass and Pollack. Also great for lighter beach and boat fishingOneiros MultiplierOnly £29.99CodeModelRatioCapacityBearingsRRPPriceLI118660005.3:120lbs/190m4£59.99£29.99SAVE £30!. One way clutch anti-reverse bearing. All brass gears. Smooth main gear applied star drag system. Dual centrifugal and mechanical brake system. Levelwind system. Fantastic quality & performanceCL50 Casting MultiplierIntroductory Offer £39.99CodeModelB/BRatioCapacityRRPOur PriceTA0747CL502+14.2:1250yds/16lb£49.99£39.99GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORRRP:£49.99"Highly Recommended."*Line not included. One piece solid aluminium frame. Mag brake system. Ceramic hybrid bearings. Line out alarm. Low centre of gravity. Stainless steel gears. Dual anti-reverse. Aluminium spool. Super smooth Carbon matrix dragCodeModelRatioCapacityBearingsRRPPricePU20966500i TSR5.3:1255m/0,35mm2£234.99£199.996500i TSRFrom Only £199.99SALE