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BRAND NEW PRODUCTSNOW IN STOCK!SALE& SPECIAL OFFERS CAN BE FOUND ON PAGE 67 & 681000'S OF PENN REELS NOW HALF PRICE OR LESS!MORE ON PAGE 67 & 68Commander Boat ComboFantastic boat combo with Commander multiplier and matching Boat Rod.CodeClassRRPPricePE120130lb£74.99£40.00RRPPriceIN2 BeachcastersCodeModelCastsRRPPriceSP277710ft4-6oz£23.99£12.00SP277811ft4-6oz£23.99£12.00SP277313ft 3pc4-8oz£26.99£18.00SAVE UP TO £11.99Full Carbon Sea RodsCodeModelCastsRRPPriceSP249613ft, 2pc Beach4-8oz£107.99£40.00SP249911ft 6, 2pc Bass2-4oz£75.99£46.00SP249210ft, 3pc Spin1-3oz£64.99£38.00SP249310ft 2, 2pc Spin2-4oz£64.99£38.00SP249411ft 6, 6pc T-Beach4-8oz£96.99£80.00A great quality tripod that fits in the boot of the car.. Full Alloy and stainless steel throughout. Easily detachable and fully adjustable double rod holders. Fully adjustable extendable Alloy Legs. Stainless Lamp/Stability hook. Closed Length 110cm Fully extends too 170cm . Comes complete with a Waterproof/ zipped Carry bagFantastic quality, full alloy and stainless steel construction.. This is an extremely stable design coming complete with fitted fully adjustable stability bars. Rod rest head sets easily slide of for transportation and are fully adjustable. Stainless Lamp/Stability hook also with fitted rig hook holder. The two Round Section Legs clip to the main section for storage GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FOROnly £19.99RRP: £29.99TA1382Only £29.99RRP: £44.99TA1383Newly developed range of rods using lighter and slimmer carbon blanks. The best value carbon sea rods on the market today!A new and very impressive range of carbon sea rods, designed and tested by Mike Thrussell. Fantastic value for money, highly recommended.New for 2011. Now even stronger and durable!. Tight weaved Micro Dyneema. Ultra fine diameter with low stretch. Great knot strength. Available in 125, 300, 600 and 2000 meter spools. 3 great colours to choose fromA two-piece responsive blank with reserves of power in the butt section. Both rods in the range are These classic Ugly Stiks redfine the image while retaining the virtually unbreakable blanks built using the famous Howald process.. Graphite body and rotor with aluminium sideplate. Instant anti-reverse bearing. Four stainless steel shielded bearings. Graphite frame and sideplates with aluminium. 6 stainless steel shielded bearings. Instant anti-reverse bearing. HT-100 powered drag system. Disengaging pinion with live spindle. Indexed magnetic braking systemCodeModelRatioB/BCapacityRRPOur PricePE1461515 Mag6:16247m/0.36mm£189.99£139.99PE1462525 Mag6:16256m/0.38mm£199.99£149.99Our ££capable of casting lures a great distance. Ideal for bass in the surf or estuary. CodeModelCastsSectionsPricePE14809ft 230-70g2£69.99PE14819ft 240-90g2£69.99CodeModelCastsRRPPriceSP28788ft 48-15lb£79.99£72.00SP28778ft 615lb£84.99£77.00SP28768ft 220lb£89.99£81.00SP28758ft30lb£96.99£87.00Waterproof, warm and providing freedom of movement; that is the Stormbeach smock. Its pullover design combined with a polyester quilt ensure all round comfort and heat. External neoprene cuffs combined with the multi adjustable hood 'lock out' the elements.CodeSizeSD0341MSD0342LSD0343XLSD0344XXLSD0345GOnly £39.99CodeModelCapacityRatioPricePE14683000170yd/8lb5.2:1£49.99PE14694000220yd/10lb5.2:1£49.99PE14705000220yd/15lb4.6:1£59.99PE14716000280yd/17lb4.6:1£67.99PE14727000310yd/20lb4.3:1£68.99PE14738000350yd/25lb4.3:1£69.99CodeModelDia.RRPPriceSV9356120m/22lb0.22mm£15.00£11.99SV9359120m/33lb0.33mm£15.00£11.99SV9361120m/50lb0.40mm£15.00£11.99SV9362300m/22lbs0.22mm£30.00£24.99SV9365300m/33lbs0.33mm£30.00£24.99SV9367300m/50lbs0.40mm£30.00£24.99Available January 2011Adrenaline HD has been treated with a unique Teflon resin, and silent and yet incredibly strong and silent.Check our website for the full rangeCheck our website for the full rangeSee page 27 for Great deals on this braid or go online to see the full rangeMouldsGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORA new and comprehensive range of moulds from Fisheagle,these are superb quality and very easy and quick to use and can save you plenty of money and can be used time and time again and will last for years.CodeSizePriceTA1399Breakout Beach Bomb 6oz£9.99CodeSizePriceTA1385Beach Bomb 4 in 1, 3+6oz£16.99CodeSizePriceTA1386Beach Bomb 2 in 1, 3+4oz£11.99TA1387Beach Bomb 2 in 1, 5+6oz£11.99CodeSizePriceTA1389Beach Bomb 5oz£9.99TA1390Beach Bomb 6oz£9.99CodeSizePriceTA1395Boat Bomb 5oz£9.99TA1391Boat Bomb 6oz£9.99TA1392Boat Bomb 8oz£9.99TA1393Boat Bomb 12oz£9.99TA1396Boat Bomb 14oz£9.99TA1394Boat Bomb 24oz£9.99CodeSizePriceTA1397AquaZ Boat Bomb 10.5oz£9.99CodeSizePriceTA1398AquaZ Beach Bomb 6.5oz£9.99PriceAquaZ 10.5ozPricePriceAquaZ 6.5oz4in1 Beach BombsMakes 4 Different weights at a time.2in1 Beach BombsMakes 2 Beach Bombs in one go.Beach BombsMakes one individual weight at a time.2in1 Ball WeightMakes a 1oz and a 2oz ball Weight in one go.Boat BombsMakes one individual weight at a time.Aquazoom Boat BombsPerfect Aerodynamic Shaped Body. Will reduce rolling on the Sea bed.Aquazoom Beach BombsFantastic Flighted Grip Weight.Breakout Beach BombsExtreamy popular Beach Lead.CodeSizePriceTA1388Ball Weight 2 in 1, 1+2oz£9.99Travel Telescopic Match TripodGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORExtreme Sea RodsRod RangeWhiplash Pro515 + 525 Mag Casting MultipliersSuper Deluxe 200cm Match TripodPowerstix Sea SpinBoat SpinPursuit Spin + Surf ReelsStormbeach Quilted SmockPE14738000Adrenaline HD Braided Lineensuring a unparalleled low friction coefficient - silky smooth FISHEAGLE RODS3Atlas Spin RodsCodeLengthModel/CastsRod PriceCombo CodeCombo PriceWH00027ft5-20 grams£11.99WH0002C£18WH00038ft10-30 grams£13.99WH0003C£20WH00049ft10-40 grams£15.99WH0004C£22WH00169ft15-50 grams£16.99WH0016C£24WH000510ft20-60 grams£17.99WH0005C£25Buy the rod on its own or you can combo up with the new Fisheagle Spitfire (line fitted) worth £14.99both from only £18A range of very well priced spinning rods, that are ideal for when your shore spinning for Mackerel, Pollack, Bass etc. . Cork/EVA handle. High quality SiC guides.Atlas Bass RodCodeLengthModel/CastsRod PriceCombo CodeCombo PriceWH000911ft1-3oz£19.99WH0009C£28An amazing rod for the price being paid. Nice action, ideal for Bass, shore spinning and light beachcastingAtlas BeachcastersCodeLengthModel/CastsRod PriceCombo CodeCombo PriceWH001112ft 2pcMultiplier 4-8oz£23.99WH001212ft 2pcFixed Spool 4-8oz£23.99WH0012C£31WH001314ft 3pcFixed Spool 4-8oz£29.99WH0013C£37A great range of beachcasters that are fantastic value for money. . EVA handle. Available in 3 models, both fixed spool and multiplierAtlas Boat RodsCodeLengthModel/CastsRod PriceCombo CodeCombo PriceWH00147ft, 2pcBoat 20/30lb£13.99WH0014C£29.99Brilliant value Boat rods, a 7ft 2 piece and a 9ft 6" uptide rod. WH00159ft 6, 2pcUptide 4-10oz£19.99WH0015C£34.99. EVA handle. Includes Cloth Rod Bag. SiC lined rings and fluorescent tip Hulk 7ft Boat Rod WH0008 Rod features: A lightweight but incredibly powerful rod. With a solid glass fibre tip making it sensitive for bite detection but virtually indestructible. Hard wearing boat guides, gimble and includes rod bag.Reel features:. Strong and reliable boat multiplier . Corrosion proof graphite body and spool. Multidisc star drag. Levelwind. Spooled with 200meters of 25lb monoCodeLengthCasting WeightRod OnlyCombo CodeComboWH00087ft20/30lb£25.99WH0008C£39.99Sea Rods RangeThis new range of Hulk rods were designed for the sea angler who needed a rod that took a bit of abuse, these are carbon composite throughout with a solid glass tip fused onto the tip section to make the rod light with a nice action for casting and virtually unbreakable. The best value for money rods ever!HULKHulk 2pc Spin rodsCodeLengthCasting WeightRod PriceCombo CodeComboWH00068ft10-40g£23.99WH0006C£29.99WH00079ft15-50g£25.99WH0007C£32.99Light weight but incredibly durable and powerful. Built with a hollow carbon composite construction with a fused solid fibre tip, making this rod almost unbreakable. . Quality Fuji type guides and fittings throughout.. Comes with cloth rod bagFANTASTIC BASS SPIN OUTFITGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORBuy the rod on its own or you can combo up with the new Fisheagle Sea Bay 600 (line fitted) worth £15.99both from only £31GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORBuy the rod on its own or you can combo up with the Shakespeare Zeta Multiplier + Mono worth £39.99both from only £29.99GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORBuy the rod on its own or you can combo up with the new Fisheagle Sea Bay 400 (line fitted) worth £12.99both for only £28Buy the rod on its own or you can combo up with the new Fisheagle Sea Bay 400 (line fitted)both from only £29.99GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORBuy the rod on its own or you can combo up with the Shakespeare Zeta Multiplier + 25lb Mono worth £39.99both for only £39.99GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORSea Rods RangeA new and fantastic range of composite rods. All of these rods are built to very high standards and are built to last.ATLASGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORBuy any 2Atlas CombosOr any 3 for an amazing£79.99for only£54.99