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22BOAT MULTIPLIERS 0871 716 1670 OPEN 7 DAYSMagda Depth Counter Multiplier. Frame is made from titanium reinforced graphite. Fitted with machine cut marine grade brass gears. Black graphite. Depth counter. Stainless steel level wind and handle. Powerful oversized multi-disc brake system. 5 year warrantyOnly £41.99CodeModelCapacityRatioPriceSV038130D20lbs/340yds4.0:1£41.99TLD MultiplierThe poular TLD 15 is spot on for mid channel pollack, light bass and conventional 'up and down' fishing. The TLD 20 is suited to medium weight pirking, blue sharks and deep water fishing, where it's fast retrieve and wide diameter spool are appreciated. The TLD 25 fits the bill for pirking, conger, skate, sharks and works equally well on overseas species.From Only £115.00CodeModelCapacityRatioRRPOur PriceSU1247Lever Drag 1520lb/410m4.0:1£139.99£119.99SU1249Lever Drag 2030lb/410m3.6:1£159.99£139.99SU1252Lever Drag 2530lb/550m3.6:1£169.99£149.99CodeModelB/BRatioCapacityRRPPricePE0456112H224.1:130lbs/375yds£109.99£90.00PE0457113H223.3:130lbs/475yds£129.99£100.00PE0458114H222.9:150lbs/450yds£160.99£120.00PE0459113L223.3:130lbs/475yds£119.99£88.00Senator 2 ReelFrom Only £88.00These are the NEW and improved version of the Now old Best selling Senator tried and tested for years by Charter skippers and Fisherman alike.. Precision-machined, stainless steel pinion gear. High-strength, manganese-bronze main gear. Stainless steel reinforced side platesconsistent drag. Anodised aluminium spool. Convertible power handle. Heavy-duty clicker. Graphite rod clampaThese . Multi-disc star drag system for smooth and . Two shielded, stainless steel ball bearingsCodeModelRatioCapacityRRPPricePE0085209M2.8:120lbs/320yds£59.99£40.00PE0647309M2.8:120lbs/350yds£59.99£44.00Levelwind ReelsFrom Only £40.00The classic look and style of the Levelwinds reflect the hertiage and reputation of Penn reels. Features Lightweight composite side plates, precision machined stainless steel pinion gear, brass main gear, counterbalanced handle with oversized paddle handle, Stainless steel level wind available in left hand wind, or with line counter.. Lightweight composite side plates. Precision-machined, stainless steel pinion gear. Brass main gear. Counterbalanced handle with oversized paddle knob88CodeB/BRatioCapacityPriceSP029613.8:10.50mm/310m£29.99A great value multiplier that is ideal for light to medium boat fishing and will stand up to the pressures that sea fishing can place on a reel. The reel comes pre-loaded with 25lb monofilament line.. Star Drag. 1 Ball Bearing. Graphite Body. Graphite Spool. Pre-spooled with Monofilament. Power Crank Handle. Level WindZeta Boat MultiplierOnly £29.99TyrnosThese drag reels are tough enough for huge Powerful fighting fish with 33lb. of max drag and 16.5lb. of strike drag capacity. The oversized handle shank gives you maximum torque for wearing out a muscle-bound monster and the ergonomic power handle ensures your hands will stay comfortable even in the heat of the battle. . Oversized power gears, oversized handle shank, metal frame, ratcheting drag lever, Anti-Rust Bearings (ARBs). Gear Material: Brass. Material: Diecast aluminium frame, graphite sideplates. Gear Ratio 5.0:1. Handle Right. Warranty One YearFrom Only £175.00CodeModelCapacityRatioRRPOur PriceSU4004TYR1020lb/200yds6.0:1£204.99£175.00SU4005TYR1220lb/300yds5.0:1£209.99£180.00SU4006TYR1625lb/420yds5.0:1£209.99£180.00SU1267TYR2030lb/450yds5.0:1£219.99£190.00SU1269TYR3040lb/450yds5.0:1£234.99£200.00CodeModelRatioCapacityWeightRRPOur PricePE132820LW Pro4.2:1300yds/20lb21oz£55.99£45.00PE132930LW Pro4.2:1350yds/30lb22oz£66.99£50.00. One piece graphite frames. Levelwind. Powerful star drag. Ergonomic shape. 3 Sealed stainless steel bearings for smooth action. Stainless Steel gearsCommander Pro MultipliersFrom Only £45.00The Penn Formula LD Series is suited for all types of fish. The Penn Formula reels combine Penn's lever drag performance with the light weight, strength and corrosion resistance of a one-piece graphite frame.. One Piece Graphite Frame. Shielded stainless steel ballFormula MultipliersFrom Only £130.00CodeModelRatioCapacityRRPOur PricePE028710LD3.8:1800yds/20lb£260.00£130.00PE129815LD3.8:1600yds/30lb£280.00£140.00SALE BAIT FEEDER & FIXED SPOOL REELS23REBaitrunner Aero RE With double crank handle and standard graphite spool, the RE features CodeModelB/BCapacityRRPOur PriceSU16288000XTE-A7+1320yds/12lb£149.99£110.00Baitrunner ReelsRanging in size from 6000 up to 10000, there's a size to suit all anglers in this family. Packed with technical innovations and improvements on the original design of the free spool tension and rear drag system. The gears, oscillation, drag system and spools were also upgraded making this one of the best Baitrunners ever.. Graphite body + Rotor. Free spool system. Great allround light bait & spinning reel. Free 15lb mono fitted2 Drags Bait FeederOnly £19.99CodeModelRatioCapacityBearingsOur PriceLI08956005.6:1240m/20lb1+1£19.99Longcast Surf ReelsCodeModelRatioCapacityPriceSU2703Titanos XSA 55005.3:1230yds/16lb£119.99These longcast reels feature Aero Wrap, long-nosed tapered spool, gutsy retrieve ratio and a highly keen price point. Surfcasting places more wear and tear on a reel than most freshwater styles, and the beefy Aerlex XS is the ideal tool for the job. These reels cast as well as they retrieve. Other features include stainless steel ball bearing, ergonomic Bio-Grip stem and powerful, precise front drag.FREELINERatioCapacityBearingsOur FREEFREEFREEFREELINELINELINELINELINELINECodeModelB/BRatioCapacityRRPPriceSV8095805+14.5:1270m/30lb£59.99£49.99SV8096505+14.5:1240m/12lb£54.99£39.99Longbow Baitfeeder ReelsFrom Only £39.99. Aluminium spool. RES system . Micro adjustable bait feeder drag system. One touch handle with wooden handle knob. Carbon spare spool. The unique patented "bait feeder system" from OkumaCodeModelB/BCapacityRRPOur PriceSU38995000RE1+1240yds/10lb£99.99£54.99DLWith its midnight blue body and gunmetal grey Cold Forged Aluminium main spool, Baitrunner DL also comes with a spare XT7 graphite spool as standard. Both have prodigious line capacities - 430 yards of 12lb on the 10000 and 300 yards of 10lb on the 6000 - and are powered by a Diecast Drive Gear backed by three Shielded Stainless Steel bearings plus a roller bearing. Other features include Super Stopper II, Dyna-Balance, Floating Shaft II and a Power Roller to minimise line twist.CodeModelB/BCapacityRRPOur PriceSU176210000RA3+1430yds/12lb£149.99£85.00SU17636000RA3+1300yds/10lb£149.99£75.00CodeModelRatioCapacityRRPPriceSU1201Aerlex XS 80003.8:1290yds/20lb£79.99£74.99XSThe introduction of the Titanos XS-A made compact sized reels available at an a¢ ordable price. These handy mid-sized reels have already become popular with many specialist anglers seeking extra spool capacity. Attractively priced, but still loaded with unique features such as Instant Drag, single anodised cold forged AR-C spool. Shielded A-RB's, Aero Wrap II and 2 speed oscillation.XS­ACodeModelRatioCapacityRRPPriceSU4003Ultegra XTB 140004.3:1600yds/12lb£189.99£179.99The compact big pit reel with massive big pit attitude. The 14000 size weighs in at only 750g and incorporates a vast array of features. Incredible lightweight Biomechanical handle, Baitrunner Spool II, 2 speed oscillation plus Aero Wrap II and smooth drag release. Retrieve of over 1m of line per crank of the handle, meaning retrieving from the horizon is less of an e¢ ort.XT­BA simple turn of the handle disengages the freespool feature and instantly engages the main fighting drag, so you can set the hook and play the fish. This concept is perfect for anyone that fishes for bass from the shore or boat.Live Liner Automatic ReelOnly £85.00CodeModelRatioCapacityRRPOur PricePE0852560L4.6:115lbs/240yds£99.99£85.00RatioCapacityRRPOur STIn classic black with an XT7 spool finished in silver, the ST models are packed with far more advanced features than you'd reasonably expect to find on a Baitrunner at this price point.CodeModelB/BCapacityRRPOur PriceSU176410000RA4+1430yds/12lb£99.99£49.99The 4000 size is perfect for shorter, lighter rods. The 6000 is your traditional size baitfeeder. Both models feature great line lay & tons of power. Both are backed by a 5 year warranty for complete piece of mind.CodeModelCapacityRRPPriceTA1349GT4000190yds/8lb£49.99£29.99TA1348GT6000207yds/15lb£49.99£29.99Only £29.99GT BaitfeederCodeSpoolPriceTA1351GT4000 Spool£4.99TA1350GT6000 Spool£6.99Now Only £54.99Shimano's patented Aero Wrap system, Rotor Cast Control and Positive Bail. With casting performance guaranteed and the equivalent of five ball bearings, you can also rely on this reel handling any amount of stick. A great reel for the budget conscious angler who doesn't want to sacrifice performance.Premium RunnerMitchell quality at a price point that is difficult to ignore. The Premium is loaded with line and ready to fish straight from the box! Both these reels in the series sport double handles, 4 bearings and come complete with a spare spool.. Oversized drag washers. Balanced double handle. Aluminium Spool. Comes with 1 Spare Spool. Pre-Loaded with strong specimen line (12lb approx)Only £27.00CodeModelCapacityRatioRRPPricePU132150FR16lb/240yds5.5:1£36.99£27.00CodeModelB/BRatioCapacityPriceSV8608EPX-404+15.0:1170m/0.30mm£39.99SV8609EPX-554+14.5:1260m/0.35mm£44.99. Patented EOS elliptical oscillation system. Patented bait feeder one touch lever clutch system. Bait feeder quick release Aluminium spool. Multi-disk drag system. Oversized bail. Quick release aluminium spool. Hydro block water-tight drag seal. Aluminium die cast handleEpix V2 BaitfeederFrom Only £39.99ModelB/