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page 68 FIXED SPOOL REELS25CodeReel ModelCapacityB/BRatioPriceTA1230GD40014lbs/190yds75.4:1£29.99TA1231GD30012lbs/200yds85.4:1£29.99Rapid ReelsOnly £29.99. 7 ball bearings. One way clutch bearing. Long cast aluminium spool. One touch folding handle. Interchangeable left to right hand wind. Spare spool includedReel CodeModelB/BRatioCapacityRRPPriceLI11847054.1:1355yds/20lb£49.99£25.00Silver Surf 70 ReelLarge fixed spool Surfcasting reel. Built to last, long cast Aluminium spools with Spare Graphite spool.. Powerful Adjustable click front drag.. Balanced Rotor. Big line roller. One Way Clutch. 6 Ball Bearings. Spare SpoolOnly £25.00GF ReelsFrom Only £24.99CodeModelRatioCapacityB/BPriceHS005640004.7:1250yds/6lb6+1£24.99HS005750004.7:1250yds/14lb6+1£25.99. Triangle shape high rigid rotor. SDS intensive drag power. High strength aluminium handle. Reinforced main shaft. Big bail armModelRatioCapacityB/A great All purpose surf and spinning reel at an incredible price.. Long Cast Graphite Spool. Adjustable Front Drag. Strong Aluminium Handle. Big Line Roller. Brass Pinion GearRapid PT60 ReelOnly £15.00CodeModelB/BRatioCapacityRRPOur PriceLI1185PT334.1:120lbs/380yds£29.99£15.00CapacityRRPOur . Long Cast Tapered Spool. Front Adjustable Drag. Stainless Steel mechanism. Balanced, foldable Handle. Saltwater Resistant. Big Line RollerVigor 70 ReelOnly £14.99CodeModelB/BRatioCapacityRRPPriceLI1205LN FD 7034.6:1190yds/20lbs£24.99£14.99Buy any 2 for only £25!CodeModelRatioCapacityPriceTA11384004.1:1340yds/14lb£12.99TA11396004.1:1280yds/18lb£15.99. Powerful and fine adjustable front drag. RES Rotor Equalising System. Even flow line roller. Corrosion-resistant TITAN graphite. Long stroke spool for distance casting. Supplied with free 18lb yellow line fittedSea Bay ReelsFrom Only £12.99GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORCodeModelB/BRatioCapacityPriceTA1232HR30024.14:110lbs/208yds£11.99TA1233HR40024.14:114lbs/190yds£14.99. Balanced Handle. Line Clip. Multi adjustable rear drag system. Internal trip bail arm. Graphite body + Rotor . Free preloaded lineSpitfire ReelsFrom Only £11.99GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORB/CodeModelB/BRatioCapacityPriceLD048855008+14.8:1240yds/12lb£44.99LD048965008+14.8:1330yds/15lb£59.99LD049075008+14.8:1360yds/15lb£59.99. Instant anti-reverse, stainless steel one way clutch. Rear drag with micro precision adjustment. 8+1 ball bearings. Ambidextrous handle with fast grip handle. Aluminium deep spool + spare graphite deep spoolAssassin SeaFrom Only £44.99"Fantastic, built to last, quality sea spinning reels"RatioCapacityRRPPriceFromFREELINEFREELINECodeModelB/BRatioCapacityRRPOur PricePE13108507+14.3:1390yds 0.35mm/15lb£97.00£70.00PE13147507+14.8:1290yds 0.35mm/15lb£75.00£60.00Surfmaster ReelsFantastic Quality and Performance.. New & improved. Reduced in price. Long range, coned fixed spool reel. Free spare spoolFrom Only £60.00CodeModelB/BRatioCapacityPriceSV90206014.5:1260m/0.40mm£14.99SV90216515.0:1200m/0.50mm£18.99SV90228015.0:1260m/0.50mm£19.99Electron FDFrom Only £14.99. Graphite body and rotor. 1 ball bearing drive. Graphite main and spare spool. Smooth front drag system. Free line includedExtreme Surf Reel. Supplied with 2 handle options with ergonomic wooden handles. 1 x forged aluminium 1 x quick fold . Supplied with 2 long cast alloy spools. 1 x long range large capacity, 1 x shallow for 300m 17lb or braid. 13+1 Ball bearings. Instant anti reverseOnly £59.99CodeModelB/BRatioCapacityRRP:Our PriceTA0015BP1200013+14.1:120lbs/380yds£99.99£59.99CapacityRRP:. 1 Ball bearing. Long cast spool. Spooled line included. Anti-twist systemVigor HG-Line 40RD ReelOnly £14.99CodeModelB/BRatioCapacityRRPPriceLI106540-RD15.2:1120yds/15lbs£21.99£14.99RatioCapacityRRPPrice

26LINE 0871 716 1670 OPEN 7 DAYS Sensor MonoSizeBrownClearOrange4lbDW02606lbDW02618lbDW0262DW142410lbDW0263DW142612lbDW0264DW1427DW196915lbDW0265DW1429DW197018lbDW0266DW1502DW197120lbDW0267DW1531DW197225lbDW0268DW1836DW197330lbDW0269DW1837DW197435lbDW027040lbDW027150lbDW027360lbDW0274£8.99£9.99£9.99Without a doubt the number 1 monofilament in the UK. With multiple awards and British records under its belt, it's reputation for reliability and performance proceeds it. Tournament MonofilDesigned especially for sea anglers and tournament casters. Extremely durable with an excellent breaking strain.CodeB/SDia.LengthDW081510lb0.28mm1540mDW081612lb0.31mm1320mDW081215lb0.35mm1040mDW081718lb0.40mm740mDW081820lb0.43mm660mDW081925lb0.52mm460mDW082030lb0.57mm390mDW082150lb0.70mm260mAny 2 spools for only £20! Only £14.99 Tournament Tapered Shock LeadersCodeColourPriceDW0859Orange£7.99DW2141Clear£7.99Only £7.9913m long and made from extra strong mono with high impact shock resistance. The profile starts with 9m (30ft) of 0.8mm 65lbs and tapers over the remaining 4m (13ft) down to 0.37mm 16lbs. 5 leaders per spool. Amnesia 70metre. Memory free solid monofilament line. Ideal for leaders, traces, shootingand running line. Many sea, game and coarse applicationsB/SClearBlackGreenRedPrice15lbLD9518LD9523£3.4920lbLD9519LD9524LD9528LD9530£3.9925lbLD9520LD9525£4.4930lbLD9521LD9526LD9529LD9531£4.9940lbLD9522LD9527£5.49From Only £3.49 UltraMax LineUltraMax continues to deliver a level of performance high above its price tag.ClearYellowDia.B/SLengthSV48460.20mm6lb2840mSV48470.26mm8lb1694mSV48480.28mm10lb916mSV4849SV49210.30mm12lb745mSV4850SV49220.35mm15lb732mSV4913SV49230.38mm18lb504mSV4914SV49240.40mm20lb404mSV4915SV49250.45mm25lb340mSV4916SV49260.50mm30lb275mSV4917SV49270.55mm35lb235mSV4918SV49280.60mm40lb204mSV4919SV49290.70mm50lb173mSV4920SV49300.80mm60lb134m Only £3.99Buy 3 for only £10.00CodeB/SLengthPU189610lb1275ydPU189712lb1000ydPU189815lb860ydPU189920lb650ydPU190025lb490ydPU190130lb400ydBlood Red MonoOutstanding visibility against muddy or stained water. High tensile strength, high shock strength and excellent durability.Only£7.99B/SYellowClear20lbYA0018YA002430lbYA001980lbYA0023. A tough, rugged shock leader for serious casting. Great for traces and snoods. HiViz neon yellow or LoViz clear. 100m spoolSnood + Shock Leader 100m3 for only £10OR£3.99 each £33.99 A 33GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FOR AYAKA Body Mono 100m. Super tough, clear copolymer - use when building surf casting rigs. Excellent tensile, knot and shock strength. High abrasion resistance to withstand regular use. 100m, supplied on wrist spoolsB/SYellowClear50lbLD9508LD951160lbLD9509LD951280lbLD9510LD9513 £6.996Bulk 600m. Very strong, even when wet. Holds knots perfectly. Extremely abrasion resistant. Optimum performance from a balance of strength & elasticityCodeB/SPriceLD040910lb£15.99LD041012lb£16.99LD041115lb£17.99LD041218lb£18.99LD041320lb£19.99LD041425lb£21.99LD041530lb£23.00Braid ScissorsTA1144 £2.99The best quality we have seen for this price. A must have for every tackle boxTA11442.99RRP: £4.99GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FOR AYAKA Snood Mono 50m. High performance hook-length mono designed for saltwater. Excellent low memory. Inherent stiffness to improve presentation and remove tangles. High knot strength when wet. Excellent abrasion resistanceCodeB/SDia.LD951415lb0.37mmLD951520lb0.45mmLD951630lb0.55mm £2.69CodeLengthB/SPriceLD0398200m10lb£7.99LD0399200m12lb£7.99LD0400200m15lb£8.50LD0401230m20lb£8.99One Shot Chameleon. Super tough, ultra reliable line with high tensile strength characteristics. Special surface coating prevents water absorption for consistent strength - wet or dry. Hardened surface provides superb abrasion resistanceCodeB/SPriceLD110512lb£17.99LD110615lb£18.99LD110718lb£19.99LD110820lb£21.99LD110925lb£22.99Bulk Red 600m. The new high performance version of the UK's no 1 monofilament. Combining the camouflage characteristics of the original chameleon with a new low-viz colour.. Softer than the original chameleon leading to better line lay and longer castsAraty Superflex 100mCodeB/SPriceKE015611.7lb£1.00Buy 10 Spools for only £4.00We have acquired a large amount of this line so we can pass the savings straight onto you!Offers taken on large orders.Penn International Shock LeaderA tough , rugged shock leader that will put up with life at the sharp end. Comes conveniently loaded on 100m spools offering good knot strength low stretch in available in low visibility clear colour.50 meter spoolsCodeLbsPE141940lbPE142060lbPE142180lb £9.99XLNT Camo Monofilament Strive for Perfection. Excellent new concept in fishing line. Random green, brown and black sections of monofilament dissipates the easy to see linear gleam of normal line so . High performance co-polymer. High abrasion resistanceCodeLbsDiameterLengthSV403412lb0.28mm1000mSV403515lb0.30mm1000mSV403618lb0.33mm1000mSV403720lb0.35mm1000mthat the XLNT Camo blends in underwater £11.99Bite - Tapered mainlineConsisting of 240metres of 15lb monofilament and built in tapered shockleader of 60lb monofilament.Bite changes colour every 20 meters, so if you find the fish, you just need to check where the line is, and you can cast back to the same spot every time.One spool of Bite will fill a 6500 sized multiplier to the brim and will have you on the beach and fishing safely within no time!TX0246 £11.99CodeB/SSV207930lbSV208040lbSV208150lbSV249620lbSV249725lbSV376635lbSV470918lbUltramax 4oz £4.00RRP: £6.99Excellent co-polymer sea fishing line, 4oz spools at a bargain price.Softmax Saltwater Shock Leader. Made in Japan. Top Quality Clear Shock Leader. Super Soft. 100meter Spools. 50lb Breaking StrainOnly £4.99DO16404oz Clear MonofilamentCodeB/SLengthDO16196lb2840mDO16208lb1694mDO162110lb916mDO162212lb745mDO162315lb732mDO162418lb504mDO162520lb404mDO162625lb340mDO162730lb275mDO162840lb250mDO162950lb180mDO163060lb140mPowerlineOnly £4.99Supreme Jumbo SpoolHUGE Spools of quality mono that suits fishing clubs, etc.all types of fishing. Ideal for Charter boats, Only £29.99CodeB/SLengthDO16319lb30,000mDO163215lb20,000mDO163320lb15,000mDO163440lb7,000mInternational Braid - 270m BlueThis braided line in a Hi vis blue colour provides enough strength to cast extreme distances, low stretch so that bite indication is instant a catch everything that swims. CodeLbsPE148221lbPE148329lbPE148442lbPE148546lbPE148660lbPE148784lb £30.00tough abrasion resistance giving you peace of mind that you can .00