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page 68 LINE, BRAID & TRACE MAKING27Fire LineBuy any spool of Fireline and get a FREE Pair of Whiplash Pro 250mCodeLbsPU067320lbPU067430lbPU067550lbPU067665lbPU067780lbConstructed from 100% Micro-Dyneema for a tight weaved finish. Because of the weave the diameter is extremely fine but robust.. Tight weave Micro-Dyneema. Ultra fine diameter with low stretch £30.00Climax SuperbraidCodeLength/B/SPriceOK0032200m 20lb£14.99OK0033200m 30lb£14.99OK0034200m 50lb£14.99OK0035200m 80lb£24.99OK0036600m 20lb£34.99OK0037600m 30lb£34.99OK0038600m 50lb£34.99OK0039600m 80lb£49.99Made in west Germany, it's thought by many to be the best of the super braids. The quality and price of this product make it hard to beat.Available in 200 & 600 Meter Spools.Climax Saltwater BraidCodeLength/B/SPriceOK0040300m 20lb£19.99OK0041300m 30lb£19.99OK0042300m 50lb£19.99Hi vis, tight weave, fine quality braid made in west Germany. Amazing quality and extremely long lasting.Swift Heavy Nylon Trace 10m CoilsCodeSizeStrengthPriceSW00061.00mm100lb£1.25SW00071.20mm150lb£1.35SW00081.40mm200lb£1.65SW00091.50mm250lb£1.85Ultra clear nylon for trace making, conger, tope, rays, huss etc.10metre coilsCardylon Wire. Nylon covered stainless steel wire on a plastic spool. Complete with twelve nickel plated sleeves. 7.5m per spoolCodeB/SLengthPriceSW001020lb7.5m£2.25TA000130lb7.5m£2.25TA000250lb7.5m£2.25SW001375lb8m£2.60SW0014100lb7.5m£2.85SW0015150lb8m£3.35SW0016200lb8m£3.75Trilene Flurocarbon 200ydsThe ULTIMATE fluorocarbon fishing line PERIOD! Diameter for diameter it has the strongest impact strength of all fluorocarbon lines. It's the Ultimate in manageability and the ultimate in invisibility. CodeB/SPU154810bPU154912lbPU155015lbPU155117lbPU155220lb £10.99With a similar refractive index as water, fish can't see it!Boat Braid & Mono Leader. A high quality polyester yarn braid30m of clear monofilament. Spooled underneath the braid is . 15lb, 200m Braid and 30m MonoRRP:£24.99 £12.00LD0060Climax Spinning BraidCodeLength/B/SOK0043100m 10lbOK0044100m 15lbThe tight DYNEEMA round braid has a high-quality coating, which protects the line from abrasion, prevents dirt infiltration and makes long casting possible. £11.99.99 Commercial Trace MonoCodeB/SPriceLD497980lb£4.99LD9702100lb£5.99LD9703150lb£6.99LD9704200lb£7.99LD9705300lb£8.99. Can be easily knotted or crimped. 100lb - 150lb for winter cod, tope and charter trip traces. 200kb for conger. 300lb for skate/sharktraces. Supplied in 100ft coils Wire Leaders 5 pack 18cmCodeB/SLD743620lbLD743724lbBest quality made up wire traces, Mustad swivels & clips used. £1.99Trace Making KitsCodeStylePriceKI0125Conger Rig Making Kit (x5)£6.99KI0124Tope Trace Making Kit (x5)£6.99SW0027Shark Trace 15ft 95KG (x1)£6.255 Complete Tope/Skate making traces in component form for the angler that prefers to tie his own.Each trace consists of 7.5M - 250lb Mono, Double crimps, 4/0 Swivels and 7/0 forged hooksHand LinesCodeStyleSV6977Mackerel hand lineSV6979Special hand lineSV6978Fishing hand line. Superb quality, durable hand lines. Fitted with extra strong line and hooks. Lead weight included £8.99HALF PRICE!B/S - Dia.125yd300yd6lb/0.04mmPU0240PU02558lb/0.06mmPU0241PU025610lb/0.08mmPU0242PU150014lb/0.12mmPU0243PU025820lb/0.17mmPU025930lb/0.25mmPU026050lb/0.32mmPU0246PU026114.99£30.00FIRELINE SMOKEB/S - Dia.125yd300yd6lb/0.04mmPU1677PU168110lb/0.08mmPU1507PU151014lb/0.12mmPU1508PU151120lb/0.17mmPU1509PU151230lb/0.25mmPU1564PU1565£15.00£30.00FIRELINE CRYSTALPlatinum 1kg Bulk MonoHigh quality bulk spools of clear mono, suitable for all types of fishing. Ideal for spooling multiple reels.CodeLbsLengthSV897215lb12110mSV897320lb8845mSV897425lb6775mSV897535lb5370mSV897645lb2995mSV897760lb2200mSV897895lb1110mGyro Braid A multi-purpose Dyneema braid that offers a tremendous balance of value and performance. Available in diameters suitable for sea and Freshwater fishing situations. High strength and process for greater line sensitivity.CodeLbsLengthSU382915lb150mSU383020lb150mSU383125lb150mSU377730lb150mSU383340lb150m £29.99 £12.99Spin BraidThis 100% perfected round Dyneema braid strength. Utilizing a special production technique that gives it a very smooth and ever made for spinning.GreyOrangeLbsLengthSV728214lb300mSV7279SV728318lb300mSV7280SV728424lb300mSV728536lb300m £35.00Big Fish BraidThis braid is especially designed for big lures and big fish. Incredible toughness and abrasion resistance. Near Zero stretch and supreme knot strength makes this the ultimate braid for big lures, jerk baits and heavy duty sea fishing.CodeLbsLengthSV728744lb300mSV728850lb300m £32.00.99low stretch, using a special GYRO twist fibre .99has an ultra fine diameter and incredible knot silent surface. Near Zero stretch and superior abrasion resistance, giving you the best braid Braid Scissors!Fire Silk Braid 100ydsA fantastic NEW Hi-Abrasion resistant braid from Linneaffe, this has been manufactured in Japan and is of the highest quality. and Sea water.CodeB/SLI127115bLI127220lbLI127322lbLI127425lbLI127530lbLI127640lb £9.99£14.99Available in 6 different Breaking strains and is suitable for Fresh Devil Fibre MonoProvides a good performance at an afforadble price. Suitable for use in many fishing situations.Available in Dark Green or Neon Yellow.LbsLengthGreenYellow15lb800ydsMA4712MA471620lb650ydsMA4713MA471725lb490ydsMA4714MA471830lb400ydsMA4715MA471950lb200ydsMA4720 £4.49Dynacable. Extreme strength and wear resistance.300 meter spoolsCodeB/SDia.PriceSV035526lb0.16mm£37.99SV035632.5lb0.20mm£37.99SV035745lb0.25mm£53.99SV035880lb0.38mm£59.99. Manufactured from the same fibres used for the world's best bullet-proof vests. Coating doesn't rub off like other lines. Braided in a special structure to stay round. Easy to tie with great knot strengthB/SGreenYellow20lbDO0362DO036830lbDO0363DO036944lbDO0364DO037055lbDO0365DO037166lbDO0366DO0372 £19.99PU155325lbStrike Wire ExtremeA tough and powerful superline for delivers longer-lasting durability, abrasion resistance and toughness. 135 meter spoolsall kinds of fishing. New technology RRP: £49.99CodeLbsPU223920lbPU224030lbPU224150lbPU224265lbPU224380lbGREENORANGE

28RIG MAKING: HOOKS 0871 716 1670 OPEN 7 DAYSTreble HooksCodeSizePer 10Per 100TA04352/0£2.75£20.00TA04221£2.50£15.00TA04362£1.99£12.00TA09294£1.99£12.00TA09306£1.99£12.00TA09318£1.99£12.00TA093210£1.99£12.00TA093312£1.99£12.00TA019414£1.99£12.00TA019316£1.99£12.00CJT O'Shaughnessy HooksCodeSizePack SizePriceCJ04241/050£2.99CJ04252/050£3.50CJ04264/050£3.99CJ04276/050£4.99CJ04288/025£3.00We simply cannot fault these hooks. Both ranges are fantastic, 100% best quality at a superb price.CodeSizePer 100CJ03362£2.99CJ03371£2.99CJ03381/0£3.25CJ03392/0£3.50CJ03403/0£3.99CJ03414/0£4.25CJ03425/0£4.99CJ03436/0£5.50(100 per pack)CJT Aberdeen HooksCJT Baitholder HooksCodeSizePriceCJ04501£2.99CJ04511/0£3.25CJ04522/0£3.50CJ04533/0£3.99CJ04544/0£4.50CJ04555/0£4.99(50 per pack)CodeSizePriceSW05063/0£5.99SW05072/0£5.75SW05081/0£3.99SW05091£4.50SW05102£3.99SW05114£3.50SW05126£2.99SW05138£2.99BAITHOLDERCodeSizePriceSW05003/0£5.99SW05012/0£4.99SW05021/0£3.99SW05031£3.99SW05042£3.50SW05054£2.99O'SHAUGHNESSYHooks (100 pack) Baitholders (100 pack)SizeCodePer 1004/0KI0112£8.993/0KI0113£7.992/0KI0114£6.991/0KI0115£5.991KI0116£4.992KI0117£3.994KI0118£3.99"A very popular economy hook."Eyed, chromed, forged bait hook.Offset, barbs on shank.Surf Casting 4446B (Box of 25)Classic surf hook, for bass and cod.CodeSizePriceLD06044/0£3.99LD06053/0£3.99LD06062/0£3.49LD06071/0£3.49LD06081£2.99LD06092£2.99LD06104£2.99Forged O'Shaughnessy 3406CodeSizeQtyPriceLD737214/01£1.79LD737112/01£1.49 LD058710/025£12.99LD05888/025£7.99LD05897/025£6.99LD05906/025£5.99LD05915/025£4.99 LD05924/025£4.99Highly popular big fish hook. Extra durable.Viking Uptide 79515BR (Box of 25)CodeSizePriceLD05526/0£6.99LD05534/0£6.49LD05543/0£5.99LD05552/0£5.49LD05561/0£5.49LD05571£4.99Hi­carbon steel, perfect boat & uptide hooks.CodeSizePriceLD05676£2.99LD05664£2.99LD05652£2.99LD05641£2.99LD05631/0£3.99LD05622/0£4.99LD05613/0£5.99LD05604/0£6.49LD05595/0£6.49LD05586/0£6.99Aberdeen 3261 (Box of 25)Perhaps the most widely used hook ever.K60 (10 per pack)CodeSizePriceKA03642/099PKA03631/099PKA0355199PKA0359299PKA0360499PKA0361699PKA0362899PKA03561099PKA03571299PStrong worming hooks. Barbs on shank to stop bait sliding down. Forged bronze.CodeSizePriceKA04476£7.99KA04464£7.99KA04452£7.99KA04441£7.99KA04431/0£8.99KA04392/0£9.99KA04403/0£11.99KA04414/0£17.99KA04426/0£24.99B940 (100 per pack)A widly used match Aberdeen hook. The serious anglers choice.L/S Beak Hook 92647BLN (Box of 25)CodeSizePriceLD87576/0£7.99LD87585/0£6.99LD87594/0£6.49LD87603/0£5.49LD87612/0£4.99LD87621/0£4.49LD87631£3.99LD87642£3.69LD87654£3.69Viking Pennel 79510 (Box of 25). Perfect tope or 2 hook Pennel rig for fishing for bass, cod & raysCodeSizePriceLD05481/0£3.99LD05492/0£3.99LD05503/0£3.99LD05514/0£3.99Extra Fine Wire Circle39951BLNCodeHook SizePack SizePriceLD7373415£2.69LD7374215£2.69LD7375114£2.69LD73761/014£2.69LD73772/012£2.69LD73783/010£2.69LD73794/05£2.69LD73805/05£2.69LD73816/05£2.69CJT Just 4 Jellies (Box 25)CodeSizePriceCJ04222/0£3.99CJ04234/0£3.99Brand new jelly worm hooks are designed to fish your jelly worm perfectly.Type1-2/05/0-6/0HookSV7429SV7430W/FlashSV7431Price£6.99£6.99Assist Hooks (8 pack)Short Assist Hooks (2 pack)CodeSizePriceLI11321/0£2.15LI11332/0£2.30LI11354/0£2.60LI11365/0£2.99LI11376/0£3.25Short length assist hooks.7.5cm total lengthMid Assist Hooks (2 pack)CodeSizePriceLI11392/0£2.35LI11414/0£2.65LI11425/0£2.99LI11436/0£3.30LI11447/0£3.70Mid length assist hooks.12cm total lengthSuperb Quality.Assist Hooks White Feather (2 pack)CodeSizePriceLI11452/0£3.10LI11464/0£3.70Mid length assist hooks with dressed hook.Assist Hooks Pink Feather (2 pack)CodeSizePriceLI11482/0£3.10LI11494/0£3.70LI11506/0£4.45Mid length assist hooks with fancy pink feather dressed hook.Assist Hooks with Ring (2 pack)CodeSizePriceLI11512/0£2.25LI11523/0£2.50LI11534/0£2.65LI11545/0£2.90LI11556/0£3.15LI11567/0£3.30Short length assist hooks.10cm total lengthAssist Hooks with Ring (2 pack)CodeSizePriceLI11571/0£1.99LI11582/0£2.20LI11604/0£2.60LI11615/0£2.85LI11626/0£2.99Mid length assist hooks.12cm total lengthBlue Aberdeen 3262 (Box of 25)CodeSizePriceLD05971£2.49LD05992£2.49LD05984£2.49LD05961/0£2.99LD05952/0£2.99LD05943/0£2.99LD05934/0£2.99Lightweight version of the 3261, brilliant for flatfish and general light shore fishing.Awesome hooks, brilliant price! Highly recommended.Excellent general purpose hooks.CodeSize25pkCJ04412/0£4.50CJ04424/0£4.99CJ04436/0£6.50CJ04448/0£7.99CodeSize10pkCJ044510/0£6.99CJ044612/0£9.99Sting Point Uptide HooksCodeSizeRRPPriceSP13661/0£4.50£3.00SP13672/0£4.50£3.00SP13706/0£5.50£3.00(25 per pack)Characteristic tapered hook point with a deep backed curve perfect for Doggies and other uptide favourites.Jig Hooks. Suitable for fishing jelly­worms for Pollack/Bass. Bronze/nickel finish, extra short shank, 1x extra strongBUY ONE GET ONE FREECJT Circle HooksCodeSizePriceCJ04861/0£3.49CJ04872/0£3.49CJ04883/0£3.49CJ04894/0£3.49CJ04905/0£3.49(25 per pack)Lip grip circle hooks are CJ0486CJ0487CJ0488CJ0489CJ0490strong hooks, ideal for many fishing types. Black nickel finish.CodeColourSizePackPriceLD3383Bronze4/0599PLD3384Bronze1/0799PLD3385Nickel6/05£1.20LD3386Nickel4/05£1.20LD3387Nickel2/07£1.20B940Round Aberdeen bend hook with long shank. Chemically sharpened and made from high carbon steel.CodeSizePriceKA02116/0£1.30KA02124/0£1.30KA02133/0£1.30KA02152/0£1.30KA02141/0£1.30KA02071£1.30KA02082£1.30KA02094£1.30KA02106£1.30