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page 68 RIG MAKING: BOOMS & LEADS29. Safe, powerful casting clip ideal for rough ground. If lead becomes snagged, then increased pressure disengages link. Fully adj. overload. Can be added to existing rigsEscape Link x6BY0028 £2.75. Versatile double-ended clip for lead or rig changing. 10 links per packetTwin linksBY0024 £1.75 Twisted Booms Qty: 10. Simple booms for presenting tangle free boat rigs. Trap in place by fixing a bead and crimp either side of the boom £1.00CodeLengthLD877125cm Twisted wire booms for presenting tangle free boat rigs. LD9919 £2.49Wire Boom w/ SwivelThe crane swivel avoids the line twist during the € ght.2.49Qty: 3Slider BoomLD9923 £1.99 Reduces tangles by holding hook length away from leads.LD9918 £2.49Fluo Curved BoomQty: 3 Reduces tangles by holding hook length away LD9917 £2.49Fluo Straight BoomR educes by h olding from leads.Qty: 3From only £1.50CodeWgtSizePriceBY00014oz125g£1.50BY00025¼oz150g£1.70BY00036oz170g£1.85BY00047oz200g£1.99 Impact Leads. Utilises the Breakaway Impact shield concept. Water pressure forces plastic tail section up the wire loop to release baited hookFrom only £1.10CodeWgtSizeEachPer 25BY00073oz90g£1.10£24.75BY00083¾oz110g£1.30£29.25BY00094½oz130g£1.40£31.50BY00105¼oz150g£1.50£33.75BY00116oz170g£1.60£36.00BY00126¾oz190g£1.75£39.40BY00137½oz210g£1.85£41.60 Leads. THE standard anchor weight. Holds against the tideFrom only £1.00CodeWgtEachPer 20TA126790g£1.00£14.00TA1268110g£1.20£19.00TA1269130g£1.30£23.00TA1270150g£1.40£24.00TA1271170g£1.50£25.00TA1272190g£1.60£27.00TA1273210g£1.70£29.00BreakOUT Long Tail Leads. Hardened steel tail loop. Neat round eye and oblong roller to provide a wide range of tensions. 12" long stainless steel needle for threading up worm baits. Enables you to bait rigs quickly to maximise your catch potential when the fish are having it. 2 needles per packet, with a hollow end to take the hookBaiting NeedlesLD8424 £2.99. A combined bait shield and failsafe automatic release clip. Operates over all distances. No premature hook release, saving and protecting baitsImpact ShieldsCodeItemPriceBY0029Black 4pck£1.50BY0031Black 10pk£2.99BY0032Red 10pk£2.99. Presents terminal tackle in a streamlined fashion. Designed to minimise bait loss. 10 per packet. Single bait clips or for multi-rigsRelay clipsBY0034 £1.10. Tougher than ordinary split rings and quick to operate even when wet and cold. Spin links are smaller versions of the fast links rated at 35lb BS. 10 per packetSpin & Fast Links 10 packBY0027 Spin £1.75BY0026 Fast £1.75BY0026. New approach to boom design. Very tough but free slidingEasy Slider Boom 2 packBY0042 £1.25Mainline crimpable metal booms; £2.49QC Rotor Armremovable arm for easier storage.Qty: 3CodeLengthLD992017cmLD992110cmSakuma Guys Booms14 / 23cm nylon running booms, for general boat Qty: 2fishing when using baits or artificial luresCodeSizePriceSW0122Short£1.20SW0123Long£1.70Packet of 5 booms, available in clear colour.Avis Booms, 5 per packetSW0116 85pSW0123Long Sliding lead quick-change boom.LD9922 £1.99Sea Boom SZ1pquick-SZ1Qty: 2DP0102 £1.008" Clear Tubi Booms. Clear colouredQty: 3Flattie LeadsThe Breakaway Tackle Impact Flattie Lead utilises the breakaway impact shield concept. Water pressure forces the plastic tail section up the wire loop to release the baited hook. Helps achieve greater casting distance as well.CodeWgtEachBY000590g£1.30BY0006150g£1.50CodeWgtPer 10TA06893oz£7.00TA06904oz£7.50TA06915oz£8.99TA06926oz£9.00Beach/Boat Bombs, 10 packBait CageThe skippers secret! Fill this with mashed fish bits. Instant Rubby Dubby Groundbait where you fish.CodeModelPriceTA0020200g£5.99TA0021300g£6.99TA0022450g£7.999.99Arsley BombsCodeWgtPacket/PriceTA11782oz5pk £3.00TA11793oz5pk £3.50TA11804oz5pk £4.50TA11815oz5pk £5.00TA11826oz5pk £6.25TA11838oz5pk £7.50Running ledger booms for boat or beach.CodeHook SizeQtyPriceVI003510-630£2.99VI00366-430£2.99VI00374-226£2.99VI00382-122£2.99VI00391-3/020£2.99Vivtek Happy Hook ProtectorsHigh density foam shaped to protect your hooks. Easy to use.Balanced Bait Clips x10BY0035 £2.50Quick Change Oval Split RingsBY0025 £1.10Impact bait clips supplied with fast links. Simplifies rig construction with fool-proof hook release.Impact Bait ClipsBY0068 £3.75. Support a trapped swivel at the right angle for proper operation. 10 per packSwivel TeesBY0039 £1.75. Complete with matching swivels. Moulded lift to clip on the line between the trace and the sinker. On the retrieve, the lift brings the tackle clear of weed and snags. Less lost tackle. 2 per packUniversal Lead LiftsBY0044 £1.50CJT 10" Sea Booms3 ready made, anti-triangle booms. Great for all types of boat fishing.CJ0241 £1.99CJT DIY Sea Boom Kit25 lengths of rigid tubing and 25 size-2 snap swivels. Simple instructions enable creation of excellent anti-tangle booms.CJ0243 £6.99Zip SlidersTA1143 10pk £1.99Good design weight link for less chaffing in long distance casting & BoatingBeads on WheelBY0021 £1.00Cascade Clips x10BY0041 £2.35Cascade Swivels x10BY0040 £2.99BY0045 99pLong Tail Lead Lifts x3CJT 4" (10cm) Ledger Boom x3CJ0431 £1.25Zip Slider Sz6SV6844 £1.99Qty: 10Qty:. Multi Purpose Zip Sliders. For free running traces. Strong snap linkDouble Wire Pattenoster 12cmLI0327 99pFishing rig with wire, luminous beads and 2 skeleton booms.Spread A-Part BoomDO0156 £3.50Qty: 5DO0151 £1.20Running Sinker ClipQty: 6CJT Sea Worm Needle, 2 packCJ0386 £1.65Includes instructions.Eva Rig Winders, 10 packCodeModelPriceTX0202Asst 6.5cm£3.00TX0204Blue 6.5cm£3.00TX0207Green 6.5cm£3.00TX0206Orange 6.5cm£3.00TX0203Red 6.5cm£3.00TX0205Yellow 6.5cm£3.00TX0208Rig Winder Box £4.50Price.00.00.00Most rigs use beads in their construction, either as shock absorbers to cover knots ,or as stops for multi hook cascade rigs.. Stainless oval splits. In-expensive top and bottom quick change clip. . Safe for the most powerful casters, Made from stainless wire.Qty: 10The most popular and sure method for making cascade rigs. Strong and easy to use just lock into position with teardrop bead and crimp.Qty: 2The most popular and sure method for making cascade rigs. Swivel and clip combined, ideal for multi hook clipped rigs.Designed to bring your lead to the surface on the retrieve to avoid snags and other lost tackle. Saves rigs, time and fish.Pack of 3 Booms,quick and easy to use for Boat or light beach etc.Perfect for keeping your rigs neat and tidy. Winders are 6.5cm x 1.8cm. Durable EVA ConstructionBalances the weight and wind resistance bait clip of an Impact lead.attributed to two large baits into the Stainless wire loop top.With Heavy duty swivel top.100pcsLEEDA8" power spreader boom.HooksJumbo Rig WindersCodeModelPriceTX0253Blue 10cm£2.50TX0254Green 10cm£2.50TX0255Orange 10cm£2.50TX0256Red 10cm£2.50TX0257Yellow 10cm£2.50TX0258Rig Winder Box£6.50Perfect for keeping your rigs neat and tidy.. 4 per packPrice£Green . Larger size winders. Spirals of stainless steel wire which lock onto the line by twistingBY0033 £1.50Snood Release8 inch BoomspQty: 5CodeModelPriceDO0154T£2.99DO0155Y£3.75NEW & IMPROVED!GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORNOW IN STOCKCodeWgtPriceFN00013oz85pFN00024oz95pFN00035oz£1.10FN00046oz£1.20Finn Lead Lifting WeightThe Finn design helps the weight lift and plane up in the water.

30RIG MAKING: BEADS SWIVELS & TUBING 0871 716 1670 OPEN 7 DAYSGlow Oval BeadsCodeSizeQtyLD99502x3mm100LD99513x4mm100LD84314x5mm100LD99536x10mm20LD994910x14mm15Colour5mm8mmAssortedSW0142SW0139BlackSW0143SW0135PearlSW0382OrangeSW0144SW0138YellowSW0145SW0140Fire RedSW0136Lime GreenSW0137Colour5mm8mmAssortedSW0516SW0128BlackSW0517BlueSW0518PearlSW0519OrangeSW0521YellowSW0520SW0134 75p 75p 50pAvailable in Multi Coloured or Pearly. Ideal for Flounder Rigs.4mm Rigging Beads . Qty:50CodeColourLD9954MultiLD9955PearlyMultiface attractor beads to of your rig.LD9945 £1.99Multiface Attractor Beadsincrease the visual attraction Qty: 504mmAdd visual attraction to your rigs and colour code for easy identification.Assorted Beads . Qty:100GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORTA0484 £1.00 Rubber Shocka Bead 4mmProtects knots on running legerrigs from damage.50 per packet.1000 per packet.LD9944 SW0146 90pCJT Oval Luminous Rig BeadsSureCatch Lumi BeadSizePer 100Per 10002mmCJ0368CJ04014mmCJ0367CJ0402£1.99£8.99 £1.50Aero Rig Beads x48CodeColourLD8752RedLD8753BlueLD8426Black99pAero rig beads are designed to create streamlined surf rigs that minimises resistance during casting and prevent tangles. Rolling beads, sliding and rotating rigging rolling swivel.Rolling Beads LargeLD9959 £2.49Qty: 5Self stopping, Š oating attractor oval beads.LD9947 £1.49LD9960 £1.99Flo Float AttractorsQty: 610mm floating beads in mixed hot colours. Recent introduction to surf casting rigs, proving very effective.Highly luminous 20 Per Pack.LD8432 £1.49Float Beads x10CodeSizeLD9956SmallLD8718MediumLD9958LargeLD8720X Large10pk10pk 2-Way Clear Beads Slider Bead with SnapAllows the quick assembly of paternoster rigs without the need for beads, swivels and crimps.£1.10CodeSizeHO03366mmCodeSizeColourTA09526mmTigerTA09508mmTigerTA09536mmLumiTA09518mmLumiCodeSizeLI06013.5mmLI06024mmLI06035mmLI06046mmRound eye swivels for use with boat rigs.LD8448 99pBarrel Swivel10pk Special rolling swivel with one round eye and one diamond eye. The round eye assures perfect rotation on the main line. The diamond eye assures perfect trace rotation on its axis.Rig SwivelCodeSizeLD993410LD993512LD993614CodeSizeTA025816TA025918TA026020TA026122TA026224Qty: 12 Special rolling swivel for light rigs, rigging beads.70lb test quality all round swivels.LD9937LD0198 99pTrace Rolling SwivelRolling Trace Making Swivels 8mmto be used in combination with Qty: 10Smartrig "Smarties"A superbly simple device.10 per packet.SW0487 £2.05Allows you to quickly trace loop.Cross Line Crimpable Swivel with Snap & Tubechange your traces. Supplied with clear tubes to secure the CodeSizeLD994110LD99427 £2.49Qty: 5CodeSizePriceTA122910£2.50TA12288£2.50TA12276£2.99TA12264£3.50TA12252£3.99CodeSizePriceTA03571/0£3.25TA03553/0£3.75TA03535/0£3.99CodeSizeLI08572mmLI08583mmCodeLengthSizeDO01523m2mmDO01531.5m4mm Silicon black tube, for use on rig clips, booms and tidying trace ends.Silicone Tube . Qty: 10CodeTypePriceLD99131.5mm Black£1.29LD92943mm Blue99pA very stiff PVC tube ideal for creating a mini boom. Large internal bore.2mm PVC Stiff Rig TubeLD9914 £1.29 Can be used as bait on hooks for sabikis, as rigging tube, and loop protector when using small eyed hooks rigged with sleeves ends.LD9915PVC Fluo Red Tube 1mmQty: 10Supple yet strong silicone tubing for finishing surf casting and boat rigs. Has numerous uses.Silicone Rig Tube 50cmCodeTypeLD8436Orange 1.5mmLD8438Blue 3mmLD8440Clear 1.5mmLD8437Yellow 1.5mmLD8439Black 2mmLD8441Lumi 1.5mmCodeSizeHO0363MedHO0362Large99p Each or Buy any 10 packets for only £5Pack of 6 2.5mm glowing pipes1.5 meter.LD9916 £1.29Glowing Pipe 2.5mm.29Qty: 6Ideal for tidying up complex rigs mini boom.3mm Shrink TubeLD9912 £1.29with a 4:1 shrink ratio forming a stiff Essential for many clip-down rigs.LD9924 £1.99Rigging Spring 1.7mmQty: 10Super Attractor Beads3-50pk3-Way Swivels25pkLuminous Oval BeadsLuminous TubingGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FOR10pk20pkSilver chrome-plated spinner blades in small and large sizes supplied with clevis pins. Deadly addition to flounder rigs.LD9962 £1.99Rig Spin BladesPearly SequinsHigher quality sequins which havea pearly effect to reflect light. LD9961 50pk £1.99Mixed 5 and 8mm sizes in various colours. A great SW0119 £1.99Sequins x100visual attractant and bait stop. Micro Beads 2mm/100pkSwift BeadsMultifaceted Pearl BeadsCodeSizeQtyDO01463mm200DO01474mm150DO01485mm100DO01496mm100DO01508mm502-way Oval BeadsMaverick Mini Snap Swivel 20pk£1.20£1.20£1.103-Way Swivels10pkFor all rig making.£1.1050pk£11.991000pkCross Bead4pk. Handy link for use with light line boat rigs. Snap clip for quick change3pkGenerous pack.Pearly BeadsLD8722 99p5pk 75p5pkRolling Swivels with rubber stoppers and beads. These are very easily used for all types of boat and shore rigsRolling Swivel StopLI0849Allows the quick assembly of paternoster rigs without the need for beads, swivels and crimpsCross-BCodeSizeHO0346MHO0345L£1.10. Mini Snap links. Perfect for Snoods. Quick trace changing. 20 per packBuy 1 get 1 FREE!10pk£1.49£1.49£1.49£1.49 £1.49£1.29£1.99RB-BarCodeSizeHO032112HO032214£1.10CRLCodeSizeHO02545HO02557HO025610£1.10CJT Mixed BeadsCodeSizePriceCJ03885mm£1.40CJ03878mm£1.50Qty:3A reliable swivel with safety snap for sea, coarse and game › shing.Barrel Swivel & Safety SnapCodeSizeLD09661LD09684LD09696LD09708£1.50.10Qty:6TA1225Quality SwivelsCodeSizePriceLI0441499pLI0442699pLI0443899pCodeSizePriceLI05011/0£1.99LI05001£1.75LI04912£1.75LI04924£1.75LI04366£1.50LI04378£1.50SnapRollingRolling Swivel Diamond EyeFor attaching snoods on sea rigs. 8 per pack.CodeSizeLD09324LD09336LD09348LD093610£1.29Qty: 8Tech Swivels Sz 1LD2285£1.99For attaching lures and feedersLD0986 99pBlack Snap Links6pkBasic RD-Rolling SwivelsCodeSizeHO03242HO03266HO03278£1.10Qty:10. Support a trapped swivel at the right angle for proper operation. Complete with matching swivels. 10 per packGrey Swivel TeesBY0038 £1.75Qty:SureCatch Lumi TubingRolling Swivel StopCodeSizeLI04322LI04336LI04348LI043510For Spinning, sea rigs etc...99p