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page 68 RIG MAKING: CRIMPS, CLIPS & RINGS31CodeSizeHO038015mmRig MakerNew from Fisheagle, this little box of rig making bits will make building rigs a lot easier. The box contains over 400 pieces, all of which a very useable. The individual pieces can be bought seperately to keep your rig maker intact at all times.Our price £7.99Buying Seperately would cost around : £20 TA1069Refils available belowGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORAssorted Colour beads ideal as fish attractors and colour coding your rigs8mm Assorted Beads . Qty:50GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORTA1111 99pA strong size 6 swivel ideal for rig making.Rig Swivels . Qty:50Brass CrimpsGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORTA1125 £1.99Ideal for general rig making.3mm Black Beads . Qty:100GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORTA1121 99pA strong size 2 rig swivel ideal for main line.Rig Swivels . Qty:50GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORTA1113 £2.25The essential rig component for lifting the bait. Pack contains a mix of 10mm and 12mm beads.Rig Floating beads . Qty:20GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORTA1124 £1.99Extra strong simple lead/bait clip.Rig Clips . Qty:25GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORTA1112 £1.75Assorted Coloured sequins ideal as a fish attractor bait stop.Assorted Sequins . Qty:100GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORTA1122 99pSoft crimps for locking rig components in place.Mini Crimps . Qty:100Maverick Large Boat SwivelsGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORTA1114 £1.5050 cm of fine diamter rig tubing, with a large internal bore.Clear Silicone Tubing 1.2mmGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORTA1123 99pCodeSizePriceTA110410£1.25TA11038£2.25TA11026£2.25TA11014£2.25TA11002£2.25TA0325C6/0£7.99Barrel Swivels x50CodeSizePriceTA111012£1.99TA110910£1.99TA11088£2.50TA11076£3.50TA11064£3.99TA11052£4.50TA0331C4/0£6.50TA0330C6/0£8.50TA03256/0 Barrel (10pk)£1.99TA03571/0 3-Way (25pk)£3.25TA03553/0 3-Way (25pk)£3.75TA03314/0 American Snap (10pack)£2.20CodeSizePackPriceSW04450.83mm1000£12.99SW04431.10mm50£1.25CodeDiameterMono WgtPer 50Per 1000TA10900.8mm50lb£0.99£10.00TA10911.0mm80lb£0.99£10.00TA10921.2mm100lb£0.99£10.00TA10931.4mm150lb£0.99£10.00TA10941.8mm250lb£0.99£10.00Barrel Swivels with Snap x50 (American snaps)CodeSizePriceTA109910£1.99TA10988£1.99TA10976£1.99TA10964£1.99TA10952£1.99Rolling Swivels x50 (Diamond eye)Packs of 50px50Rolling Buy 5 bags get 1 FREE!TA11101210GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORGemini Genie Rig ClipsMade from stainless steel 1.2mm dia. wire with a length of 22.75mm.GE0040 £1.75Gemini Genie Snood ClipsA small, strong snood clip made from heat treated stainless steel.GE0056 £1.75Gemini 45lb Nickel Snood SwivelsGE0091 £2.35Gemini Genie ConnectorA double ended Genie Link Clip with which you can attach any component with an eye to another.GE0048 £2.25Gemini SRT Pully ClipBased on the SRT spring, holds the snood line in place under tension against the bait clip, automatically releasing the line.GE0050 £2.15Gemini SRT SpringGenuine Gemini SRT Springs, used to reduce the stretching of a hook snood during casting.GE0054 £1.85Gemini Genie BreakersReliable rock release clip designed with safety foremost.GE0055 £2.75110pk10pk10pk5pk10pk5pk25pkGemini Genie Link ClipsMade from stainless steel 1.2mm dia. wire with a length of 24mm.GE0042 £1.75Gemini Genie Bent Rig ClipsAngled to allow it to hang parallel to the main line. Can be used as a pulley clip or as a bait clip.GE0041 £1.99Gemini 80lb Main Line Swivels25 per packet. 80lbs Rolling Swivels.GE0090 £2.351Swivels25pkGemini 10pkGemini Genie Swivel'n'link ClipsGE0044 £2.15Another new variation is the Genie® Link Clip with a swivel fixed into the eye. Choose how to use!5pk Sinker quick link w/bait clip, the quickest of a bait clip.LD9928 £1.99Lead Quick Link & Bait Cliplead release link with the added function Qty: 10 Sinkers quick link, the quickest lead release link.Lead Quick LinkCodeSizeLD9931SmallLD9930LargeQty: 8 £1.99 £1.10 £1.10 Quick release trace link; to be used with silicon or PVC tubing.LD9929 £1.99Trace Quick Link - SmallQty: 10CJT Rotten Bottom Clips Qty: 25Stainless Steel.CJ0438 £2.75 Strong slim link with a quick-attach easy link. sz 3LD9927 £1.99Hawaiian Snap & Easy LinkQty: 6CodeSizeLD7408Size 3/0LD7409Size 1/0Easy Links 10pkt £1.99Use at the bottom of surf rigs Oval Split Ring x15to connect the rig to the lead.CodeSizeLD74071LD74061/0LD74043/0 £1.99Reversed adjustable bait clip.Reversed Wire Bait ClipLD9933 £1.99Qty: 10 Standard adjustable bait clip.Wire Bait ClipLD9932 £1.99Qty: 10LD8446 99pQty: 5 Multi ClipFor constructing streamlined multi hook surfcasting rigs.CodeSizeMono WgtPriceSW00172.0mm10-30lb90pSW00182.3mm50lb90pSW00192.7mm75lb99pSW00203.0mm100-150lb£1.05Crimping Sleeves Nickel Plated20pkDouble Mono Crimps 10pkCodeSizeMono WgtPriceSW0024No.3150lb£1.15SW0025No.4200lb£1.25SW0026No.5250lb£1.30Black Crimping SleevesCodeSizePriceSW00231.1mm£12.99 per 1000Soft copper crimps for locking rig components in place. 0.83mm dia.LD9943 £1.99Crimp Rig Sleeves x100N-Rolling SwivelsOval Split Ring 4pkTrace CrimpsStrong slim link with bait clip; keeps the bait close to the 3LD9926 £1.99Hawaiian Snap & Bait clipQty: 6AABBCCDDEEFFGGHHIIBuy 1 bags get 1 FREE!For 50-100lb monoBulk crimps for mono up to 100lbPer Sea Accessory PackLD0648 £2.99Basic Sea Pack to get you started for Boat and Shore at an Excellent price!CJT Red Bait Elastic Web wonder Bait elasticAn essential accessory for binding soft baits such as sandeel and peeler crab in place.LD8422 £3.99CJ0385 £1.99TA1005 £1.99Essential for binding soft baits such as sandeel and peeler crab in place. Supplied in its own dispenser to protect from harmful bait juices.TA0979 £1.99Bait ElasticBait Elastic 2pk RefillsGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FOR£1.99 Each or Buy Both for Only £3.50!Bait Elastic DispenserCodeSizeHO02691HO02702HO02714HO02726HO02738Round eye swivels. £1.10CodeSizeB-Rolling SwivelsHO02601HO02612HO02624HO02636HO02648HO026510HO026612Diamond eye swivels.10pk10pkCJT Sea CrimpsCodePackSizePriceCJ03721005mm£2.99CJ02345005mm£5.99CJ03741008mm£2.99CJ03775008mm£7.990.80mm Diameter Brass Barrel Swivelsfor up to 80lb mono.10pkCodeSizePriceLD09531/0£1.29LD09541£1.29LD0955299pLD0956499pLD0957699pA reliable swivel Swivelsfor sea ž shing.For making surfcasting rigs.Brass Sleeve DoubleCodeSizeLD57741LD74021/0LD74033/0 £1.49.49Qty: 10

32 0871 716 1670 OPEN 7 DAYSGreat allround worm hooks.Aberdeen HooksCodeSizePackTX0001410TX0002210TX0003110TX00041/010TX00052/010TX00063/010TX00074/010TX02275/08TX02286/0899pAberdeen Match HooksCodeSizePackTX0008410TX0009210TX0010110TX00111/01099pPennel HooksCodeSizePackTX00121/010TX00133/01099pCrab HooksCodeSizePackTX0014410TX0015210TX0016110TX00171/01099pO'Shaunassey HooksCodeSizePackTX00185/05TX00196/05TX00208/0599pGreat live baiting hooks. The perfect choice when tackling all hard fighting fish.Big Dog HooksCodeSizePackTX0021410TX0022210TX0023110TX00241/010TX00252/01099pTrebles HooksCodeSizePackPriceTX00271/010£1.25TX00283/010£1.25TX00295/010£1.25TX00307/010£1.50Circle HooksCodeSizePackCodeSizePackPriceTX02264599pTX00262599pTX02251/05£1.20Barrel SwivelCodeSizePackPriceTX0056210£1.75TX005761099pTX0058121099p3 Way SwivelTX0031 99p. Size 1. 10 per packDiamond Eye Rolling Swivel (10pk)Rolling Swivel (10pk)CodeSizeTX003212TX00338TX00346CodeSizeTX00354TX00362TX0037199pCodeSizeTX003812TX00398TX00406CodeSizeTX00414TX00422TX0043199pMatch Swivel (10pk)Crane SwivelCodeSizeTX004412TX00458TX00466CodeSizeTX00474TX00482TX0049199pCodeSizePackPriceTX00501/05£1.00TX00512/05£1.10TX00523/05£1.25CodeSizePackPriceTX00534/03£1.25TX00546/02£1.00TX00558/01£1.00Crimp SwivelsCodeSizePackTX0278125TX027775 £1.35Rolling Swivel with ClipTX0059 £1.25. Size 6. 10 per packCodeSizePackPriceTX0060610£1.25TX0061410£1.50TX0062210£1.75Rolling Swivel with Hanging SnapCodeSizePackPriceTX006561099pTX006641099pTX006721099pTX00681/010£1.50Rolling Swivel with Safety SnapCodeSizePackDouble SnapTX0229 99p. Size 4. 10 per packInterlock Snap SwivelCodeSizePackPriceTX02791/05£1.10TX02803/05£1.60Quick Change LinkTX0265 £1.75. Size 4. 10 per packCodeSizePackPriceTX007461099pTX00751210£1.25TX00761810£1.75Split RingOval Split RingTX0264 £1.75. Size 3. 8 per packRig SpringsTX0269 £1.00. Size 1. 10 per packBait ClipTX0260 £1.25. Medium size. 5 per packCrimp BoomCodeSizePackTX023010cm3TX023117cm3 £1.75Clear Tube BoomCodeSizePackTX023220cm3TX023325cm3 £1.35Match BoomTX0234 £1.40. 20cm length. 3 per packSliderTX0245 £1.20. Size 2. Quantity: 1Twin Spreader BoomTX0235 £1.20. 30cm length. Quantity: 2Uptide BoomTX0236 £1.25. Size 2. Quantity: 2Zip SliderTX0237 £1.00. Medium size. Quantity: 2Round Beads PearlTX0259 75p. Size 3mm. 20 per packRubber BeadsTX0266 £1.00. Size 5mm. 10 per packMini MuppetsTX0328 £1.40. Size 38mm. Quantity: 6Luminous Pop UpsCodeSizePackTX03295mm10TX03308mm10 £1.75Spinner BladesTX0268 £1.00. Large size. 10 per packMini Hokkai Feather RigsTX0078 £1.30. Size 8. 3 Hook RigJumbo Hokkai Feather RigTX0079 £1.75. Size 6. 3 Hook RigMini Hokkai Pink Feather RigTX0271 £1.20. Size 8. 3 Hook RigJumbo Hokkai Pink Feather RigTX0270 £1.50. Size 6. 3 Hook RigHokkai Luminous Feather RigTX0080 £1.50. Size 1/0. 3 Hook RigHokkai Black Feather RigTX0081 £1.50. Size 1/0. 3 Hook RigHokkai Silver Feather RigTX0082 £1.50. Size 1/0. 3 Hook RigHokkai Pink Feather RigTX0272 £1.20. Size 1/0. 3 Hook RigDaylights RigTX0276 £1.30. Size 1/0. 4 Hook RigWhite Feather RigTX0274 £1.50. Size 1/0. 6 Hook RigColoured Feather RigTX0273 £1.50. Size 1/0. 6 Hook RigPink Feather RigTX0085 £1.60. Size 1. 4 Hook RigTeaser RigTX0086 £1.60. Size 2. 4 Hook RigSabiki RigTX0088 £1.60. Size 16. 6 Hook RigColoured Shrimp RigTX0089 £1.60. Size 8. 4 Hook RigLuminous Shrimp RigTX0089 £1.50. Size 8. 3 Hook RigBlue Flash RigCodeSizeHooksTX00912/03TX00924/03 £1.75Red Flash RigTX0275 £1.20. Size 2/0. 3 Hook RigEel RigTX0093 £1.60. Size 4/0. 3 Hook RigPrawn RigTX0094 £1.30. Size 4/0. 3 Hook RigConger Trace Boat RigCodeSizePriceTX01466/0£1.20TX01478/0£1.40TX014810/0£1.50. 100lb Mono. 1 Hook RigTope Trace Boat RigCodeSizePriceTX01495/0£1.20TX02498/0£1.00. 100lb Wire. 1 Hook RigLead LiftsTX0288 £1.50. Regular Size. 2 per packRigPink RigColoured TX0273