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34SEA RIGS 0871 716 1670 OPEN 7 DAYSBait Catcher. Excellent for catching Sandeel for bait. Light reflective "fish skin" wing with either red or luminous. Fish near the surface over clean sand for best results. 12lb BS mono - size 8 hooksLD8488 £1.99These Rigs may be a bit more expensive but you get quality above what you pay. The highest quality rigs available!Mackerel Tinsel. 4 hook mackerel trace. Good over rock pinnacles for pollack & coalfish on the drift. Silver tinsel. 50lb BS mono. Size 3/0 hooks (8690 pattern)LD4179 £1.49Sealite Trace. Good for reef pollack and coalfish, especially as light levels fall. Silver ribbon with fluorescent whipping. 50lb BS mono. Size 3/0 hooks (8690 pattern). 4 hook traceLD4190 £1.49Luminous Hokkai. Deadly when baited for cod . luminescent tails. Great in deep/ coloured water. 4/0 tied on 50lb mono. 6/0 tied on 80lb monoCodeSizePriceLD41954/0£1.99LD41966/0£2.99LD4201 £1.99Rainbow Wing Sabiki. Represents a small shoal of fry and targets mackerel, coalfish and pollack. Ideal for sunny conditions and fishing shallow. 40lb BS mono. Fish above a pirk over wrecks for cod, pollack and coalfish. 5/0 hook (3406B pattern). Size 4 rolling swivel. Size 3/0 easy link. 60lb BS monoLD4188 £2.993 Hook Wrecking Rig3hk Original Hokkai. Phenomenally effective for reef and wreck pollack and coalfish in deep water. 4/0 on 60lb mono, 6/0 on 80lb monoCodeSizePriceLD41894/0£1.99LD43376/0£2.994hk Sea Flector. Highly effective at all depths and especially in clear waters. 50lb BS monoCodeSizePriceLD41783/0£1.49LD41861/0£1.495 Hook Lumi Shrimp. Great for launce sand eels and black bream. For shy mackerel. 25lb BS mono. Size 4 HooksLD4207 £1.55Flash-a-boo. Catches the light well. Perfect fished shallow in sunny conditions. 3 Hook rig for small fish or sand eel bait. Good when jigged or trolled. 30lb BS mono. Hook (51121 pattern)LD4204 £1.45Mini Hokkai. Excellent bait rig for codling, pollack, coalfish and whiting. Hokkai body with white feather and crystal hair. 30lb BS mono. Size 6 hooks (515N pattern)LD7424 £1.99Aurora White Cod. A huge improvement on cod feather rigs. Added flash from crystal hair material for use in murky water. 50lbs BS mono. Size 3/0 hooks (10829 BL pattern)LD7425 £1.99Mackerel Feather Coloured. A Universal rig for mackerel, pollack and coalfish. 3 or 6 hook options. 50lb BS mono. Size 3/0 hooks. Hook (8610 pattern)LD4181 6 Hook£1.493hk Vibro Eel Rig. Targets reef and wreck Pollack and Coalfish. Lumi-yellow body and waggling tail is irresistable to predatory fish. Size 2/0 hooksLD4197 £1.65Silver Flash RIg. Good for mackerel and herring in both shallow and deep water. A top choice for shore mackerel in the evenings. Effective in low light levels towards dusk over reef ground for pollack. 35lbs BS mono. 3 hook rig (515 pattern)LD4205 £1.35Rigs only £2.99 each buy any 10 for only £25 and get a FREE RIG WALLET! ORLD5695 £2.99LD5696 £2.99LD5697 £2.993 Hook Flapper RigLD5698 £2.992 Hook Bomber RigLD5699 £2.99Wishbone Clipped DownLD5700 £2.99Pulley RigLD5701 £2.992 Boom Scratching RigLD5702 £2.99Cod Pennel Rig. Uses two hooks close together on the hook trace. The secondary top hook catches the fish that might otherwise be missed when using only one hook. This rig is used over medium or maximum range. Good for hitting early bitesTwo Hook Clipped-up RigLong Range 1 Hook Rig. A general purpose rig ideal for medium and long range fishing. Presents two baits close together to give a compact bait scent trail for searching fish to find and follow. Popular with competition anglers. Use with a 5-6oz grip lead. A streamlined drag efficient rig to give maximum casting distance with a variety of baits. Its simple design minimises the chance of the hook trace tangling, even when in heavy surf conditions. Gives good bait presentation in all sea conditions with good bite indication. The mainstay rig of UK shore angling. Catches a wide variety of fish at close to medium range. Presents three baits very close together, maximising the scent trail. This rig can get you bites when all others fail. Allows you to fish two different baits very close together. Great for both round/flat fish. Rig is good at long range for bigger whiting and plaice and for smaller fish, like pouting when bites are slow. Fishes best using a 5-6oz release wire lead. Designed using the pulley effect to lift the lead off rough ground to minimise snagging during a take. An excellent choice for all rough ground fishing. Best fished with a plain lead casting into rocks, but fishes equally well to a release wire lead in broken ground. A top rig during early spring and when bites are scarce. White booms act as an attractor and also makes bait behave erratically, adding movement as the tidal surge lifts it. Best used close to a medium range with a 5-6oz release wire lead. Popular match fishing rig. Long and short hook traces offer different bait presentations. Best used at medium to long range. Use with 5-6oz leads. Best over sand and mixed rough ground, allowing baits to drift a little over sea bedKiller Gear Rig2 red tailed eels with 4/0 paternostered from 4' trace. Great for many species of fish such as pollack and cod. Mainline 80lbHook length 80lbSP1480 £1.70Long Range WishboneA rig to use for close to medium range The baits close together give a high scent trail for fish to follow. Mainline 60lbHook length 25lbSP1486 £1.70Suitable for fishing two baits at medium to long range. Uses two bait clips mounted above the anchored swivels which avoids the baits blowing backwards up the hook trace. Mainline 60lbHook length 25lbSP1490 £1.702 Hook Rig3 Hook RigA useful rig for fishing a variety of baits when bites are hard to find or when fish such as whiting are feeding hard.Mainline 60lbHook length 25lbSP1491 £1.70Long and Low RigDesigned to cast a good sized bait to long range and fish a long hook length tied in close behind the lead. Mainline 60lbHook length 30lbSP1487 £1.70Tope traceA simple 60lb wire trace suitable for Tope fishing. This rig is also a good conger trace when tied to 200-250lb mono. Mainline 60lb wireSP1481 £1.70Baited Spoon RigThe best choice for plaice/flounder fishing. Capable of catching many more species by varying the baitsMainline 60lbHook length 25lbSP1482 £1.70Pennel RigA simple rig that allows bigger baits to be securely hooked. It also offers a greater chance of hooking the fish. Hook length 30lbSP1484 £1.70Flat Jack LureA phenomenal fish catcher. Incorporates a luminous fish-shaped plastic head with feathered tail. Size 2/0 hooks to 50lb.monofilament.SP1435 £1.15Harry Flasher LureFive lurex and white strand bodies. Luminous bead head and glitter tail. Ideal for mid depth & deeper species. Size 3/0 hooks to 50lb monofilament.SP1440 £1.15Silver Ghost LureFour flashing skins of silver with red whipped heads. Highly effective at all depths and especially in clear water. Size 2/0 hooks to 50lb monofilament.SP1441 £1.15Terminator LureDevastating for big hungry free-swimming predators. Three fluorescent mini fish with iridescent vane and red flick Size 4/0 hooks to 50lb monofilament.SP1444 £1.15Blitzer RigA triple rig with hooks coated in yellow. Green flashers with tinsel and fluorescent beads . Size 1/0 hooks to 30lb. monofilament.SP1463 £1.15Classic seven hook trace.White-Size 3/0 hooks to 70lb. monofilament.Multi-Coloured-Size 3/0 hooks to 70lb. monofilament.Mackerel Feather RigsCodeColourPriceSP1472White£1.15SP1473Multi-Coloured£1.15Five hook trace with feathered and tinsel laced tails. An essential choice for stillwater predators in deep water. 5/0 hooks to 30lb. monofilament.SP1477 £1.15Fluorescent Beaded Trace Rig SEA RIGS35Rig Wallet & 100 Rigs2 Jumbo Fisheagle rig wallets packed with a total of 100 Fisheagle rigs!Rig Wallet & 10 Assorted Bait RigsTA1013 RRP £27.49 £9.99Rig Wallet & 10 Popular Feather RigsTA1008 £9.99Our price only £49.99TOTAL RRP:£145.00 ONLY 50p A RIG!Deluxe Large Rig Wallet & 10 Bait Rigs + Elastic thread dispenser. Large deluxe rig wallet with 10 large envelopes + 4 outside pockets. 10 fisheagle bait rigs ( 2 of each). Spool of baiting elastic including elastic dispenserOur price only £14.99RRP: £31.97 TA1063Superb quality selection of bait rigs. 2 of each of the most popular rigsTA13196 Hook Mackerel5 Hook TerminatorTA0632 £1.00TA0614 £1.203 Hook MackerelTA0636 75p3 Hook Blue HokkaiTA0635 £1.205 Hook Bloody FlasherTA0621 £1.206 Hook Quill ShrimpTA0615 £1.204 Hook Vibro ShadTA0631 £1.203 Hook White Cod RigTA0633 £1.005 Hook Pink & Blue MuppetsTA0630 £1.203 Hook Red Lumi Bead HokkaiTA0612 £1.205 Hook Mobile Flasher5 Hook Rainbow FlasherTwinkle RigStripper JiggerTinsel Flasha3 Hook Tinsel LureTA0626 £1.20TA0627 £1.20TA0625 £1.20TA0623 £1.20TA0629 £1.20TA0620 £1.205 Hook Flasha Rig4 Hook Sea Reflector5 Hook Blade Jigger2 Hook Anti-Crab Hook2 Hook Float/Spin RigTA0624 £1.20TA0634 £1.20TA0616 £1.20TA0619 £1.50TA0618 £1.50CodeModel EachPer 10Per 100 ATA0612Red Lumi Bead Hokkai£1.20£8.00£60.00 BTA0624Flasha Rig£1.20£8.00£60.00 CTA0629Tinsel Flashs£1.20£8.00£60.00 DTA06326 Hook Mackerel£1.00£6.00£50.00 ETA0633White Cod£1.00£6.00£50.00 FTA0634Sea Reflector£1.20£8.00£60.00 GTA0635Blue Hokkai£1.20£8.00£60.00 HTA06363 Hook Mackerel Feather75p£5.00£30.00A superb range of rigs and feathers from Fisheagle. Giant Hokkai. 3 different coloured large rubber bodied hokkai. 3 HooksCodeColourTA1056PinkTA1055LimeTA1057White. G low in the dark beads and silver tinsel tails Glow Colour £1.50 each5 Hook Shrimp BaitTA1054 £1.503 Hook Flapper RigTA1058 Long Range WishboneTA1059Long Range BomberTA1060Long Range PulleyTA1061Long Range PennelTA1062 from £1.20 eachBUY 10 RIGS FOR ONLY £10!With original breakaway impact shieldsWith original breakaway impact shieldsGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FOR"Feathers and rigs for every type of fish. Well tied, superb quality!"Orange Muppet RigTA0622 £1.50GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORBulk buy these rigs and Save FurtherRIGSACTinsel FlashaBD6 MackerelECod FGH1 £1.50Flowing Trace RigCodeSizePriceTA13222/0£1.50TA13233/0£1.50Flatfish RigTA1321 £1.20 £1.20 £1.20 £1.20 £1.20Rig Wallet & 50 Rigs1 Jumbo Fisheagle rig wallet packed with a total of 50 Fisheagle rigs!Our price only £29.99GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORTA0014Buy any 10 mixed Fisheagle Rigsfor only £9.99!10 Bait Rigs are:. 2x 3 hook Flapper rig*. 2x 2 Hook wishbone clipped down rig*. 2x Long Range 1 hook rig*. 2x 2 Hook Bomber rig**includes breakaway impact shields £1.99GR0952 £1.99Bass Rig 3/0 1HKGR0953 £1.99Flatfish Rig 1 2HK BeadGR0954 £1.99Smooth hound Rig 4/0 1HKGR0955 £1.99GR0956 £1.99Flowing Trace 2HK £1.99 £1.99 £1.99 £1.99 £1.99CodeSizeGR09472/0GR09483/0GR09494/0GR09506/0CodeSizeGR09572/0GR09583/0GR09594/0CodeSizeGR07842GR07851/0CodeSizeGR07862GR07871/0GR07883/0CodeSizeGR07892GR07901CodeSizeGR07912GR07921 £1.99 £1.99 £1.99 £1.99CodeSizeGR07952GR07961/0CodeSizeGR07982GR07991GR08001/0CodeSizeGR08012GR08021CodeSizeGR08031/0GR08043/0Pulley Rig 1HK £1.99Clipped 1HKRough Ground £1.99Flapper Rig 1HK £1.99Clipped 1HKImpact LeadCodeSize £1.99GR08061/0GR08073/0GR08084/0CodeSizeGR08092/0GR08103/0GR08114/0CodeSizeGR07821/0GR07832/0CodeSizeGR07931/0GR07942/0 Tope Rig 7/0 Wire TraceFlapper Rig 2HK1 up 1 down £1.99CodeSizeGR09601/0GR09613/0Uptide RigUptide Cod 4/0 PennelFlapper Rig 2HK2 upFlapper Rig 2HK1 up 1 downFlapper Rig 3HK3 upFlapper Rig 3HK2 up 1 downClipped 2HKImpact LeadLoop 2HKLoop 3HKPulley Pennel