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page 68 SEA RIGS35Rig Wallet & 100 Rigs2 Jumbo Fisheagle rig wallets packed with a total of 100 Fisheagle rigs!Rig Wallet & 10 Assorted Bait RigsTA1013 RRP £27.49 £9.99Rig Wallet & 10 Popular Feather RigsTA1008 £9.99Our price only £49.99TOTAL RRP:£145.00 ONLY 50p A RIG!Deluxe Large Rig Wallet & 10 Bait Rigs + Elastic thread dispenser. Large deluxe rig wallet with 10 large envelopes + 4 outside pockets. 10 fisheagle bait rigs ( 2 of each). Spool of baiting elastic including elastic dispenserOur price only £14.99RRP: £31.97 TA1063Superb quality selection of bait rigs. 2 of each of the most popular rigsTA13196 Hook Mackerel5 Hook TerminatorTA0632 £1.00TA0614 £1.203 Hook MackerelTA0636 75p3 Hook Blue HokkaiTA0635 £1.205 Hook Bloody FlasherTA0621 £1.206 Hook Quill ShrimpTA0615 £1.204 Hook Vibro ShadTA0631 £1.203 Hook White Cod RigTA0633 £1.005 Hook Pink & Blue MuppetsTA0630 £1.203 Hook Red Lumi Bead HokkaiTA0612 £1.205 Hook Mobile Flasher5 Hook Rainbow FlasherTwinkle RigStripper JiggerTinsel Flasha3 Hook Tinsel LureTA0626 £1.20TA0627 £1.20TA0625 £1.20TA0623 £1.20TA0629 £1.20TA0620 £1.205 Hook Flasha Rig4 Hook Sea Reflector5 Hook Blade Jigger2 Hook Anti-Crab Hook2 Hook Float/Spin RigTA0624 £1.20TA0634 £1.20TA0616 £1.20TA0619 £1.50TA0618 £1.50CodeModel EachPer 10Per 100 ATA0612Red Lumi Bead Hokkai£1.20£8.00£60.00 BTA0624Flasha Rig£1.20£8.00£60.00 CTA0629Tinsel Flashs£1.20£8.00£60.00 DTA06326 Hook Mackerel£1.00£6.00£50.00 ETA0633White Cod£1.00£6.00£50.00 FTA0634Sea Reflector£1.20£8.00£60.00 GTA0635Blue Hokkai£1.20£8.00£60.00 HTA06363 Hook Mackerel Feather75p£5.00£30.00A superb range of rigs and feathers from Fisheagle. Giant Hokkai. 3 different coloured large rubber bodied hokkai. 3 HooksCodeColourTA1056PinkTA1055LimeTA1057White. G low in the dark beads and silver tinsel tails Glow Colour £1.50 each5 Hook Shrimp BaitTA1054 £1.503 Hook Flapper RigTA1058 Long Range WishboneTA1059Long Range BomberTA1060Long Range PulleyTA1061Long Range PennelTA1062 from £1.20 eachBUY 10 RIGS FOR ONLY £10!With original breakaway impact shieldsWith original breakaway impact shieldsGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FOR"Feathers and rigs for every type of fish. Well tied, superb quality!"Orange Muppet RigTA0622 £1.50GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORBulk buy these rigs and Save FurtherRIGSACTinsel FlashaBD6 MackerelECod FGH1 £1.50Flowing Trace RigCodeSizePriceTA13222/0£1.50TA13233/0£1.50Flatfish RigTA1321 £1.20 £1.20 £1.20 £1.20 £1.20Rig Wallet & 50 Rigs1 Jumbo Fisheagle rig wallet packed with a total of 50 Fisheagle rigs!Our price only £29.99GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORTA0014Buy any 10 mixed Fisheagle Rigsfor only £9.99!10 Bait Rigs are:. 2x 3 hook Flapper rig*. 2x 2 Hook wishbone clipped down rig*. 2x Long Range 1 hook rig*. 2x 2 Hook Bomber rig**includes breakaway impact shields £1.99GR0952 £1.99Bass Rig 3/0 1HKGR0953 £1.99Flatfish Rig 1 2HK BeadGR0954 £1.99Smooth hound Rig 4/0 1HKGR0955 £1.99GR0956 £1.99Flowing Trace 2HK £1.99 £1.99 £1.99 £1.99 £1.99CodeSizeGR09472/0GR09483/0GR09494/0GR09506/0CodeSizeGR09572/0GR09583/0GR09594/0CodeSizeGR07842GR07851/0CodeSizeGR07862GR07871/0GR07883/0CodeSizeGR07892GR07901CodeSizeGR07912GR07921 £1.99 £1.99 £1.99 £1.99CodeSizeGR07952GR07961/0CodeSizeGR07982GR07991GR08001/0CodeSizeGR08012GR08021CodeSizeGR08031/0GR08043/0Pulley Rig 1HK £1.99Clipped 1HKRough Ground £1.99Flapper Rig 1HK £1.99Clipped 1HKImpact LeadCodeSize £1.99GR08061/0GR08073/0GR08084/0CodeSizeGR08092/0GR08103/0GR08114/0CodeSizeGR07821/0GR07832/0CodeSizeGR07931/0GR07942/0 Tope Rig 7/0 Wire TraceFlapper Rig 2HK1 up 1 down £1.99CodeSizeGR09601/0GR09613/0Uptide RigUptide Cod 4/0 PennelFlapper Rig 2HK2 upFlapper Rig 2HK1 up 1 downFlapper Rig 3HK3 upFlapper Rig 3HK2 up 1 downClipped 2HKImpact LeadLoop 2HKLoop 3HKPulley Pennel

36LURES 0871 716 1670 OPEN 7 DAYSA superb lure for Bass, Mackerel and whatever else comes across it!Bass WedgesCodeColourSV2951Silver FlashSV2952Orange FlashSV2953Blue Flash32g £2.35CodeColourSV2954Silver FlashSV2955Orange FlashSV2956Blue Flash39g £2.50CodeColourSV2945Silver FlashSV2946Orange FlashSV2947Blue Flash15g £1.99CodeColourSV2948Silver FlashSV2949Orange FlashSV2950Blue Flash28g £2.25Big Bass WedgesNorwegian Pirk & MuppetCodeSizePriceCJ0447300g£4.99CJ0448400g£5.50CJ0449500g£5.99Sea Creels 4 packA sure catch lure made of chrome-plated lead, shaped for distance casting. Ideal for mackerel, pollack and bass.CodeSizePriceTA102520g£3.99TA102640g£4.99TA102750g£5.99CodeSizePriceTA102920g£4.99TA103040g£5.99Seacaster Lead Stingers 4pkChrome-plated lead. Perhaps the best mackerel, pollack and bass catching lures.Kostor 4 pack2x Copper 2 x Silver deadly for all fish!CodeSizePriceTA103116g Kostor£3.99TA103228g Kostor£4.99TA103340g Kostor£5.99Flash Eel 4 packOne of our best selling mackerel/ pollock lures of all time!TA1024 4 x 18g Lures £4.99Coffin LuresCebar Lures. Mounted with needle point trebles. Nickel plated brass body. Excellent for Bass, Pollack and SeatroutCodeSizePriceSW010973mm 11g£1.65DO007988mm 18g£1.50DO0080100mm 28g£1.75DO0081112mm 38g£1.99DO0494127mm 48g£2.45GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORClassic Tobi Mixed 4packFour of the most popular colours, fitted with strong trebles, swivels and stainless split rings.CodeSizePriceTA101510g£3.99TA101618g£4.50TA101728g£4.99From only£3.99Classic Tobi Mixed 4packThe four most famous fish catching colours. Almost guaranteed to catch!CodeSizePriceTA101810g£3.99TA101918g£4.50TA102028g£4.994 from only £3.99Flying 'C' Mixed 4 packContains the most popular catching combinations: Silver/Red/ Gold/Red, Copper/Red, Silver/Black & Silver/Yellow. 4 per pack.CodeSizePriceTA103415g£4.50TA103521g£4.50Dextor WedgesCodeSizePriceTA106535g£2.50TA106642g£2.50TA106749g£2.85TA106856g£2.99Dextor Flashers 4 packA very similar but much improved version of the famous Dextor. Our best seller!CodeSizePriceTA102110g£4.99TA102218g£6.99TA102328g£7.99Irresistable wobbling action with superb casting properties. As attractive to fish as it is to your wallet!Firetail 'C' Mixed 4pk. An adaptation of the extremely popular flying C. Fluorescent tail is a proven strike point when fishing for salmon and sea trout, bass etc. 4 assorted colours in each pack.CodeSizePriceSV466110g£5.99SV466320g£4.50Deluxe Coast Assortment. High quality salt water lure kit. Includes 2 pirks and 2 spoons. Premium treble hooks. Ideal for Bass, Mackerel and Pollack etc.CodeSetRRPPriceSV0834Reflective£5.99£4.00GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORStyle15g25gBlack/GoldTA1154TA1148Yellow/GoldTA1155TA1149Red/GoldTA1156TA1150Black/SilverTA1157TA1151Yellow/SilverTA1158TA1152Red/SilverTA1159TA1153Price£1.75£1.99Flying 'C'GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORSilverBrilliant Cod and Ling pirk!0Buy 2 get 1 FREEBuy 1 get 1 FREEBuy 1 get 1 FREECodeWeightPriceTX015060g£2.00TX0151100g£2.50TX0152150g£3.00TX0153200g£3.00TX0154300g£3.50TX0155500g£4.50Chrome Bar PirksThe size range is so broad that the 60g version makes an incredible casting lure for bass!Silver PilchardA solid metal casting lure designed to imitate a wounded baitfish.. Weight: 20g/0.70oz. Size: 6.5cm/2.56inEY0259 £1.99SizeSilverOrangeBluePrice20gSV2957SV2958SV2959£1.9930gSV2960SV2961£2.355 Metal Jig LuresDO1833 £5.99Coaster LuresCodeSizePriceDO173028g£1.50DO173140g£1.75Banana PirkColour300g500gR/HeadDO1755DO1760Blue MackDO1756DO1761Green MackDO1757DO1762Orange MackDO1758DO1763ChromeDO1759DO1764Price£4.99£7.99Fantastic quality and action. Hook size 5/0 and 7/0Widely used lure for Pollack, bass and mackerel.5 of the best metal jig lures, all for a great price. Ideal for all sea fish.. 1x 28g. 1x 35g. 1x 40g. 2x 50gCodeSizePricePriceSV617230g£2.50£1.50SV617340g£2.99£2.00. Superb summer Bass lure. Single super sharp trebles. Available in 2 sizesCodeWeightPriceSV885975g£3.99SV8860110g£4.99SV8861175g£5.99SV8862200g£6.99SV8863250g£8.25SV8864300g£9.75SV8865400g£13.75SV8866500g£14.99Stainless Steel Jigger9RRP: £11.95Complete with 3 compartment lure boxTraditional stainless steel Pilker. Fitted with extra split rings and strong treble hooks.