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40LURES 0871 716 1670 OPEN 7 DAYSEddystone EelsThe world famous sandeel representation that has accounted for numerous record fish."Proven Fish Catchers!"Colour2 InchNaturalPU1572New PennyPU1573Price£19.99scent and taste. Natural shape and swimming action to make the bait look alive! Recharge the bait by placing back in the powerful attractant. Gulp Alive is 100% Peeler Crab Large Tub Gulp Alive bait is saturated in powerful Gulp attractant that adds up to 20% more biodegradable and plastic free. Resistant to casting and can survive small fish attacks.Colour2 Inch3 InchMoltingPU1575PU1578NaturalPU1579Pearl WhitePU1577PU1581New PennyPU1580Price£19.99£19.99Shrimp Large TubSoft BaitsColour4" Large6" Large4"BloodyPU1903CamoPU1904PU1589PU1908NaturalPU1905PU1590PU1909SandwormPU1906PU1910RRP£27.00Price£19.99£19.99£20.00Ragworm4" X-Large TubPU1908PU1909PU1910Soft BaitsGulp! is the preferred bait for many top anglers. The right colour, the right texture, the right flavour. Thousands of anglers make Gulp! their first choice.Colour1 Inch2 InchMoltingPU1397PU1051NaturalPU1052Price£6.99£7.99Peeler Crab (6pk)Colour3 Inch4 InchNaturalPU1047PU1307New PennyPU1048PU1756Price£6.99£7.50Shrimp (6pk)Colour4 InchDark BrownPU1056NaturalPU1054New PennyPU1057Price£7.50Lugworm (6pk)Colour4 Inch6 InchBloodyPU1935PU1042Dark BrownPU1936PU1043NaturalPU1937PU1041New PennyPU1044Price£7.50£7.99Ragworm (10pk)Colour5 InchSapphire ShinePU1442SardinePU1443Silver MudPU1444Price£7.50Sand Eel (6pk)PU14440CJT For Real Mini Shads3" lures rigged and weighted with two hooks for maximum performance.CJ0390 4pk mixed £3.50CodeSizePer 5CJ04044", 100mm£1.99CJ04036", 150mm£2.99CJT Shads 5 packThese are the best shads available! Super-tough quality, fantastic colours and action. 5 mixed popular colours.CJT For Real Shads 2 pack6" lures, rigged, weighted and ready for action. £3.99CodeColourCJ0180MackerelCJ0179RoachCJ0400PerchCJ0178TroutCJT Firetail/Curly Shads 5 packCodeStylePriceCJ04056" Mackerel£4.50CJ04066" Black£4.50CJT Vibro 7" Fire TailsA chunky, robust worm with a superb ribbed design. Supplied in a mixed pack of orange, yellow, black and blue.CJ0348 20pk £4.50Shads don't come any better than this! Superb quality, the best fish catching patterns with irresistible curly firetails!CodeStylePU1931CrabPU1932HerringPU1933ShrimpPU1934SquidGulp Spray £7.99.99CJ0347 10pk £1.99CJT Firetails 6" BlackCJT Curly Shad 4" MultipackCJT Curly Shad110g55gColour9 Inch6 InchTroutCJ0407CJ0411PerchCJ0408CJ0412Fire TigerCJ0409CJ0413MackerelCJ0410CJ0414Black/FireCJ0415Price£4.99£2.99Take Sprats 2 packTake Busta ShadsTake MackerelCodeStylePriceLI0696Silver/Blue 18g 10cm 2pack£3.50LI0697Silver/Blue 32g 10cm 2pack£3.99CodeStylePriceLI0703Silver/Black 4" 18g£2.99LI0704Mackerel 4" 18g£2.99LI0705Perch 4" 18g£2.99LI0706Rainbow 4" 18g£2.99CodeStylePriceLI08768cm 2pk£2.50LI087810cm 2pk£2.99LI087714cm 2pk£3.99LI087920cm 1pk£2.99SizePearl ChGlo WhiteSandeelTeq SunReal PearlPrice20cm 70gSV7717SV7720SV7721£5.9916cm 42gSV7725SV7726SV7727£5.99Salt Water SandeelsThis stunning and unique lure is a supernatural Sandeel imitation. These soft bodied lures have a fantastic swimming action that is so real you have to see it to believe it. The Large size comes with top quality Japanese carbon steel saltwater grade trebles, rigged to withstand brutal attacks and land big predators. Smaller sizes come with single hooks.Awesome weighted super shads. Ideal for shore or boat. They work as good as they look.packPriceSuperb quality, ideal for boat or shore fishing. Superb action and colours.CodeStylePriceCJ022010 Pack 100mm£3.99CJ02216 Pack 150mm£4.50CJT Vibro Twin TailsHard wearing lures with a superb action that is irresistible to most fish.These soft plastics worms are a time-tested winning style and colour, these are the old time favourites using enhanced super soft, high quality plastics to produce life-like action. Packs contain 10 high quality lures.1These 6 and 9" Curly tail is a favourite of all predatory fish all over the world. Swim it or jig it for great action this is a selection of 5 of the most popular and effective ones. Just tie it on and cast.The 4" Curly tail is a favourite of all predatory fish all over the world. Swim it or jig it for great action this is a Perhaps the best of the best. Looks fantastic swims very realistically, easy to cast due to the weight size ratio, swinging treble for those hard to hook fish!!selection of 4 of the most popular and effective ones.CJ0389 4pk 15 grams£3.2513 grams65 grams"These are Awesome!"No2 2pk 215mmNo3 3pk 190mmNo4 4pk 155mmNo5 5pk 115mmNo6 20pk 70mmColourHook 8/0Hook 6/0Hook 4/0Hook 4/0Hook 6BlackEY0302EY0318EY0334EY0350EY0366RedEY0303EY0319EY0335EY0351EY0367Fl. OrangeEY0304EY0320EY0336EY0352EY0368WhiteEY0305EY0321EY0337EY0353EY0369White/BlueEY0306EY0322EY0338EY0354EY0370Pearl/BlueEY0307EY0323EY0339EY0355EY0371Phosphor/GreenEY0308EY0324EY0340EY0356EY0372White/Blue MackEY0309EY0325EY0341EY0357EY0373White/Green MackEY0310EY0326EY0342EY0358EY0374Pearl/Blue MackEY0311EY0327EY0343EY0359EY0375Pearl/Green MackEY0312EY0328EY0344EY0360EY0376Black/Red FiretailEY0313EY0329EY0345EY0361EY0377Black/Yellow FiretailEY0314EY0330EY0346EY0362EY0378Black/Orange FiretailEY0315EY0331EY0347EY0363EY0379Black/Red Glitter FiretailEY0316EY0332EY0348EY0364EY0380Black/Blue Glitter FiretailEY0317EY0333EY0349EY0365EY0381Price£4.99£4.99£4.99£4.99£4.99Colour3 Inch4 InchAssortedPU1917PU1918 £12.99Assorted Minnow Bucket LargeColour3 Inch5 Inch6 InchSand EelMA4570MA4578MA4582Glass MinnowMA4571MA4579MA4583HerringMA4572MA4580MA4584Blue MackerelMA4573MA4581MA4585Price£4.99£5.49£6.99Tsunami Swim ShadsHolographic inserts, with lifelike colours and action.Colour4 Inch5 InchSand EelMA4586MA4590Glass MinnowMA4587HerringMA4588MA4591Mullet BlackMA4589Price£4.99£4.99Tsunami SwirltailsHolographic inserts, with lifelike colours and action.3 5 MA4586MA4590MA4587MA4588MA4591MA4589 ACCESSORIES41ClearYellowRedPriceMediumAB0104AB0093AB0092£1.40LargeAB0073AB0077AB0075£1.70X-LargeAB0107AB0109AB0108£2.40Bubble FloatsCodeModelPriceSP25769cm Thin£1.55SP257714cm Thin£1.55SP257813cm fat£1.99SP257917cm fat£1.99. A choice of ready to fish float kits containing float, weight. hook, beads, swivel and float stop. Includes detailed instructions on set-up and baits to use. Ideal for bass, pollack, mackerel and garfishSea Float KitsParavane Trolling DeviceCodeColourEY0286OrangeEY0287YellowNightlightsAvailable in mini twin pack or standard single pack.CodeModelTA12423.0 x 37mm MiniTA12434.5 x 37mm Regular £6.99Multi Buy OfferBuy 10 Packs for £4.00Buy 50 Packs for £10.00£50peachFrom 99pCodeTypeContentsSizePriceLD3647SL1 Std.1 stick + tube4.5 x 37mm69pLD3649SL5 Mini2 sticks + tube3.0 x 23mm69pLD3636SL1 & SL2 Std1 stick+tube+tape4.5 x 37mm99pLD3650Cliplight S1 stick2.0-2.6mm99pLD3651Cliplight M1 stick2.7-3.2mm99pLD3642Cliplight L1 stick3.3-3.7mm99pLD3643Cliplight XL1 stick3.7-4.3mm99pNight LightsOur new chemical light selection provides the ultimate long lasting visual aids for night fishingThe Eddystone self weighted Professional Paravane is a trolling depth controller for use when fishing from a boat with rod, handline or outriggers. With a total weight of only 45 grams. Manufactured from high quality fluorescent coloured polypropylene.Tip LightBattery operated with up to 120 hours life. Optional mount for fixing to rod tip. Approx 1" long and weighs 6g. Super bright, can be left in place for casting. Batteries included.CodeModelPriceCJ0244Tip Light£4.99CJ0245Spare Batteries (4 pack)£2.99PriceRod Tip Bell ClipsGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FOR2 PackCodeModelPriceTA1303Red £1.50TA1304Green£1.50With clip for Starlite. Twin Rod BellCheap & simple but effective bite detectionSW0124 75p. Tough nylon. Supplied with uncut strap so that you can trim the ends after the reel is first attached. Rust proof and self lubricating with a breaking strain of over 200lbs. One size fits allCoaster ClipsBY0067 £4.25Quick action rest for boat and pier hand rails and awkward places.Boat & Pier RestBY0054 £5.99The rest for boat and pier hand rails and other awkward places. Just clamp in on to give a safe and secure rest.Uni RestBY0055 £4.50Double Bell Plastic ClipClamps firmly onto rod tip.LI0548 75p Depth FinderInstantly measure the depth you are fishingAttaches to rod buttEssential for accurate pirking. Clear display with reset. LD5128 £17.99Line CounterPerfect for controlled depth ž shing techniques. Clamp the line counter to your rod. Run the line through the unit and it will measure the line depth accurately at all times to 999 foot. SP2316 £14.50Angling GlueFGL0002AA £4.75The most commonly used glue. Fast drying, ¡ exible & waterproof.Zap-A-Gap. Gap ž lling formula. Bonds virtually anything: wood, veneers, cork, rubber, leather. Perfect for ¡ y linesCannonFor ž xed spool reels. Heavier duty than the thumb button and can handle serious power casting. The design also reduces line "slap" on release and cuts down on crack o¤ s caused by loose line catching the butt ring. Takes the pain out of power casting and can help to add yards to your cast BY0061 £11.99Finger Guard RH0028 £4.75Designed to protect your ž nger if you are repeatedly casting or long range casting with mono or braided lines. Made from soft leather with fully adjustable wrist strap.Maptek SpraysCodeSprayRRP:PriceLD8513Reel Grease 70ml£4.99£1.50LD8512Hand Cleaner 300ml£4.99£1.50LD8514Freezer Spray£6.99£1.50CodeSizePE134518mmPE134620mmPE134722mmPE134825mmRRP: £15.00Costal Rod FittingDouble screw locking action, holds the rod handle & reels much better than coasters. £2.00Insect RepelantThe Best formula for keeping biting insects at bay.CodeTypePriceAB0036Roll on£5.99AB0037Spray£6.99AB0038Liquid£6.99BE0031Benns Insect Wipes£2.99BE0032Family Cream Repelent£5.99RepelantTG'S Rocket FuelCodeModelPriceSW0465Red-Boat Reels£4.99SW0466Yellow-Beach Reels£4.99A must have for all boat and casting reels.Surecatch Grease & OilCodeModelPriceDO0024Gear Oil£2.99DO0023Reel Grease£5.99Can be used for all types of ž shing reels, a must for all sea anglers.Grease & CleanerA must for reel maintenance. £4.50 £12.50Grip Lock Sliding Reel SeatsCodeSizePU186625.2mmPU150226.1mmPU186727.8mmCodeModelPriceGS0156Glue Dropper£4.99GS0152Brush On Applicator£4.99CodeModelPricePE1391Precision Greaser 2oz£6.20PE1392 Synthetic Reel Oil 2oz£6.20PE139312oz Spray Bottle Cleaner£12.50Chemical/Pack of 2 !PriceBuy any 2 get 1 FREE. Instant heat open the packet and shake.. Its easy. Great for Outdoors. Great for Fishing. Up to 10 hours of heat. Keep warm whilst playing golf, sailing, fishing, camping etc.Hot HandsCodeModelPriceHX0001Hot Hands (2 Pack)£1.30HX0002Toastie Toes 2 Pack Adhes (One Pair)£1.99HX0003The Foot Warm Up (2 Pack)£1.49HX0004Super Hot Hands (1 in a pack)£1.39HX0005Hot Hands Adhesive (1 in a pack)£2.35CodeModelDW0190GreaserDW0191OilereachSea Float Kits. Superb quality. Near indestructible. Has many uses. Night light holder.CodeModelPriceTX0238Blue 30g£2.50TX0239Red 40g£2.70TX0240Orange 60g£3.50TX0241Yellow 80g£4.50Delta NightlightsWhip on rod mount to your desired rod tip position, then fit the light as appropriate.CodeModelPriceKI0020Red £4.99KI0021Yellow£4.99KI0022Green £4.99Sea Match Gauge. Accurate, easy to use size limit guide for match and pleasure ž shing . Calibrated 15-29cmBY0063 £8.99Ian Golds Match Measure. Durable Perspex ž sh measure. Perfect for sea match ž shingCodeSizePriceSW043245cm£5.99SW0434100cm£9.505.9Reel Oiler / Greaser