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42 0871 716 1670 OPEN 7 DAYSDiamond Sharpener & ScissorsA must for all anglers, sharpen those hook points quickly and easily, will do filleting knives, most braid and mono shears "very handy"HS0054 £7.99GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORTOOLS. Extra strong grip, the safe tool to use when unhooking fish. Hooked lip to help obtain a secure grip. Supplied with compact tool sheath with belt attachment Long Nose PliersLD8464 £14.99LD8463 £14.99. Extra strong pliers for crimping single and double rig sleeves. Suitable for use on 0.80mm rig body mono and Tope/Conger rigs. Supplied with compact tool sheath with belt attachment Heavy Duty Crimp Pliers. At last, super heavyweight crimping pliers for crimps from 1.0mm to 2.5mm. Ideal for making conger, cod, tope and shark traces. Suitable for both single and double crimps Trolling PliersLD8580 £26.99. Hard gripping teeth. Scissor line cutting feature. Rubberised 'Sure-grip' handle Sure-Grip Pliers £6.99CJT Crimping PliersCJ0235 £5.99. Fantastic Quality. Spring in handle, crimps fast, accurately and exactly, these will last forever.Standard Crimping Pliers Does all size of crimps.Hook RemoverMA4745 £4.99Keep your hands away from hooks and minimise stress to Super tough incorporating the features you need. Super grip jaws with replaceable cutter. Sure grip handles complete with quality sheath. Go on, spoil yourself. You'll soon wonder how you managed without them! TEC Straight Power Pliers PU1648 6" Power Pliers £20.00PU1650 8" inc. SheathPower Pliers £30.99inc. SheathForcepsLengthStraightCurvedPrice14cmGZ0017GZ0035£2.9916cmGZ0018GZ0025£3.9918cmGZ0019GZ0026£3.9920cmGZ0020GZ0027£4.99Great tool, with many uses, including: Disgorging, crimping etc. Stainless steel.Speed ScissorsTA1064 £1.50 The handiest tool in your pocket. Quick & easy to use, complete with a safety cap. Superb Quality. TA1144 £2.99Braid ScissorsFantastic Performance & quality. Cuts all types of braid including Fireline.RRP: £4.99Fish PriestFor giving the fish its last rights. A must for all catch-and-keep fishermen.TA0737 £4.99Pin on Reel & Nippers DP0097 £3.99 .99An essential tool for every “ sherman. 15" braid cord with super sharp nippers and needle (great for getting out knots and cleaning hook eyes.)Fishing Forceps. Deluxe fishing forceps. Made from carbon steel with a chrome coating. Rubberised sure grip handleCodeModelPriceGZ00129inch£4.99GZ001311 inch£5.99Price££Gemini DisgorgerThe perfect solution for quick careful un-hookingGE0092 £5.50Hook ReleaseGZ0008 £9.99. Fast & safe way to remove hooks from “ sh. With hook sharpener. With lanyard.99.Compact, heavy-duty line clippers. Essential accessory for either rig making or when fishing Line ClippersLD8466 £6.99.Essential for every angler.Compact size to “ t comfortably in your pocket.Use for trimming knots and preparing crab baits.Serrated edge blades and extra large “ nger holes Bait ScissorsLD8423 £3.99.Supplied with neck lanyard.6" forceps with large “ nger holes and locking grip.Provides secure grip, ideal for unhooking plugs and lures.Supplied with neck lanyardLD8465 £14.99Heavy Duty ForcepsCodeSizePriceSV39659"£6.99SV396411"£6.99CodeModelPriceSU3771Pliers£7.99Pliers. Carbon steel construction Scissors and PouchFantastic scissors at a bargain price. Useful for most angling applications.MA4560 £2.49RRP:£28.99GR1358 £11.99Large, Hi-Carbon Steel crimping pliers. Does all sizes . Fantastic value and quality8" Crimping PliersDO0050 £5.99DO0050TecTools PliersFantastic quality and price!CodeModelPriceMA4556Long Nose 6"£3.99MA4557Bent Nose 6"£3.99MA4558Split Ring 6"£3.99MA4745 “ sh you intend to release.LD4326 £5.99DisgorgerTA1318 £3.99A must for all catch and release Sea anglers, it's quick and easy to use.GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORPricepliers with nickel plated finish for years of reliable service. Co-molded grips CodeModelPriceSU3770Line Scissors£3.49Scissors. Scissors designed with easy, non-slip cutting.for added comfort.Pricespecial features that grip and hold braided line for Prowla Side Cutter. Soft touch moulded rubber handles. Hardened chrome alloy. Rust resistant and scratch proof. Matt black nickel finish. Prowla Lanyard included KNIVES & TOOLS43Filleting Knife. Stainless steel Blade. Sure non-slip handle. Leather Sheath with built in Plastic insert for extra safety and belt loop. Ceramic knife SharpenerCodeBladePriceGZ00344"£7.99GZ00216"£9.99GZ00229"£11.99GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FOR6" Floating Filleting Knife. Stainless steel filleting blade.. Tough nylon sheath with belt clip.. Floating handle with easy-see top.TA1036 £4.99IT FLOATS!GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FOR. An extra strong 5" stainless steel blade for preparing fish baits. Finger guard for enhanced safety with soft touch handles for a sure grip at all times. Supplied in sheath 5" Baiting KnifeLD8420 £5.99. For preparing your catch for the table. 7" stainless steel narrow blade. Supplied in its own protective sheath and with knife sharpener 7" Filleting KnifeLD8421 £6.99. Includes knife sharpener5Hi-tec stainless fillet knives with sheath and integrated 600-grit sharpener and Softorx handle.PU1558 £42.99inc. SheathTEC 10" Breaking KnifeNeat and compact super sharp blade makes bait preparation easy.PU1653 £21.50inc. SheathTEC 4" Bait & Fillet KnifeHi-tec stainless fillet knives with sheath and integrated 600-grit sharpener and Softorx handle..These are the ideal all round fillet knives. TEC Standard/Firm Flex Fillet KnivesPU1560 6" FirmFlex £26.99 PU1654 6" Standard Flex £26.99PU1554 9" Standard Flex £32.99inc. SheathPU1655 9" Firm Flex £24.99. 6" filleting knife (non slip). Quality scales (up to 20lb). Fishing pliers (101 uses). Cutting board with clamp and built in knife sharpener. Carry caseFillet and Scale Kit GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORSuper Deluxe Fillet Kit GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORGZ0037 £24.99Soft Grip Fillet Knife 15cmSU3769 £17.99GZ0001 £24.99Swift Bait Cutting BoardFillet GloveA comfortable blend of synthetic fibres and stainless steel provides the best protection to keep all your fingers intact!HS0077 £9.99GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORCompact multi-stage sharpening system. 2 sets of rods and a diamond fine hone strip with extendable easy grip handle. TEC Knife Sharpening StationPU1656 £27.99 PU1651 £7.99TEC Hook SharpenerGU0858 £7.99EZLAP Hook Sharpener. Made in the USA. Diamond edged. Plastic Handle. File cover included7A remarkably innovative design. Holds from small up to 8oz spools of line. Essential for any fisherman, Saves asking the Mrs! Classic Spooling StationPU1556 £30.50Never miss another fish because the hook wasn't sharp enough to penetrate ThumbuttonThe Thumbutton does a similar job as the Cannon but fits on top of the rod and is held down as you would a multiplier reel. As the Cannon it should be fitted above and slightly behind the spool rim.BY0062 £2.25Sensor Line LoaderThis helpful little gadget lets you load up any spool size, smoothly and conveniently by yourself. The spring loaded shaft lets you lock the spool into place and let it rotate under your choice of tension. The suction pad feet and stabiliser ensure strong location on any horizontal or smooth surface.DW2308 £9.99The essential tool for spooling any mono or braid, keeps line under perfect tension and control avoiding troublesome birds' nests and line twist.Aluminium Line WinderTA0296 £6.99GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORThe latest line stripper from Berkley TEC, makes stripping easy. TEC Line StripperPU1562 £12.99 Line Stripper£8.99Takes the work out of changing line. Strips old line off your reel in seconds. PU1562PU0333 8Alvey Bait PumpThe original and by far the best. Save that sore back for something else!LD4125 Bait Pump £64.99LD4126 Spare Washers £2.75CodeModelRRPPriceSP2053Slim pump£74.99£60.00SP2054Long Slim Pump£79.99£60.00SP2055Wide pump£74.99£60.00 Alvey Bait PumpsVersatile Bait pumps manufactured by Alvey Reels in Australia to a deluxe specification for Shakespeare. Finished in stainless steel and fitted with new style pressure plates to maximise suction.A safe place to prepare bait etc. Knife not included.Fantastic Quality. Heavy Duty Preparation Board.. 6In Fillet Knife.. 6in Heavy duty Boning Knife.. 4.5in Multi purpose Gutting knife with De-Scalar ,disgorger and bottle opener,. Heavy Duty Large Scissors. Filleting Fork. A proper Filleting glove (RRP: £14.99). Ceramic Knife sharpener. Set of Scales up to 14lb withTape Measure and Compass. Complete in a fitted waterproof Carry caseRRP: £29.99Electric Hook Sharpener/Jig BusterMA3309 £14.99Waterproof Valuables BagTA1402 £2.99100% Waterproof, heavy duty pouch. Perfect for small valuables.Ceramic Knife SharpenerAn essential piece of kit for every angler, easy to clean, no rust.DO0047 £2.50RRP:£59.99Tungsten Carbide Knife SharpenerMA4559 £3.99Quick, easy and economical tool for sharpening your knives.SW0430 £3.50