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44 NETS, SCALES & BUTT PADS0871 716 1670 OPEN 7 DAYS Drop Net. Ideal for use from piers or breakwaters. 87cm diameter alloy frame with 90cm deep knotless mesh. Supplied with 5m drop cordLD8559 £16.99SP2747 £21.99Boat NetA robust metal framed boat net with push button retractable handle and rubber shaped grip.Size: 53x64cmExtends to: 1.55mPU1639 £36.99Rubber Saltwater Boat NetHeavy duty saltwater net with space saving sliding handle and full rubberized meshSize: 60x70cmA high quality drop net - perfect for landing † sh from piers or steep rock faces.LARGE 85cm diameter frame with deep 75cm netting.SP2685 £25.99Drop NetA very robust and well made Drop Net with nylon rope, ideal for piers and harbour walls. Livebait trap. Superb quality crab / prawn / crayfish / minz trap. Spring loaded trap. Folds and clips up after use. Zipped catch extractor. Zipped bait pocketDimensions:60cm Long35cm DiameterLive Bait KeepnetCodeSizePriceLI1118Medium£9.99LI1119Large£11.99Crab/Cray Fish net-folds • at, very well made, easy to use and very e– ective.Medium 30x60cmLarge 30x90cm. Easy hold T-bar shape or hang up hook. Weigh stop position. Zero position screw adjustment. Chemically etched permanent numberingScales'The Little Gem' ScalesPocket balance. Superb quality and made in the UK. Fully adjustable and reliable.Includes Deluxe Carry Case £7.99CodeTypeRH000715lbRH000830lbRH001455lbElectronic Scale. 50lb Scale. Electronic digital scale. Holden display. Easy grip handleDigital ScalesTA1089 £14.99. Tare Function Auto shut-o– . Units Selector (kg/lb/oz). Temperature display. Auto weight hold. Overload warning. Capacity 10kg/22lb. LCD display. Uses 3xAAA batteries (supplied)CodeWeightPriceGZ000620lb£7.99GZ000750lb£9.99"Superb Value"Price.9.999GZ0011 £22.99 14Scales & Tape MeasureTA1077 £3.99Nice & compact accurate scale, up to 8lb with a 1 metre tape measure. Perfect for the average catch!Fish Scales. Powerful spring action jaws . Non slip HandleThe latest easy hold digitalscales. Can be read from both sides. Now your mate can see how heavy the fish is as well!lb/kg zero hold facility. TEC Digital ScalesPU1559 35lb x 1oz £42.99PU1659 100lb x 1oz £59.99. Anglers spring balance with marker record. Extra wide handle grip for stable support. Available in either 20 or 50lb versions. Also marked in kilos Anglers Scale £14.99CodeSizeLD846850lbLD846920lbGaff Hook & Tele Handle. Multi-purpose sea angling gaff. Constructed of strong, light octagonal aluminium tubingLI0321 £9.99Fish Grippers. Compact 10in Grippers. Powerful spring action jaws . Non slip Handle. Fitted Lanyard . Positive lock system. A must have tool for dealing with all those toothy crittersSingle Trigger lock/unlock, with extra grip jaws for a TEC Trigger GripCodeModelPricePU156113" Locking Trigger Grip£41.99TA1167 £8.00Butt Pad. Superior quality fight belt . Swivel socket. Made of ABS plastic . Fully adjustableTA1167£. Suitable for rods with cross gimbleSurecatch Adjustable webing belt, saltwater proof.CodeModelRRP:PriceDO0072Standard butt pad£12.99£7.99DO0071Deluxe butt pad£19.99£9.99Maxi GaffSV5656 £13.99.Multi-purpose sea angling gaff..Very sharp stainless steel hook..Constructed of strong, light octagonal aluminium tubing..Extends up to 178cm..Comes with protective spike cover.CodeSizePriceLI1203Medium 40cm£4.99LI1204Large 50cm£6.99GZ0009 £12.99GZ0010 £19.99. Fitted Lanyard . Positive lock system. A must have tool for dealing with all those toothy critters. Weighs up to 12kg. Easy, secure twist locking length adjustment. Very sharp stainless steel hook. Extends up to 140cmstronger hold. With sheath.Butt PadRRP: £9.99Casting NetSV8437 £31.99Efficient net for catching live bait fish. This type of casting net is one of the fastest ways to fill the bait bucket.CodeStylePriceTA1301Finer minnow mesh£5.99TA1362Fish/Crab/Lobster 50x60cm£9.99Boat Net . Super strong Construction. Rust and Rot proof † ttings throughout. Long reach. A must for every skipperMedium 45x65x70cmLarge 65x75x80cmCodeLengthPriceLI12771.6m£11.99LI12782.0m£15.99Grippers + Scales. Very Strong Stainless steel gripper jaws with Digital Scale with LCD display. 50lb/22kg. Built in tape measure. Weight memoryLI1279 £36.99Large Grippers + Scales. LCD display. Built in tape measure. Unbelievably strong and robust, a must for all boat fishermenLI1280 £39.99Drop NetWaterproof BagTA1402 £2.99100% Waterproof, heavy duty pouch. Perfect for storing all your small valuables, such as mobile phone, keys etc...With Clear view front.Digital ScaleTA0121Very precise digital scale that can weigh up to 40lb. Easy to read display.RRP: £39.99 £14.99GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FOR TRIPODS45 5ft Eco TripodThe Leeda 5ft Eco Tripod makes an excellent value for money rod rest for the occasional angler. Capable of holding one rod, this tripod rod rest can be used on the beach or anywhere with uneven ground under foot. Extending to 5ft in length the Leeda Eco Tripod is made from aluminium, making it hard wearing and extremely light. 6ft Match TripodLD8412 £39.99DW2184 £44.99 Beachcaster TripodDW2184£44. Innovative beach tripod made from triangular alloy tubing. Telescopic legs, rod rest arms and cup arms. Extends to over 1.75m in height. Legs feature a hard metal ground spike. . The rod rest head and butt cups are made from plastic that is designed to absorb daylight returning luminous visibility in the dark Telescopic Tripod. A new innovation in telescopic tripods. Extremely sturdy when fully extended to 7ft. Made from lightweight aluminium. Extending V­shape main leg . Adjustable stabilising twin legs. Comes complete with screw­lock sliding butt rest. Adjustable twin v­cup rod rests. Legs fold an clip into main frameConstructed from lightweight powder coated aluminium with an angular central section and rounded legs, this beach rest is robust yet compact.. 2 piece central angular bar with spike extending to 7ft. Round telescopic legs with neat click­lock adjusting mechanisms. Both legs clip to main bar for storage. 2 adjustable side stabilising arms. 2 sliding adjustable butt caps. Supplied in a robust carry case with velcro pockets. Weighs only 2.70kgSP2511 £50.00Beach RestTelescopic Tripod.Full 2.1m Match Tripodstability LI0880 £29.99.Fully adjustable in all aspects. Telescopic legs if extra height is needed or for extra . No fail U Style cups. All aluminium fittings.99 Session Bait Trays. Heavy duty bait trays. Elasticated for perfect placement. Sturdy aluminium arms. Leg ties for additional rigiditySV5267 £14.99SV6437 £14.99Session Bait TrayAll Session Bait Tray MouldsCodeSizeWeightMakesPriceTA121615g9£19.99TA1217210g8£19.99TA1218315g8£19.99TA1219420g7£19.99TA1220542g6£19.99TA1221780g5£12.00TA1222892g5£12.50TA12239110g5£12.99TA1213Assorted7 weights7£29.99Ball MouldsCodeSizePriceTA1214Small£19.99TA1215Large£29.99Snapper MouldsVery Easy to use, just loop or tie the line round the loop. Great for using in 'Snaggy' areas.Small size makes 5 weights:2x 1oz, 2x 2oz, 1x 3ozLarge size makes 5 weights:2x 4oz, 2x 8oz, 1x 12ozNO MORE BUYING EXPENSIVE LEAD WEIGHTS!Designed for the busy angler, the weightbox comes complete with 10 ready made sinkers from 3oz to 8oz and the mould set comes with a 3­8oz mould, and a variety of accessories and interchangeable heads.System100+ Weight CarryboxLead Loops & ClampCodeTypeQtyPriceSW0477Brass1000£21.99SW0166Brass Loops50£1.99CJ0133Mould Clamp1£2.25CodeSizeGE0001Lead SetGE0002Mould SetSwift Bell Boat MouldSW0163 £19.99Lead WiresCodeSizePriceCJ0421Roller Grip Tail Wires 50pk£2.99SW0167Stainless Grip Wires 20pk£1.85CJ0420Stainless Grip Wires 100pk£4.25. 8­24ozCodeMouldWgtPrice ACJ02982in1 Flat Pear 2.5/3.5oz£19.99CJ02992in1 Flat Pear3/4 oz£19.99 BCJ03632 IN 1 Fish Face Jig 125+150g£17.99CJ03654 IN 1 Fish Face Jig 20­100g£19.99 CCJ01254in1 Distance Mould1.5­4oz£19.99CJ04774in1 Distance Mould2­4.5oz£19.99 DCJ01244in1 Pear Bomb2/4oz£19.99MouldsCodeMouldABCD £34.99Boat Lead MouldsCodeMouldPrice CJ0481Twin Ball Mould 6&8oz£19.99CJ044010oz Ball Mould£14.99 CJ047812oz Ball Mould£14.99CJ047914oz Ball Mould£14.99 CJ048024oz Ball Mould£19.99CJ0482Quick Drop Mould 8oz£14.99 CJ0483Quick Drop Mould 12oz£14.99CJ0484Quick Drop Mould 16oz£14.99 CJ0485Quick Drop Mould 24oz£19.99CodeMouldPriceCJ04752 IN 1 Grip Lead Mould 2+3oz£19.99CJ04762 IN 1 Grip Lead Mould 2.5+4oz£19.99CJ0417Roller Grip Mould 5oz£21.99CJ0418Roller Grip Mould 6oz£21.99Grip BMouldsStainless Steel TripodFantastic quality ,much more stable than regular tripods, LI1218 £39.99Fully adjustable & telescopic Legs, fully adjustable and removable Rests. Complete in a Smart cloth Bag.99Just what we have been waiting for a Good quality tripod that fits in the boot of the car.. Full Alloy and stainless steel throughout. Easily detachable and fully adjustable double rod holders. Fully adjustable extendable Alloy Legs. Stainless Lamp/Stability hook. Closed Length 110cm Fully extends too 170cm . Comes complete with a Waterproof/ zipped Carry bagTA1382 £19.99RRP: £29.99Fantastic quality, full alloy and stainless steel construction.. This is an extremely stable design coming complete with fitted fully adjustable stability bars. Rod rest head sets easily slide of for transportation and are fully adjustable. Stainless Lamp/Stability hook also with fitted rig hook holder. The two Round Section Legs clip to the main section for storage TA1383 £29.99RRP: £44.99Super Deluxe 200cm Match TripodGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FOR19RRP:£TA1383£29RRP:£44. 6ft alloy central angular bar can be pushed into the sand for greater stability. Two round section legs that clip up to the main bar for secure storagetransportation. Rubber version perfect for windy conditions. Available in rubber or nylon mesh. Drainage holes on nylon versionSV5267Session. Adjustable twin rest design that can be turned 90 degrees for easier . Rod rest heads slide off so that they can be altered to suit the tide directionLD8751 £19.99SV5532 £45.99RRP: £59.99GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORTravel Telescopic Match TripodGET MORE THAN YOU PAY FOR