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page 68 DAIWA RODS5110.00114.99Buy any Daiwa for an extra£99.00Just add ­A to the rod codeBuy any Daiwa Beachcaster and combine it with a (RRP:£135.00) for an extra£80.00Just add ­B to the rod codeBeachcaster and combine it with a Daiwa 7HT Multiplier (RRP:£160.00) A Daiwa SLOSH Multiplier Buy any Daiwa Beachcaster and combine it with a Penn Surfmaster (RRP:£100.00) for an extra£55.00Just add ­C to the rod codeEight individual designs, made in the UK for our British shores. A dream to handle and cast there are four Power and Rough Ground models suited to the toughest and fastest water.Long beachcasters may be a lesson from the continent but the Grandwave is a rod choice designed specifically for the UK angler. The full carbon rod has an action that allows you to achieve big distances without the need for any pendulum style casting. Designed for use with a fixed spool it makes ideal for any level of ability.Complimenting the Grandwave this new Emcast Surf provides access to the 'long rod' style but at a far more affordable price.Available in 14' and 15' the prospect of getting to where the fish are now will be within more peoples reach.CodeModelLength & Type GroundRRPRod PriceDW1839STS12M12' MultiplierClean/Rough£240.00£225.00DW1838STS12F12' Fixed SpoolClean/Rough£230.00£215.00DW1842STS13M13' MultiplierClean/Rough£240.00£225.00DW1841STS13F13' Fixed SpoolClean/Rough£240.00£225.00DW1840STS12PM12' Power MultiplierRough/Tidal£230.00£215.00DW1843STS13PM13' Power MultiplierRough/Tidal£240.00£225.00DW2414STS13RGM13' MultiplierRough/Tidal£250.00£230.00. High-grade carbon butts and blended tips. Shock ring protected Aluminium Oxide guides. Superb balance and handling. All cast 4-8ozs . Cross textured shrink-grips. Daiwa stainless steel coasters. Super High Grade carbon blanks. Aluminium joint rings for increased joint strength. Convenient three section assembly. SiC guides. Collapsable butt guide. Power casting grip . Multi Grade carbon blanks. Convenient three section assembly. SiC guides. Abbreviated Matt finish for casting comfort. Aluminium joint rings for increased joint strengthSupercastGrandwave Surf RodsEmcast Surf RodsCodeModelLength & Type RRPRod PriceDW2416GWS1403FS Grand Wave 14' Fixed Spool£199.99£160.00DW2417GWS1603FS Grand Wave 16' Fixed Spool£199.99£160.00CodeModelLength & Type RRPRod PriceDW2317ECS1403FSEmcast 14' Fixed Spool 4-8oz£74.99£70.00DW2318ECS1503FSEmcast 15' Fixed Spool 4-8oz£79.99£75.00Extra long beachcasters combined with a fixed spool and a progressive, overhead cast are seeing baits reach big distances in the hands of mere mortals. The Longbeam is amazingly balanced and responsive, designed around the added convenience of three sections remaining incredibly sharp when assembled.Each model has been built around a stiff carbon butt construction combined with a compound taper tip to deliver the ideal balance between casting performance and bite detection.. High grade carbon blanks. Crisp recovery with progressive action . Superior lightness and balance. Duplon butt grip. Reinforced metal joint rings. Graphite reel seat with Titanium hoods. High quality aluminium oxide guides. Stiff carbon butt with a flexible compound taper tip for maximum casting performance. Fuji DPS reel seat. Aluminium Oxide line guides. Shrink tube butt sleeves. EVA rear gripTheory BeachLongbeam Surf RodsCodeModelLength & Type RRPRod PriceDW2130LB1403FS Long Beam 14' Fixed Spool£139.99£109.99CodeModelLength & Type CastsRod PriceDW2445THB12MBeach 12' Multiplier4-8oz£135.00DW2444THB12FBeach 12' Fixed Spool4-8oz£135.00DW2447THB13MBeach 13' Multiplier4-8oz£145.00DW2446THB13FBeach 13' Fixed Spool4-8oz£145.00DW2448THB14FBeach 14' Fixed Spool4-8oz£150.00DW2449THB16FBeach 16' Fixed Spool4-8oz£160.00DW2450THB116Beach 11' 6" Bass2-4oz£120.00The sand Storms deliver excellent value and an outstanding performance.. Stiff carbon butt with a flexible compound taper tip for maximum casting performance. Super durable shrink grip with stainless steel coasters on all models. All cast 4-8ozs. Shock ring protected Aluminium Oxide lined guides. Stainless steel coasters on multiplier rods. Screw fittings on fixed spool models. Oversize rubber butt capSand StormCodeModelLength & Type RRPRod PriceDW1354SSZS12M 12' Multiplier£160.00£140.00DW1355SSZS12F 12' Fixed Spool£160.00£140.00DW1353SSZS13M 13' Multiplier£170.00£150.00DW1352SSZS13F 13' Fixed Spool£170.00£150.00

6BEACH RODS 0871 716 1670 OPEN 7 DAYSStratocaster Surf & Beach RodsCodeRod ModelSectionsRRPRod PriceCombo CodeCombo PriceSV6805Stratocaster Surf 15ft100-200gr3pc£79.99£45.00SV6805C£55.00SV5054Stratocaster Beach MP 12ft2pc£49.99£30.00SV5054C£40.00Assassin Beach & Surf RodsCodeRod ModelRod PriceCombo CodeCombo PriceLD0497Assassin 15ft Long Surf£89.99LD0497C£99.99LD0491Assassin 12ft 3-5oz Beach£69.99LD0491C£79.99LD0492Assassin 13ft 4-6oz Power£69.99LD0492C£79.99CodeRod ModelCombo PriceSP2656CAlivio Surf 13ft Fixed Spool 4-8oz£65.00from only £79.99both for only £65.00Buy the rod on its own or add a Lineaeffe Silver Surf 70 5bb reel + spare spoolBuy the rod with a Lineaeffe Hiper Catch 80 reelRRP:£157.00RRP:£161.98Features:. Excellent carbon surf rod designed by British Anglers for British coast lines!. Folding large guide makes storage easy. Casting weight of 100-200g. Available in: 12ft Beach and 15' Long surf versionsFeatures:. 2piece . Quality carbon blank . Very well balanced . Screw reel fitting . EVA Handle15ft surf rod is excellent for distance surfcasting, while the 12ft and 13ft are great all round beachcasters, the 12ft being ideal for beach, bass and flatties.The combination of the super stiff butt section with a medium fast tapering top, contributes to an ease of loading to gain good casting distance. 3 piece construction.Features:. Fuji guides. Shrink tube handleImax Equation Beach Rods. Premium 'XTII-Power' carbon blank. Reinforced solid butt. Premium reel seat. Superb SiC guides. Japanese shrink wrap butt. Spigot joint. The perfect distance rod from Only £180Buy the rod on its own or add an Okuma Magnetix 20L Multiplier"Fantastic quality & performance"CodeRod ModelRod PriceCombo CodeCombo PriceSV7999Equation 14ft 4-8oz£179.99SV7999C£230.00SV8000Equation 13ft6 5-6oz£129.99SV8000C£180.00SV8001Equation 13ft6 4-8oz£129.99SV8001C£180.00CodeRod ModelRod PriceCombo CodeCombo PriceSV8002Equation Surf 15ft 100-200g£139.99SV8002C£179.99RRP:£69.99Imax Equation Surf Rods. Premium 'XTII-Power' carbon blank. Reinforced solid butt. Feature 'Imax' reel seat. Superb wide bore SiC guides. Japanese shrink wrap butt. Push in joints for an Extra £40Buy the rod on its own or add an Okuma Distance Surf 60 ReelRRP:£59.99CodeRod ModelRod PriceCombo CodeCombo PriceSU3933Vengeance Surf 13ft Fixed Spool 4-8oz£89.99SU3933C£149.99SU3934Vengeance Surf 13ft Multiplier 4-8oz£94.99SU3934C£154.99Vengeance Surf RodCloser to Nature, Closer to PeopleDescribed as an affordable 'bread and butter' range of rods, our newVengeance beach casters offer both performance and the kind of finishnormally found on far more expensive rods. A two rod range, fixedspool and multiplier, both Vengeance blanks are rated for 4-8 oz makingthem ideal for the overwhelming majority of British beach anglers.The Fixed Spool rod with a Penn Surfmaster 850 reelFor an Extra £60Buy the Multiplier rod and a Greys G-Mag Six reel ORHC Carbon 15ft Surf RodCodeRod ModelRod PriceCombo CodeCombo PriceLI121915ft 150-300g£29.99LI1219C£54.99Buy the rod on its own or add a Lineaeffe Hiper Catch Cast Reel 3 section surf rod with a fiber construction. Lightweight but very powerful, with a reinforced butt section for distance casting. A premium reel seat, saltwater grade eyes fully rung for large Surf Casting fixed spool reels (including a foldable Bottom Coil breaker), fluorescent red tip for bite detection. All for an incredible price!For Only £54.99Buy the rod on its own or you can combo up with the new Fisheagle Sea Bay 600 (line fitted) worth £15.99from only £40.00. Spigot jointsLong Surf Combo