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6BEACH RODS 0871 716 1670 OPEN 7 DAYSStratocaster Surf & Beach RodsCodeRod ModelSectionsRRPRod PriceCombo CodeCombo PriceSV6805Stratocaster Surf 15ft100-200gr3pc£79.99£45.00SV6805C£55.00SV5054Stratocaster Beach MP 12ft2pc£49.99£30.00SV5054C£40.00Assassin Beach & Surf RodsCodeRod ModelRod PriceCombo CodeCombo PriceLD0497Assassin 15ft Long Surf£89.99LD0497C£99.99LD0491Assassin 12ft 3-5oz Beach£69.99LD0491C£79.99LD0492Assassin 13ft 4-6oz Power£69.99LD0492C£79.99CodeRod ModelCombo PriceSP2656CAlivio Surf 13ft Fixed Spool 4-8oz£65.00from only £79.99both for only £65.00Buy the rod on its own or add a Lineaeffe Silver Surf 70 5bb reel + spare spoolBuy the rod with a Lineaeffe Hiper Catch 80 reelRRP:£157.00RRP:£161.98Features:. Excellent carbon surf rod designed by British Anglers for British coast lines!. Folding large guide makes storage easy. Casting weight of 100-200g. Available in: 12ft Beach and 15' Long surf versionsFeatures:. 2piece . Quality carbon blank . Very well balanced . Screw reel fitting . EVA Handle15ft surf rod is excellent for distance surfcasting, while the 12ft and 13ft are great all round beachcasters, the 12ft being ideal for beach, bass and flatties.The combination of the super stiff butt section with a medium fast tapering top, contributes to an ease of loading to gain good casting distance. 3 piece construction.Features:. Fuji guides. Shrink tube handleImax Equation Beach Rods. Premium 'XTII-Power' carbon blank. Reinforced solid butt. Premium reel seat. Superb SiC guides. Japanese shrink wrap butt. Spigot joint. The perfect distance rod from Only £180Buy the rod on its own or add an Okuma Magnetix 20L Multiplier"Fantastic quality & performance"CodeRod ModelRod PriceCombo CodeCombo PriceSV7999Equation 14ft 4-8oz£179.99SV7999C£230.00SV8000Equation 13ft6 5-6oz£129.99SV8000C£180.00SV8001Equation 13ft6 4-8oz£129.99SV8001C£180.00CodeRod ModelRod PriceCombo CodeCombo PriceSV8002Equation Surf 15ft 100-200g£139.99SV8002C£179.99RRP:£69.99Imax Equation Surf Rods. Premium 'XTII-Power' carbon blank. Reinforced solid butt. Feature 'Imax' reel seat. Superb wide bore SiC guides. Japanese shrink wrap butt. Push in joints for an Extra £40Buy the rod on its own or add an Okuma Distance Surf 60 ReelRRP:£59.99CodeRod ModelRod PriceCombo CodeCombo PriceSU3933Vengeance Surf 13ft Fixed Spool 4-8oz£89.99SU3933C£149.99SU3934Vengeance Surf 13ft Multiplier 4-8oz£94.99SU3934C£154.99Vengeance Surf RodCloser to Nature, Closer to PeopleDescribed as an affordable 'bread and butter' range of rods, our newVengeance beach casters offer both performance and the kind of finishnormally found on far more expensive rods. A two rod range, fixedspool and multiplier, both Vengeance blanks are rated for 4-8 oz makingthem ideal for the overwhelming majority of British beach anglers.The Fixed Spool rod with a Penn Surfmaster 850 reelFor an Extra £60Buy the Multiplier rod and a Greys G-Mag Six reel ORHC Carbon 15ft Surf RodCodeRod ModelRod PriceCombo CodeCombo PriceLI121915ft 150-300g£29.99LI1219C£54.99Buy the rod on its own or add a Lineaeffe Hiper Catch Cast Reel 3 section surf rod with a fiber construction. Lightweight but very powerful, with a reinforced butt section for distance casting. A premium reel seat, saltwater grade eyes fully rung for large Surf Casting fixed spool reels (including a foldable Bottom Coil breaker), fluorescent red tip for bite detection. All for an incredible price!For Only £54.99Buy the rod on its own or you can combo up with the new Fisheagle Sea Bay 600 (line fitted) worth £15.99from only £40.00. Spigot jointsLong Surf Combo BEACH RODS7Surfcasting Beach RodsFeatures:. Fuji guides . Shrink tube handle. Spigot joints . UK coastersFS Rods:Two versatile fixed spool beachcasters. The combination of the super stiff butt section with a medium fast tapering top, contributes to an ease of loading to gain good casting distance.MX Rods:Two out and out casting rods designed to suit all conditions and casting techniques.CodeModelCastsRRPRod PriceSP2497FS 12ft Fixed Spool4-8oz£85.99£40.00SP2498FS 13ft Fixed Spool4-8oz£91.99£40.00CodeModelCastsRRPRod PriceSP2495MX 12ft Multiplier4-8oz£96.99£40.00SP2496MX 13ft Multiplier4-8oz£107.99£40.00CodeModelCastsRRPRod PriceSP265613ft Fixed Spool4-6oz£101.99£45.00SP265714ft Fixed Spool4-6oz£104.99£50.00SP265815ft Fixed Spool4-6oz£107.99£50.00Long Surf Rods 3 pieceLong Surf Rods 2 piece Fixed Spool Long Surf Rods 2 piece MultiplierCodeModelCastsRod PriceCombo CodeCombo PriceSP253512ft 2pc Fixed Spool4-8oz£22.00SP2535C£32.00SP253612ft 3pc Fixed Spool4-8oz£25.00SP2536C£35.00SP253713ft 3pc Fixed Spool4-8oz£26.00SP2537C£36.00BeachcastersBeachcaster Rods:A compact range of fixed spool carbon beachcasters in a popular 12' and 13' lengths, with the 12' version available in 2 or 3 piece equal length sections.Features:. Lined guides . Cushion reel seat fitting. Hyperlon handle . Glazed tipCombo from only £32.00Buy the rod and a Fisheagle Sea Bay reel inc. lineWorth £15.99Atlas BeachcastersAtlas 3 Section Long Surf RodCodeLengthModel/CastsRod OnlyCombo CodeCombo PriceWH001112ft 2pcMultiplier 4-8oz£23.99WH001212ft 2pcFixed Spool 4-8oz£23.99WH0012C£31.00CodeLengthModel/CastsRod OnlyCombo CodeCombo PriceWH001314ft 3pcFixed Spool 4-8oz£29.99WH0013C£37.00A great range of beachcasters that are fantastic value for money. . EVA handle. Available in 3 models, both fixed spool and multiplierBuy the rod on its own or you can combo up with the new Fisheagle Sea Bay 600 (line fitted) worth £15.99from only £31.00GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FORRod features:. Carbon composite. Lined guides. 4-8oz casting weight. DPS style reel seatD Surf RodsBeachcastersCodeLengthModel/. 3 piece constructionCodeLengthCasting weightRod PriceCombo CodeCombo RRPCombo PriceDW228512ft Surf4-8oz£44.99DW2285C£81.96£54.99DW228613ft Surf4-8oz£49.99DW2286C£86.96£59.99Reel features:. Stainless steel gears. Machine cut grade brass. Long stroke spool for precise casting. RES Rotor equalising systemFrom Only £54.99Evo Concept Pier RodCodeLengthCastsRod PriceCombo CodeCombo PriceFeatures:SV84749ft (2pc)2-4oz£24.99SV8474C£39.99. Light weight - Composite Pier Rod. Japanese shrink wrap on lower handle. Graphite reel seat. High Quality, 3-legged SiC guidesOutfit Only £39.99Buy the rod on its own or add an Okuma Electron 80 reel with fitted line (Reel RRP:£24.99)Buy the rod on its own or you can combo up with a Lineaeffe Silver 70 Surf ReelCodeModelCastsRod PriceCombo CodeCombo PriceSP140713ft 3pc Fixed Spool4-8oz£15.00SP1407C£25.00SP277313ft 3pc100-200g£18.00SP2773C£28.00IN2 BeachcastersBuy the rod on its own or you can combo up with the Fisheagle Sea Bay 600 (line fitted) worth £15.99from only £25.00 Perfect for general beach - fishing for whiting, flatfish, bass and codling.Features:. Lined Guides. Cushion Reel Seat Fitting. Push In Joints. Glazed Tip.HUGE SAVINGS!IN2 Pier RodsIdeal for the occasional angler. Great for fishing Mackerel, Colefish, Bass etc...Features:. High resistance rod Blank . Fully lived Rod eyes with Quality reel seat. Strong 4-6oz casting action . Very Strong versatile all round Sea rods. Ideal for Beach, rocks and pier fishingBuy the rod with the Fisheagle Sea Bay 400 (fitted with 18lb surf mono) Outfit Only £22.00 from only £40.00Huge reductions on SALT beachcasters! Buy a SALT beachcasterSave up to £67.99CodeModelCastsRod PriceCombo CodeCombo PriceSP277710ft4-6oz£12.00SP2777C£22.00SP077811ft4-6oz£12.00SP0778C£22.00SALESALESALE