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page 68 BOOKS, VIDEOS & GIFTS63Fishing MugsCodeStyleDO0208Born to fIshDO0209Fishing if it was easyDO0210A bad days fishingJF0805Born to fish £4.99Fish Scaler £2.99JF0899Fisherman Lives here Doormat £11.99JF0820Pewter Fisherman Keyring £4.99JF0341.99Sea Fishing Pewter Lapel PinsCodeStylePriceJF0296Pewter Cod£2.99JF0332Enamel Multiplier£2.75JF0302Marlin£2.99JF0306Bass£2.99Sweedish Firesteel £8.00JF0526GAC Gift Vouchers £5.00 £10.00 £20.00GV5GV10GV20Made from cast aluminium, with a decorative but comfortable  sh shaped handle. (Length 21cm/8.5inches)Sea Fishing Towel £2.75JF0061Just Fish Fishing Reel/Rod Clock £24.99JF0212.99Waterbuoy Flotation Key RingAs seen on Dragons Den! A miniature … otation device that is visible at night and can be attached to virtually anything that might be dropped in the water. £9.99LD2293Fishermans SocksCodeStyleJF0290Greatest FishermanJF0694Get their Tackle £4.99 £5.99JF0265Eat Sleep Go Fishing HatFleece hat embroidered with "Eat sleep Go Fishing"Embroidered Salmon HatEmbroidered ski hat JF0276 £6.50100% acrylic one size fits all.Born to Fish Fleece HatFleece hat embroidered with 'Born to Fish' on the front, 'Forced to Work' on the back.JF0893 £7.99Mug and Coaster SetJF0705 £7.99The set features illustrations covering both coarse and game fishing. The coaster can be placed on top of the mug to keep any real flies away from your tea.Fishing Scene Tankard1 Pint Fishing Scene JF0263 £20.99Tankard. Man holding a pike on the front of the tankard and a fly fisherman reeling in a trout on the back.Fish Lure Ink PensFor the enthusiast DO1611 £2.50who has everything, a fish ink pen.Plug Bait FlashlightsKeyring sized flashlights. Shaped like fishing lures.DO1612 £5.99Antique Lure BookendsDO1614 £16.99Fishing Message CubeJF0817 £6.50Over 800 sheets. One corner of the cube has a 1cm hole punched through it, providing a handy tube for pen storage. Fishing MintsFishing mints - pack of JF0362 £5.993 tins with fly fishing Illustrations.Food Smoker BagFor preparing smoked fish, meat, poultry and vegetables in an electric or gas oven. In one bag you can smoke up to 1kg of food.JF0772 £2.99Fish Bottle OpenerAn English made pewter bottle opener from JF0074 £15.99professional craftsmen. 9cm longStainless Steel Fish Poacher18 inch, finest quality stainless steel, polished to a brilliant mirror finish inside and outside. Suitable for oven top heat sources.JF0072 £29.99Tide ClockMahogany surround with white dial and brass bezel. Made in the UK. Shows the cycles of the tide.JF0775 £39.99Fishing Themed Key rackMade from mild steel, coated in high density polyethylene, with hooks to hang three sets of keys. Fixed in place with 2 screws (screws not included). JF0776 £12.995.5in in height, 7.5in width.Game Fishing Pewter Lapel PinsCodeStylePriceJF0291Trout£2.99JF0292Pike£2.99JF0298Grayling£2.99JF0300Fly Reel£2.99JF0303L Salmon£2.99JF0308Salmon Fly£2.99JF0309Trout Fly£2.99JF0312S Salmon£2.99JF0319Mayfly£2.99JF0313STR Salmon£2.99JF0314Fisherman£2.99Gold plated imperial rod and reel clock. Length: 11cmMouse Mat & CoasterKeeping your table free of unsightly marks, and your computer mouse running smoothly.JF0889 £3.99"Fred" Fisherman Wine HolderSimply place your wine bottle inside Fred's body, then place his head on the top. His head is attached to his body by a chain so he will never lose it.JF0896 £15.50Fishing ScrimshawA traditional 6oz (170g) pocket flask supplied with funnel. Captioned with the fishes Latin name.CodeStylePriceJF0897Carp£25.50JF0898Pike£25.50CodeJF0897JF08982 piece antique book end set.

64GAME FISHING 0871 716 1670 OPEN 7 DAYSAdd just£75!(RRP: £126)Includes:. GRXi Fly reel + 2 spare spools. greys padded reel/spool bag. 2 GRXi fly lines: choice of floating. sinking or intermediate. Braided Backing & 6 Pack of Braided loopsCodeLengthAFTMHandleWeightPcsRod PriceHR12927ft 6#3RHW2.72oz4£169.00HR12938ft#4RHW2.79oz4£179.00HR12948ft 6#4RHW3.00oz4£189.00HR12959ft#4RHW3.21oz4£199.00HR12969ft#5RHW3.25oz4£199.00HR12979ft#6RHW3.32oz4£199.00HR13049ft#8FW+EH3.92oz4£219.00HR13059ft#9FW+EH3.92oz4£219.00HR13069ft#10FW+EH3.88oz4£229.00HR12989ft 6#6FW+EH4.02oz4£219.00HR12999ft 6#7FW+EH4.06oz4£219.00HR13009ft 6#8FW+EH4.13oz4£229.00HR130110ft#6FW+EH4.02oz4£239.00HR130210ft#7FW+EH4.13oz4£239.00HR130310ft#8FW+EH4.30oz4£249.00Uniqua Trout RodsCodeLengthAFTMHandleWeightPcsRod PriceHR130713ft#8TPSF8.29oz4£349.00HR130814ft#9TPSF9.52oz4£379.00HR130915ft#10RHW9.42oz4£399.00Uniqua Salmon RodsThe hardened carbon fibre disk drag system is sensitive and quickly adjustable. The reel can be easily changed from left to right hand wind and the deep spools take a great deal of backing in even the smaller sizes.CodeSizeCapacityPriceHR1262#2/3/4DT3+40m£149HR1263#5/6DT5+65m£159HR1264#7/8DT7+100m£169HR1265#9/10DT9+160m£189HR1266#11/12DT11+125m£199Uniqua ReelThe 30/40 tonne carbon mix allows the rods in this range to load deeply and quickly and gives them a very fast recovery rate. These qualities produce an action that is easy to master and yet gives genuine high performance on the water. Hard lined Fuji guides, scintillating dark pine coloured blank, four-piece construction and a carry tube complete this sophisticated package.Uniqua Fly RodsUniqua Fly ReelsCodeLengthAFTMHandleWeightPcsRod PriceGR14497ft#2RHW2.99oz4£74.99GR14507ft 6#3RHW3.17oz4£79.99GR14518ft#4RHW3.42oz4£84.99GR14528ft 6ft#5RHW3.6oz4£89.99GR14539ft#5FW + EH3.81oz4£94.99GR14549ft#6FW + EH3.95oz4£94.99GR14559ft#7FW + EH4.51oz4£94.99GR14569ft#8FW + EH4.66oz4£99.99GR14579ft#9FW + EH5.04oz4£99.99GR14589ft#10FW + EH5.19oz4£109.99GR14599ft 6#6FW + EH4.69oz4£99.99GR14609ft 6#7FW + EH4.87oz4£99.99GR14619ft 6#8FW + EH4.9oz4£99.99GR146210ft#6FW + EH4.94oz4£109.99GR146310ft#7FW + EH5.08oz4£109.99GR146410ft#8FW + EH5.22oz4£114.99CodeLengthAFTMHandleWeightPcsRod PriceGR146512ft#7TPS8.96oz4£129.99GR146613ft#8TPS9.98oz4£139.99GR146714ft#9TPS11.25oz4£149.99GR146815ft#10TPS12.35oz4£159.99Single Handed RodsDouble Handed RodsGS2 Fly Rods. Section line-up markers and laser engraved logo on handle. Saltwater sage reel seat and sup-plied with PVC tube and cloth bag. Single line ratings. Four section design for ease of transportGS2 ComboSave up to 20% with this amazing comboCodeLengthAFTMPcsRod PriceOut“ t PriceNG00319ft 6#6/73£39.99£79.99SFX2 Fly RodThe new stylish Stillwater SFX2 rod offers great looks, and an extremely user-friendly, middle-to-tip action with great recovery. Despite its entry-level price, the SFX2 is so good we found that even experienced anglers liked it, and with such a sweet action we were not surprised.Outfit Contains:. Stillwater DNX fly reel + 3 Spare Spools & Case. 2 Stillwater Flylines (1 float, 1 int). Backing, Loops & Leader. 2 Wet Fly Casts. 50 Assorted Flies. Clearview Fly BoxCodeModelCapacityPriceNG0002#5/6WF6+85yds£39.99NG0003#7/8WF8+150yds£39.99NG0004#9/11WF11+200yds£44.99SFX ReelCodePriceNG0006£19.99NG0007£19.99NG0008£21.99SpoolSFX Fly Reel. Cast then machined alloy body . Simple RHW/LHW change over. Large arbour quick change spools. Durable gloss black finish. Amazing value for moneyTruefly SLA Reel. Super large arbour for rapid retrieve & fly line memory reduction. Largest arbour and lightest #7/8 cassette fly reel. Aluminium die-cast frame & cage. Hidden counter-balance system. Semi-concealed rulon disc drag. High-density polycarbonate cassettes. Full EVA case for protection. Includes 2 Spare SpoolTrue y SLA ReelCodeModelCapacityPriceLD9997#7/8 BlackWF7+100yds£69.99LD9998#7/8 GrayWF7+100yds£69.99CodePriceLD0685£9.99LD0687£9.992 Spool PackCodePriceLD0684£6.99LD0686£6.99PackSingle SpoolCC3 Waders. 3-layer construction. Two waterproof zippered side pockets. Built-in mesh gravel guards with lace hook. Waist belt/Supspenders includedWaist WadersCodeSizeSV6705MSV6706LSV6707XLSV6708XXL£139.99CodeSizeSV6697MSV6698LSV6699XLSV6700XXLChest Waders£150!BUY BOTH THE STOCKINGFOOT CC3 WADERS & IPAC WADING BOOTS FOR ONLY£Glasgow Angling Centre also has the largest selection of Game equipment in Europe. Come and visit us instore or on line at www.… or send for your free Game or Fly tying catalogues.Below is only a small selection some of the oš ers we have availableFly Tying Catalogue 2009/10Second EditionTel: 0871 716 1670 Fax: 0871 716 1671e-mail: sales@fishingmegastore.comwww.fishingmegastore.comGlasgow Angling CentreUnit 1, The Point Retail Park29 Saracen StreetGlasgow G22 5HTcomwww.Taken at Little Blackhall on the river DeeTel: 0871 716 1670 Fax: 0871 716 1671e-mail: sales@fishingmegastore.comwww.fishingmegastore.comGlasgow Angling CentreUnit 1, The Point Retail Park29 Saracen StreetGlasgow G22 5HTFREE SHIPPING with any order over £150**UK mainland onlyFeatures Include:. Med to tip smooth action. Multi-modulus carbon. Dual anodised aluminium reel seat. Premium grade AAA cork. Alignment Dots . Cordura tube & rod sleeveCodeModelAFTMPcsRod PriceOut“ t PriceLD0104Trueœ y 7ft#3/43£59.99£100LD0105Trueœ y 8ft#3/43£59.99£100LD0106Trueœ y 8ft 6#4/53£64.99£105LD7880Trueœ y 9ft#5/63£69.99£110LD7881Trueœ y 9ft 6#6/73£74.99£115LD7882Trueœ y 9ft 6#7/83£74.99£115LD7883Trueœ y 10ft#6/73£79.99£120LD7884Trueœ y 10ft#7/83£79.99£120Truefly RodsTrue y Trout RodsOutfit Contains:. Stillwater SGT2 + Spare Spool. Aircel Floating Flyline. Backing & LoopsCodeModelCapacityPriceGR1152#3/4WF4+85m 20lb£84.00GR1153#5/6WF6+85m 20lb£84.00GR1154#7/8WF8+180m 20lb£93.00GR1155#9/11WF11+300m 20lb£114.00CodePriceGR1157£8.99GR1158£8.99X-Flite Reel + 3 Spare SpoolsSpool. Rulon disc drag system . Tool less left right conversion in seconds. Supplied with three spare spools. Suitable for light saltwater use. Totally interchangeable spools with GRX, GRXi and GTXX-Flite ReelCodeModelCapacityPriceGR1160#5/6WF6+85m 20lb£55.00GR1162#9/11WF11+300m 20lb£84.00CodePriceGR0896£8.99GR0898£8.99GRXi+ Reel + 3 Spare SpoolsSpool. Rulon disc drag system with twin pads. Twin drag interface system for exceptional reliability. Tool less left right conversion in seconds. Supplied with three spare spools. Totally interchangeable spools with GRX, GRXi and GTXGRXi+ ReelCodeModelCapacityPriceHR08583000WF5+75yds£229HR08595000WF7+80yds£249HR08607000WF9+115yds£279HR08619000WF10+220yds£319CodePriceHR0880£11.99HR0881£11.99HR0882£11.99HR0883£11.99Demon Series ReelSpoolTough, low-cost spare spools so that you can carry every line you will ever need. Unique locking system means that spools can be changed quickly, easily and reliably whatever the conditions.Demon Reels. Strong cast alloy frame. Polycarbonate spools. Simple spool change. Easy LHW/RHW conversion. Large arbour design. Smooth disc drag. Smart gloss black finish. Includes 3 spare spools and carry caseDNX Fly ReelCodeModelCapacityPriceNG0010#7/8WF11+200yds£39.99DNX ReelCodePriceNG0012£4.99SpoolOdyssey Fly RodsAn increasingly popular addition to the game anglers armoury, these four piece travel ¢ y rods are perfect for most aspects of ¢ y-£ shing and o¤ er the ¢ y angler a rod that can be easily transported.. Lined butt & Second Guide - Snake Intermediate & Tip Guide. Alloy Reel Seat Fitting. Cork Handle. Supplied in Cordura TubeCodeLengthAFTMPcsWasNow OnlySP02797ft 6#4/52£26.99£18.00SP02808ft#5/62£27.99£19.00SP02818ft 6#5/62£29.99£20.00SP02829ft#6/72£32.99£23.00SP02839ft 6#7/82£34.99£24.00SP028410ft#7/82£37.99£26.00SP02868ft 6#5/63£32.99£23.00SP02879ft#6/73£34.99£26.00SP02919ft#6/74£49.99£35.00SP02929ft 6#6/74£52.99£37.00SP029310ft#7/84£54.99£38.00Zane RodsFeatures:. Heavy duty hardware for saltwater reliability. Aqua blue blanks with low in hand weight and exceptional balance. Large diameter butt rings for maximum line shooting. Low diameter blanks for less wind resistance. Anodised aluminium reel £ tting with double up-lock nuts and nylon grip ringsNOW 50%OFF!X-Flite RodsLight, responsive yet smooth and powerful. Low diameter olive coloured blanks are matched with anodised gold metal hard-ware and selected hardwood spacers to produce a cosmetically stunning rod that looks as good as it performs.NOW 50%OFF!CodeLengthAFTMPcsWasNow OnlyHR08139ft#64£399£200.00HR07309ft#104£449£200.00HR07319ft#124£459£200.00HR08149ft#124£469£200.00CodeLengthAFTMPcsWasNow OnlyGR11337ft 6#34£159.99£80.00GR11358ft 6#44£169.99£85.00GR11379ft#44£184.99£90.00GR11409ft#84£189.99£95.00GR11439ft 6#84£199.99£100.00