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64GAME FISHING 0871 716 1670 OPEN 7 DAYSAdd just£75!(RRP: £126)Includes:. GRXi Fly reel + 2 spare spools. greys padded reel/spool bag. 2 GRXi fly lines: choice of floating. sinking or intermediate. Braided Backing & 6 Pack of Braided loopsCodeLengthAFTMHandleWeightPcsRod PriceHR12927ft 6#3RHW2.72oz4£169.00HR12938ft#4RHW2.79oz4£179.00HR12948ft 6#4RHW3.00oz4£189.00HR12959ft#4RHW3.21oz4£199.00HR12969ft#5RHW3.25oz4£199.00HR12979ft#6RHW3.32oz4£199.00HR13049ft#8FW+EH3.92oz4£219.00HR13059ft#9FW+EH3.92oz4£219.00HR13069ft#10FW+EH3.88oz4£229.00HR12989ft 6#6FW+EH4.02oz4£219.00HR12999ft 6#7FW+EH4.06oz4£219.00HR13009ft 6#8FW+EH4.13oz4£229.00HR130110ft#6FW+EH4.02oz4£239.00HR130210ft#7FW+EH4.13oz4£239.00HR130310ft#8FW+EH4.30oz4£249.00Uniqua Trout RodsCodeLengthAFTMHandleWeightPcsRod PriceHR130713ft#8TPSF8.29oz4£349.00HR130814ft#9TPSF9.52oz4£379.00HR130915ft#10RHW9.42oz4£399.00Uniqua Salmon RodsThe hardened carbon fibre disk drag system is sensitive and quickly adjustable. The reel can be easily changed from left to right hand wind and the deep spools take a great deal of backing in even the smaller sizes.CodeSizeCapacityPriceHR1262#2/3/4DT3+40m£149HR1263#5/6DT5+65m£159HR1264#7/8DT7+100m£169HR1265#9/10DT9+160m£189HR1266#11/12DT11+125m£199Uniqua ReelThe 30/40 tonne carbon mix allows the rods in this range to load deeply and quickly and gives them a very fast recovery rate. These qualities produce an action that is easy to master and yet gives genuine high performance on the water. Hard lined Fuji guides, scintillating dark pine coloured blank, four-piece construction and a carry tube complete this sophisticated package.Uniqua Fly RodsUniqua Fly ReelsCodeLengthAFTMHandleWeightPcsRod PriceGR14497ft#2RHW2.99oz4£74.99GR14507ft 6#3RHW3.17oz4£79.99GR14518ft#4RHW3.42oz4£84.99GR14528ft 6ft#5RHW3.6oz4£89.99GR14539ft#5FW + EH3.81oz4£94.99GR14549ft#6FW + EH3.95oz4£94.99GR14559ft#7FW + EH4.51oz4£94.99GR14569ft#8FW + EH4.66oz4£99.99GR14579ft#9FW + EH5.04oz4£99.99GR14589ft#10FW + EH5.19oz4£109.99GR14599ft 6#6FW + EH4.69oz4£99.99GR14609ft 6#7FW + EH4.87oz4£99.99GR14619ft 6#8FW + EH4.9oz4£99.99GR146210ft#6FW + EH4.94oz4£109.99GR146310ft#7FW + EH5.08oz4£109.99GR146410ft#8FW + EH5.22oz4£114.99CodeLengthAFTMHandleWeightPcsRod PriceGR146512ft#7TPS8.96oz4£129.99GR146613ft#8TPS9.98oz4£139.99GR146714ft#9TPS11.25oz4£149.99GR146815ft#10TPS12.35oz4£159.99Single Handed RodsDouble Handed RodsGS2 Fly Rods. Section line-up markers and laser engraved logo on handle. Saltwater sage reel seat and sup-plied with PVC tube and cloth bag. Single line ratings. Four section design for ease of transportGS2 ComboSave up to 20% with this amazing comboCodeLengthAFTMPcsRod PriceOut“ t PriceNG00319ft 6#6/73£39.99£79.99SFX2 Fly RodThe new stylish Stillwater SFX2 rod offers great looks, and an extremely user-friendly, middle-to-tip action with great recovery. Despite its entry-level price, the SFX2 is so good we found that even experienced anglers liked it, and with such a sweet action we were not surprised.Outfit Contains:. Stillwater DNX fly reel + 3 Spare Spools & Case. 2 Stillwater Flylines (1 float, 1 int). Backing, Loops & Leader. 2 Wet Fly Casts. 50 Assorted Flies. Clearview Fly BoxCodeModelCapacityPriceNG0002#5/6WF6+85yds£39.99NG0003#7/8WF8+150yds£39.99NG0004#9/11WF11+200yds£44.99SFX ReelCodePriceNG0006£19.99NG0007£19.99NG0008£21.99SpoolSFX Fly Reel. Cast then machined alloy body . Simple RHW/LHW change over. Large arbour quick change spools. Durable gloss black finish. Amazing value for moneyTruefly SLA Reel. Super large arbour for rapid retrieve & fly line memory reduction. Largest arbour and lightest #7/8 cassette fly reel. Aluminium die-cast frame & cage. Hidden counter-balance system. Semi-concealed rulon disc drag. High-density polycarbonate cassettes. Full EVA case for protection. Includes 2 Spare SpoolTrue y SLA ReelCodeModelCapacityPriceLD9997#7/8 BlackWF7+100yds£69.99LD9998#7/8 GrayWF7+100yds£69.99CodePriceLD0685£9.99LD0687£9.992 Spool PackCodePriceLD0684£6.99LD0686£6.99PackSingle SpoolCC3 Waders. 3-layer construction. Two waterproof zippered side pockets. Built-in mesh gravel guards with lace hook. Waist belt/Supspenders includedWaist WadersCodeSizeSV6705MSV6706LSV6707XLSV6708XXL£139.99CodeSizeSV6697MSV6698LSV6699XLSV6700XXLChest Waders£150!BUY BOTH THE STOCKINGFOOT CC3 WADERS & IPAC WADING BOOTS FOR ONLY£Glasgow Angling Centre also has the largest selection of Game equipment in Europe. Come and visit us instore or on line at www.… or send for your free Game or Fly tying catalogues.Below is only a small selection some of the oš ers we have availableFly Tying Catalogue 2009/10Second EditionTel: 0871 716 1670 Fax: 0871 716 1671e-mail: sales@fishingmegastore.comwww.fishingmegastore.comGlasgow Angling CentreUnit 1, The Point Retail Park29 Saracen StreetGlasgow G22 5HTcomwww.Taken at Little Blackhall on the river DeeTel: 0871 716 1670 Fax: 0871 716 1671e-mail: sales@fishingmegastore.comwww.fishingmegastore.comGlasgow Angling CentreUnit 1, The Point Retail Park29 Saracen StreetGlasgow G22 5HTFREE SHIPPING with any order over £150**UK mainland onlyFeatures Include:. Med to tip smooth action. Multi-modulus carbon. Dual anodised aluminium reel seat. Premium grade AAA cork. Alignment Dots . Cordura tube & rod sleeveCodeModelAFTMPcsRod PriceOut“ t PriceLD0104Trueœ y 7ft#3/43£59.99£100LD0105Trueœ y 8ft#3/43£59.99£100LD0106Trueœ y 8ft 6#4/53£64.99£105LD7880Trueœ y 9ft#5/63£69.99£110LD7881Trueœ y 9ft 6#6/73£74.99£115LD7882Trueœ y 9ft 6#7/83£74.99£115LD7883Trueœ y 10ft#6/73£79.99£120LD7884Trueœ y 10ft#7/83£79.99£120Truefly RodsTrue y Trout RodsOutfit Contains:. Stillwater SGT2 + Spare Spool. Aircel Floating Flyline. Backing & LoopsCodeModelCapacityPriceGR1152#3/4WF4+85m 20lb£84.00GR1153#5/6WF6+85m 20lb£84.00GR1154#7/8WF8+180m 20lb£93.00GR1155#9/11WF11+300m 20lb£114.00CodePriceGR1157£8.99GR1158£8.99X-Flite Reel + 3 Spare SpoolsSpool. Rulon disc drag system . Tool less left right conversion in seconds. Supplied with three spare spools. Suitable for light saltwater use. Totally interchangeable spools with GRX, GRXi and GTXX-Flite ReelCodeModelCapacityPriceGR1160#5/6WF6+85m 20lb£55.00GR1162#9/11WF11+300m 20lb£84.00CodePriceGR0896£8.99GR0898£8.99GRXi+ Reel + 3 Spare SpoolsSpool. Rulon disc drag system with twin pads. Twin drag interface system for exceptional reliability. Tool less left right conversion in seconds. Supplied with three spare spools. Totally interchangeable spools with GRX, GRXi and GTXGRXi+ ReelCodeModelCapacityPriceHR08583000WF5+75yds£229HR08595000WF7+80yds£249HR08607000WF9+115yds£279HR08619000WF10+220yds£319CodePriceHR0880£11.99HR0881£11.99HR0882£11.99HR0883£11.99Demon Series ReelSpoolTough, low-cost spare spools so that you can carry every line you will ever need. Unique locking system means that spools can be changed quickly, easily and reliably whatever the conditions.Demon Reels. Strong cast alloy frame. Polycarbonate spools. Simple spool change. Easy LHW/RHW conversion. Large arbour design. Smooth disc drag. Smart gloss black finish. Includes 3 spare spools and carry caseDNX Fly ReelCodeModelCapacityPriceNG0010#7/8WF11+200yds£39.99DNX ReelCodePriceNG0012£4.99SpoolOdyssey Fly RodsAn increasingly popular addition to the game anglers armoury, these four piece travel ¢ y rods are perfect for most aspects of ¢ y-£ shing and o¤ er the ¢ y angler a rod that can be easily transported.. Lined butt & Second Guide - Snake Intermediate & Tip Guide. Alloy Reel Seat Fitting. Cork Handle. Supplied in Cordura TubeCodeLengthAFTMPcsWasNow OnlySP02797ft 6#4/52£26.99£18.00SP02808ft#5/62£27.99£19.00SP02818ft 6#5/62£29.99£20.00SP02829ft#6/72£32.99£23.00SP02839ft 6#7/82£34.99£24.00SP028410ft#7/82£37.99£26.00SP02868ft 6#5/63£32.99£23.00SP02879ft#6/73£34.99£26.00SP02919ft#6/74£49.99£35.00SP02929ft 6#6/74£52.99£37.00SP029310ft#7/84£54.99£38.00Zane RodsFeatures:. Heavy duty hardware for saltwater reliability. Aqua blue blanks with low in hand weight and exceptional balance. Large diameter butt rings for maximum line shooting. Low diameter blanks for less wind resistance. Anodised aluminium reel £ tting with double up-lock nuts and nylon grip ringsNOW 50%OFF!X-Flite RodsLight, responsive yet smooth and powerful. Low diameter olive coloured blanks are matched with anodised gold metal hard-ware and selected hardwood spacers to produce a cosmetically stunning rod that looks as good as it performs.NOW 50%OFF!CodeLengthAFTMPcsWasNow OnlyHR08139ft#64£399£200.00HR07309ft#104£449£200.00HR07319ft#124£459£200.00HR08149ft#124£469£200.00CodeLengthAFTMPcsWasNow OnlyGR11337ft 6#34£159.99£80.00GR11358ft 6#44£169.99£85.00GR11379ft#44£184.99£90.00GR11409ft#84£189.99£95.00GR11439ft 6#84£199.99£100.00 GAME FISHING65CodeSizePriceSV2841Small£3.99SV2842Med.£4.99GS0033 £5.25GS0034 £5.25LD1755 £1.70LD1760 £1.65FM0330 £4.99£5.99£3.99DP0005 £4.99CodePackPriceFTU09AA5x 1/2"FTU09AB5x 3/4"£3.99DP0097DP0096Gherke's GinkLedasinkPin on Reel & NippersHourglass Dry Fly MucilinNymph Pimp IndicatorPin on Reel & PliersScierra Pin on ReelsThingamabobbersMarrowspoonPriestGherke's Xink5 packFeatures:. Collapsible, 48" telescopic landing net. Manufactured to the highest quality. Knotless  sh friendly meshCodeModelHeadPriceHZ0003Medium18" Dia.£19.99HZ0004Large22" Dia.£21.99NetsSpare nets: £6.9950m100mCodeLbsDiaPriceAF11843lb0.13mm£9.99AF11794lb0.14mm£9.99AF11805lb0.16mm£9.99AF11816lb0.18mm£9.99AF11827lb0.19mm£9.99AF11908lb0.21mm£9.99AF117610lb0.23mm£9.99AF117712lb0.25mm£9.99AF117815lb0.28mm£9.99BUY 1, GET 1 FREE! ON ALL AIRFLO TIPPET MATERIAL50mSightfree G3 FluorocarbonQuality rot-proof construction. 8 metre nylon rope included (with swivels), substantially slows any boat and can be easily adjusted to the desired speed of drift, giving extra time to  sh those hot spots.CodeStyleNG0028AdjustableNG0029LargeNG0030X-LargeDroguesOnly£14.99!The NEW Stillwater cap has a 5 LED light  tted into the brim, improved easy on o‰ switch and is Š eece lined with drop down ear covers for extra comfort on those cold windy days.TA1374£9.99BagsLED Fleece CapCodeModelPriceTA1188Medium Trout£12.99TA1187Large Trout£19.99TA1186Complete Boat Bag£39.99These are our best selling game bags. Water resistant, heavy duty material and very long lasting. Good looking bags that will give you years of constant use!. Multiple pockets. Adjustable shoulder straps. Highly recommendedTay Jacket. Adjustable peak hood. Waterproof and breathable fabric. Double storm flap. 4 front pockets, 2 hand warmer pockets. Articulated sleeves with adjustable cuffs. Awesome QualitySizeCodeSNG0018MNG0019LNG0020XLNG0021XXLNG0022£74.99Tay Waistcoat. Designed for the UK angler. 15 useful pockets. Mesh Lined for ventilation. Expandable sides for increased capacity. Awesome QualityCodeSizeNG0024MNG0025LNG0026XLNG0027XXL£29.99GRXi Xtreme Jacket. Napoleon style chest pockets with replaceable built in retractors and waterproof YKK zips. Large lower pocket with secure over Š ap and plenty of storageCodeSizeGR1398SGR1399MGR1400LGR1401XLGR1402XXLGR1403XXXLCodeSizeGR1416SGR1417MGR1418LGR1419XLGR1420XXLGR1421XXXLGRXi Xtreme Wading Jacket£199.99£179.99. Chest pockets with replaceable built in retractors and waterproof YKK zips. Single-hand adjustable hood with lightweight inner lining follows the movement of the head for clear visionTechstretch Jacket4-way stretch soft shell fabric with a soft jersey liner. Great breathability and a water resistance of 10000 mm/psi. During heavy rain, a lightweight rain jacket may be required, as seams are not tape-sealed. The two large chest pockets, two more pockets on the sides. Water resistant zippers. CodeSizeGC1014MGC1015LGC1016XL£174.99£50.00RRP:Now. 4 large front pockets (2 mesh covered). 3 chest pockets (1 with lambs wool). 3 zip-locked pockets. 4 smaller standard pockets inside. 1 large back pocket. 2 smaller side pockets. 2 lined hand warmer pockets. Rod holder strap. D-ring & landing net holderXLSV1820XXLSV1821£54.99£25.00RRP:NowNevada VestSizeCodeMSV1818LSV1819Knotless Tapered CastsBig butt casts for superb turnover. CodeLengthWeightPriceFD00259ft3lb£1.75FD00249ft4lb£1.75FD00319ft5lb£1.75FD00239ft6lb£1.75FD00229ft8lb£1.75FD00309ft10lb£1.75FD00219ft12lb£1.75FD00209ft15lb£1.75BUY ANY 10 FOR ONLY £12!Two Dropper Wet Fly CastCodeLnthDiaLbsPriceFD00149ft0.14mm3lb£1.25FD00159ft0.16mm4lb£1.25FD00169ft0.18mm5lb£1.25FD00179ft0.20mm6lb£1.25FD00189ft0.24mm8lb£1.25FD00199ft0.28mm10lb£1.25BUY ANY 10 FOR ONLY £10!CodeTypeRRPPriceAF1541 40+ WF8 Sink 5£34.99£14.00AF2097 40+WF5 Intermediate£34.99£14.00AF1291 40+WF6 Intermediate£34.99£14.00AF1780 40+WF6 Slow/Intermediate£34.99£14.00AF0009Unboxed Polyfuse WF6F£19.99£6.00AF0011Unboxed Polyfuse WF8F£19.99£6.00AF0024Unboxed Polyfuse WF8S£19.99£6.00Clearance Fly LinesNOW ONLY £30!Bill Drury Spey LinesCodeTypeLen.RRP:NowGC0685#9/10 Float75ft£59.99£30.00GC0686#9/10 Sink62ft£59.99£30.00GC0689#10/11 Sink62ft£59.99£30.00The Bill Drury impact speyline features a modern complex taper and a low stretch braided core available in 62 and 75ft lengths.Folding Scoop NetFeatures:. Folds in half for storage within waders or bag. Printed length scale in the base of the net. Lightweight and strong. Mesh netting zips off for washing. Opening: 8" x 15". Overall length: 23". Elastic lanyard£14.99HZ0007Buy any Trout Fox box + 100 Assorted ¢ ies£19.99!for only:. The original unbreakable fly gripping design! Non-absorbant and protects your hooks.. All plastic fly box 6 x 4 x 1ins (152 x 101 x 25mm). Holds 136 flies, nymphs, lures. Fly clips are pliable and will not damage hooksCodeColourAB0057RedAB0058GoldAB0059TurquoiseAB0060OrangeAB0061GreenAB0062BlueAB0063BlackAB0064Dark GreenAB0065GreyAB0066BurgundyAB0071YellowCodeColourAB0067BeigeAB0068BurgundyAB0069TealAB0070NavyTrout SizeSalmon SizeThe Fox BoxOnly £7.99Four light but strong black moulded boxes lined with a high density plastizote foam. These boxes feature a metal hinge pin that will last a life time., and have a strong clip that ensures that the box stays shut during transport. An excellent fly box.CodeModelSizePriceTA0255X-Large8" x 6"£6.00Devlin Fly BoxesX-Large Devlin Fly Box + 50 wet ¢ ies + 50 nymphs + 50 dry ¢ ies £20.00!for onlyComfort Zone Boat SeatThis lightweight aluminium boat seat uses a revolutionary folding construction to make it the most compact, fully extending seat on the market - enabling you to transport it to and from the water easily in the boot of your car. Free carry caseCodeModelPriceAF2481Standard£99.99AF2935Deluxe£149.99Clearview Fly BoxesCodeSizeModelTA125412.5cm x 10cmRipple FoamTA125312.5cm x 10cmSlit FoamTA130215cm x 10cmRipple FoamTA124115cm x 10cmSlit Foam The clear high density Polycarbonate lids also provide fantastic durability, handling and water resistance when coupled with the rubber sealsOnly £9.99IN0103CodeLbsDiaOK00452lb0.16mmOK00063lb0.18mmOK00074lb0.20mmOK00085lb0.22mmOK00096lb0.25mmOK00108lb0.28mmOK001110lb0.30mmOK001212lb0.32mmOK001315lb0.35mm50mStillwaterOnly £1.99SubsurfaceBUY 3 FOR £5CodePriceAF1172£14.99AF1173£14.99AF1188£14.99AF1174£14.99AF1175£14.99AF1189£14.99AF1183£14.99Cruzer Jacket£69.99£35.00RRP:NowCodeSizeSV7035LSV7036XL. 2 layer waterproof and breathable. Taslon-RipStop w/taped seams. Inner mesh lining and polyester lining. Adjustable inner cuff . Fleece lined hand warmer pockets. 2 large chest pockets . Adjustable hood and waistFD0026 £1.99Braided LoopsOK0024 £2.50Braided LoopsFisherman's MateGZ0015 £2.99Vac Rac LockingVA0003 £49.99Cast Carrier WalletTA0978 £2.99Seamless Leader Rings£1.99Overtrousers£59.99Wading Stick£39.99TA0027. Collapsible stick folds into four sections. Coated cable secures the sections together. Includes pouch to hold the stick when folded. With coil retractor. One-size- ts-all adjustable design. Twin, zip down Š y pockets with ripple foamand medium boxesTA1289. 16 front pockets, exterior and interior. Vertical chest pockets hold large . Expandable rucksack section, with 3 main compartmentsFPX Vest Rucksack£54.99CodeSizeFW00281.5mmFW00292mmFW00303mm. 100% waterproof & breathable. Lightweight polar super Š eece lining with wading strip. 2 large double Š ap front bellow/cargo pockets. Full double front Š ap with waterproof zipCodeSizeRE0050XSRE0039MRE0040LRE0041XLRE0042XXLRE0043XXXL