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140871 716 1670 | OPEN 7 DAYS*Calls cost 10p per minute and may vary from mobile networks1212This is just a small selection of what we have in stock, please check in store or online for the full range and latest additions.DubbingUsed as an alternative to seals fur for flies of all sizes from 2 down to size 18. It is better than seals fur because it handles well and the colours are strictly controlled and consistent. ColourCodeBright GreenAAGreen HighlanderABInsect GreenACDark GreenADMedium OliveAEDark OliveAFGreen OliveAGLight OliveAHOlive DunAIGolden OliveAJBrown OliveAKDark ClaretALColourCodeColourCodeColourCodeColourCodeWhiteAACaddis GreenAIMarch BrownAQCallibaetisAYPale YellowABGreen DrakeAJAmberARHendrickson PinkAZBlue DunACGrey OliveAKSulphur OrangeASRed MidgeBAMahogany BrownADOliveALAdams GreyATSulphur YellowBBDark TanAEBrown OliveAMPale Morning DunAUDamsel BlueBCTanAFLight CahillANPale Evening DunAVFl. ChartreuseBDBrownAGCinnamon CaddisAOGolden OliveAWGinger VariantBERusty BrownAHBlackAPBlue Winged OliveAXColourCodeColourCodeColourCodeColourCodeWhiteAABlack GnatAICharcoal GreyAQSquirrel BellyAYLight YellowABGolden TanAJSandARPeacockAZLight GreyACChocolateAKChestnutASBlue GrassBAGinger VariantADMarch BrownALRustATHares EarBBLight OliveAEForest GreenAMMedium OliveAUDark OliveBCGreenAFMintANLight Olive DunAVCahill CreamAGGolden StoneAOGolden OliveAWDark StoneAHHexageniaAPOlive DamselAXColourCodeColourCodeColourCodeColourCodeWhiteAAGingerAHLight BlueAOFiery BrownAVCreamABBrownAIKingfisher BlueAPHot PinkAWLight YellowACRedAJOliveAQFl. RedAXYellowADClaretAKBrown OliveARFl. OrangeAYBurnt OrangeAELight OliveALPurpleASFl. Fire OrangeAZHot OrangeAFHighlander GreenAMBlackATFl. ChartreuseBADunAGGreenANCeriseAUColourCodeColourCodeColourCodeCreamy YellowAABrownAGBlackAMOrangeABRusty BrownAHGolden StoneANBurnt OrangeACRedAIGolden OliveAOBleached GingerADLight OliveAJNatural WhiteAPDark DunAEDark BrownAKNatural BrownAQGreyAFOliveALDark OliveARColourCodeOlives Hares MaskFDR0065AANatural Black SquirrelFDR0065ABMuskatFDR0065ACBeaverFDR0065ADCamelFDR0065AEFox Squirrel BellyFDR0065AFGrey Squirrel BellyFDR0065AGColourCodeFox SquirrelFDR0065AHPine SquirrelFDR0065AILight Hares MaskFDR0065AJDark Hares MaskFDR0065AKMinkFDR0065ALCoyote MaskFDR0065AMAust. OpossumFDR0065ANSLF Standard Dubbing £2.99FDR0081- £2.25FDR0011- £1.75FDR0009- £1.75FDR0012- £2.25FDR0120AA Box 1 FDR0120AB Box 2 FDR0065- £2.75Super neA fine synthetic material that has been made permanently waterproof specifically for dry flies. Makes great tight bodies down to a size 28 and comes in all the popular dry fly colours. Full dubbing boxes available on Page 13.AntronBread and Butter dubbing used by every tier from beginner to pro wherever a sparkly, translucent body is required. Softer and easier to dub than and much better than the Antron normally available in the UK.Angora GoatThe best seal substitute we have ever seen. Translucent, spiky fibre very easy to work with and dyed in fantastic colours. Good for any pattern that requires seals fur.Awesome PossumA perfect blend of guard hair and soft underfur combined to make this an awesome nymph dubbing.Natural FurA collection of hard to find natural furs, 100% pure.SLF Prism DubbingSLF Prism dubbing is made from a multi-laminated synthetic that actually reflect light back to the eye in a separated spectrum just like a prism!£23.99FVE0106AA Box 1FVE0106AB Box 2 SLF Dubbing BoxesBox 1 is more subdued colours and Box 2 contains bright colours.FVE0108-ColourCodeMagentaAYPurpleAZVioletBAGreyBBIron BlueBCBlue DunBDDark Grey DunBESummer DuckBFGoldBGBrassy GoldBHFiery BrownBIDark BrownBJColourCodeFiery ClaretAMLight ClaretANHot OrangeAOFiery OrangeAPCrimsonAQFiery RedARFiery YellowASYellowATLight BlueAUKingfisher BlueAVDark BlueAWTeal BlueAXColourCodeRust BrownBKCinnamonBLBeigeBMGingerBNBlackBOWhiteBPFl. YellowBQFl. RedBRFl. WhiteBSFl. Lime GreenBTFl. PinkBUNatural SealBV£14.99Semer i Professional Dubbing SystemThese complete colour ranges offer great value for money and make it easy to build your collection up into the Semperfli Professional Dubbing System. The empty Semperfli folder can also be bought on its own.SetCodePriceSetCodePriceComplete SetAA£99.99Pink SetAI£14.99FolderAB£19.99Purple SetAJ£14.99Black SetAC£14.99Red SetAK£14.99Blue SetAD£14.99White SetAL£14.99Brown SetAE£14.99Yellow SetAM£14.99Green SetAF£14.99Olive SetAG£14.99Orange SetAH£14.99FSF0002- ColourCodeColourCodeWhiteAABrown OliveADBlackABOliveAEChartreuseACFVE0262- £3.50Wiggle HackleUltra fine rubber hackle trapped on a fine wire core the movement it produces is unbelievable. Wind it on as a hackle to improve any pattern.Pike BrushesWire cored "hackles" for use on pike and saltwater flies. The fibre length is about 2" giving the flies lots of movement in the water.FVE0223- £1.99ColourCodeColourCodeBrownAALight GreyAGOrangeABBlackAHColourCodeColourCodePurpleACGreenAIBlueADOliveAJColourCodeColourCodeWhiteAERedAKChartreuseAFYellowAL

WWW.FISHINGMEGASTORE.COMDubbing15ColourCodeColourCodeColourCodeCrawdad OrangeAAChinese RedAFFl. Fire OrangeAKBright YellowABShrimp PinkAGFl. ChartreuseALClaretACPeacock BlueAHFl. PinkAMHighlander GreenADFl. YellowAIDeep PurpleAEFl. OrangeAJFDR0010- £1.75Antron BrightBest quality antron dyed in very bright and fluorescent colours.ColourCodeColourCodeColourCodePearlFVE0100AATanFVE0100AFDark OliveFVE0100AKPinkFVE0100ABRustFVE0100AGBrownFVE0100ALChartreuseFVE0100ACOrangeFVE0100AHCoralFVE0100AMPurpleFVE0100ADRedFVE0100AIYellowFVE0100ANGolden OliveFVE0100AEPeacock BlackFVE0100AJ £3.99ColourCodeColourCodeRiver GreenFVE0104AAFire Fox PeacockFVE0104ANMinnow BlueFVE0104ABBrite YellowFVE0104AODark OliveFVE0104ACSalmon PinkFVE0104APGoldFVE0104ADRainbowFVE0104AQPearl/Blue FlashFVE0104AEPurple HazeFVE0104ARBlackFVE0104AFOcean BlueFVE0104ASCopperFVE0104AGPeachFVE0104AUPearl/Green FlashFVE0104AHSand ShrimpFVE0104AVPearl Green/OliveFVE0104AIGold OliveFVE0104AWSilverFVE0104AJOrangeFVE0104AXBurgundyFVE0104AKRuby RedFVE0104AYHolographic SilverFVE0104ALHot LimeFVE0104AZPolar PearlFVE0104AM £4.25ColourCodeColourCodeColourCodeWhiteFDR0074AARusty BrownFDR0074AIBlackFDR0074ARCreamFDR0074ABRedFDR0074AJPinkFDR0074ASYellowFDR0074ACLight OliveFDR0074AKCharcoal GreyFDR0074AUBlue DunFDR0074ADGreenFDR0074AMSquirrel BellyFDR0074AVGreyFDR0074AEOliveFDR0074ANNaturalFDR0074AWTanFDR0074AFBrown OliveFDR0074AODark OliveFDR0074AXGingerFDR0074AGPurpleFDR0074APBrownFDR0074AHCinnamon CaddisFDR0074AQ £1.75ColourCodeColourCodeColourCodeOrangeFHD0035ARIce BlueFHD0035ASPinkFHD0035ATCopperFHD0035AERedFHD0035AHMagentaFHD0035APYellowFHD0035AQGoldFHD0035ABDark BlueFHD0035AGBlackFHD0035AISilverFHD0035AAFuchsiaFHD0035AKLime GreenFHD0035AFKelly GreenFHD0035ACFl. YellowFHD0035AYGun MetalFHD0035ANPearlFHD0035ADFl. BlueFHD0035BAChartreuseFHD0035AORainbowFHD0035AMFl. PinkFHD0035BBLight BlueFHD0035ALPurpleFHD0035AJFl. ChartreuseFHD0035AZDark BrownFHD0035AXSalmonFHD0035AUFl. OrangeFHD0035BCMedium BrownFHD0035AWSandFHD0035AVFl. LavenderFHD0035BD £1.99ColourCodeBlackFVE0074AAOliveFVE0074ABNaturalFVE0074ACClaretFVE0074ADRedFVE0074AEOrangeFVE0074AFYellowFVE0074AGFiery BrownFVE0074AHGreen HighlanderFVE0074AIGolden OliveFVE0074AJ £2.25Rabbit DubbingA very popular dubbing in the States, due to its ease of use and suitability when creating dry fly and nymph bodies.Glister Sparkle DubbingA chunky pearlised dubbing material, available in many useful colours. Very easy to use and blend with other materials.Flashabou DubbingSuper fine shreds of Flashabou looks great when used in a dubbing loop or adding flash to streamer wings.Lite-BriteA new concept in dubbing, a pearlised tinsel that can be dubbed straight onto the hook resulting in flies that shine and glisten in the water. It can also be combined with natural furs to give flies, nymphs and pupae shining highlights that prove attractive to the trout of stillwater and rivers. This new dubbing will also enhance sea trout, steelhead and salmon patterns.Lite Brite Traveller BoxThe 12 most popular colours of lite brite metallic dubbing in a handy dispenser.FVE0104AT £19.99Genuine Seals FurThe most famous of all the dubbing materials. Hundreds of applications. We will supply Baby Seal fur whenever possible, but on occasion soft mature seal fur will be supplied.Sow Scud DubbingThis sparkling translucent blend of Opossum Super brite and Antron is very easy to dub and is perfect Czech Nymphs, Grayling bugs and shrimp patterns.ColourCodeDark ScudFDR0079ARBighorn PinkFDR0079ASBighorn OrangeFDR0079ATDead OrangeFDR0079AUSmokey OliveFDR0079AVWatery OliveFDR0079AWRainbowFDR0079AXDark OliveFDR0079AY £2.75ColourCodeLight GreyFDR0079AALight TanFDR0079ABTanFDR0079ACBrownFDR0079ADLight OliveFDR0079AEOliveFDR0079AFAmberFDR0079AGDark GrayFDR0079AHShrimp PinkFDR0079AIColourCodeMysis ShrimpFDR0079AJTan RainbowFDR0079AKPearlFDR0079ALLight SowbugFDR0079AMSowbugFDR0079ANDark SowbugFDR0079AOMoulting ScudFDR0079APCopped ScudFDR0079AQNatural fur spun on wire for a very buggy look. Mixed pack of 30 assorted colours. Dubbing BrushesFVE0215AA £3.99Hares ear blended dubbing on a thread. Super buggy nymph bodies with no effort.Soft Twisted DubbingFVE0094- £2.50ColourCodeColourCodeBlackAAGold OliveADBlueABNaturalAEDark BrownACOliveAFA very flexible material. Excellent for nymph bodies and Shell backs.Body StretchFVE0092- £2.50ColourCodeColourCodeColourCodeColourCodeBlackAAOliveADYellowAGRedAJClearABPinkAEOrangeAHPurpleAKBrownACCinnamonAFYellowAI