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WWW.FISHINGMEGASTORE.COMSynthetic Materials17ColourCodeColourCodeHot PinkAAWhiteAFChartreuseABSea BlueAGRainbowACGreenAHBrownADBlackAILight OliveAERedAJFVE0167- £4.99ColourCodeColourCodeWhiteFVE0163AAOliveFVE0163AGBlackFVE0163ABRedFVE0163AHElectric YellowFVE0163ACGoldFVE0163AISea BlueFVE0163ADPinkFVE0163AJShrimpFVE0163AECamelFVE0163AKChartreuseFVE0163AFFVE0163- £3.99ColourCodeColourCodeSilverAAMOP-ChartreuseAFGoldABClear-IceAGMother of PearlACCeriseAHMOP- PinkADRedAIMOP-OliveAEBronzeAJFVE0164- £3.75ColourCodeColourCodeWhiteAAHot PinkAESalmonABGoldAFSea BlueACChartreuseAGHot OrangeADFluoro PinkAHFVE0166- £3.75ColourCodeColourCodeSea BlueAAShrimpAGChartreuseABBrownAHPinkACWhiteAIElectric YellowADBlackAJOrangeAEDark PurpleAKRedAFFVE0165- £3.75ColourSmallMedLargeSilverAAABACGoldADAEAFPearlAGAHAIFVE0168- £2.50 £3.50 FVE0170- £2.75ColourSmallMediumWhiteAAAFYellowABAGLimeACAHRedADAIOrangeAEAJ £2.99ColourCodeColourCodeBlackAAPearlAEBrownABPinkAFOliveACRedAGOrangeADYellowAHFHL0022- £3.50ColourCodeColourCodePearlAABlueADOrangeABRedAEYellowACPeacockAFFVE0161- £4.99FVE0162- £5.50ColourCodeColourCodePearlAABlueADOrangeABRedAEYellowACPeacock BlackAFColourCodeColourCodeBlueAAOrangeADYellowABRedAEPearlACBlackAFFVE0210- £5.50 £4.99Mirage FHD0016AC £3.50H2O Frizz FibreAn extra fine synthetic fibre with a well defined crinkle useful for predator and saltwater patterns.H2O Polar FibreA super-soft, pre-tapered synthetic fur that will give any pattern incredible action in the water. Lifelike material for bait fish imitations, streamers and attractor patterns. It can be easily marked with indelible marking pens for more realistic baitfish patterns. Polar fibre holds its shape in the water, eliminating the pulsing effect that you get with flies that are tied with natural materials. It is virtually indestructable and dries quickly.H2O Gliss 'n' GlowThe strands are corrugated so that when it reflects light, it simulates the scales of a fish.RippleflashAn exciting mobile tinsel with extra flash. Ripple Flash has an in-built hologram effect resulting in a constant light movement along its length. It can be used for tails and wings of large flies especially saltwater patterns and reservoir lures. Single strands can be used to provide exciting tinsel bodies rippling with integral light. It also makes a good ribbing material for all types of fly. FVE0152AA Silver FVE0152AB GoldH2O Fluoro FibreThis is a fluorescent microfibre that will make any fly "light up" in the water. It is ideal for gills, and becomes highly visible when tied in with Polar Fibre or Slinky Fibre.Mylar TubingThis material gives a superb fish scale effect when used on the bodies of Trout and Salmon flies. Each packet has 1m of tubing in length and contains Tying instructions.H2O Slinky FibreA great substitute for any saltwater patterns tied with bucktail. More durable than natural materials.FlashbackColoured film with a pearlised surface, excellent for Shrimps, Nymphs, Buzzers and Streamers, etc.Laser Holographic Mylar TubingThis exciting new product has a superb holographic scale effect ideal for fry patterns.Colour Glow Pearl Mylar Piping with CoreStrands of Iridescent Pearl and Luminous Colour Glow material are interwoven to give an outstanding body material that is as easy to use as the original Silver and Gold Mylar. Tying instructions with each packet.Pearl FilmStrong but light sheet of pearl film perfect for flashback nymphs etc.FVE0148AA Plain FVE0148AB EmbossedMirror FlashKrystal Mirror FlashKrinkle Mirror FlashManufactured from a finer and thinner material than that used in previous 'flash' type reflectors, Mirror Flash is, as a result a good deal more flexible, both literally and physically, resulting in a truly vibrant additive for tails and wingsMost popular Mirror Flash winging and tailing material has got a new twist to it. This superb reflective material really has to be seen to be believed.The crinkle effect exaggerates the reflective qualities of this already vibrant material.FHD0031- £2.99ColourCodeColourCodeColourCodeBlackAAOliveAGBlueAMBrownABFl. PinkAHLight BlueANWhiteACPurpleAIFl. ChartreuseAOYellowADLavenderAJSmoke GreyAPOrangeAEGreenAKShrimpAQRedAFLight GreenALFuchsiaARFBB0002 £2.50ColourCodeGoldAASilverABPearlAASupreme Hair10" long, finest diameter available, soft flexible crimped nylon. Great for long streamer, pike & saltwater patterns.Sparkler BodyCraig Barrs body material for Sparklers and other flash flies. Just wind straight on shank.FVE0169AA SmallFVE0169AB Med

180871 716 1670 | OPEN 7 DAYS*Calls cost 10p per minute and may vary from mobile networksThis is just a small selection of what we have in stock, please check in store or online for the full range and latest additions.Synthetic MaterialsFVE0135AA £1.75FVE0130- £2.99Colour5mm8mmBlackAAAEWhiteABAFYellowACAGOrangeADAHColourCodePriceColourCodePriceMixed BrightAA£2.99Deep PinkAM£1.00MayflyAB£1.00Pale PinkAN£1.00Blue DunAC£1.00YellowAO£1.00WhiteAD£1.00PeachAP£1.00Hunter GreenAQ£1.00RedAF£1.00Navy BlueAR£1.00GreenAG£1.00HeatherAS£1.00OrangeAH£1.00PrimroseAT£1.00BlackAI£1.00Rose PinkAU£1.00BrownAJ£1.00BurgundyAV£1.00Light BlueAK£1.00Dark BlueAW£1.00Mid BlueAL£1.00LimeAX£1.00FDR0069- £2.75TranslucentCodeOpaqueCodeOpaqueCodeWhiteAAWhiteAGRedAMYellowABYellowAHBlueANDunACOrangeAIOliveAOTanADGreyAJBlackAPOliveAETanAKPinkAQBlackAFBrownALChartreuseARColourCodeColourCodeWhiteAAOrangeAERedABGreenAFBlackACOliveAGYellowADPurpleAHFDR0068- £2.50ColourCodeColourCodeColourCodeWhiteAATanAEOliveAIYellowABBrownAFBlackAJOrangeACRedAGChartreuseALGreyADBlueAHColourCodeColourCodeMotor OilAAOliveAIGrey OpalAFGoldALTan OpalAGMetallic SilverAMShrimp BellyAHMetallic CopperAPFVE0213- £6.50FVE0150- £2.50£1.75ColourCodeColourCodeColourCodeWhiteFDR0067AARedFDR0067AHPinkFDR0067AOYellowFDR0067ABWorm GreenFDR0067AIDark GreyFDR0067APOrangeFDR0067ACGreenFDR0067AJChartreuseFDR0067AQLight GreyFDR0067ADOliveFDR0067AKPeachFDR0067ARTanFDR0067AEOlive GreenFDR0067ALGoldFDR0067ASBrownFDR0067AFPurpleFDR0067AMDamsel BlueFDR0067ATCinnamonFDR0067AGBlackFDR0067ANHi-Density FoamThin Fly FoamBooby EyesRazor FoamLoco FoamSuspender BallsFoam CylindersPlastazote Foam BlockA very tough, dense foam sheet available in more natural colours than most foams on the market. Perfect for extended bodies..Thinner and more flexible than regular fly foam. The perfect foam for suspenders.Cut from the finest quality ethafoam. Simply cut in half and tie in figure of 8 style. 5mm is great for suspender buzzers. 10 per pack.Polystyrene balls for Suspender Buzzers and Boobies. Large packet of mixed sizes. Use in conjunction with booby net. Sandable foam for extended bodies and eyes.Super thin foam. 2 sheets each of 0.5mm and 1mm thick per pack.Thin foam with one side covered in pearl or metallic film. Perfect for beetles and caddis imitations.Can be cut with a sharp knife to any shape required. Size: 75mm x 150mm x 25mm (3? x 6" x 1").FVE0132- £3.99Colour8mm6mmBlackAAAFWhiteABAGFl. OrangeACAHFl. ChartreuseADAIFl.PinkAEAJColourCodeColourCodeWhiteAAApricotALCheeseABFl. YellowAMBuffACFl. OrangeANBlood RedADFl. Fire OrangeAOBlackAEFl. ChartreuseAPCeriseAFFl. PinkAQFlameAGFl. PeachARBubble GumAHBrownASSalmon EggAIOliveATFleshAJFl. BlueAUChampagneAKFDR0045- £2.99FloozeyesExtra buoyant, prefabricated booby eyes that do away with messy and time consuming foam that has to be trimmed.Egg YarnSoft, fluffy, yarn made for egg fly patterns, or treat with floatant to make strike indicators. Complete with tying instructions.Mayfly BodiesFTU0007AA £1.99Tubular laytex bodies for tying adult mayflies. Pierce the end and glue in pheasant tail fibres for tail whisks and add markings or colour with permanent markers. 10 packFVE0086- £2.99ColourSmallMediumLargeBrown SpeckledAAAEAIGrey SpeckledABAFAJBlackACAGAKCinnamonADAHALNatural Feather Caddis WingsReal feather caddis wings cut to shape and size, and reinforced for extra strength. 10 pack.FCR0022- £1.99ColourMaggotWasp grubLuminousAAAARedAB-ChartreuseAC-Jelly GrubsVery realistic rubber grubs. Very soft, used for nymph bodies, etc. Luminous versions are very popular. Maggot (10 pack), Wasp Grub (6 pack). ColourCodeColourCodeWhiteFDR0073AAKelly GreenFDR0073ALOyster WhiteFDR0073ABLight BlueFDR0073AOLight YellowFDR0073ACPurpleFDR0073APLight OrangeFDR0073ADBlackFDR0073AQGolden YellowFDR0073AELight PinkFDR0073AROrangeFDR0073AFSteel GreyFDR0073ASGreyFDR0073AGRoyal BlueFDR0073AVTanFDR0073AIRedFDR0073AK Approx. 15ft. per pack £1.75Polypropylene Floating YarnPopular for spinner wings, parachutes, hopper bodies and poly duns.ColourCodeColourCodeWhiteAAMedium DunAELight GreyABFl. YellowAFDark GreyACFl. OrangeAGFDR0071- £2.99Hot PinkADFl. ChartreuseAHPara Post WingsFCR0021-