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WWW.FISHINGMEGASTORE.COMSynthetic Materials19FVE0122AA £1.50FLU0011AA £1.99ColourCodeColourCodeLight OrangeAAHot OrangeAHFl. GreenABPurpleAIDark OliveACBlueAJPinkADOliveAKBrownAEBlackALFl. YellowAFRedAMPearlAGFVE0102- £3.50ColourCodeColourCodeWhiteAABlackAPCreamABBright WhiteAQLight YellowACForest GreenARGolden YellowADSteel GreyASBurnt OrangeAEPMD ShuckATLight GreyAFRusty OrangeAUCopper BrownAGMedium OliveAVTanAHOlive DunAWMedium BrownAIFl. RedAXBrown StoneAJFl. YellowAYRedAKFl. OrangeAZClaretALFl. Fire OrangeBAHighlander GreenAMFl. Shell PinkBBBrown OliveANFl. ChartreuseBCPurpleAOFl. CeriseBDGrey BrownBEFDR0014- £1.75Colour+2mm1mmPeacockAAAQSilverABARBlackACASGoldADATGold/BlackAEAUOliveAFAVGreyAGAWBrownAHAXOrangeAIAYRusty BrownAJAZPearlAKBARedALBBPinkAMBCPurpleANBDYellowAOBEMulti­ColourAPBFFVE0096- £4.50Twisted wool yarn in bright colours. Perfect for lures and wets. Assorted colours.Fluo Wool477 Killer Bug YarnWe have managed to obtain a supply of the original Frank Sawyer's Killer Bug Yarn. In the exact colour 477!Ice YarnThis material is excellent for the speedy formation of lure and nymph bodies. Tease out the yarn to form shimmering wings and tails for trout and salmon flies. Chops and dubs brilliantly.Antron YarnMulti­trilobal filaments in a single strand yarn with bright highlights used for parachutes, overbodies, legs, tails and trailing shucks. Similar to z­lon.Microbrite Dubbing ThreadThese dubbing threads are created via a unique flocking process, applying synthetic 'metallic' dubbing onto a twisted thread base. The result is a vibrant sparkling chenille with many applications, from small trout flies up to salmon patterns. With full control of the dubbing process as an integral part of their construction, these 'ropes' will allow neat bodies, a previously difficult process with this type of dubbing material. FEP0001- Fibres £5.50ColourCodeColourCodeColourCodeWhiteAALimeARBlackBHYellowADChartreuseAUOliveBRTanAFLavenderAYHot PinkBURedALOcean BlueBCGlow in the DarkBYOrangeAOSilver GreyBGColourCodeColourCodeColourCodePolar WhiteAASteel BlueAEGreyAIBright YellowABRoyal BlueAFBlackAJEmerald GreenACRedAGOliveAKSky BlueADHot PinkAHChartreuseALColourCodeColourCodeColourCodeWhiteAAKelly GreenAONeon YellowAYTanACSky BlueAQNeon GreenAZRedAGLavenderASSilver GreyBBOrangeAJBlackAVNeon RedBCYellowALNeon PinkAWOliveANNeon OrangeAXEnrico PuglisiEP Fibres are ideal for tying BIG flies that you will still be able to cast. The pike fly tiers favourite. 10" long.This 12" long big game synthetic material is what you need to fashion flies big enough to interest IGFA record breakers.FEP0003- Ultimate £6.50The bold colours of this 7" fibre make it perfect for tails and tags on all types of flies.ColourCodePriceColourCodePriceWhiteAA£1.75Kingfisher BlueAS£1.75CreamAB£1.75OliveAT£1.75YellowAC£1.75PurpleAU£1.75OrangeAD£1.75BlackAV£1.75Burnt OrangeAE£1.75Dark GreyAW£1.75Light GreyAF£1.75Sculpin OliveAX£1.75Dark TanAG£1.75FleshAY£1.75TanAH£1.75Fl. RedAZ£1.75Worm BrownAI£1.75Fl. YellowBA£1.75BrownAJ£1.75Fl. OrangeBB£1.75Golden BrownAK£1.75Fl. GreenBC£1.75CinnamonAL£1.75Fl. Fire OrangeBD£1.75WineAM£1.75Fl. Shell PinkBE£1.75RedAN£1.75Fl. ChartreuseBF£1.75Light OliveAO£1.75Fl. PinkBG£1.75Caddis GreenAP£1.75Fl. CeriseBH£1.75Worm GreenAQ£1.75Dark OliveBI£1.75Dark BrownAR£1.75Mixed FluoBJ£2.99'Ultra' ChenilleFDR0095-Excellent for lures, nymphs and woven bodies and comes in a fantastic range of colours. 15ft per packet. ColourCodeColourCodeFire OrangeAAWhiteAEFl. YellowABRedAFFl. PinkACTanAGFl. GreenADLight OliveAHFVE0125- £3.50Antron Sparkle ChenilleA new type of chenille, bright translucent antron fibres interspersed with pearl.ColourCodeColourCode1. Neon MagentaAA9. Chrome YellowAI2. PinkAB10. YellowAJ3. CrimsonAC11. Phosphor YellowAK4. ScarletAD12. Lime GreenAL5. Fire OrangeAE13. GreenAM6. Hot OrangeAF14. BlueAN7. OrangeAG15. PurpleAO8. AmberAH16. WhiteAPGlo­Brite Suede ChenilleFVE0118- £1.75ColourCodeColourCodeBlue DunAABlackAIOrangeABClaretAJCinnamonACYellowAKRedADBrownALRustAELight OliveAMMedium OliveAFGreyANIron BlueAGChartreuseAOFVE0090- £2.75Dark OliveAHEasy Dub MicrochenilleThe colours can be blended by twisting two or more different shades together. 1.5m per packet. FEP0004- Silky Fibre £4.99Centipede LegsBarred rubber legs in 2 really fine sizes. These will add extra movement to any type of pattern.FVE0285- £3.99ColourSmallMiniWhiteAAAGOliveABAHRedACAIBrownAEAJTanAFAKYellowAGAL

200871 716 1670 | OPEN 7 DAYS*Calls cost 10p per minute and may vary from mobile networksThis is just a small selection of what we have in stock, please check in store or online for the full range and latest additions.Synthetic MaterialCut edge has neon glow. Makes an excellent body material for trout, saltwater and salmon flies.FineCodeFineCodeYellowABBrownAGOliveACGingerAHRedADGolden StoneAIBlackAECaddis GreenAJWhiteAFDunAKFDR0092- £2.75Mottled BustardCodeColourCodeColourCodeYellowAPClearAAAmberALOrangeAQBurnt OrangeABGrey BrownAMOliveARGreyACChartreuseANBlackASTanADShrimp PinkAONaturalATGingerAEMini Clr/BlkBDMottled OakCodeBrownAFOrangeAURusty BrownAGSpeckledCodeOliveAVRedAHCzech SpeckBCBlackAWLight OliveAIClear/ BlackAZGolden StoneAXOliveAJTan BlackBANaturalAYBlackAKOlive/BlackBBTypeCodePricePlainFCR0004AA£1.99AdhesiveFCR0004AB£1.99ColourCodeColourCodeColourCodeGolden OliveAAFiery BrownADWhiteAGOliveABTanAESilver DunAHOlive BrownACBlackAFYellowAIFVE0088- £3.50FBB0003AA Mixed Pack £4.75FVE0149- £2.75ColourCodeColourCode.WhiteFVE0149AABrownFVE0149AEBlackFVE0149ABOliveFVE0149AFRedFVE0149ACOrangeFVE0149AGChartreuseFVE0149ADYellowFVE0149AHFBB0001- £3.25ColourCodeColourCodeColourCodeGold/SilverAAMetallic SilverAHGold HoloAOUltra VioletABPearlAISilver HoloAPSparkle RedACDamselAJBlack HoloAQSunset OrangeADPinkAKTangerineARSunburst YellowAEClaretALGraphite GreyASPhospher YellowAFSilver UV PearlAMSilverATCopperAGBlack & GoldAN£2.50ColourCodeColourCode.WhiteFDR0087AARedFDR0087AICreamFDR0087ABGreenFDR0087AJYellowFDR0087ACOliveFDR0087AKOrangeFDR0087ADBlackFDR0087ALLight GreyFDR0087AEDark GingerFDR0087AMTanFDR0087AFFl. ChartreuseFDR0087ANGingerFDR0087AGDark OliveFDR0087AOBrownFDR0087AHFl. PinkFDR0087APFDR0056- £2.99ColourCodeColourCodeClearAAFl. YellowAERuby RedABFl. OrangeAFKingfisher BlueACFl. GreenAGFl. RedADFl. Fire OrangeAHBarr exPerfect stretchy buzzer material from Craig Barr with a unique oval cross section. The mixed pack is very popular.Rubber LegsIdeal for girdle bugs, nymph legs and many saltwater patterns. Very durable.Flash AttackThin SkinSynthetic material from Craig Barr as used on his sparklers.Thin skin is .004" thick and can be used on flies down to a size 18. It is stretchable and transparent with a matte finish on one side and a shiny finish on the other. The backing makes it easy to cut to width. Uses include nymph wing cases and backs for hog louse, crayfish and shrimps. New colours. Spanflex has unbelievable stretch and returns to its original form. Good for ribbing, tails, feelers, legs and buzzer bodies. Approx. 100 6" strands per package. Span ex (Flexi oss)Laser WrapLuminous SheetSoft plastic sheet that glows in the dark when charged from a light source. Use as full bodies, backs or thorax covers.Tail Fibres - FibbetsSynthetic, translucent long tapered tail fibres - equally as delicate as traditional feather fibre but infinitely stronger - ideal for the Comparadun style of 'fanned' tail, adding stability to the buoyancy.FVE0093- £2.50ColourMicroStd.ColourMicroStd.GreyAJAAOliveAOAFYellowAKABRedAPAGBrownALACClearAQAHOrangeAMADBlackARAILimeANAE £2.25ColourCodeColourCode.ClearFDR0083AARedFDR0083AGYellowFDR0083ABLight OliveFDR0083AHOrangeFDR0083ACBlackFDR0083AIGreyFDR0083ADPinkFDR0083AJTanFDR0083AEChartreuseFDR0083AKBrownFDR0083AFDark OliveFDR0083ALColourCodeColourCode.ClearFVE0091AAGreenFVE0091AHBlackFVE0091ABLight OliveFVE0091AIRedFVE0091ACClaretFVE0091AJYellowFVE0091ADMedium OliveFVE0091AKShrimp PinkFVE0091AEDark OliveFVE0091ALOrangeFVE00913AFFl. ChartreuseFVE0091AMBrownFVE0091AGFl. OrangeFVE0091ANUltra Lace TubingA thin soft tubing that is excellent for translucent bodies. Micro: 0.6mm. Standard: 1mm.Scud BackGreat for scuds, midges & shrimp. Flexible and translucent.Magic Glass/'V' Rib Nymph Body MaterialAlso known as Swanundaze, this extra soft plastic material is half round in cross section enabling the tier to produce realistic flat or segmented translucent bodies. 1.4 metre per pkt.Perfect RubberColourCodeColourCodeColourCodePearl WhiteAASmokeAFRedAKBlackABBrown OliveAGFl ChartreuseALBrownACMotor OilAHFl OrangeAMAvocadoADPurpleAIFl PinkANGrayAEYellowAJFHD0039- £2.99Rubber strands, approx 8 inches (20 cm) long, and slightly larger in diameter than most rubber legs. Can be wound to make bodies.FBB0003- Colours £2.75 £1.99