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20871 716 1670 | OPEN 7 DAYS*Calls cost 10p per minute and may vary from mobile networksCodeSizeFSS0014AA#10 (1/16)FSS0014AB#12 (3/64)FSS0014AC#14 (1/32)FSS0014AD#16 (1/69)SizeGoldSilverPriceOval, X-SmallAAAE£2.75Oval, SmallABAF£2.75Oval, MediumACAG£2.75Oval, LargeADAH£2.75Twist, MediumSilverOnly£3.75SizeGold/SilverCopper/BlueRed/Green#10 (1/16)FSS0015AAFSS0015AEFSS0015AH#12 (3/64)FSS0015ABFSS0015AFFSS0015AI#14 (1/32)FSS0015ACFSS0015AGFSS0015AJ#16 (1/69)FSS0015AD--ColourCodeColourCodeBlackAAOrangeAHCamelABPurpleAIChartreuseACPhosh. WhiteAJFuchsiaADRoyal BlueAKGreen HighlanderAERedALGreyAFWhiteAMColourSmallMediumSilverFSS0011AAFSS0011ABGoldFSS0011ACFSS0011ADCopperFSS0011AEFSS0011AFGreenFSS0011AGFSS0011AHRedFSS0011AIFSS0011AJColourCodeBlackAAChartreuseABOliveACOrangeADRedAEFire OrangeAFWhiteAGYellowAHCodeTypePriceFSS0008AAFloss£1.75FSS0008ABThread£1.99FSS0008ACYarn£1.00ColourCodeBlackAABrownABGoldACGolden OliveADDark OliveAEOliveAFOrangeAGRedAHWineAIColourCodeColourCodeBlackAANeon Light OrangeAKBurnt OrangeABPurpleALBrownACRoyal BlueAMBright YellowADRedANEmerald GreenAERust OrangeAONeon ChartreuseAFWhiteAPNeon Hot GreenAGWineAQNeon Hot OrangeAHOliveARNeon Hot PinkAINeon Chinese RedASNeon Hot RedAJTypeCodePriceTrico, WhiteAA£1.00Caenis, WhiteAB£1.25Caenis, BlackAC£1.25ColourCodeBurnt OrangeAACharteuseABGreenACOrangeADRedAEYellowAFSizeCodePrice6/0FSS0002AY£15.998/0FSS0004AY£15.99ColourCodeColourCodeColourCodeBlackAALight CahillAIRedAQCamelABLight OliveAJFire OrangeARChartreuseACOlive DunAKRusty BrownASGreenADOliveALTanATGreyAEOrangeAMWhiteAUIron GreyAFPinkANWineAVDark BrownAGPurpleAOYellowAWRusty DunAPProductCodePriceUni-Tray 1 SidedFSS0017AA£10.00Uni-Tray 2 SidedFSS0016AA£17.99Spare Foam (18 spools)FSS0016AB£4.99FSS0013-This is just a small selection of what we have in stock, please check in store or online for the full range and latest additions.Threads, Flosses, Tinsels & WiresThis is our biggest selling thread. Available in 6/0 standard & 8/0 midge. Pre-waxed for convenience.Uni-Thread 6/0 & 8/0FSS0001- 6/0 200yds £1.99FSS0003- 8/0 200yds £1.99Uni-GloThis is a phosphorescent synthetic š bre. The yarn makes great Klinkhammer posts. When the light fades the 'glow-in-the-dark' factor comes into play, making it easier to spot the Ÿ y.Uni-Pearl Mylar20x 50yrd spools of thread covering the most popular uni colours. Packed in a clear uni-tray.Uni-Thread - Full SetsUni-Neon 1/0 Fluorescent1/0 Extra strong thread which is excellent for streamers, pike, salmon and saltwater Ÿ ies. Available in six brilliant colours. 50yds.Uni-French OvalUNI Products have developed a top quality Oval Tinsel which is available in Silver or Gold.Uni-Thread Trico/CaenisThese very š ne threads are essential for tiers working with hooks smaller than #18. Trico is 40 denier (17/0) and Caenis is only 20 denier! Uni-2-Tone MylarUni-WireUni-FlexxSpanŸ ex on a spool. Can be split to use on smaller Ÿ ies. Ideal for buzzers and blood worms.Uni-TrayDesigned to take 36 spools of thread or tinsel. This double-sided box is the answer to the problem of mislaid spools. Also prevents spools from unravelling. This coloured wire is very easy to work with and comes in 2 sizes. Small (0.20mm) Medium (0.30mm). Uni-LokA metal clip that slides onto Uni products (and others) spools to secure thread, yarn, Ÿ oss, etc. Pack of 10. (threads not included)Uni-FlossA super quality single strand Ÿ oss. A blend of nylon and rayon, it is strong and shiny. 15yds. Uni-Mohair Leech YarnThis long-š bered mohair is well established as an alternative to dubbing on nymph, leech and tadpole patterns. Adds lots of 'shaggy' movement with the advantage of being very durable. Uni-Big FlySpeciš cally for large saltwater, pike Ÿ ies and other tying applications that require a very strong easily handled thread. Untwists easily for Ÿ at thread use. 100yds.£1.25 £1.99 £1.00A very strong pearl mylar tinsel for most tying applications.Quality extra strong Mylar Tinsel. Di§ erent colour on each side of the tinsel.£1.25£1.75FSS0024-FSS0010- £1.50FSS0021- FSS0009- £1.50 FSS0005- £1.99Oval FSS0006-Twist FSS0007AAFSS0022AA Uni-Lok £3.50

WWW.FISHINGMEGASTORE.COM3ColourSMLFuchsiaAOAHAARedAPAIABGreenAQAJACBlueARAKADBlackASALAEGoldATAMAFSilverAUANAGPurpleAVAWAXCopperAYAZBrownBABBColourCodeColourCode1. WhiteAA16. OliveAL3. PrimroseAB17. BrownAM5. YellowAC18. GreenAN6. AmberAD19. Hot OrangeAO6a. GoldAE20. Light OliveAP8. PurpleAF191. ClaretAQ9. BlackAG9a. GreyAH11a. ScarletAI12. CardinalAJ15. Dark ClaretAKColourCodeColourCodeColourCodeWhiteAABlackAMWineAYCreamABGrey BrownANBrownBAYellowACOlive GreenAOYellow OliveBBHopper YellowADFl. Red (140 Only)APPurpleBCBurnt OrangeAEFl. YellowAQDark GreyBDBlue DunAFFl. OrangeARWood DuckBETanAGFl. GreenASPeacock BlueBFRusty BrownAHFl. Fire OrangeATWatery OliveBGRedAIFl. Shell PinkAUFL. WhiteBHDark BrownAJFl. ChartreuseAVOliveAKFl. PinkAWBrown OliveALFl. CeriseAXColourCodeColourCodeNeon MagentaAAChrome YellowAIPinkABYellowAJCrimsonACPhosphor YellowAKScarletADLime GreenALFire OrangeAEGreenAMHot OrangeAFBlueANOrangeAGPurpleAOAmberAHWhiteAPTypeCodePriceFloss SetFVE0119AQ£17.99Yarn SetFVE0121AQ£17.99Selection Pack: 16 spools, 1 each colourTypeCodePriceAdhesiveFVE0136AA£2.50SizeCodePrice2mm WideFVE0117AA£2.501mm Wide (Extra Fine)FVE0117AB£2.50SizeCodePriceFine (0.37mm)FVE0113AA£1.75Med. (0.60mm)FVE0113AB£1.75Bulk Spool FineFVE0113AC£6.99Bulk Spool Med. FVE0113AD£5.99SizeCodePriceFine (0.125mm)FVE0114AA£1.75Med. (0.40mm)FVE0114AB£1.75SizeCodeLFDR0093AAMFDR0093ABSFDR0093ACColour 1CodeWhiteAAHot YellowABHot OrangeACGoldAVSilverAWFl. YellowAXFl. OrangeAYFl. ChartreuseAZFl. PinkBABlueAMChartreuseAUColour 2CodeGreenALOliveANWineAJRedAKBlackAOPinkAPAmberAQGun MetalARRustASGreyADCopperAECopper BrownAFTanAGGingerAHBrownAIGolden OliveATSizeCodeX SmallFDR0104SmallFDR0105-BrassieFDR0108-MediumFDR0106-LargeFDR0107-ColourCodeBlackFSF0001AABrownFSF0001ABCopperFSF0001ACGreyFSF0001ADLight OliveFSF0001AEOrangeFSF0001AFWhiteFSF0001AGYellowFSF0001AHColourCodeSAAMABLACThreads, Flosses, Tinsels & WiresHolographic TinselThis extremely popular tinsel is now available in a full range of colours and sizes. Tinsel bodies and ribs come alive with this amazing material. Mirage TinselSuper intense pearl tinsel with colour shifting technology to create an iridescent, chameleon e— ect. The range of products in Mirage are gaining popularity amongst competition anglers. £2.50Pearsall's Gossamer Tying SilkOriginal silk threads for the dressing of classic salmon and trout ˜ ies and in particular Clyde and North Country style dressing. Other Pearsall's products are available, please phone for details. 45yds per Spools.Ultra WireNon-tarnishing copper wire. It is available in a tremendous range of colours and sizes. Use Ultra Wire for ribbing, weight, ˜ ash, wire bodies and dubbing brushes. "Brassie" size is perfect for Copper John style ˜ ies.UTC ThreadExtra Strong, Silky Smooth, Ties Flat, Lightly Waxed, Slow Building, Slight Twist, Sizes Colour Coded, Tag End Cap.Buy any 12for only£15.00Lead WireLead wire for weighting ˜ ies. Available in small spools or in super value bulk spools.Natural copper coloured wire. Bright ¡ nish for ribbing and to add weight.Copper WireGlo-BriteSuperbright, colourfast, ˜ oss and yarn in 16 ˜ uorescent colours. Glo-brite ˜ oss is the original material for Okay Dokey's. The Yarn is good for tags and tails.Flat LeadIts thin qualities make it ideal for building smooth pro¡ led underbodies on nymphs etc.Adhesive Lead FoilLead foil has a variety of uses for the ˜ y tier. It can be used to build shaped underbodies for nymphs to add weight or wrapped around bare tubes to make deep ¡ shing salmon ˜ ies. £1.7570dn. 100yds FDR0097-140dn. 100yds FDR0096-FVE0119- Floss 25yds £1.25FVE0120- Floss 100yds £2.50FVE0121- Yarn 8yds £1.10Colour Selection 1 £2.75Colour Selection 2 £1.75X-small and Large available in selected colours only.Contact us for details.Mini Sparkle Braid RainbowMulti-strand, multi-colour braided yarn. Perfect for tying bodies on ˜ ies such as Yellow Dancers.FDR0078AA £2.50FDR0091- £1.99FVE0110- £3.75Semper  i Nano SilkNano Silk is probably the strongest ˜ y tying thread on the planet! Put simply Nano Silk is ¡ ne enough to tie on size 32 hooks and strong enough to bend a size 6 hook in the vice! Nano Silk is available in 8 colours. £3.99Ice Blue Pearl TinselAlso known as UV blue tinsel.FDR0140- £1.99