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WWW.FISHINGMEGASTORE.COMHooks23Type15mm22mm15mm ext.AluminiumAAABACBrassADAEAF £3.50ColourCodeClearAABlackABDayglo OrangeACDayglo YellowADDayglo GreenAEColourXSSMLPriceClearAAABACAD£3.99Fl. OrangeAEAFAGAH£4.99Fl. YellowAIAJAKAL£4.99Fl. RedAMANAOAP£4.99Fl. ChartreuseAQARASAT£4.99BlackAUAVAWAX£4.99BlueAYAZBABB£4.99ColourColour10121416FFW0001-RedAAABACADFFW0002-GoldAAABACAD £3.85FVE0187-Guideline Tube Fly SystemA barbless hook for big clunky pike flies. 10 Per Pack.1241/02/04/06/0AAABACADAEAFAGThe arrival of these tubes on the market has changed the look of modern tube flies forever. By using the tubes as they are, or combining them with dubbing or translucent material, you can create a shine to the flies, unlike anything else. The tubing itself contains a lot of fluorescence, which makes it glow very well in low light conditions. XS fits inside M, and S fits inside L. Use different colour combinations to create the perfect tube fly.Code46810PriceFKS0001-AAABACAD£7.50A very strong tube hook favoured by those fishing in Norway and Russia. 10 pack.Ken SawadaTube Treble HookCode2468PriceFKS0003-AAABACAD£7.50A lighter wire hook ideal for low water tubes and waddingtons.Ken SawadaTreble Perfect HookCode46810PriceFKS0004-AAABACAD£7.50A lighter wire, long shank double. Black nickel finish.Ken SawadaDouble Low Water HookCode4681012PriceFKS0002-AFAAABACAD£7.50A very strong double hook in a smart black nickel finish.Ken SawadaDouble Salmon HookType68101214PriceBlack (10 Pack)AAABACADAE£6.99Black (100 Pack)AFAGAHAIAJ£49.99Nickel (10 Pack)APAQARASAT£7.50Nickel (100 Pack)AUAVAWAXAY£49.99Gold (10 Pack)--BEBFBG£7.99Gold (100 Pack)--BHBIBJ£54.99Super quality - out point and wide gape for secure hold.Esmond DruryTreble Fly HookFVE0183-Type4mm5mmLong Range, AluminiumAA-Long Range, BrassABACWeight Forward, BrassAD-Skittle Tubes, BrassAE-Bottle Neck, AluminiumAF-Bottle Neck, BrassAG- £4.99Tubes designed by Jurij Shumakov. These "half-incher" style tubes have proven themselves to be hugely successful over the last couple of years. Machined from aluminium or brass. 10 Per Pack.Shumakov TubesFCR0032-Bottle TubesTapered nose means less build up at the head when tying. Extensions double the length and weight of the tube. 10 Per Pack.FVE0187AG 15mm FVE0187AH 22mm Super Slim Bottle Tubes£3.50Super Slim 3mm diameter high precision brass tubes are an addition to our standard range of bottle tubes and are designed to accept the same internal tubing. The slim pro• le will enable tying lightly dressed patterns.FGC0001-Slipstream TubesVery high quality tubes with a very slim design, which ties a neater fly and also fishes deeper than heavier tubes. All come in packs of 10.SizePlasticPriceAluminumPriceCopperPrice½?AA£2.25AH£2.50AP£3.99¾?AB£2.25AI£2.50AQ£3.991?AC£2.25AJ£2.50AR£3.991¼?AD£2.75AK£2.50AS£3.991½?AE£2.75AL£3.25AT£4.501¾?AF£2.75AM£3.25AU£4.502?AG£2.75AN£3.25AV£4.502½?----AW£4.50FVE0188-Plastic - With moulded ends to stop the dressing slipping off.Aluminium - Slim design, lined with soft plastic to prevent line chafe.Copper - Ideal for big or deep water. Plastic lined and the same weight as brass.Ad Swier Absolute Pike HookFSH0068- £5.00Flexible tubing for fixing hooks on tubes and waddingtons 35cmTube Fly Tubing FVE0186- £1.25 £2.25Shrink Wrap TubingFCR0011AAShrink tube can be used to make a smooth, stiff connection between waddingtons and hooks. £1.99Lining TubingFIW0002AAThe same tubing used to line slipstream tubes. Useful for putting coneheads on tube flies. 60cm.SizeCode1 (55mm)FVE0184AA2 (45mm)FVE0184AB3 (35mm)FVE0184AC4 (25mm)FVE0184AD5 (20mm)FVE0184AE6 (15mm)FVE0184AF £7.99Leading eye turned up, should be used with Waddington trebles. 25 pack.Waddington ShanksSizeCode6FVE0185AA8FVE0185AB10FVE0185AC12FVE0185AD £16.99Waddington TreblesSpecially designed to be used with waddington shanks these lightweight round eye trebles can be used with tubes too. 25 Per Pack.Type4681012PriceFly DoublesAAABACADAE£9.00Tube DoublesAGAHAIAJAK£10.00Loop DoublesThese superb doubles come in two different styles. One is for tying modern hairwing salmon flies - the other is for using with tube flies. 10 pack.FLP0001-Colour½?¾?BrassFLP0003AAFLP0003ABSilverFLP0004AAFLP0004AB £5.99Loop Brass Bottle TubeSpecial short body and bottle neck that gives the fly a superb realistic taper with great movement. 10 pack.A heavy wire, forged nymph hook with a red or gold finish. Great for the river and stillwater angler.CJ's Coloured Nymph HookCode3/01/0PriceFVE0189-ABAA£7.99Recognised as 'the' shape for tying full dressed flies, also perfect for Spey and Steelhead patterns. 10 packTG Salmon FlyGenuine silkworm gut, pre-twisted in 12" strands. Used for the eye on blind salmon hooks for classic fly dressing. 3 strands per pack.Silk Worm Gut £6.99FKS0007AAOwner DoubleOwner Tube DoubleGreat for reproductions of classic fully dressed Adlington & Hutchinson CS6Code246810PriceBM00-7576777779£4.50These new tying hooks from Owner, based on the popular Stinger treble have a wide gape, large up eye and black nickel finish.Code6810PriceBM00-808182£4.50These new tubefly hooks from Owner, based on the popular Stinger treble have a wide gape, needle eye and black nickel finish.Type8/06/04/02/0PriceFly DoublesAAABACAD£8.00FSH0069-10PriceOwner Pricesalmon flies. Black finish. 10 pack.6/AD£

240871 716 1670 | OPEN 7 DAYS*Calls cost 10p per minute and may vary from mobile networksThis is just a small selection of what we have in stock, please check in store or online for the full range and latest additions.Kamasan HooksPack Size10121416Price25AAADAGAJ£2.50100ABAEAHAK£8.501000ACAFAIAL£56.00Pack Size10121416Price25AAADAGAJ£2.50100ABAEAHAK£8.501000ACAFAIAL£66.00Pack Size10121416Price25AAADAGAJ£2.50100ABAEAHAK£8.501000ACAFAIAL£56.00Pack Size10121416Price25AAADAGAJ£2.50100ABAEAHAK£8.501000ACAFAIAL£56.00Pk Size6810121416Price25AMAPAAADAGAJ£2.50100ANAQABAEAHAK£8.501000AOARACAFAIAL£56.00Size246810121416Price25AMAPASAVAAADAGAJ£2.50100ANAQATAWABAEAHAK£8.501000AOARAUAXACAFAIAL£56.00Size246810121416Price25AMAPASAVAAADAGAJ£2.50100ANAQATAWABAEAHAK£8.501000AOARAUAXACAFAIAL£56.00Pk Size6810121416Price25AMAPAAADAGAJ£2.50100ANAQABAEAHAK£8.501000AOARACAFAIAL£60.00Pk Size68101214Price16AJAMAAADAG£2.501000ALAOACAFAI£70.00Pk Size68101214Price10AJAMAAADAG£4.25100AKANABAEAH£35.991000ALAOACAFAI£282Pack Size10121416Price25AAADAGAJ£2.50100ABAEAHAK£8.501000ACAFAIAL£56.00Size8101214161820Price25ASAAADAGAJAMAP£2.50100ATABAEAHAKANAG£8.501000AUACAFAIALAOAR£56.00Pack Size141618Price25AAADAG£2.50100ABAEAH£8.501000ACAFAI£56.00Size8101214161820Price25ASAAADAGAJAMAP£2.50100ATABAEAHAKANAQ£8.501000AUACAFAIALAOAR£56.00Size121416182022Price25AAADAGAJAMAP£2.50100ABAEAHAKANAQ£8.501000ACAFAIALAOAR£56.00Size810121416Price25AMAAADAGAJ£2.50100ANABAEAHAK£8.501000AOACAFAIAL£56.00Size8101214161820Price25ASAAADAGAJAMAP£2.50100ATABAEAHAKANAQ£8.501000AUACAFAIALAOAR£56.00Size12468101214Price25AAAMAPASAVABAEAH£2.50100AKANAQATAWACAFAI£8.501000ALAOARAUAXADAGAJ£66.00Size68101214Price25AJAMAAADAG£2.50100AKANABAEAH£8.501000ALAOACAFAI£59.00Size4681012Price25AGAJAMAAAD£2.501000AIALAOACAF£59.00Size246810121416Price25AMAPASAVAAADAGAJ£2.50100ANAQATAWABAEAHAK£8.501000AOARAUAXACAFAIAL£63.00Size4681012Price25AGAJAMAAAD£3.99100AHAKANABAE£13.501000AIALAOACAF£91.00Pack Size1/02/012Price25ABAHAAAG£6.99100ACAIAEAK£22.501000ADAJAFAL£166.00Size4681012Price10AGAJAMAAAD£5.50100AHAKANABAE£46.991000AIALAOACAF£348.00Size46810121416Price10AMAPASAAADAGAJ£6.50100ANAQATABAEAHAK£54.991000AOARAUACAFAIAL£462.00Size46810121416Price10AJAMAPASAAADAG£4.99100AKANAQATABAEAH£42.501000ALAOARAUACAFAI£293.00Trout, Shrimp & BuzzerTurned down eye, forged bend, medium wire, bronzed. FKA0001-B100Trout, Shrimp & Buzzer GoldTurned down eye, forged bend, medium wire, gold finish. FKA0002-B100GTrout, Shrimp & Buzzer NickelTurned down eye, forged bend, medium wire, nickel finish. FKA0003-B100NB110GrubberTurned down eye, forged bend, heavy wire, bronzed. FKA0004-B160Trout Medium TraditionalTurned down eye, bronzed, standard shank. FKA0006-B170Trout Heavy TraditionalTurned down eye, forged bend, bronzed, 3x strong wire. FKA0007-B175B200Trout Deepwater NymphTurned down eye, bronzed, ex-strong wire, 2x long shank. FKA0010-Trout Medium Short ShankTurned down eye, forged bend, bronzed, 3x short shank. FKA0005-B220Trout Double TraditionalTurned down eye, bronzed, 3x strong. Size 12 conforms to competition rules. FKA0012-B270Trout Emerger Surface FilmForged, turned down eye, bronzed, standard shank. FKA0016-B400B401Trout Whisker BarbWhisker barb, forged, turned down eye, bronzed, standard shank. FKA0017-Black NymphSlight up eye, York bend, 3x long shank, black nickel finish. FKA0011-B402Trout Sub SurfaceForged, turned down eye, bronzed, ex-short shank. FKA0019-B405Smuts MidgeSpecial loop bend, high carbon light wire, sight-up eye. FKA0020-B410B420SedgesLight wire, 1x short, straight eye, bronzed. FKA0021-Trout BarblessWhisker barb, forged, turned down eye, bronzed, standard shank. FKA0018-B440Trout Classic Lure Extra LongForged, turned down eye, bronzed, 4x long shank. FKA0023-B800Trout Lure Extra Long Cranked ShankForged, turned down eye, special kinked shank, bronze finish. FKA0024-B810B820Lure Nymph MuddlerForged, round bend, straight eye, 4x long, bronze finish. FKA0025-Trout Dry Fly TraditionalForged, turned up eye, bronzed, ex-short shank. FKA0022-B830Low Water Salmon SingleTapered looped, turned up eye, black Japanned. FKA0008-B180Deepwater SalmonExtra strong wire, tapered loop eye, forged, black Japanned finish. FKA0009--B190B280Low Water Salmon DoubleTurned up eye, forged, black Japanned. FKA0014-Trout Classic Lure LongForged, turned down eye, bronzed, 2x long shank. FKA0026-B380Salmon Tube Fly TreblesRound bend, oblong ring eye, ex-strong wire, bronzed. FKA0027-B990Low Water Salmon TrebleTurned up eye, long shank, black Japanned. FKA0015-Kamasan hooks are our biggest seller and many of our customers buy in bulk. We can now offer packs of 100, packed in official Kamasan boxes, so you know they are genuine.Or why not consider buying a 1000 pack to split between your club or group of friends?Size681012Price2546483032£2.50B980SpecialistOriginally designed as a specimen bait hook, these have more recently found favour with completion trout anglers looking for the perfect Blob hook. KA02-Size681012Price2577796163£2.50B982SpecimenA heavy wire version of the B980 hook, popular with competition anglers. KA02-