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WWW.FISHINGMEGASTORE.COMVices & Accessories27Daylight LampsRotable Regent ViceSimilar to our original Regent Vice, but with fully rotational jaws and head. Side lever spring loaded with a C-clamp. Black and brass finish. Adjustable head angle. One of our most popular vices. This vice will accept almost any size of hook from 6/0 down to a size 28. Highly RecommendedFDP0012AA £19.99Mastax ViceBlack lever action vice. Anti-glare finish and solid lever. Supplied with a C-clamp. Will accept most sizes of trout and salmon hooksFDP0003AA £17.99Selecta Vice Smart new lever action vice with brass … ttings. This telescopic version features new adjustable height stem. Very compact design with C-clamp. Will accept most sizes of trout and salmon hooksFDP0006AA £24.99Midge Vice Lever ac-tion vice is very popular with … ne tapered jaws. Brass … ttings with a black no glare … nish. Supplied with a C-clamp. Will accept most sizes of trout and salmon hooks. FDP0002AA £10.99Supreme Vice A more basic version of the Super AA Vice still lever action. Good value beginners vice. Reliable and simple to operate. Supplied with a C-clamp. Will accept most sizes of trout and salmon hooks.FDP0007AA £14.99Model A Vice Our lowest priced true rotary vice this has an easily operated handwheel system and simple thumbscrew jaws. Comes complete with bob-bin cradle. Accepts most sizes of trout and salmon hooks.FDP0005AA £7.99Pro AA Vice Same as the Super AA Lever Action Vice but with no-glare … nish. One of the best known vices throughout the world. Supplied with a C-clamp. Will accept most sizes of trout and salmon hooks.FDP0001AA £10.99Anvil Apex ViceAmerican-made full rotary vice with hardened steel jaws that will hold hooks from 32 to 6/0. Fully adjustable tilting head, positive cam operation. Comes complete with pedestal and C-clamp and material spring.FGU0022AA £99.99Anvil Atlas ViceNew from Anvil for 2007, the new Atlas vice has all the features you could ever want at an affordable price. Genuine full rotary function. Quality pedestal base . Made in America.FGU0037AA £149.99HMH Spinner Tube ViceThe new tube jaws will hold immovable - with or without junction tubing installed. With or without steel mandrels. Ultra smooth true-rotary action and sleek profile for easy tying of tiny micro-tube streamers or huge saltwater patterns.FHL0025AA £134.99Montana Mongoose ViceNew generation of true rotary cam operated vice. The new design of this rotating vice has been refined for maximum efficiency. The cam lever can be locked in a forward or backward position, allowing more clearance while tying. Simple single screw adjustment. The supreme hook holding power of the tempered steel jaws will securely grip hooks 28's - 4/0. FGR0045AA £219.99Marco Polo Fly Tying SystemThis is the mobile kit for the travelling fly fisherman, made to fit perfectly into the CF waterproof case. Kit Comprises:Marco Polo Vice, Dubbing Twister, Bobbin Holder and Threader, 2 in 1 Whip Finisher, 3 in 1 Bobbin Kit, Hackle Pliers, Magnetic Hook Pallet, Tying Scissors, 3 in 1 Dubbing Brush, 2 in 1 Hair Stackers with Comb.FGU0001AA £399.00FREE tools included!Slimline Mag LampThe bright 22w low heat and flicker-free DaylightT tube (100w equiv.) combines with the slimline head and adjustable internal spring arm. Two easily changable 13cm/5" glass lenses (1.75X and 2.25X) ensure you see intricate details clearly. Supplied with table clamp. FDL0010AA £125.00Odyssey Spider ViceThis is the newest vice in the griffin range. Features include steel jaws that can cope with hooks from 4/0 to 28 and true 360º rotation. C-clamp included. Excellent value for money. 2 piece stem. FGR0044AA £84.99Revolution ViceBlack with brass head, no-glare vice fitted with tapered jaws plus a large base clamp. Fly can be rotated to any position as the barrel moves freely on its axis. Will accept most sizes of trout and salmon hooks. FDP0065AA £29.99Fly Ty LampThe new Fly Ty lamp is even better than the original. The new one comes with a daylight tube, is low heat and gives you much more light! All changes were recommended to Daylight by expert fly tiers from all over the world. FDL0001AA £54.99!Stonfo Flylab ViceFeatures full head-angle adjustment, 360 degree rotation of the hook when held. Hook sizes 22 - 2/0. C-Clamp fits upto 50mm deep surfaces.TypeCodePriceC-CLampFVE0263AA£99.99PedestalFVE0263AB£99.99Flylab Lever ViceFeaturing Head-angle adjustment and a lockable 360 degree rotation, the Lever vice is supplied with both a sturdy pedestal base and a machined C-Clamp (fits upto 50mm surfaces). There are three sets of interchangeable jaws supplied as standard to cover hook sizes 26 - 6/0. Material clip included..FVE0263AC £149.99Stonfo Flytec ViceFeatures a Stainless Steel shaft with two precision ball bearings, adjustable rotary tension with locking mechanism. 3 interchangeable hardened steel jaws, bobbin cradle, centering gauge, material clip and allen key. Mounted on a broad pedestal base.TypeCodePriceC-CLampFVE0264AA£174.99PedestalFVE0264AB£174.99Flytec Lever ViceFeaturing Head-angle adjustment and a lockable 360 degree rotation, the Lever vice is supplied with both a sturdy pedestal base and a machined C-Clamp (fits upto 50mm surfaces). There are three sets of interchangeable jaws supplied as standard to cover hook sizes 26 - 6/0. Material clip included..FVE0264AC £199.99Daylight Mag LampComes with a semi-rimless 13cm/5" precision acrylic lens with removable lens cover, to give you a wider viewing area. Designed with a strong metal arm with internal springs to hold its position exactly and a 11w DaylightT bulb (60w equiv.). Supplied with table clamp.FDL0002AA £79.99!

280871 716 1670 | OPEN 7 DAYS*Calls cost 10p per minute and may vary from mobile networksThis is just a small selection of what we have in stock, please check in store or online for the full range and latest additions.ToolsStillwater ToolsStone y ToolsBullet Bobbin HolderWeighted bobbin holder, tube flared at both ends, will take all sizes of bobbinFDP0027AA £2.50Thumb DiscBobbin HolderBobbin holder with tube flared at both ends and brass disc for easy comfortable grip while tying. Will take all sizes of bobbin.FDP0026AA £2.99Floss SpigotBobbin HolderBobbin holder with wide tube for thick floss and threads.FDP0028AA £2.75Hair StackerFor stacking hair when tying hair wing flies. Gets the tips of the hair lined up. Also useful for mixing different hair together prior to tying in. FDP0056AA £2.99Soligen ScissorsA very popular choice model small scissors with sharp point. Sturdy Design.FDP0037AA £3.99Medium ScissorsOur most popular scissor. Good size and blades for everyday use.FDP0034AA £2.99Midge Hackle PliersAs with the English Hackle Plier, but with super small head for very small hackles.FDP0025AA £1.99EnglishHackle PliersThis is the most popular of our Hackle Pliers. English type hackle plier with round tapered nose, grips firm even on small hacklesFDP0024AA £2.50Hackle Guard FDP0032AAUseful tool for finishing the head of a fly. Slip over the head of the fly to hold the hackles out of the way when applying varnish.£1.99Bobbin Threader FDP0044AAInvaluable tool for the threading of bobbin holders. Saves time and temper. Hexagonal handle to save it rolling. £1.99Dubbing Needle FDP0033AAA neat and convenient needle to use, with a handle to prick out dubbing or apply varnish. Hexagonal handle to save it rolling on the bench. £1.50De-Barbing Pliers FDP0040AASmall, flat faced pliers for crushing down barbs on hooks, before or during fishing£3.99Whip Finish Tool FDP0045AASome fly tiers find this an invaluable tool for a professional finish£2.99CauteryHigh temperature cautery perfect for removing loose fibres or burning deer hair into shape. The deluxe model has replaceable batteries and tips.ColourCodePriceCauteryFHL0017AA£19.99Deluxe Reusable CauteryFHL0017AB£34.99Spare Cautery TipFHL0017AC£9.99StandardFLD0002AA £5.99LongFLD0016AA £8.99Fly Tying KitAttractive and practical storage case that holds 8 of our tools in dye cut foam.Kit Includes:. Dubbing Needle. Thread Bobbin. Whip Finisher. Threader. Fur Rake. Hackle Pliers. Dubbing Spinner. ScissorsFLD0028AA £39.99Dubbing NeedleExtra long stainless steel needle built into ergonomically designed handle that will not roll off the tying table and is ideal for picking out dubbing or varnishing fly heads. Features 'soft touch' finger grips for added comfort and control.FLD0001AA £2.99Bobbin HolderLightweight, long tubed/standard bobbin. Bobbin features 'soft touch' finger grips for added comfort and controlBobbin ThreaderSimple stainless steel diamond eye threader mounted onto handle, makes threading bobbin holder simple. FLD0004AA £3.99Rotary Hackle PliersStrong sure pinpoint grip, these Hackle Pliers will not let you down. Has a rotary handle to make life easy. FLD0015AA £5.99Rotary Whip FinisherHigh tensile stainless steel arms. The rotary action of the finisher ties very neat heads on the smallest of flies. 'Soft touch' finger grips for comfort and control. Instructions enclosed within pack. FLD0003AA £3.99Dubbing TeaserSpecially designed micro barbed tool is ideal for picking up small amounts of dubbing material. Also useful for picking/teasing out a fly to give it that magical "buggy" look. FLD0009AA £3.50Fur RakeInexpensive, twin-headed fur rake designed to comb the underfur. Mounted on a strong handle with 'soft touch' finger grips.FLD0005AA £3.99Dubbing SpinnerSpecially designed shape so that the spinner will not roll off the tying table. Weighted for easy spinning with stainless steel wires.FLD0007AA £4.50Hackle GuardShallow cupped tool holds hackle fibres out of the way while building up the head of a fly to tie off.FLD0014AA £3.99Fly Tying ScissorsThe blades are made from the finest quality Sheffield stainless steel with micro serrated blades to prevent materials slipping. Made with large finger loop and 'soft touch' rubber inserts for added comfort.FLD0008AA £9.99Hair StackerA completely new design in Hair Stackers. The tube and the base are joined together by a hinge so that the two parts are not separate and cannot be lost. FLD0011AA £4.99Ring Hackle PliersPowerful hackle pliers with a comfortable ring that fits over the finger for comfort and a very strong grip on the rubber coated plier jaws ensures control.and cannot be lost. FLD0006AA £3.50Rotary Fly DrierBattery operated 7rpm motor, ideal for epoxy flies. Comes complete with rod turning kit for rod building.FLD0024AA £25.00McPhail Whip Finisher FVE0255AATool favoured by the famous fly tyer Davy McPhail.£5.99