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ORDER FORMGlasgow Angling CentreUnit 1, The Point Retail Park,29 Saracen Street,Glasgow G22 5HT. By PhoneSimply ring through your order, complete with the product details (code and description) we will take your name, address details and your method of payment (credit card or debit card). Your order will then be processed and you will receive your goods within a few days.0871 716 1670By FaxUse the order form here, filling in the codes and descriptions, name, address details and card details (credit card or debit card) and send to our fax number. Your order will then be processed and you will receive your goods within a few days.0871 716 1671By PostFill in the order form complete with the codes and descriptions, name, address details and card details (credit or debit card) or cheque and post to our address. Your order will then be processed and you will receive your goods within a few days. (If paying by cheque please allow 7 working days to clear).By E-mailE-mail us at the address below with all the information on the order form to the right and we can begin processing your order straight away! Price PledgeIf you find any identical item at a more competitive price advertised elsewhere we will match that price!Subject to the item being in stock at the other store and available for immediate delivery. Promotions & Exclusive DealsInside this catalogue are many special promotions. You must quote the order code as shown of any free or special priced items which come with your purchase when you place your order as mistakes cannot be rectified later.(Promotions and special prices may vary subject to stock levels and costs without notice. However products of similar quality, value or saving will be supplied). AddressTel. no.Daytime contact no (* Required).E-mailTitleNamePostcodeBilling AddressDelivery Address If di‘ erent from BillingAddressTel. no.Daytime contact no.E-mailTitleNamePostcodeBy WebBe sure to visit our website packed with all the best gear from all the big name brands and even more besides! Constantly updated!www.fishingmegastore.comTerms & ConditionsAll products are sold subject to our full terms and conditions of sale, with full 30 day money back guarantee. Ordering: All prices and o† ers are subject to change (we reserve the right to change these without prior notice) and availability. Errors and omissions excepted. Delivery: All delivery times are approximate. We advise you to ensure somebody will be present at the delivery address since items are shipped by couriers and a signature will be required upon delivery. Charges for Eire, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Scilly Isle, Isle of Wight and International destinations are available on request, please ring our customer services number below. Post free o† ers UK mainland only. Weights & Measures: All weights and measures are approximate, speciŒ cations can be subject to change, we reserve the right to change these without prior notice. Refunds & returns: All returned goods must be in the original packaging and in the same condition as supplied. We must be informed of damages within 48 hours of delivery. Uplifts available on request, please call for details.All shortages must be brought to our attention with 7 DAYS of receipt.Method of PaymentCard No: Cardholder's Name: Signature:Last 3 digits on signature strip (4 on amex):Expiry Date:Issue No:Start Date:Switch cards onlyI enclose a cheque for £We also have other FREEcatalogues available. (Tick to receive)In the unlikely event that we are out of stock, would you prefer to: Await Delivery Accept a similar alternative Similar items will always be of an equal or higher quality and value. Cancel OrderLocationSmallMediumLargeNext DayUK Mainland£2.99£4.99£6.99£10.99Republic of Ireland£6.00£15.00Northern Ireland£2.99£6.99£9.99£14.99*Isle of Man£2.99£6.99£9.99Highlands & Islands£2.99£6.99£9.99UK and Ireland Postage costsEvery year we negotiate very hard with our couriers to ensure we can deliver your goods not only quickly and efficiently (as our awards prove) but also at the lowest possible cost.International & Non-UK Mainland Carriage ChargesCharged at our cost price. (For exact carriage charges call our customer enquiries line). Telephone: 0871 716 1670(Monday­Sunday: 9am ­ 5:30pm)*Only available to post codes up to BT49CodeDescription (Name, size, colour, etc.)Unit PriceQtyLine CostGoods TotalPostageTotal CostGAME FISHING CATALOGUE 2010 WINTER EDITIONTel: 0871 716 1670 Fax: 0871 716 1671e-mail: sales@fishingmegastore.comwww.fishingmegastore.comGlasgow Angling CentreUnit 1, The Point Retail Park29 Saracen StreetGlasgow G22 5HTFREE SHIPPING with any order over £150**UK mainland onlyTel: 0871 716 1670 Fax: 0871 716 1671e-mail: sales@fishingmegastore.comwww.fishingmegastore.comGlasgow Angling CentreUnit 1, The Point Retail Park29 Saracen StreetGlasgow G22 5HTFREE SHIPPING with any order over £150HS0054SPEND OVER £75 and receive a FREE Hook Sharpener & Scissors RRP: £7.99and receive a FREE Fisheagle Digital Scale RRP: £11.99SPEND OVER £500 and receive a FREE Fisheagle Flotation SuitRRP: £119.99SPEND OVER £250 GZ0037FREE GIFTRE009-*Please state size when orderingHS0055SPEND OVER £150 and receive a FREE Fisheagle Deluxe Fillet Kit RRP: £24.99500and receive a FREE Hook Shapener & Scissors (RRP: £7.99)SEA FISHING CATALOGUE 2010WINTER EDITIONCoarseFishingSeaFishingGame FishingSpecialistCarpFREE GIFTFREE GIFTMake sure you add your fantastic free gift to your order. Please quote reference number and Size if available. One free gift per order. FREE SHIPPING with any order over £150**UK mainland onlyTA1146/47and receive a FREE Stack Pack Set(RRP: £6.98)FTB0001AAand receive a FREE Gar-Bag(RRP: £14.99)FREESPEND OVER £150 FRI0008AAand receive a FREE Pair of Stillwater Razor Scissors(RRP: £29.99)FREEPair SPEND OVER £250 FREESPEND OVER £75 To order just add the code next to the voucher you want to the order form. All vouchers cost their value and as such are not subject to any special offers.GIFT VOUCHERSGV5GV10GV20

Salmon Fly Tying KitMaterials:. Cellire Varnish. Mixed Tubes & Liner. Waddington Shanks. Salmon Hooks. Black Uni Thread. Red Uni Thread. Oval Tinsels. Uni Tinsel. Mixed Squirrel Tail. Mixed Buck Tail. Wool Mixed. Mixed Tippets. Mixed Topping. Golden Pheasant Skin. Mixed Goat. Krystal Flash. Arctic Fox Mixed. Mixed Large Hackles. Wax. Beginners BookletTools:. Rotatable Regent Vice. Bobbin Holder. Hackle Pliers. Dubbing Needle. Bobbin Threader. Whip Finish Tool. Storage Box. ScissorsFIH0026AC £49.99" For those more interested in salmon fishing"Veniard Premium Fly Tying KitFVE0126AA £59.99Materials:. 1x Mixed Marabou. 1x Block Plastazote. 1x Mixed Glister Sparkle. 1x Mixed Ice Yarn. 1x Mixed Hares Ears. 2x Seal Fur Subs. 1x White Suspender Balls. 1x Peacock Herl. 2x Spike Guard Dubbing. 1x Grey Duck & Hen Pheasant Quills. 1x Mixed Cock Pheasant Tails. 1x Grey & Dyed Black Squirrel Tails. 1x Rainbow Beads. 1x Assorted Gold& Silver Beads. 1x Damsel Eyes. 1x Natural grey CDC. 1x Cactus Chenille. 1x Super Stretch Floss . 1x Crystal Flash. 1x Deer Hair. 1x Golden Pheasant Tippet Feathers. 1x Assorted Hooks. 1x Assorted Colours Holographic Tinsel. 1x Bottle Cellire Varnish. 2x Magic Glass Nymph Body Material. 1x Booklet "Fly Tying For The Beginner Trout". 1x Spool Uni-2-Tone Gold & Silver Mylar Tinsel. 2x Spools 6/0 Uni-Tying Thread Black & Olive. 1x ½ each Cock Cape Natural Red & Dyed Black. 1x Spool Lead Wire. 1x Suede Chenille 2 Colours. 2x Spools Glo-Brite Floss. 2x Spools Glo-Brite Multi Yarn. 1x Spool Pearl Mylar Tinsel. 1x Partridge Grey Neck HackleTools:. 1x Bullet Bobbin Holder. 1x Scissors. 1x Whip Finish Tool. 1x Dubbing needle. 1x Hackle PlierGet a Supreme vice worth £14.99 FREE! When you purchase this kit.Connoisseur Fly Tying KitFIH0026AA £89.99Materials:. 6x Assorted Indian Capes. Mixed Squirrel Tail. Mixed Buck Tail. Mixed Marabou. Antron Wool. Assorted Uni Thread. Gold & Silver Wire. Copper Wire. Lead Wire. Mixed Floss. Brown Partridge. Closed Cell Foam. Mixed Ostrich. Grey Duck & Hen Pheasant Quills. Mixed Magic Glass. Mixed Flexi Floss. Killer Bug Yarn. Starling Wings. Goat Hair Mixed. Hares Ears. Suspender Balls. Rabbit Fur. Pearl Film. Mixed Ice Yarn. Thin Skin. Mixed Beads. Bead Chain. Silver & Pearl Mylar Tubing. Deer Hair. Lead Foil. Mixed Cactus Chenille. Mixed Mobile. Mixed Chenille. Mixed Fl. Chenille. Mixed Fl. Wool. Jungle Cock Subs. Peacock Herl. Peacock Swords. Cellire Varnish. Kamasan Trout Hooks. Salmon Hooks. Mixed Tubes & Liner. Cock & Hen Pheasant Tail. Beginners Booklet. 101 Patterns Booklet. WaxTools:. Rotatable Regent Vice. Whip Finish Tool. Bobbin Holder. Hackle Pliers. Dubbing Needle. Scissors. Large Robust Storage caseParamount Fly Tying KitFVE0126AB £149.99Materials:. Marabou. Cell Foam. Hare Mask. Seal Fur Subs. SLF. Suspender Balls. Booby Eyes. Peacock Herl. Mixed Ostrich. Sppike Guard. Mallard Wings. Hen Pheasant Wings. Black Squirrel Tail. Guinea Fowl Blue. Assorted Beads. CDC. Teal Flank. Cock Capes. Cactus Chenille Colours. Krystal Flash. Magic Glass. Golden Pheasant No.2 Head. Deer Hair. Elk Hair. Holo Tinsel. Cellire No.1 Varnish. Hooks. Partridge Brown Back. Goose Biots. Suede Chenille. Thin Skin. Small Bronze Mallard. Stiff Antron. Mixed Squirrel Tail. Small Mylar pearl. Fly Bodies. French Partridge Natural. Uni Flexx. 6/0 Uni Thread. Pearl Braid. Uni 2-Tone Mylar. Uni Floss. Lead Wire. Gold & Silver Wire. Glo Brite Floss. Cock Pheasant Tails. Glo Brite Multi Yarn. Wax. Pearl Mylar Tinsel. Instruction BookletTools:. Tool Kit. Vice No.12 Lever Action. Wooden CabinetParamount Fly Tying KitFVE0256AB £199.99Materials:. Marabou. Cone Heads. Peacock Herl. Mallard Wings. Guinea Fowl. Cock Hackles. Krystal Flash. Glister. Deer Hair. Clear Cellire. French Partridge. Thin Skin. Parachute Antron. Fly Bodies. Fly Tyers Wax. Super Standard Lever Vice. Whip Finish Tool. Scissors. Pearl Lurex. Rayon Floss. Closed Cell Foam. Nymph & Streamer Eyes. Suspender Balls. Peackock Eye. Hen Pheasant Wings. Cul de Cunard (CDC). Pearl Film. Holographic Chenille. Golden Pheasant Head. Elk Hair. Hooks. Goose Biots. Bronze Subs. Mixed Squirrel Tails. Pearl Braid. Fly Tying for Beginners Trout Booklet. Bobbin Threader. Hackle Pliers. Uni Flexx. Glo Bright Floss & Multi Yarn. Lead Wire. Seal Fur Substitute. Beads. Booby Eyes. Ostrich. Squirrel Tail Black. Teal Flank. Cactus Chenille. Magic Glass. Golden Pheasant Body Skin. Holographic Tinsel. English Partridge. Suede Chenille. Grey Mallard Flank. Mylar Piping. Cock Pheasant Centre Tails. 101 Fly Dressings. Bobbin Holder. Dubbing Needle. Threads. Uni 2 Tone Mylar Tinsel. Gold & Silver WireTurrall Fly Tying KitMaterials:. Dressings. Assorted Hooks. Tying Thread. Floss Thread. Pheasant Tail. Peacock Herl. Chenille. Wool. Gold Tinsel. Silver Tinsel. Dubbing. French Partridge. Red Ibis Substitute. Maraflash/Crinkleflash. Turkey Marabou. Mallard Flank. Cock/Hen Hackles. Tippet. Partridge Substitute. Duck Quills. Hen Pheasant Quills. Natural/Artificial HairTools:. Vice. Scissors. Hackle Pliers. Bobbin Holder. Illustrated Instructions. Written InstructionsFTU0012AA £39.99Complete Fly Tying KitFIH0026AB £49.99Materials:"Our bestseller, Hundreds Sold". Cactus Chenille. TT Chenille. Teal Flank. Copper Wire. Gold Wire. Oval Silver. Olive Uni Thread. Black Uni Thread. Uni Tinsel. Pearl Lurex. Holographic Tinsel. Mixed Peacock Herl. Mixed Marabou. Cellire Varnish. Brown Partridge. Jungle Cock Subs. Glo-Brite Floss. Antron Dubbing. G. Pheasant Tippet. Lead Strip. Hares Ears. Multi Yarn. Mixed Floss. Mixed Cock Hackle. Seals Fur Subs. Cock & Hen Pheasant Tail. Deer Hair. Mixed Beads. Mixed Kamasan Hooks. Glister. Beginners Booklet. WaxTools:. Midge Vice. Scissors. Bobbin Holder. Dubbing Needle. Bobbin Threader. Whip Finish Tool. Hackle Pliers. Storage Box" Our lowest price all inclusive kit!"FLY TYING STARTER KITSThe Ultimate introduction to fly dressing, featuring full retail packs of all these materials