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40871 716 1670 | OPEN 7 DAYS*Calls cost 10p per minute and may vary from mobile networks This is just a small selection of what we have in stock, please check in store or online for the full range and latest additions.FeathersTypeCodePriceFull Body Skin #1FVE0027AA£59.99Body Plumage (10pk)FVE0027AB£4.99TypeColourCodePriceBody SkinNatural01AE£16.99Full HeadNatural01AA£8.99Dyed Full HeadYellow13AA£10.99Dyed Full HeadOrange13AB£10.99Dyed Full HeadRed13AC£10.99Dyed Full HeadPurple13AF£10.99Dyed Full HeadLime Green13AH£10.99TypeCodePriceCentre Tail SectionFGG0073AA£8.99Complete TailFVE0001AF£42.99TypeCodePriceTippet SmallFVE0001AB£2.75Tippets MediumFVE0001AC£2.75Tippets LargeFVE0001AD£2.75ToppingFLU0028AA£2.25TypeCodePriceComplete Tail NaturalFVE0029AR£4.99Comp. Tail - F. BrownFVE0029AJ£6.50Complete Tail - RedFVE0029AK£6.50Complete Tail - BlackFVE0029AL£6.50Complete Tail - OliveFVE0029AM£6.50Complete Tail - OrangeFVE0029AN£6.50Complete Tail - ClaretFVE0029AO£6.50Complete Tail - YellowFVE0029AP£6.50Hen - Complete TailFVE0029BQ£3.99TypeCodePriceCock - WingsFVE0029AB£3.99Hen - WingsFVE0029BL£2.75DyedCodePriceMixed ColoursFVE0029AQ£3.50NaturalFCH0021AA£1.00MelanisticFCH0021AB£1.00Light OliveFCH0021AC£1.00OliveFCH0021AD£1.00Pre­Tied LegsColourCodePriceDaddyNaturalBR£2.75HopperNaturalBS£2.75HopperBlackBT£2.75HopperClaretBU£2.75Pre­Tied Legs on QuillCodePriceNaturalAS£5.99ClaretAT£5.99BlackAU£5.99OrangeAV£5.99RedAW£5.99TypeCodePriceFull HeadFVE0006AA£9.99Full Collar (Tippet)FVE0006AB£6.50Full Crest (Topping)FVE0006AC£6.50TypeSMLPriceTippetsADAEAF£2.75ToppingAGAHAI£2.75TypeColourCodePriceComplete SkinNaturalFVE0006AJ£19.99Body SkinNaturalFVE0006AK£5.99Dyed Body SkinOrangeFGG0072AA£8.99Dyed Body SkinRedFGG0072AB£8.99Dyed Body SkinYellowFGG0072AC£8.99Dyed Body SkinGreenFGG0072AD£8.99Dyed Body SkinBlackFGG0072AE£8.99Dyed Body SkinPurpleFGG0072AF£8.99Complete TailNaturalFVE0006AO£8.50TypeRedOrangePurplePrice½ Collar DyedALAMAN£4.99Dyed CrestASAR£6.99Golden PheasantGolden Pheasant body feathers are used in a whole host of salmon Š ies both modern and classic as well as many trout Š ies. Complete skin includes tail and head.Full heads are the most economical way to buy Tippet and Topping, a lifetimes supply.Used in most traditional wet Š ies. Selected tippet & toppings, 10 pk and graded by size.FVE0006­Dyed tippets & toppings can be very e’ ective when used in modern salmon dressingsFVE0006­Amherst PheasantBody skins have metallic green tippet feathers and loads of other useable feathers. The head has striking black and white tippet feathers which dye up very well.FVE00­Tail feathers are used in a number of salmon Š ies & can be dyed to make good Florican Bustard subs.Packs of selected tippets graded by size and also the blood red toppings feathers.Silver PheasantWhite and black barred feathers used extensively for sides or veilings in streamer patterns and salmon dressings like Silver Ghosts, etc. Limited availability.Ringneck PheasantAn old favourite of the Š y tier, these birds o’ er countless useable feathers. Full skins include the tail and wings. Complete tails o’ er the best way to buy pheasant tails with all centre and side tails included.Wing quills from both sexes are used in many traditional patterns. The shoulder feathers have many uses for hacking wet Š ies and nymphs.These feathers have the pigment extracted from them before Dyeing to make the colours brighter.Top quality cock pheasant centre tails dyed in a multitude of useful colours. Many great uses for every Š y tier.Take the work out of tying legs with these pre-knotted pheasant tail • bres. Daddy legs have two knots and hopper legs are single knotted.FVE0029­Amazing centre tails with every • bre knotted along the length of the quill.½ quill per pack. FVE0029­TypeCodePriceCinnamonFEL0011AA£1.99Brown SpeckledFEL0010AA£1.99The cinnamon colour feathers are perfect for wets like cow-dung, cinnamon and gold. The Brown and black speckled wing quills are used in many wet patterns of yesteryear. This material makes great sedge and Alder Š y wings.Complete SkinsWingsBleached Pheasant Tails Dyed Pheasant Tails Hopper Legs Knotted QuillsTypeCodePriceCock - Complete SkinFVE0029AA£22.99Hen - Complete SkinFVE0029BK£19.99TypeCodePriceBack PatchFVE0029AI£4.99Church WindowFVE0029AH£2.50Hen ShoulderFVE0029BO£2.50Back patches have Spey type hacklesand feathers. Body feathers are good for soft hackles on wet Š y and nymphs. Church window feathers are used for tying the Mrs Simpson Š y and other Matuka patterns.Body FeathersComplete TailsBleachedCodePriceMixed ColoursFVE0029BJ£4.50BuffFVE0029AX£2.25YellowFVE0029AY£2.25Fl. YellowFVE0029AZ£2.25OrangeFVE0029BA£2.25Fl. OrangeFVE0029BB£2.25RedFVE0029BC£2.25Fiery BrownFVE0029BD£2.25ClaretFVE0029BE£2.25Medium OliveFVE0029BF£2.25Golden OliveFVE0029BG£2.25OliveFVE0029BH£2.25Heron GreyFVE0029BI£2.25Dark OliveFCH0021AE£1.00GreenFCH0021AF£1.00ClaretFCH0021AG£1.00Black ClaretFCH0021AH£1.00OrangeFCH0021AI£1.00BlackFCH0021AJ£1.00Hen Wing QuillsBody SkinsTail SectionsTippet

WWW.FISHINGMEGASTORE.COMFeathers5Complete SkinCodePriceCockFCH0004AA£22.99HenFCH0004AB£22.99TypeCodePriceWingsFVE0023AL£3.50Complete TailFVE0023AK£3.25TypeColourCodePriceBrown BackNaturalFVE0023AA£3.25Grey NeckNaturalFVE0023AC£3.50Dyed Grey NeckOliveFVE0023AD£3.50Dyed Grey NeckYellowFVE0023AE£3.50Grey FlankNaturalFVE0023AH£3.25TypeCodePriceComplete SkinFVE0025AA£24.99WingsFCH0025AA£1.99Natural Flank 2grFVE0025AB£2.50Dyed Yellow Flank 2grFVE0025AC£2.50Dyed Orange Flank 2grFVE0025AD£2.50Dyed Olive Flank 2grFVE0025AE£2.50ColourCodePriceNaturalFVE0024AA£16.99TypeColourCodePriceFull Eyes x3NaturalAA£2.99Cut Eye Top x2NaturalAB£2.50Dyed Cut Eye Top x2BlackAC£2.50Dyed Cut Eye Top x2RedAD£2.50Dyed Cut Eye Top x2YellowAE£2.50Dyed Cut Eye Top x2OrangeAF£2.50Dyed Cut Eye Top x2OliveAG£2.50Dyed Cut Eye Top x2ChartreuseAH£2.50Dyed Cut Eye Top x2Fl. OrangeAI£2.50Dyed Cut Eye Top x2ClaretAJ£2.50TypeCodePriceGold BodyFVE0028AQ£2.99Blue BodyFVE0028AR£2.99Javan Green NeckFCH0011AA£2.99TypeCodePriceSpeckled Wing QuillsFCH0012AC£5.99Cinnamon Wing QuillsFCH0012AB£3.99TypeCodePricePeahen 6" SectionFEL0009AA£1.50TypeCodePriceHerl NaturalFVE0028AK£2.50Herl BlackFVE0028AL£2.50Herl GreenFVE0028AM£2.50Herl OrangeFVE0028AN£2.50Herl MagentaFVE0028AO£2.50Swords x2FVE0028AP£2.50Peacock Herl BrushFVE0095AA£3.99Packets of strung herl in natural or dyed colours for bodies and now stripped & dyed. Leave natural herl in direct sunlight for that traditional bronze colour. Giant Peacock herl, super long (8-12") in a strung pack. Peacock swords are an essential material in the famous Alexandria wet fly and many other classic patterns. Blue neck feathers as used in The Goats Toe, a very successful wet pattern for seatrout. The large mottled brown wing quills are excellent for muddler's and big sedges. Often used as a bustard sub. The cinnamon primary feathers are very sought after for tying classic salmon flies.These feathers from the Peahen give us a very dark grey/black herl that is perfect for buzzers and nymphs.PeacockThe tail feathers of the peacock provide us with the herl that's the basis for thousands of fly patterns around the world. Available as full eyes or cut eye tops.FVE0028-English PartridgePartridge feathers are a favourite of the fly tier and the best way to buy it has to be the full skin. Includes wings and tail and every feather has a use.Partridge wing quills and shoulder feathers are a good source of wing and hackle material and the tails have both cinnamon and speckled feathers for wet fly wings.Grey neck feathers have a predominantly grey/ white fleck, where as the Brown back feathers are similar but have an overall sepia 'wash'. Dyed blue hackles are often used as a Jay substitute and the other colours make great nymph legs. Chinese PartridgeSlightly smaller than its English counter-part and with less grey neck. Super Value. Wings and tail included. New Colours.French PartridgeFrench partridge flank feathers are well known to fly tiers for Mayfly patterns but the full skin has a lot to offer in particular the olive coloured back hackles and wing quills.TypeCodePriceElver FeathersFFF0002AA£10.99Cobalt Blue HacklesFFF0002AB£11.99Mantle FeathersFFF0002AC£11.99 Wing QuillsFFF0002AD£11.99Vulturine Guinea FowlFeather used in the famous 'Elver' sea trout and grilse fly. Black with a white centre stripe and blue edges. 10 pk.TypeCodePriceComplete SkinFVE0011AA£25.99ColourBody HacklesPriceNaturalFVE0011AB£2.50BlueFVE0011AC£2.50RedFVE0011AD£2.50GreenFVE0011AE£2.50OliveFVE0011AF£2.50OrangeFVE0011AG£2.50YellowFVE0011AH£2.50Guinea FowlThe complete skin offers a full range of sizes of spotted 'hackles' from small breast to large rump. Flank plumes can be dyed any colour to suit your requirements.The spotted plumage of these birds has been used for centuries. Packs of selected body hackles dyed in all popular colours. Very popularCul De CanardFDR0016- £3.25TypeCodePrice1gr Bag Natural Grey C.D.C.FVE0020AR£6.991gr Bag Natural White C.D.C.FVE0020AS£6.9910gr Bag Natural Grey C.D.C.FVE0020AQ£34.99DyedCodeDyedCodeDyedCodeFiery BrownAAFl. OrangeAGOliveAMPinkABFl. PinkAHDark DunANBrownACNatural GreyAILight DunAOCinnamonADNatural KhakiAJSilver GreyAPBrown OliveAENatural WhiteAKBlackATFl. YellowAFYellowALDyedCodeDyedCodeDyedCodeLight YellowAAOliveAIFl. ChartreuseAQMahoganyABCahill CreamAJDark OliveARTanACBlackAKCinnamonASGingerADSulphur OrangeALSlate GreyATRusty BrownAENatural WhiteAMFl. OrangeAURedAFNatural DunANWood DuckAWLight OliveAGLight DunAOYellow OliveAHDark DunAPStandard, Approx. 50 pk. FVE0020- £3.25Super select cul de canard 15 small and 15 large per pkBulk bags are the best way to buy Cul De Canard. Huge amounts in the natural colour onlyTail EyesHerlFeathersWing QuillsPeahenSpotted PlumageComplete SkinComplete SkinsWings and TailsFeathersBulk BagsSuper SelectFeathers