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60871 716 1670 | OPEN 7 DAYS*Calls cost 10p per minute and may vary from mobile networksThis is just a small selection of what we have in stock, please check in store or online for the full range and latest additions.FeathersMallardThe complete skin includes all the classic plumes associated with the Mallard - a perfect pair of matched grey wings - breast and  ank feathers, plus all the surrounding plumage.Wings have many uses including grey primary quills for blae series both wet and dry, butcher blues and the white satins as used in the original Coachman.TypeCodePriceDrake - Complete SkinFVE0019AA£41.99Drake - WingsFCH0028AA£3.99Drake - Breast NaturalFVE0019AI£2.50Selected butcher blues are ideal for those who don't want to mess about with wings and our top quality bronzes are perfect for Ace of Spades, Dabblers and Dunkeld.Grey   ank feathers are used in many   y patterns like professor and appetiser and the large select feathers are perfect for salmon   ies. 2 grams per pack.TypeCodePriceNaturalFVE0019AU£2.50Dyed YellowFVE0019AK£2.50Dyed OrangeFVE0019AL£2.50Dyed OliveFVE0019AM£2.50Dyed RedFVE0019AN£2.50Dyed GreenFVE0019AO£2.50Dyed Summer Duck SubFVE0019AP£2.50Dyed Bronze SubFVE0019AT£2.50Large Select (10pk)FVE0019AV£6.50Hen Mallard BodyFVE0019AY£2.50Mandarin DuckThey are the much sought after barred Lemon breast feathers, with their ‹ ne black and light tan markings, the black and white barred tip   ank feathers, when used as cheeks, so much a part of traditional salmon tying. Included on the breast are the white 'fan' plumes for classic Royal Coachman dressing. Very Short Supply! FVE0021AA £74.99Teal grey wing quills are an excellent substitute for starling, preferred by many top tiers for split-wing dry flies and the strong black and white barred feathers used on the teal series of wet patterns. Now in dyed colours.TealWidgeonTypeCodePriceComplete SkinFVE0037AA£37.99WingsFVE0037AC£1.99Flank Feathers 2grFVE0037AB£3.25TypeCodePriceLemon Flank (10 per pk)FDR0060AA£4.99Barred Sides (3 Pairs per pk)FDR0060AB£4.99TypeCodePriceFull SkinFIH0024AA£29.99ColourCodeColourCodeWhiteAAOliveAGRedABPurpleAHBlackACTeal BlueAICinnamonADInsect GreenAJYellowAEGreen HighlanderAKOrangeAFFiery BrownALThe wings o– er good quills for winging wets and dries, Flank feathers have smaller and ‹ ner black and white markings than Teal.Gadwall FlankThese feathers are darker and better marked than teal. Larger and distinctly darker than teal   ank, these feathers are favoured among tiers who require a bigger winging material.Limited availabilityFDR0059AG 10 pack £2.99PintailThese well marked feathers are a bit larger than teal and more ideal for Sea-trout and salmon patterns.Wood DuckLemon  ank as used in many American dry  ies like Cahills, Hendricksons, etc. Also good for may y dressings. Barred sides these feathers have black and white barring at the tip and are an important component in many classic salmon   ies. Duck Wing QuillsMainly used for wet fly wings these feathers also marry very easily for flies like Parmchene Belle and Harlequin. They are also a good source of biots which are usually better for trout flies than goose.5 pairs per packFVE0005- £2.99 £1.99TypeCodeTypeCodeShoulderFEL0008AAWingquillFDR0110AAShoulderCodeShoulderCodeShoulderCodeWhiteAARedAEPurpleAIBlackABOrangeAFBrownAJBlueACOliveAGFiery BrownAKGreenADYellowAHBiotsCodeBiotsCodeBiotsCodeWhiteAAOrangeAFFiery BrownAKBlackABOliveAGMixedALBlueACYellowAHMixed FluoAMGreenADPurpleAISunburstANRedAEBrownAJGreyAOLarge goose shoulders are perfect for married wings in salmon   ies or winding as herl. FVE0009- £1.99FVE0007- £2.50GooseGoose biots are ideal for tails and wing Buds.Greylag GooseLarge feathers from a Greylag Goose as used originally for sawyers grey goose nymph. Can also be used as a substitute for heron herl. TypeCodePriceButcher Blues (10pk)FVE0019AC£2.50Bronze Mallard Small (10pk)FVE0019AQ£3.99Bronze Mallard Medium (10pk)FVE0019AR£4.99Bronze Mallard Large (10pk)FVE0019AS£6.99Flank FeathersButcher Blues & Bronze MallardSkinsTypeCodePriceWingsFCH0027AA£1.99Full SkinFVE0032AA£34.99TypeCodePriceNatural (2g)FVE0032AC£3.50Claret (10pk)FVE0032AD£2.99Green (10pk)FVE0032AE£2.99Orange (10pk)FVE0032AF£2.99Purple (10pk)FVE0032AG£2.99Red (10pk)FVE0032AH£2.99SkinsFlank FeathersShouldersBiotsTypeCodePriceCockFEL0002AA£3.99HenFEL0002AB£3.99Blackbird SubsSubstitute for the protected blackbird. An essential component in the Blackie series of clyde   ies and many others.

WWW.FISHINGMEGASTORE.COMFeathers7TypeCodePriceBlue/ Yellow 2? SectionFCH0013AA£2.99Blue/ Red 2? SectionFCH0013AB£2.99Scarlet 2? SectionFCH0013AC£4.50Blue/Yellow Full Centre TailFCH0013AD£19.99TypeCodePriceRingneck WhiteFDR0072AA£1.50ToucanFDR0072AB£1.50Kingfisher/ChattererFDR0072AC£1.50Cock of the RockFDR0072AD£1.50Indian CrowFDR0072AE£1.50Ibis Subs (Turkey Coquille)FVE0012AA£1.75ColourCodeBlackFVE0002AARedFVE0002ABYellowFVE0002ACOrangeFVE0002ADGreenFVE0002AE £2.99Other feathers available.ColourCodePriceColoursCodePriceWhiteFVE0026AA£2.75OliveFVE0026AF£2.75RedFVE0026AB£2.75Natural BuffFVE0026AG£2.75YellowFVE0026AC£2.75OrangeFVE0026AH£2.75BlackFVE0026AD£2.75Mixed OlivesFVE0026AI£3.50GreenFVE0026AE£2.75Mixed ColoursFVE0026AJ£3.50Exotic SubsFeathers from the white ring of a pheasant's neck. Dyed to substitute rare and unavailable feathersMacaw TailUsed as horns on many classic salmon flies.Condor SubFor Herl bodies - this feather offers a heavily textured fibre, with similar characteristics to Condor.Ostrich HerlLong herl for breathers on nymphs, butts on many classic salmon flies and also the bodies of Chomper nymphs.5 inch section.TypeCodePriceComplete SkinFVE0003AC£21.99WingsFVE0003AA£3.99TypeCodePriceComplete SkinFVE0010AD£39.99Centre TailsFVE0010AB£4.50WingsFVE0010AA£3.99Body PlummageFVE0010AC£2.50TypeCodePriceComplete SkinFVE0022AD£21.99WingsFVE0022AA£6.99HacklesFVE0022AC£5.50GrouseThe speckled plummage of the red grouse has many uses and tail form the basis for the grouse series of wets. The full skin is very useful MoorhenThe very soft blue dun and olive tinged hackles are found on the wings, back and neck and are used for flies like the waterhen bloa.CootSlightly larger than moorhen and more of a slate grey colour. The larger feathers on this skin make good spey hackles on 1/0 and 2/0 hooks.TypeCodePriceWingsFCH0030AA£2.50Body PlumageFVE0038AB£2.99 TypeCodePriceComplete SkinFCH0005AA£24.99Snipe WingsFCH0030AA£5.99SnipeThe complete skin offers a wealth of feathers for the fly tier.WoodcockThis distinctively marked wing has both wing and hackle materials for many wet flies.TypeCodePriceComplete SkinFVE0031AC£9.99WingsFVE0031AA£4.75StarlingUsed for the wings of many dry and wet flies. The white tipped body feathers are used as hackles.KingfisherIrridescent, electric blue plumage, that is used in traditional wet and classic salmon flies. Often used as a substitute for Blue Chatterer. Very unique skin. FFF0009AA £12.99Ostrich HacklesColourCodeColourCodeBlackAABlueAEBrownABChartrueseAFOrangeACGreenAGYellowADRedAHFOS0001- £5.99As used in Mikael Frodin's Octpussy patterns 10 per packTypeCodePriceComplete SkinFVE0014AD£14.99WingsFVE0014AA£3.99ScalpsFVE0014AC£5.99TypeCodePriceComplete SkinFCH0009AA£14.99WingsFCH0032AA£3.99Full TailFVE0018AB£4.50ScalpFCH0009AB£3.50TypeCodePriceWingsFVE0015AB£6.99Blues (10 Pk)FVE0015AC£5.99CrowCrows wings with large shiny black quills for Crow and Silver, Beetles, etc.JackdawWing quills slightly finer than crow and grey head hackles often used for spiders.MagpieLots of useful feathers for traditional wet flies.European JayThe full skin has lots of useable feather including the blue wing feathers which are also available on their own.PurpleFVE0002AFBlueFVE0002AGPinkFVE0002AHOliveFVE0002AIHeron GreyFVE0002AJCinnamonFVE0002AKFCH0031AA £2.50