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WWW.FISHINGMEGASTORE.COMFeathers7TypeCodePriceBlue/ Yellow 2? SectionFCH0013AA£2.99Blue/ Red 2? SectionFCH0013AB£2.99Scarlet 2? SectionFCH0013AC£4.50Blue/Yellow Full Centre TailFCH0013AD£19.99TypeCodePriceRingneck WhiteFDR0072AA£1.50ToucanFDR0072AB£1.50Kingfisher/ChattererFDR0072AC£1.50Cock of the RockFDR0072AD£1.50Indian CrowFDR0072AE£1.50Ibis Subs (Turkey Coquille)FVE0012AA£1.75ColourCodeBlackFVE0002AARedFVE0002ABYellowFVE0002ACOrangeFVE0002ADGreenFVE0002AE £2.99Other feathers available.ColourCodePriceColoursCodePriceWhiteFVE0026AA£2.75OliveFVE0026AF£2.75RedFVE0026AB£2.75Natural BuffFVE0026AG£2.75YellowFVE0026AC£2.75OrangeFVE0026AH£2.75BlackFVE0026AD£2.75Mixed OlivesFVE0026AI£3.50GreenFVE0026AE£2.75Mixed ColoursFVE0026AJ£3.50Exotic SubsFeathers from the white ring of a pheasant's neck. Dyed to substitute rare and unavailable feathersMacaw TailUsed as horns on many classic salmon flies.Condor SubFor Herl bodies - this feather offers a heavily textured fibre, with similar characteristics to Condor.Ostrich HerlLong herl for breathers on nymphs, butts on many classic salmon flies and also the bodies of Chomper nymphs.5 inch section.TypeCodePriceComplete SkinFVE0003AC£21.99WingsFVE0003AA£3.99TypeCodePriceComplete SkinFVE0010AD£39.99Centre TailsFVE0010AB£4.50WingsFVE0010AA£3.99Body PlummageFVE0010AC£2.50TypeCodePriceComplete SkinFVE0022AD£21.99WingsFVE0022AA£6.99HacklesFVE0022AC£5.50GrouseThe speckled plummage of the red grouse has many uses and tail form the basis for the grouse series of wets. The full skin is very useful MoorhenThe very soft blue dun and olive tinged hackles are found on the wings, back and neck and are used for flies like the waterhen bloa.CootSlightly larger than moorhen and more of a slate grey colour. The larger feathers on this skin make good spey hackles on 1/0 and 2/0 hooks.TypeCodePriceWingsFCH0030AA£2.50Body PlumageFVE0038AB£2.99 TypeCodePriceComplete SkinFCH0005AA£24.99Snipe WingsFCH0030AA£5.99SnipeThe complete skin offers a wealth of feathers for the fly tier.WoodcockThis distinctively marked wing has both wing and hackle materials for many wet flies.TypeCodePriceComplete SkinFVE0031AC£9.99WingsFVE0031AA£4.75StarlingUsed for the wings of many dry and wet flies. The white tipped body feathers are used as hackles.KingfisherIrridescent, electric blue plumage, that is used in traditional wet and classic salmon flies. Often used as a substitute for Blue Chatterer. Very unique skin. FFF0009AA £12.99Ostrich HacklesColourCodeColourCodeBlackAABlueAEBrownABChartrueseAFOrangeACGreenAGYellowADRedAHFOS0001- £5.99As used in Mikael Frodin's Octpussy patterns 10 per packTypeCodePriceComplete SkinFVE0014AD£14.99WingsFVE0014AA£3.99ScalpsFVE0014AC£5.99TypeCodePriceComplete SkinFCH0009AA£14.99WingsFCH0032AA£3.99Full TailFVE0018AB£4.50ScalpFCH0009AB£3.50TypeCodePriceWingsFVE0015AB£6.99Blues (10 Pk)FVE0015AC£5.99CrowCrows wings with large shiny black quills for Crow and Silver, Beetles, etc.JackdawWing quills slightly finer than crow and grey head hackles often used for spiders.MagpieLots of useful feathers for traditional wet flies.European JayThe full skin has lots of useable feather including the blue wing feathers which are also available on their own.PurpleFVE0002AFBlueFVE0002AGPinkFVE0002AHOliveFVE0002AIHeron GreyFVE0002AJCinnamonFVE0002AKFCH0031AA £2.50

80871 716 1670 | OPEN 7 DAYS*Calls cost 10p per minute and may vary from mobile networksThis is just a small selection of what we have in stock, please check in store or online for the full range and latest additions.FeathersColourCodeColourCodeBlackFVE0055AAGreenFVE0055AGWhiteFVE0055ABBrownFVE0055AHYellowFVE0055ACGreyFVE0055AIOrangeFVE0055ADOliveFVE0055AKRedFVE0055AEBlueFVE0055ALPurpleFVE0055AFSchlappen Feathers £3.99 Large soft hackles for salmon and large trout flies.TypeCodePriceWhite Tipped TailFDR0063AB£5.50Ozark Cinnamon TipFDR0090AI£3.99Ozark Cinnamon BleachedFDR0090AH£3.99Ozark Irridescent TailFDR0090AJ£1.99Ozark Barred QuillCodePriceHopper YellowFDR0090AA£3.75Stonefly BrownFDR0090AB£3.75OliveFDR0090AC£3.75Cricket BlackFDR0090AD£3.75NaturalFDR0090AE£3.75BleachedFDR0090AF£3.75Fl. ChartreuseFDR0090AG£3.75ColourCodeColourCodeHot YellowFVE0034AAWhiteFVE0034AKRedFVE0034ABCoralFVE0034ALOrangeFVE0034ACSunburst YellowFVE0034AMBlackFVE0034ADClaretFVE0034ANPeachFVE0034AEPinkFVE0034AOLimeFVE0034AFBrownFVE0034APGolden OliveFVE0034AGMagentaFVE0034AQMedium OliveFVE0034AHMixedFVE0034ARFl. YellowFVE0034AIWoofter PinkFVE0034ASBlueFVE0034AJAll Colours £2.99 ColourCodeColourCodeButtercup YellowFDR0057AAFl. OrangeFDR0057AJClaretFDR0057ABFl. GreenFDR0057AKHoney OliveFDR0057ACFlame OrangeFDR0057ALDamsel OliveFDR0057ADFl. WhiteFDR0057AMBlackFDR0057AEFl. BlueFDR0057ANPeachFDR0057AFChartreuseFDR0057AOCoralFDR0057AGConquest PinkFDR0057APChinese RedFDR0057AHFl. MagentaFDR0057AQFl. YellowFDR0057AISunburst YellowFDR0057ARSilver GreyFDR0057ASGingerFDR0057AT10 pack £2.99ColourCodeColourCodeWhiteFDR0058AAPurpleFDR0058AUCreamFDR0058ABBlackFDR0058AVYellowFDR0058ACPinkFDR0058AWOrangeFDR0058ADPearl GreyFDR0058AXBurnt OrangeFDR0058AEShad GreyFDR0058AYTanFDR0058AFSculpin OliveFDR0058AZGingerFDR0058AGPeachFDR0058BABrownFDR0058AHPeacock BlueFDR0058BBGolden BrownFDR0058AICoralFDR0058BCRusty BrownFDR0058AJFl. RedFDR0058BDWineFDR0058AKFl. YellowFDR0058BERedFDR0058ALFl. OrangeFDR0058BFLight OliveFDR0058AMFl. GreenFDR0058BGYellow OliveFDR0058ANFl. Fire OrangeFDR0058BHKelly GreenFDR0058AOFl. WhiteFDR0058BIInsect GreenFDR0058APFl. BlueFDR0058BJMoss GreenFDR0058AQFl. ChartreuseFDR0058BKDark BrownFDR0058ARFl. PinkFDR0058BLBlueFDR0058ASFl. CeriseFDR0058BMOliveFDR0058ATSunburst YellowFDR0058BNColourCodeColourCodeBlackFVE0054AAOliveFVE0054AENatural BrownFVE0054ABRedFVE0054AFNatural GreyFVE0054ACYellowFVE0054AGOrangeFVE0054ADBlue DunFVE0054AH £1.99 Dyed on WhiteCodeDyedCodeBleached WhiteFVE0052AACrimsonFVE0052ASGreyFVE0052ABDark ClaretFVE0052ATIron BlueFVE0052ACBright GreenFVE0052AUBlue DunFVE0052ADDark GreenFVE0052AVKingfisher BlueFVE0052AEMedium OliveFVE0052AWLight BlueFVE0052AFGolden OliveFVE0052AXTeal BlueFVE0052AGLight OliveFVE0052AYPurpleFVE0052AHDark OliveFVE0052AZBright YellowFVE0052AIBrown OliveFVE0052BAScarletFVE0052AJFiery BrownFVE0052BBInsect GreenFVE0052AKDark BrownFVE0052BCHighlander GreenFVE0052ALGingerFVE0052BDHot OrangeFVE0052AMMagentaFVE0052BELight ClaretFVE0052ANBlackFVE0052BFFl. YellowFVE0052AONat. Red GameFVE0052BGFl. GreenFVE0052APFl. OrangeFVE0052AQFl. RedFVE0052AR £2.50 ColourCodeColourCodeRedFVE0053AAWhiteFVE0053AFOrangeFVE0053ABPurpleFVE0053AGYellowFVE0053ACMagentaFVE0053AHBlueFVE0053ADBlackFVE0053AIGreenFVE0053AETurkey £2.75 The natural colour of mottled oak turkey is perfect for wings on sedges and muddlers and wing cases on nymphs. The prized white tipped tails have a number of uses in both trout and salmon ‡ ies. 10 per pack.Barred wing quills are ideal for wings, wingcases and bodies on many ‡ ies.Standard MarabouHigh quality marabou from Veniards. The most popular ‡ y tying feather in use today. Used in all styles, from salt through to still water, for virtually every species that a ‡ y is cast for and in all parts of the world. Approx. 10 plumes per pack.Sunburst MarabouWidely known for its high quality and vivid colours.Marabou Bloods¼ oz per packLarge Cock HacklesIdeal for salmon flies and beard hackles on lures, etc. A good size for pike, saltwater flies and streamers.Ready Stripped Hackle QuillsBeautiful dry ‡ y and nymph bodies without the fuss. Each packet contains 15 stripped cock hackle stems. Packets of HacklesThese generous and economical packets of loose hackles contain a variety of sizes of feathers, available in natural and dyed colours ideal for the tier who needs the quantity of feathers from a more expensive cape. Excellent value. £2.75ColourCodeColourCodeWhiteFDR0125AAPurpleFDR0125AGYellowFDR0125ABBlackFDR0125AHOrangeFDR0125ACShad GreyFDR0125AIBrownFDR0125ADFL Fire OrangeFDR0125AJRedFDR0125AEFL ChartreuseFDR0125AKOliveFDR0125AFMini Marabou£2.99 These feathers can be wound as hackles.SizeCodeMicroAAV SmallABSmallACMediumADLargeAEReal Jungle Cock EyesSelected when they are deemed at their optimum for colour and shape. This yields only the ’ nest quality plumage. From birds bred in the United Kingdom.FVE0016- £5.99SizeCodeSmallAAMediumABLargeACFVE0017- £2.25Painted Feathers for a low cost substitute to the expensive Jungle Cock feathersDyed Jungle Cock EyesSmall genuine jungle cock feathers dyed in ‡ uorescent colours, ideal for adding cheeks to buzzers, wet ‡ ies and mini lures to add a hot spot.ColourCodeOrangeFLE0013AASunburstFLE0013ABChartreuseFLE0013AC £3.99 Tail FeathersBarred QuillsJungle Cock SubsTypeCodePriceMottled Oak QuillsFDR0063AA£6.99Speckled wing quills, ideal for tying a wide range of ‡ ies from nymphs to classic salmon ‡ ies.Wing Quills