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10.FLY RODS.0871 716 1670 | OPEN 7 DAYS*Calls cost 10p per minute and may vary from mobile networksLPXE FLY RODSWe have tried and tested these new rods from Guideline and found them to be simply outstanding. For performance, quality and price they will be sure to be up with the best. All recent tests and comparisons have come up 10/10 for these new rods.The coolest,  y-throwing, sh- ghting, wind-slicing piece of graphite around. This series consists of nine di erent 9' rods designed to handle the toughest conditions, worst environments and to throw big  ies over long distances with ease and speed. So what is new? Well, you'll nd out when you cast them... These rods are NOT about sti ness, they load and perform all the way into the handle and create a loop control you won't believe.Due to popular demand, these rods are now produced in the 4 piece format. *Combos requiring light line or salmon sizes may be supplied with alternative items due to limited size ranges. Please call for exact Combo contents.EXP 3EXP3 series is aimed at beginners or intermediate  y shers looking for a fast action, lightweight and tough no nonsense  yrod that will provide lots of fun, both when casting and playing sh. Actions in EXP3 rods can be described as medium fast to fast with a light, responsive tip that makes casting e ortless and easy.CodeLengthAFTMPcsRod PriceGC11059ft#44£89.99GC11069ft#54£89.99GC11079ft#64£89.99GC11089ft 6#74£99.99GC11099ft 6#84£99.99GC111010ft#74£99.99No nonsense, value for money fly rodCodeLengthAFTMPcsRod PriceGC089812ft 6#6/74£519.99GC002412ft 6#7/84£519.99GC002512ft 6#8/94£519.99GC002612ft 6#9/104£519.99GC117913ft 2#9/104£579.99GC118013ft 7#7/84£579.99GC118113ft 7#8/94£579.99GC118213ft 7#9/104£579.99GC118613ft 7#10/114£579.99GC118314ft 8#8/94£599.99GC118414ft 8#9/104£599.99GC118514ft 8#10/114£599.99GC118715ft 9#10/114£639.99LeCie Double HandedCodeLengthAFTMPcsRod PriceGC00149ft 6#74£389.99GC001710ft#74£429.99GC001910ft#84£429.99LeCie Single HandedLE CIE FLY RODSThe Le Cie  yrods now have evolved to become a true Salmon Series of 4-piece rods. Guideline have spent uncountable hours recreating some of the nest rod actions in Salmon shing from their 3-piece models, developing them into 4-piece wonders. These all new LeCie 13'7 and 14'8 rods are here to carry the tradition of this modern classic series further into the future. The three single handed spey rods have been designed for easy rod load both for Spey and overhead casting. They will give you lots of fun when circumstances are right for the use of a smaller rod.CodeLengthGC0014GC0017GC0019CodeLengthAFTMPcsRod PriceGC07517ft 6#23£229.99GC01357ft 6#34£239.99GC00358ft#33£249.99GC01388ft 6#44£259.99GC01239ft#44£289.99GC00389ft#54£289.99GC00409ft#64£289.99GC01269ft 6#74£314.99GC11899ft 6#84£314.99GC109110ft#64£329.99GC064910ft#74£329.99GC065010ft#84£329.99LPXe Single HandedCodeLengthAFTMPcsRod PriceGC117611ft#6/74£379.99GC117711ft#7/84£379.99GC117811ft#8/94£379.99LPXe SwitchCodeLengthAFTMPcsRod PriceGC065312ft 6#7/84£379.99GC065412ft 6#8/94£379.99GC065513ft#8/94£399.99GC065614ft#9/104£449.99GC065715ft#10/114£469.99GC118816ft#10/114£499.99LPXe Double Handed* new models*****ADD THE COMBO LETTER TO THE ROD CODE WHEN YOU ORDER A GUIDELINE ROD ON THIS PAGE TO GET ONE OF THESE SUPERB DEALS!COMBO AReelmaster Reel + 4cast or MMD Flyline + Backing, loops & LeaderFor only£100!COMBO CFor only£270!COMBO BQuadra Reel + 4cast or MMD Flyline + Backing, loops & Leader(RRP: £184.98)(RRP: £398.98)Haze Reel + 4cast or MMD Flyline + Backing, loops & LeaderFor only£210!(RRP: £329.98)FARIO RODSCodeLengthAFTMPcsRod PriceGC11668ft#24£299.99GC11677ft 6#33£299.99GC11688ft 6#34£329.99GC11698ft#44£329.99GC11708ft 6#54£334.99GC11718ft 6#64£334.99GC11729ft#44£349.99GC11739ft#54£349.99GC11749ft#64£349.99GC117510ft#44£349.99. 36-40 T graphite.. Super grade custom cork handles.. Guideline multi weave tapers.. Lightest Guideline rods ever.. Seymo Stripper guides & LW snake.. All models are 4-piece.. Engraved may y on butt cap.. Exceptional classic look matched with outstanding performance.RODSREACTION RODSA true rod building tradition that goes back for decades, a pride for quality in both workmanship and materials, minds that create ground breaking solutions for manufacturing challenges and last but not least, a feeling for  y shing and the great outdoors. Merge all this with the Guideline philosophy of rod design, actions and performance and you have the reason for them developing their next level top quality  y rods in the US with one of the most respected and knowledgeable manufacturers in the world.CodeLengthAFTMPcsRod PriceGC11519ft#44£599.00GC11529ft#54£599.00GC11539ft#64£599.00GC115410ft#64£649.00GC115510ft#74£649.00GC115610ft#84£649.00GC115710ft#94£649.00GC115813ft 7#7/84£839.00GC115913ft 7#8/94£839.00GC116013ft 7#9/104£839.00GC116114ft 8#9/104£889.00GC116214ft 8#10/114£889.00

WWW.FISHINGMEGASTORE.COM.FLY RODS.11OPTI RODSNow we are talking optimised rods. Optimised materials and manufacturing process. Optimised for situation and method. Incredibly strong and  exible  yrods that puts some demands on your skills as a  y sher. If you have the ability you will take your  y shing to the next level. Comes with protective cordura rod tube. Lifetime warranty.CodeModelAFTMPcsRod PriceLP1075Opti Creek 7´3#33£347LP0961Opti Creek 8´2#23£347LP0962Opti Creek 8´8#34£347LP0963Opti Stream 9´#44£347LP0964Opti Stream 9´#54£347LP1431Opti Coast Xgrip 9´3#64£390LP1068Opti Coast Xgrip 9´6#74£390LP0075Opti River Xgrip 9´8#75£408LP1069Opti Peak 11'#34£390LP1070Opti Peak 11'#44£390OPTI CREEKOPTI STREAMOPTI PEAKThe Opti Creek series has been optimised for sensitive  shing on small water. If you are looking for the ultimate rod for small technical water, then get Optimised with the Opti Creek series.Because on these waters there are no second chances.The Opti Peak, with its length and sensitive tip, is the optimal choice for Czech Nymphing. It has also the back-bone to handle big  sh on a light line.With a triangular reel seat with a permanent lock and an optional counterweight for lighter reels, the Opti Peak is beautifully designed with peak performance in mind.Here mobility is prioritised.Opti Stream-rods have the  exibility to cope with all casting elements. Using the underhand-cast you can place the line were you want it without any delay. The Opti Stream-rods handles the situation when you need an accurate presentationOPTI POWER SPEY RODSThe new Opti doublehand-rods have been designed to allow anglers the most consistent, forgiving and comfortable underhand casting stroke possible. New Power model rods designed by Eoin Fairgrieve. Lifetime warranty.CodeModelAFTMPcsWgtRod PriceLP1356Opti Power DH 15'#10/115321g£599LP1355Opti Power DH 14'#9/105289g£599LP1354Opti Power DH 13'#9/105259g£599LP0071Switch Xgrip DH 10'7#64177g£434LP0072Switch Xgrip DH 10'7#74184g£434LP0073Switch Xgrip DH 10'7#84190g£434ADD THE COMBO LETTER TO THE ROD CODE WHEN YOU ORDER A LOOP ROD ON THIS PAGE TO GET ONE OF THESE SUPERB DEALS!COMBO ALoop Multi Reel + Any Supra FLYLINE + Backing, loops & LeaderCOMBO BLoop Evotec G4 Black+ Any Mastery Flyline + Backing, loops & LeaderCOMBO CLoop Opti Black+ Any Mastery Flyline + Backing, loops & LeaderFor only£180!(RRP: £259.98)For only£300!(RRP: £419.98)For only£400!(RRP: £589.98)****EVOTEC RODSMade with our latest technology, Cross Weave, the Evotec series have a sweet, precise and wonderfully balanced action. Minimal vibrations and the possibility to change tempo with ease is the fruit of our "Perfect Curve" philosophy. With a handle in epoxy-cork mix you also get the best grip available. All will rods have the revolutionary X-Grip handles to further increase stability and  ne-tune the  shing experience.XACT RODSThe new Xact series has a smooth, deep, medium-fast action that is both forgiving and precise. This is no entry-level stick and represents a hell of a lot of rod for the money. All the technology, style and feeling at a realistic price. CodeModelAFTMPcsRod PriceLP0173Xact 9ft#44£199LP0174Xact 9ft#54£199LP0175Xact 9ft#64£199LP0176Xact 9ft#74£208LP0177Xact 9ft#84£208Single Handed Fly RodsCodeModelAFTMPcsRod PriceLP0178Xact 12ft 6#84£277LP0179Xact 14ft#94£286LP0180Xact 15ft#104£303Double Handed Fly RodsCodeModelAFTMPcsRod PriceLP0235Evotec Xgrip MF 9ft#33£277LP0514Evotec Xgrip MF 8ft 6#43£277LP0236Evotec Xgrip MF 9ft#43£277LP0237Evotec Xgrip MF 7ft#53£277LP0240Evotec Xgrip F 9ft#53£286LP0239Evotec Xgrip MF 9ft#53£286LP0238Evotec Xgrip M 9ft#54£286LP0242Evotec Xgrip F 9ft#63£303LP0241Evotec Xgrip MF 9ft#63£303LP0251Evotec Xgrip MF 9ft 6#64£321LP0253Evotec Xgrip MF 10ft#73£338LP0252Evotec Xgrip MF 9ft 6#73£321LP0255Evotec Xgrip MF 10ft#83£338Single Handed Fly RodsCodeModelAFTMPcsRod PriceLP0110Evotec MF 12ft 6#64£460LP0111Evotec MF 11ft 6#74£460LP0117Evotec MF 13ft#74£477LP0112Evotec MF 12ft#84£477LP0118Evotec F 13ft 6#74£495LP0113Evotec MF 13ft 6#84£495LP0114Evotec F 14ft#94£521LP0115Evotec MF 14ft#94£521LP0116Evotec MF 15ft#104£538LP0119Evotec F 15ft#104£538Double Handed Fly Rods. Cross Weave technology for increased strength and durability. Durable chrome snake-guides with double coating. Rod model marked on each rod section. Dot marks on ferrules for correct  t of each rod section. Recommended line-weight in gram marked on rod. Delivered in cloth bag and pentagon shaped cordura tubeCREEK