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WWW.FISHINGMEGASTORE.COM.FLY RODS.1717A stunning new range of high speci cation stillwater trout rods. Created by combing a careful blend of multi-modulus carbons, delivering smooth loading, but fast recovering blanks with high quality in design  nish. The cosmetics and action perform together creating a rod that performs well above its price point.These rods are aimed at the serious  y angler in pursuit of real value for money, without compromising on quality.Features Include:. Med to tip smooth action . Multi-modulus carbon. Dual anodised aluminium reel seat . Premium grade AAA cork. Alignment Dots . Cordura tube & rod sleeveCodeModelAFTMPcsRod PriceLD0104Truefl y 7ft#3/43£59.99LD0105Truefl y 8ft#3/43£59.99LD0106Truefl y 8ft 6#4/53£64.99LD7880Truefl y 9ft#5/63£69.99LD7881Truefl y 9ft 6#6/73£74.99LD7882Truefl y 9ft 6#7/83£74.99LD7883Truefl y 10ft#6/73£79.99LD7884Truefl y 10ft#7/83£79.99TRUEFLY RODSCodeModelAFTMPcsRod PriceLD0472Truefl y 13ft#8/94£129.99LD0473Truefl y 14ft#9/104£139.99LD0474Truefl y 15ft#10/114£149.99True y Trout RodsTrue y Salmon Rods. Compact, lightweight 6pc construction. Dual anodised saltwater-proof reel seat. Non- ash blank  nish. Dark chrome guides. Multi-modulus carbon. Premium grade cork. Section labeling and eyesights. Compact cordura carry caseQUEST RODS. Super lightweight rod with English bronze  nish . Full progressive easy casting action. Multi-modulus carbon . 3K Carbon Fibre reel seat. Premium grade AAA cork . Full EVA butt protector. Section labelling and eyesights . Single rated 4pc construction. Compact cordura rod tubeCodeModelAFTMPcsRod PriceLD2294SLA 7ft#34£79.99LD2295SLA 8ft#44£79.99LD2296SLA 8ft 6#44£79.99LD2297SLA 9ft#54£79.99LD2298SLA 9ft#64£79.99LD2299SLA 9ft 6#64£89.99LD2300SLA 9ft 6#74£89.99LD2301SLA 10ft#54£89.99LD2302SLA 10ft#74£89.99LD2303SLA 10ft#84£89.99TRUEFLY SLA. Fast tip action taper . Single leg shooting guides . Machined aerospace alloy reel seat. Unique in-house design . Premium quality cork handles . Section labelling & eyesights. Matching Cordura tube & rod sleeveAURA RODSRODSCodeModelAFTMPcsRod PriceLD1005Quest 8ft 6#46£99.99LD1006Quest 9ft#56£99.99LD1007Quest 9ft#66£99.99LD1008Quest 9ft 6#76£109.99LD1009Quest 9ft#86£109.99LD1010Quest 10ft#76£119.99LD1011Quest 10ft#56£119.99CodeModelAFTMPcsRod PriceLD0150Aura 9ft#54£119.99LD0151Aura 9ft#64£119.99LD0152Aura 9ft 6#74£129.99LD0153Aura 10ft#74£139.99LD0154Aura 10ft#84£139.99ADD THE COMBO LETTER TO THE ROD CODE WHEN YOU ORDER A WYCHWOOD ROD ON THIS PAGE TO GET ONE OF THESE SUPERB DEALS!COMBO APro l Fly Reel + Pro l Flyline + Backing, loops & LeaderFor only£30!COMBO CFor only£50!COMBO BFor only£75!Pro l Salmon Reel + Pro l Salmon Flyline + Backing, Loops & LeaderTrue y SLA Reel + Aircel & Wetcel Flylines Leader+ Backing, Loops & Leader

18.FLY REELS.0871 716 1670 | OPEN 7 DAYS*Calls cost 10p per minute and may vary from mobile networksZANE REELSCodeModelCapacityPriceHR0842#0WF6 + 155m£385HR0796#1WF8 + 200m£419HR0653#2WF10 + 300m£475HR0654#3WF12 + 400m£499CodePriceHR0843£159HR0800£169HR0739£179HR0740£189Zane Series ReelSpoolThe four reels in the range cover every sea- shing challenge from light bone shing to tarpon and sail sh is covered. It's Not just saltwater - big freshwater sh can also be tackled with a Zane. Since their launch, Zane reels have accounted for some of the biggest  y-caught captures around the world. A beautiful reel impeccably made from the highest quality materials. Meticulous design. An emerging classic.SWIFT MK II REELSCodeModelCapacityPriceHR0853900WF4 + 90yds£209HR0854925WF6 + 98yds£219HR0855975WF8 + 150yds£229HR08561000WF10 + 230yds£249HR08571025WF11 + 270yds£275CodePriceHR0875£109HR0876£119HR0877£129HR0878£139HR0879£159Swift MKII Series ReelSpoolWhen it was launched, the Swift was instantly adopted by many professional  y anglers, like internationals Stuart Crofts and Dave Parker, because of the complete reliability and the sensitivity of its clutch. In tight situations, the performance of the Swift is never in doubt - a great relief when every single sh counts. In creating the Mark II Hardy took the original Swift, re-designed and re-engineered it and made it perform just that little bit better than the original.CodeModelCapacityPriceHR08583000WF5+75yds£275HR08595000WF7+80yds£299HR08607000WF9+115yds£335HR08619000WF10+220yds£379CodePriceHR0880£14.99HR0881£14.99HR0882£14.99HR0883£14.99Demon Series ReelSpoolThe genius of the Demon lies in the range of tough, low-cost spare spools so that you can carry every line you will ever need. An innovative, touch-button release and unique locking system means that spools can be changed quickly, easily and reliably whatever the conditions. Great looks, immense quality, a true Hardy reel and a perfect partner to the Demon Rod range.The ultimate river and in-close stillwater reel. It's blissfully simple. The unique spindle-less design with its large central bearing reduces weight and ensures the sensitivity needed for the nest tippets. The exposed rim and lightweight click-check give you precise control of a running sh. It also looks stunning. Pair it with a Marksman rod and you have a dream river out t.New for 2009 is the #5/6 model, designed to team up with the new 9' #6 and Marksman Drifter rods on large still waters.DEMON REELSANGEL2 REELSAngel 2 Series ReelSpoolThe Angel 2 takes this renowned marque just that little bit further. Improvements have kept this reel in pole position as one of the world's nest. Equally at home on rivers and stillwaters, the range goes from the 2/3 weight (perfect for brooks) up to the 11/12 weight (which handles the biggest salmon). A complete range for every  y shing situation.CodeModelCapacityPriceHR0844FW #2/3WF3 + 25m£199HR0845FW #3/4WF4 + 47m£219HR0932#4/5WF5 + 75m£299HR0848#6/7WF7 + 120m£335HR0849#7/8WF8 + 210m£365HR0850#9/10WF10 + 240m£399HR0851#11/12WF12 + 300m£429HR0847TE #4/5WF5 + 750m£299HR0846TE #6/7WF7 + 120m£335CodePriceHR0866£95HR0867£99HR0868£135HR0871£139HR0872£145HR0873£149HR0874£159HR0869£135HR0870£139MARKSMAN REELSCASCAPEDIA MK IIICodeSizeCapacityPriceHR14102/3/4DT3+65m£275HR14115/6/7DT6+90m£325HR14128/9DT8+130m£375HR141310/11DT10+185m£425Cascapedia MKIII Reel. Reel resembles the 1930s MKI model. Machined from 6061t6 aluminium. Anodised nish for durability. 3 stainless steel badges. Solid front plate. Trout models have wide ranging adjustable click check system. Salmon models have smooth wide ranging disc drag system. Reel back is secured using a dovetail and two stainless steel screwsHardy technology and experience have combined to produce the Uniqua, a reel of exceptional lightness and strength. The hardened carbon bre disk drag system is sensitive, reliable and quickly adjustable. The reel can be easily changed from left to right hand wind and the deep spools take a great deal of backing in even the smaller sizes.UNIQUA REELSCodeSizeCapacityPriceHR1262#2/3/4DT3+40m£179HR1263#5/6DT5+65m£189HR1264#7/8DT7+100m£199HR1265#9/10DT9+160m£229HR1266#11/12DT11+125m£249Uniqua ReelCodePriceHR1267£69HR1268£75HR1269£79HR1270£89HR1271£95SpoolCodeModelCapacityPriceHR0646#2/3DT2 + 50m£175HR0647#3/4DT3 + 60m£189HR0648#4/5DT4 + 70m£199HR0977#5/6DT5 + 80m£209CodePriceHR0732£79HR0733£85HR0734£89HR0978£95Marksman Series ReelSpool. Frame, spool and plate constructed from high grade aluminium. Polished before anodising for maximum durability. Ground stainless steel spindle. Stainless steel ball race. Wide ranging adjustable click-check system. Revolving nickel-silver lineguard. Easily converted from left- to right-hand wind. Dovetailed reel back with stainless steel screws. Ivorine handleBOUGLE MK. VIICodeModelCapacityPriceHR13203"DT2 + 70m£309.00HR13213 ¼"DT4 + 100m£339.00HR13223 ½"DT6 + 70m£369.00HR13233 ¾"DT8 + 100m£399.00HR13244"DT10 + 225m£429.00CodePriceHR1325£89.00HR1326£95.00HR1327£99.00HR1328£109.00HR1329£115.00Bougle Mk.VII ReelsSpoolPrice££