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WWW.FISHINGMEGASTORE.COM.ACCESSORIES.33ABCDEFThis stylish Hardy Priest has a turned brass head and anodised aluminium shaft which allows you to dispatch of your catch in style.GCodeModelPriceATA0935Silver Priest£5.99BTA0736Trout£3.99CTA0737Salmon£4.99DTA1075Mikado£4.99EDP0005Marrowspoon£6.99FSW0369Plastic Marrow Spoon£2.25GTA1283SFX Priest£9.99PRIESTS* With detachable marrowspoon.FOAM FLY PATCHThis pin-on patch is perfect as a drying place for  ies of all types. Dense rippled foam keeps the hackles of your dry  ies from matting and holds even barbless hooks securely.Anglers ImageA great 3 in 1 tool, for cutting, disgorging and  attening bards. Superb value.DE-BARB PLIERSAn essential tool for every  y „ sherman. For, de-barbing and unhooking.CLIPPERS. Two rubber grips SPEED SCISSORSThe handiest tool in your pocket. Quick & easy to use, complete with a safety cap. Superb QualityHOOK SHARPENER. Made in the USA. Diamond Edged. Plastic Handle. File cover includedFORCEPSLengthStraightCurvedPrice14cmGZ0017GZ0035£3.9916cmGZ0018GZ0025£4.5018cmGZ0019GZ0026£4.7520cmGZ0020GZ0027£4.99Great tool, with many uses, including: Discorging, crimping etc. Stainless steel.AN0015 £3.99SV0955 £11.99FDP0040AA £3.99DP0096 £5.99HIT MAN PRIESTSThe Scierra extendable pocket-sized priest is made of stainless steel including a practical wrist strap and is perfect for the job.CodeSizePriceSV7119Trout£9.99SV7120Salmon£11.99PIN ON REEL & PLIERSHOOK GAUGETA1145 £1.25DELUXE TROUT PRIESTCodeSizePriceTA1072Trout£8.99TA1073Salmon£9.99STRIPPING FINGER GUARDSDAPPING FLOSS 50MFG0018 £2.99THERMOMETERDP0009 £3.99RENEW LINE TOOLFM0277 £9.99RETRACTORKeeps tools like nippers, forceps and hook hones right at hand. PU spring has Permanent Memory. PIN ON REEL NIPPERDP0097 £3.99StillwaterEssential for every stillwater competition angler. International sized with ring slot.FM0337 £5.99FULLNGMLLiiA clever little product that minimises line burn & cut „ ngers. Perfect for both salt & fresh water „ shing, particularly with ridge and sharkskin linesThis top quality synthetic blowline has been specially formulated for dapping in British conditions. Supplied on 50m spools.Solid metal housing. Essential for salmon „ shingStillwaterBy retrieving your line back through the Renew Line Tool, the special cleaning pads will brush all the scum and muck o˜ your valuable  y line.A good quality Priest. Heavy and sturdy to do the job properly.The Stillwater Pin on reel and nippers is an essential tool for every „ sherman. The 15" braid cord with super sharp nippers and needle, which is great for getting out knots and cleaning hook eyesHOOK SHARPENER BRAID SCISSORSHS0054 £7.99NIPPERS & KNOT TOOLRI0009 £3.99Super sharp nippers with a nail knot tool.MM0004 £7.99TA1368 £2.99TA1064 £1.50PRIESTHR1222 £17.99. Unique handheld design. Locking function. Temperature display. Auto power o˜ functionDIGITAL FISHING SCALEHS0055£11.99GR1249 £7.99. 25 hours continuous use. Two ultra bright white LED lights. Single red LED for subtle night vision. In„ nite angle adjustment. Clip attachmentCAP LIGHTFISHERMAN'S MATEGZ0015 £2.99Heavy duty cutters with a  ip out knife, knot puller, hook eye cleaner and handy rubberised thumb grip.TROUT SKIN FORCEPSPositive-locking forceps with handles in trout skin colours, brook, rainbow, and brown. Stainless-steel forceps have locking handles to clip onto „ shing vest or jacket. Precision jaws o˜ er a strong and positive grip.CodeColourGS0005Rainbow TroutGS0006Brook TroutGS0007Brown TroutGS0008Hunter Camo£12.99. Stainless steel needle for cleaning hook eye. Stainless steel body clipper. Sharp cutting edgeSOFT SPOOLGC0560 £4.99Spare spools for shooting heads. A must for changing shooting heads.4" x 2" LEADER WALLET. 10 resealable/removable Zip lock pouches with two drying mesh pockets. Velcro closureStillwater. Fully padded and water resistantCodeColourPriceTA1400Olive£4.99TA0036Orange£4.99TA0037Navy£4.99CHARCOAL HANDWARMERA must have for winter or general cold weather. Keeps your hands nice and warm when out „ shing.StillwaterCodeProductPriceRE0097Handwarmer£5.99eachRE0098Fuel Sticks£2.99MAGNETIC ROD HOLDERTA1320 £4.99. High density foam with three rod holder recesses. Magnetic backing attaches to car panels. Perfect for holding rods safely while tackling up or lunching16cm18cm20cmLOONOUTDOORSBOTTOMS UP CADDYA soft plastic suction cup holds  oatant upside down, ready to use. Clip attaches to vest, shirt or jacket.GU0280 £4.99PRIESTSMade from resin impregnated birchwood. Complete with leather wrist strap and Hardy Castle logo on the handle base.BIRCHWOOD PRIESTHR1418 £ 5.99

34.FLY BOXES.0871 716 1670 | OPEN 7 DAYS*Calls cost 10p per minute and may vary from mobile networksBuy any 4 Fox Box  y boxes£26!for only:Buy any Trout Fox box + 100 Assorted  iesORBuy any Salmon Fox box + 20 Assorted  ies £19.99!for only:Dark wood versionDry y boxAll hand made, UK designed with superb quality brass  ttings and Ethafoam lining. Available in both Lightwood and Darkwood  nish, with either 2, 4 or 6 foam sides. They will last a lifetime!ModelSizeDark CodeDark PriceLight CodeLight PriceAPocket Single Fly7" x 5" x 1"TA0524£5.00TA0788£8.00BLarge Single Fly11¾" x 7¾" x 1½"TA0527£6.00TA0785£10.00CDouble Pocket Fly7" x 5" x 2½"TA0787£12.00DDouble Large Fly11¾" x 7¾" x 2½"TA0528£10.00TA0784£15.00ETreble Pocket Fly7" x 5" x 3¾"TA0789£7.00. The original unbreakable ­ y gripping design! Non-absorbant and protects your hooks.. All plastic ­ y box 6 x 4 x 1ins (152 x 101 x 25mm). Holds 136 ­ ies, nymphs, lures . Fly clips are pliable and will not damage hooksCodeColourAB0057RedAB0058GoldAB0059TurquoiseAB0060OrangeAB0061GreenAB0062BlueAB0063BlackAB0064Dark GreenAB0065GreyAB0066BurgundyAB0071YellowCodeColourAB0067BeigeAB0068BurgundyAB0069TealAB0070NavyTrout SizeSalmon SizeFour light but strong black moulded boxes lined with a high density plastizote foam. These boxes feature a metal hinge pin that will last a life time., and have a strong clip that ensures that the box stays shut during transport. An excellent pocket ­ y box.CodeModelSizePriceTA0009Small4" x 3"£3.00TA0010Medium5" x 3½"£4.00TA0011Large6½" x 4½"£5.00TA0255X-Large8" x 6"£6.00ANODISED FLY BOXESWOODEN FLY BOXESDEVLIN FLY BOXESTHE FOX BOXX-Large Devlin Fly Box + 50 wet  ies + 50 nymphs + 50 dry  ies for only £20!CodeColourPriceTA1206Green£11.99TA1207Red£11.99TA1208Yellow£11.99TA1209Blue£11.99TA1205Black Dryfl y £24.99Classic style aluminium ­ y boxes anodised in various colours, to help you keep your ­ y collections organised and easy to  nd. Available in two styles:. Foam lined one side ­ at and the other rippled.. 16 compartments with ­ at foam in lid. Only available in Black.Ripple foam is ideal for storing ­ ies. It allows for easy insertion and removal of ­ ies without damaging delicate patterns.L: 6cm x W: 15cm x D: 2.5cmStillwater Large single wooden  y box + 20 salmon  ies OR 100 trout  ies for only £25Probably the biggest selling Fly box in the world!Buy any 3 Anodised  y boxes + 1 Dry  y box From Only £11.99Only £7.99£30!for only:Buy any Foam lined  y box+ 100 Assorted  ies £19.99!for only:IN0103CodeModelColourDimensionsPriceTA1324SmallBlack5.6"x3.5"x1.3"£4.99TA1326SmallBrown5.6"x3.5"x1.3"£4.99TA1325SmallGreen5.6"x3.5"x1.3"£2.50TA1287MediumBlack6.7"x4.2"x2.0"£8.99TA1288LargeBlack7.7"x4.5"x1.7"£9.99TA1369Large Swing LeafBlack7.7"x4.5"x1.7"£13.99TA1370Large Swing LeafBrown7.7"x4.5"x1.7"£13.99TA1371Large Swing LeafGreen7.7"x4.5"x1.7"£13.99TA1372Large Swing LeafGrey7.7"x4.5"x1.7"£13.99SFX WATERPROOF FLYCASEThese high quality, high capacity, durable ­ y boxes are the best we have ever seen at this price point! Precision cut slotted foam keeps your ­ y collection neat and organised, the deep cases prevent delicate hackle being crushed and a rubber gasket means the box will ­ oat inde nitely if dropped overboard and protects you prized and valuable ­ ies from downpours. Choose the swingleaf model if you need extra capacity!Buy any Small SFX box+ 50 Assorted  ies £9.99!for only:Buy any Large Swing Leaf SFX box+ 100 Assorted  ies £19.99!for only: