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WWW.FISHINGMEGASTORE.COM.NETS.43Two telescopic trout nets with folding head mechanisms and triangular arms. Folds down at for portability.Features:. NEW 'No-Fail' folding metal  tting. Telescopic twist and lock. Belt clips as standard. Fine  sh friendly soft meshCodeModelHeadHandlePriceTA0405Trout50 x 50cm60 to 120cm£19.99TA0791Sea/Trout60 x 60cm70 to 140cm£24.99TROUT NETFOLDING SCOOP NETFeatures:. Folds in half for storage within waders or bag. Printed length scale in the base of the net. Lightweight and strong. Mesh netting zips o€ for washing. Opening: 8" x 15". Overall length: 23". Elastic lanyardStillwaterStillwater£14.99HZ0007LANDING NETSDELUXE TELESCOPICCodeModelFrame SizeFull Ext. SizePriceASR0001Seaforth18"50"£41.99BSR0002Errol17"52"£41.99CSR0003Belmont16"54"£41.99CodeModelFrame SizeFull Ext. SizePriceASR0004Seaforth Sea21"61"£46.99BSR0005Errol Sea21"62"£46.99CSR0006Belmont Sea20"65"£46.99CodeModelFrame SizeFull Ext. SizePriceDSR0008Aquarex24"73"£59.99DSR0009Aquarex30"79"£61.99CodeModelFrame SizeFull Ext. SizePriceESR0011Gye24"76"£79.99ESR0012Gye30"76"£89.99Perhaps the best known nets. Superb quality at a€ ordable prices. All trout & seatrout nets come complete with belt clip and all nets have a knotless,  sh friendly mesh.BAECSEAFORTHERROLBELMONTGYEAQUAREXTelescopicTelescopicTelescopicWILCONETSLong established & all made in the UK from top quality materials. Knotless catch & release design. The Tri Nets have telescopic handles and folding frames; the Pelican nets have a rigid frame and telescopic handle; the boat net has a screw top frame which can be detached from the handle. The Hi-Lander has a sliding handle & rigid frame. Scoop has a CodeModelHeadHandlePriceASR0013Scoop 3014"N/A£19.99BSR0016Pelican 40T17"64"£29.99BSR0017Pelican 50T20"66"£36.99CSR0018Boat net 83T22"55"£39.99CB£29.99From only£39.99A£19.99WEIGH NETS"Fantastic quality!"Features:. Collapsible, telescopic landing net. 2 sizes available. Manufactured to the highest degree of quality. Knotless  sh friendly meshCodeModelHeadHandlePriceHZ0003Medium18" DIA Head48"£19.99HZ0004Large22" DIA Head48"£21.99HZ0005MediumNet Bag£6.99HZ0006LargeNet Bag£7.99NETS£19.99From onlyDCodeModelPriceSR0220Leather Peel Sling, fi ts any size of Gye net£13.99SR0145Trout Net Bag 16"-20"£15.99SR0139Salmon Net Bag 22"-26"£16.99From onlyFrom onlyStillwater. American style net for stream and river. Bamboo and hardwood. Lightweight and strong. Mesh netting. Clip attachment. Opening: 13" x 8". Overall length: 20"StillwaterWOODEN SCOOP NETS£14.99TA0609New modern very  sh friendly nets.Extremely easy to clean and does not retain bad smells.Stillwater'WEIGH NET' SCOOP NETSCodeModelPriceHZ0001Standard£12.99HZ0002Deluxe£19.99£19.99TA1136.99short hand sized handle & rigid frame.CodeModelThe greys GS net ticks all the right boxes when looking for an all round net, for both bank and boat  shing. Strong, lightweight and large enough to cope with double  gure  sh. It has all the characteristics of a reliable net, yet still maintaining an easy, useable basic design. The extendable lock - in pole gives a number of advantages.£21.99GR1303GS NETBIG TROUT LANDING NET£24.99LI1191Features:. Long reach telescopic handle, 120-223cm. Robust folding mechanism. Perfect for landing large trout from the boat or bank.. Head size 70x70cm. 60cm reach. 35cm diameter. Elastic carry lanyard on Standard nets. Carry ring on Deluxe nets. Built in scales, weighs up to 14LB on Deluxe netsCodeModelSizePriceAGU0347Tele Trout19"£74.99BGU0345Tele Trifold21"£89.99CGU0352Scoop Net17"£59.99CGU0348Large Scoop Net20"£54.99DGU0351Sea Trout25"£89.99EGU0349Salmon33"£99.99ABCDE

44.ON THE WATER.0871 716 1670 | OPEN 7 DAYS*Calls cost 10p per minute and may vary from mobile networksRF535MAX160PortableTLD BOAT SEATSVAC RAC ROD CARRIERSAvailable in the standard model or locking which features a detachable key to allow you to leave the rod attached to the car without risk of theft.Combi model attaches with a powerful magnet.MINN KOTA ELECTRIC OUTBOARD MOTORS & ACCESSORIESWith our range of electric outboard motors you can be sure of the power and features you need for a full days  shing. From our 28lb thrust Classic 28 to the 74lb Maxxum T74 you will get everything you need to  sh long and hard in all weather conditions.2 year UK guarantee!CodeModelThrustPriceJO0002Endura 3030lbs£189JO0009Endura 4040lbs£289JO0003Endura 50 (36")50lbs£375JO000618" Ext. Handle£22.99JO000730" Ext. Handle£29.99JO0020Spare Prop£29.99. Maximum strength cordura base. Safe 2 bladder pontoons. Extra wide in€ atable seat and back rest. 2 o‚ set side pockets. Easy lift side handles. Back-pack carrying strapsMAX FLOAT TUBEFLOAT TUBE FINSThese high quality  ns are fully adjustable and designed speci cally for € oat tube  shing.Batteries available!(Instore only.)DRIFTER PONTOONCodeDescriptionPriceAF0760TLD boat seat£99.99AF0761Deluxe TLD boat seat£129.99AF0762Super clamp only£39.99The original TLD boat seat with 1000's sold can be seen on just about every  shery across the UK. Very comfortable, easy to transport & 360° rotatable. Deluxe version comes with a ratchet clamp system.COMFORT ZONE BOAT SEATThis lightweight aluminium boat seat uses a revolutionary folding construction to make it the most compact, fully extending seat on the market - enabling you to transport it to and from the water easily in the boot of your car. Free carry caseThe Drifter combines the best features from € oat tube and pontoon boats to create one of the most easily manoeuvred and quick € oat tubes available. Drifter is designed with an in€ atable seat to keep the angler seated above the water. The tapered and rounded front allows it to function as a catamaran. Drifter is a true breakthrough in € oat tube design, providing high ride speed and the mobility of a pontoon boat with the convenience of a € oat tube.ELECTRIC OUTBOARD MOTORS. 44lb Thrust. Bracket: reinforced nylon. 5-sp forward & 2-sp reverse. 6 inch telescoping handle, and control type: twist tiller. Durable all aluminium head. Spare propeller, Shear pins, locking nut, locking keys. Twin € ush rod holders. 6" Screw Hatch with cat bag. Moulded-in water bottle holder. Two € ush mounted rod holdersback. Length: 9' 6" / 2.85m Width: 28" / 71cmCodeThrustPriceHS000144£144.99CodeModelPriceVA0001Standard£44.99VA0003Locking£49.99VA0006Combi£44.99VA0009Quad£59.99BUY ANY FLOAT TUBE AN GET A PAIR OF FLOAT TUBE FINS ABSOLUTELY FREE!£250GC0273Buy a Drifter Pontoon and get a pair of oat tube ns and air pump absolutely free!FREE FINS & AIR PUMP!£119.99£420SV0130TA0054Buy a V-Boat oat tube and get a pair of oat tube ns absolutely free!FREE FINS!£34.99SV0131FLOAT TUBE AIR PUMP£13.99GC1439Buy any Minn Kota Outboard and get a free Stillwater boat drogueFREE BOAT DROGUE!SMARTCASTAdvanced Remote Sonar Sensor wireless technology with temp and light and a compact 48V x 32H displayWIRELESS REMOTE FISHFINDERS£99.99JO0031Dual-beam, with 20-, and 60 degree beam angles and operating frequencies of 200 kHz and 83 kHz£159.99JO0148£99.99From OnlyBOAT SEATSCodeDescriptionPriceBO0019Standard£164.99BO0020Deluxe£249.99BO0021Boat Seat Buggy£289.99The original and best. The latest models are the deluxe which features a backrest and the Buggy which has with wheels so it can be used as a trolley.A durable, two-way pump for € oat tubes and more. The pump is supplied with a set of tips to suit many di‚ erent in€ atables.NEW LOW PRICE!ANGLER 285 KAYAKStillwaterCodeModelPriceAF2481Standard£99.99AF2935Deluxe£149.99FOLDING ANCHORFolds into a compact, convenient shape and size for stowage when not being used.CodeSizePriceTA00331.5kg£9.99TA00343.2kg£19.99BOAT SEAT BAGPopular among boat anglers for carrying Bob Church style boat seats. With plenty of space for waterproofs, drogues and rod tubes as well these bags make it easy to carry all your gear to the boat in one trip.£24.99CL0289GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FOR. Comfort Seat with adjustable backrest. Zippered gear pocket on seat backRRP:£499.99Worth FREE PADDLE!£24.99RRP:£307.98"The Original & Best"CodeModelPriceRW0194Magnetic£55.99RW0195Vacuum£55.99ROD CARRIERSRichard Wheatley rod carriers attach instantly holding power. The carrier come in either magnetic or any vehicle, giving maximum suction and WE STOCK A WIDE RANGE OF KAYAK GEAR