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A good rugby player can use a variety of sports to improve their physical development. Traditional ball sports and racquet sports will help improve agility, coordination and endurance, whereas activities such as gymnastics and rock climbing will improve strength and body awareness. Kayaking and biking will develop core stability and balance, whilst swimming will build cardiovascular endurance.Tom Croft Courtney Lawes played basketbal!England flanker Heather Fisher used to bobsleigh!Toby Flood played cricket for Northumberland under 16's...

Croft was a dancer!Danny Care was a footbaler at Sheffield Wednesday! It will help to be doing some form of strength training too, probably in the form of circuits (click here to check out the RFU website).Some people think it is wrong to do strength training when you're young - but there is good evidence that it improves strength and helps prevent injury. Help your mum, dad or teacher to understand this by showing them the Position Statement on the RFU website (click here for the position statement).Ugo Monye competed as a sprinter at the British Junior Trials...