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BUSINESS BUSINESS BUSINESS BUSINESS BUSINESS BUSINESS BUSINESSFormer Luton Town goalkeeper Scott Ward explains how he emerged from a football career into the world of tax planning:''I come from a footballing family starting with my Dad who spent time as a youngster with QPR to my elder brother Lee being a trainee with Watford. Brother Darren currently plays for Millwall FC and younger brother Elliott is currently with Coventry City FC.CareerMy Luton Town career was launched by making a perfect debut Vs Brentford FC. After one minute our goalkeeper was sent off and in the process gave away a penalty. I came on and saved the resulting Lloyd Owusu penalty. The game ended 1 - 1. I then spent a total of over eight years with several clubs. After spending pre-season with Coventry City and not receiving the contract I felt was deserved and with my body telling me to call it a day I decided to cut my career short and ventured into the arena that had always interested me: finances and tax.InvestmentsI have always been interested in investments and creating solutions for financial planning and tax solutions. I spent two years in London helping players with their Tax planning during which time I learnt an awful lot and gained some great experience. I then helped my brother Darren start up his financial company called New Incentive. They look after players from the beginning of their career to planning for when they retire.Subsequently, I was approached by Montpelier Tax consultants. They are one of the biggest companies in their field with over 52 offices in over 20 countries. I knew with tax rising to 50% from April 2010 players, football clubs and professionals alike would be in drastic need of some type of planning to help prevent an exodus of players and to prevent clubs from having to find even more capital to keep their current crop of players. Therefore we have created a concept to help individuals and clubs save on the huge outlay they currently face. This is a non aggressive futuristic type of planning that will change the face of football enabling players and football clubs to have a bright future.Planning for the futureWith National Insurance rising alongside the Tax rate it makes perfect sense to lessen the burden faced by everyone on both fields via our unique structure. This enables football clubs to pay less out while enabling the individual whether they are a member of the playing or non playing staff to receive more. It could potentially lessen the football clubs outlay by 30% per annum depending on their structure.It will also enable the individuals to plan for the future via investing with money that would not have usually been accessible. With Montpelier's vast experience and my understanding of football as a whole there is always a solution. This is encapsulated in the Montpelier vision of " think smart-act smart "Scott WardConsultant for Montpelier Tax ConsultantsEmail: Tel: +44 (0)1327 842 780Former Luton Town goalkeeper preaches a different type of savingSPRING 201017This enables football clubs to pay less out while enabling the individual to receive more.Scott Ward

CRAIG GORDONBACK WITH THE FIRST TEAMCraig Gordon is desperate to make up for lost time after being plunged back into Sunderland's fight for Premiership survival. The 27-year-old spent 11 frustrating weeks on the sidelines after breaking his arm in a collision with Tottenham striker Jermain Defoe.backpage images