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34WINTER 2010 To the goalkeeper, both mental and physical speed are important to be in the right place at the right time. As far as football boots were concerned, what is probably the most difficult position on the field was for the most part ignored until the Uhlsport product development team had the brilliant idea of developing special goalkeeper boots. These boots have additional claws in the forefoot region to ensure that you can leap, jump and run without the risk of losing touch with the ground. Because, during play, the lateral forces on a goalkeeper's feet often exceed his total body weight, there is an increased slip risk. With this new gripping element these slips are reduced. The result? Improved confidence and perhaps even the last missing percentage points that decide the difference between getting to the ball or not. RRP £99.99For more information visit www.uhlsport.comUHLSPORT Torkralle Goalkeepers bootDeveloped in conjunction with Australian No 1 Goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer , this glove has been designed with professional goalkeepers in mind. The negative cut glove uses top quality 3x3 latex on the palm and backhand with a fully elasticated cuff and a lighweight full length EVA wrap strap making the glove totally secure when fastened. The embossed backhand and anatomical flex zone improve flexibility. Available March 2011. For more information visit www.mitre.comMITRE Anza Schwarzer gloveMark SchwarzerKIT KIT KIT KIT KIT KIT KIT KIT KIT KIT KIT KIT KIT KIT KIT KIT KIT KIT KIT

WINTER 201035To improve the gloves of the UEFA Goalkeeper of the Year and Champions League Winner, may be a hard job, but it is one the product designers at Reusch relish! Working closely with the game's top keepers means there is a regular supply of feedback to constantly make subtle changes to the fit, comfort and performance of gloves across the whole Reusch range. Cesar kept an impressive 25 clean sheets and won a hat-trick of titles in the 2009/10 season wearing the Reusch Magno Deluxe M1 gloves and will continue to wear them until December when the new design Keon range becomes available.The Keon Deluxe G1 includes some refinements which will hopefully enhance a keeper's performance. New visible design, softer latex for a better grip, and the new Flexion Wave to make the gloves more flexible will all enhance the features carrying on from the Magno design.The full Reusch range features a range of gloves to suit any 'keeper offering different cuts, different latexes for a variety of weather conditions and playing surfaces and gloves with or without finger protection. Keon Deluxe G1 available December 2010. For more information visit www.reusch.comJulio CesarREUSCH Mango Deluxe G1 & Keon Deluxe G1 glovesRumour has it that Sells Goalkeeper Products goalkeeping equipment supplier are relaunching their original Wrap glove model to celebrate the company's 10th birthday. To be launched under the slogan A legend is born - the original Wrap glove this limited edition model will be available from Spring 2011. Sells are at the leading edge in goalkeeping technology and many new products are due to be released for season 2011/12.Available Spring 2011.For more information visit www.sellsgoalkeeperproducts.comSells Goalkeeper Products original Wrap gloveKIT KIT KIT KIT KIT KIT KIT KIT KIT KIT KIT KIT KIT KIT KIT KIT KIT KIT KIT