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* Conde Nast Publications readership studyFiji may be known as the "one truly relaxing tropical getaway" but the Islands are tailor-made for soft or exhilarating adventure. Swim with stingrays, dive on a shark feed, jet-boat up the Sigatoka River to the Nahehe Caves, raft in the highlands of Viti Levu, attend a fire-walking demonstration or ride a "bilibili" (bamboo raft). These are but a few of the adventures awaiting you in Fiji.Fiji is an adventurer's paradise. And every step of the way, you're guided by the friendly smiles and camaraderie of your Fijian hosts.For more information, check our

When visiting Fiji you will quickly learn that the island country, while a fabulous beach holiday destination, has a rich culture and history that every visitor needs to experience first hand.Sigatoka River Safari is Fiji's number one eco/cultural tour, transporting you deep into the Fijian interior. Travelling along Fiji's majestic Sigatoka River aboard their custom-built safari jetboats, you will be enthralled by what you see and hear. Have your heart warmed and your soul touched, as you visit an authentic Fijian village. You will experience a genuine greeting from everyone especially the chil­dren. The village chief will greet you during a Kava ceremony, then you will be invited to share a meal followed by singing and dancing with everyone invited to participate. Your half day tour includes an authentic expe­rience in a day in the life of the real "kaiviti' (Fijian). Your driver and guide will bring the journey to life, introducing you to the rich cul­ture of the people of Fiji and sharing the histo­ry, customs and legends of the area with you. There are a total of 14 villages who participate in the tour and Sigatoka River Safari contrib­utes directly to each village with every visi­tor into the village. The assistance provided is used by the villagers for various projects within the villages. After your voyage of discovery, you'll soon agree that Sigatoka River Safari is "simply un­forgettable"Take a Sigatoka River Safari in Fiji Simply Unforgettable!