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HawaiiThe Perfect Fusion The perfect fusion of natural beauty and great hospitality, Ha-waii offers a distinct vacation experience unmatched anywhere else. It is a multi-cultural community, that combines six main islands with unmatched beauty that each year attracts large numbers of vacationers from all over the world. A place where fresh and floral air will energize your body, and warm and tranquil water will refresh your mind. The Hawaiian Islands are the perfect vacation destination for all. Charming sandy beaches, dense rain-forests, a huge variety of wildlife and an abundance of natural resources bless the islands.A visit to Hawaii is not complete without taking a tour of its alluring islands. Each of these islands has its share of beauty and adventure either on land, air or water. When

Fusion of Natural Beauty and Hospitalityyou do your island hopping, Maui should be on top of your list. Maui has more than 81 beaches and offers great adventures like watching humpback whales, dolphins and sea turtles from a boat or submarine. Kauai or the Island of Discovery is the perfect place to dive, surf, water ski, snorkel, windsurf and watch dolphins. Do not miss visiting Napali Coast and the Fern Grotto while riding a kayak or catamaran. Kauai has been called a golfer's paradise.Get captivated with the Grand Canyon of the Pacific as you visit Waimea. View the magnificence by doing a coastal hike, riding a mountain bike, motor bike or all-terrain vehicle. Riding a horse will allow you to see other natural sites.At the North Shore of Oahu, you will find the 42-acre Poly-nesian Cultural Center. It presents recreated villages, many exhibits and activities many of which are about the customs of different islands in the Aloha State. Inspect the three volcanoes of Big Island Hawaii and enjoy sunsets, sport fishing and coffee at Kona. The great waves at Kailua are great for activities like parasailing and surfing. Once you arrive in Hawaii you will soon discover there is far more to do than just work on your tan.