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BLAST BACTERIA OUT INTO THE COLDThe new, heavy-duty Infrico Blast Chiller can take temperatures down aslow as -18ÂșC in just four hours for the ultimate in freshness. With the abilityto shock freeze, soft chill and hard chill, the fan-assisted chiller with HACCPbuilt in also preserves food quality, aroma, colour, humidity and consistency.Visit us at Hospitality 2011 on stand Stand 456www.infricouk.comInfrico strip ad_Infrico strip ad 10/12/2010 16:51 Page 1HostecInteriors, Exteriors & TablewareFood & DrinkCatering EquipmentTechnovationShowcaseCESAInnovation ZoneSpecialityPavilion5095106107108106017023294294301030345340940134035054955095012501350360136212403103014015305401050466560660760860960106067077087057958068078088610791080630730830652856640840359469470323425445346439455336334536576a586679585701629645666726736759765769576j775786829836933866869875776946944104395695997697010361049105510591065106910759861101124611701175117910861339135212691259127011461140434533732106673493583190110021156366364362459465457464433436335326423779985426880113411421239124912551150316538545546576g11594434464566096256868761346349535539543440559936975107412561355576c576e576b576d576f576l576k576h576i400600564a566a566b566c570a570b570c30356263663976612601345331333602134414451370146513681469145714491450460801125314521456146313561461145514511462575b564b480575c476c476b479476a467859103193041662693410461040113913491353325951826355646134714541070Salon DisplayLa Paradedes ChefsBusiness Seminar Theatre & Networking Loungeinteriors 2011 runs alongside Hospitality 2011 and is FREE to enter with your Hospitality badge. Get to interiors via shittle bus at the Atrium entrance next to Hall 12.TechnologySeminarTheatreBAHALoungeSalon DisplayRe-touch AreaLive TheatreHALL 12 ENTRANCEAcorn Hospitality Systems Ltd 331Active Workspace Ltd 333Adande Refrigeration 576lAddis Ltd 686Advance Group 566aAgile Hospitality Solutions 459Airwave Europe Ltd 345Alacer Software 430Alto-Shaam 550Amefa UK Ltd 645Andy Thornton Ltd 530ASP Systems Ltd. 533BarTech Automatic Systems 301BDR Voice & Data Solutions 440Beech Ovens 550Bengiz 951Bertos 550BGL Rieber 576fBKI 765Blue Seal 570cBournville Catering Equipment Limited 886Bown Enterprises Limited 734Box Technologies 425Breathing Space 1002Brilliant Hotelsoftware 434British Lion Eggs 1355Britvic Soft Drinks Ltd 1259Buoyant Upholstery Limited 609Caledonian Control Technology Ltd 975Call Systems Technologies Ltd 325Caterer & Hotelkeeper 636Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier 538Catering Equipment Ltd 1080Catering Support Regiment 1450Caterkit Ltd 875CaterQuotes Ltd 576jCatersave Europe Ltd 666CCPIT Yangzhou Branch 1031CCPIT Yangzhou Branch 933CCPIT Yangzhou Branch 934CEDA 480CESA 562CGA Integration Ltd 736Chef Line Solutions 959Chef Line Solutions 960Chef Set Housewares Plc 1049Clifton Food Range 1175Colombier Vins Fins 1347Compass Group UK & Ireland 1465Comtrex Systems Corporation 310The Contact Grill Company 860Contacto Ltd 679Control Induction 759Corby (Adam Fire Surrounds ltd) 936Cote Restaurants Limited 1456Dart Products UK 1250Dawson Food Service Equipment 564bDayMark Safety Systems 660The Deli Station Ltd 1340Dick, Friedr GmbH & Co. KG 646Dining Chairs UK 640Direct Pottery (Porcelite, Australian Fine China) 856Dometic Ltd 469Dudson Ltd 510E & R Moffat Ltd 575ce.on ltd 549Eceau Ltd 1353EcoPure Waters Ltd 1249Eden Contract Furnishers 831Electrolux Professionnal Foodservice 575bElectronic Temperature Inst Ltd 956Elia International Ltd 629Eowater 1059Epicurio 545Equip Line Ltd 550Essential Cuisine Ltd 1270Fairfax Meadow Europe Ltd 1156Falcon and Williams 880Falcon Foodservice Equipment 576dFerrero UK Ltd 1255First Choice Catering Spares 1066Fletcher European Containers 1075FM4kitchens 566cFood Alert Ltd 1246Fords Food Equipment 586Fri-jado 550Frima UK 550G.E.T UK & Ireland 840G4S Cash Solutions UK 334Gaylord Europe 1079GMG Ltd 670GO IN GmbH 1036Grakka Ltd 1086Gram (UK) Ltd 1050Gram (UK) Ltd 566bGreenworks Solutions 1040GS Systems 323Guest Depot 539Guestline Ltd 535H N Nuttall Ltd 1240H2k Skincare International 801Hamilton & Pollock 935Hand Painted By Carmel 730The Handmade Cake Company 1140Hatco 856Heart Of England Fine Foods 1139Hobart UK 760The Holy Cow Food Company 1368Honeybuns 1362Hopwells Ltd 1239Hoshizaki UK 1050Hospitality & Leisure Recruitment 1462Hotel Complimentary Products Ltd 540Housewater Ltd 1345Huggabubba 639Ille Paper Service Ltd 769IMC - Imperial Machine Company Ltd 576cImperial 856Imprint Plus 1101Inamo E-Table 433Infrico UK 456Innovation Software 465Instanta Limited 570bISM Minibar 543Jiangsu Canasin Weaving Co.Ltd 933JM Posner Ltd 1150John Artis Ltd 610Johnsons Stalbridge Linen Services 560King Edward Catering Equipment 1065Kingfisher Leisurewear 780Koppert Cress B.V 1352La Cimbali 564aLauden Chocolate Ltd 1356Liebherr 576gLifestyle Appliances Limited 600The London Linen Group 1069Long Range Systems 340Lumea Candle Lamps 601M & Q Plastic Products Inc. 1142Magnimate 836Maidaid 856Major International Ltd 1070The Malted Waffle Company 1461Manitowoc 476cMCR Systems 426MCS Technical Products Ltd 576kThe Menu Shop 901Metro Drinks 1354Microcad Software S.L 866Micros Fidelio 509MIWE Michael Wenz GmbH 786MKN Maschinenfabrik Kurt Neubauer GmbH & Co 1159Monika 576hMultivac UK Ltd 1175Nantong Yagao Textile 934Nawrocki 927Nestle Professional 1260Neville UK 726New York Delhi 1346Newco Catering Equipment Ltd 779NFS Hospitality Corporation 401Nieco 550Nutrition Point Ltd 1349Open Table Ltd 446Orbiss 416Osborne Refrigerators Ltd 986Oxford Hardware 585P&P Clothing 546Paragon Systems 303Peck and Strong 1370PED Technologies 466Pekalp Of London Contracts Ltd 710Pentair International 1256Peppadew 1170Pizza Equipment Ltd 1055Planglow Ltd 1146PointOne Epos 326PolyScience 550Prospero 335Quadriga Worldwide 346R H Hall (Microwave) Ltd 576eRational UK Ltd. 870Reception Academy 1457Reflex Interiors Ltd 732Ritchies Ltd 856RJC Commercial Food Equipment 1134Robert Welch Designs 702Robot Coupe (UK) Ltd 576bRobot Coupe (UK) Ltd 766Roundup 550Russums 1179Salto Systems 336Sammic 476aSatelliet UK Ltd 626Scandinavian Selection 602Shere Ltd 429Shieldyourself 876Smart Interiors (UK) Ltd 630SNS Northern 770SoftBrands 445Soler & Palau Ltd 579Speciality Breads 1350Springer-Miller International 439Studio William Welch 829Swisscom 350T&G Woodware Ltd 946T&S Brass 1066TableCraft 625Team Refrigeration 985Tektroniks 970TeleAdapt 349Teloman Products Ltd 536Terinex Ltd 559Testo Ltd 576iTFSE (Top Food Service Equipment Ltd) 680Thermo-box 759TillyPad 455TM Electronics (UK) Limited 775Tony Team Ltd 976TurboChef Technologies Europe Ltd 470Typhoon Ltd 940UK Mobile Marketing Ltd 360UK Mobile Marketing Ltd 362Uropa Distribution 1060Valentine Equipment Ltd 869VES Andover Ltd 580Victor Manufacturing Ltd 570aViessmann Kaeltetechnik AG 652Villeroy & Boch UK Ltd - Tableware 1030Vivreau Ltd 1269VMC Ltd 423Watling Hope 776Wedderburn Epos 329Wine-Fi 366Winterhalter Ltd 576aWMF UK LTd 830Woodstock 826Wrapex Ltd 950Yangzhou Jinyuan tourist production Co. Ltd 1031Yangzhou tiansmile daily chemical co. Ltd 933Yes Chef! Magazine 1253&Floorplan and Exhibitor List correct at time of going to press