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Whether you're job searching or looking to get career advice, then this is the section of the show for you!Exhibiting companies include:. Catering Support Regiment . Compass. Côte Restaurants . Hotel & Leisure Recruitment. Reception AcademyHospitality 2011 is the perfect place to network, entertain clients, reward colleagues, and share knowledge. Here's the event calendar around this year's show:The Catering Equipment Networking Dinner in association with CESA/CEDA & FCSIPavilion Suite Foyer, Hilton Birmingham Metropole from 19.00 Tuesday 25th January CEDA Regional Meeting FCSI Branch Meeting and Panel DebateTuesday 25th January Tuesday 25th January10.30 Concourse Suite 19 14.00 Concourse Suite 20Networking BarEnjoy a drink at the Networking Bar from 3pm each day at Live Theatre.Supported byIn association withHospitality Action is our charity partner for 2011 - you will see we're collecting for this worthy cause at various points around the show. As the Hospitality Industry Benevolent Organisation, it offers vital assistance to all who work, or have worked within hospitality in the UK and who find themselves in crisis. We support people suffering from life altering illnesses, experiencing poverty, bereavement and domestic violence as well as supporting families with sick and disabled children. Visit for more information.

Admission PolicyHospitality is open to trade and professional visitors from Monday 24 January to Wednesday 26 January 2011. All visitors registered correctly will automatically receive a ticket to attend the exhibition. Any visitor who does not have a ticket will be charged £20.00 admission fee. No entry for children under 16.Cash PointsThere is a NatWest cash point inside and outside the NatWest Bank by Hall 4 and also opposite Hall 8 by Atrium 2 Entrance. There are four other portable Link cash machines in the Atrium; next to Subway across the entrance from Hall 10, two machines near Food to You and another one across from the entrance to Hall 18.CataloguesAdditional catalogues may be obtained after the exhibition by sending a cheque for £15 to Catalogue Distribution Dept, Fresh RM, 9 Manchester Square, London W1U 3PL. Cheques should be made payable to Fresh RM Ltd.ChildrenNo persons under the age of 16 are allowed into the exhibition hall during build-up or breakdown. There are no exceptions to this rule. Please also discourage staff or guests from bringing children to the exhibition during the open period.CloakroomThe cloakroom is situated near the entrance of Hall 11.First aidThe Atrium Medical Centre is located opposite the entrance to Hall 8 of the NEC.Lost PropertyAny lost property found should be handed to the exhibition security where it will be taken to the security office. For property lost on the same day during the exhibition, visitors can go in person to the nearest security office. Once the show is over all lost property is moved to the Piazza Office. Query line: +44 (0)121 767 3883.Organising Offices Located near entrance to Hall 12Hotel InformationBaxter Hoare is the official accommodation and travel agent for Hospitality 2011. Call +44 (0)20 7407 5492 for more information.Where to EatA wide range of self-service food, both hot and cold is available in each hall, including the Deli Bar and the Self-Service Restaurant. Alternatively, Hospitality's fine dining restaurant La Parade des Chefs is situated at the heart of the show and may be open for bookings. Make your way to La Parade des Chefs to reserve your table.Interiors EventYou can access neighbouring event Interiors, which runs in Halls 1-5 and is accessible by a free shuttle bus, which picks up from a bus stop at Atrium 1 Entrance.Student CentreAll students should register via the Student Centre located in Concourse Suites 21-22 and run by Springboard, in association with Hilton Group.